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Legislation and Ethics in Travel and Tourism - Thomas Cook travel and tourism

University: Stanford University

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  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Explain the legal and regulatory framework in the travel and tourism sector or in the context of Thomas Cook travel and tourism company.
  • Evaluate legislation and regulations relating to health, safety and security in the travel and tourism sector.
  • Understand consumer protection legislation in relation to the travel and tourism sector
  • Thomas Cook travel and tourism is domestic and international tourism company.  Generate the role of business ethics in the travel and tourism sector.


Answer :
Organization Selected : Thomas Cook travel and tourism


The Travel and Tourism business turned according the rules not not UK legislative boy but also from the European Union. The main purpose of travel legislation is to provide a regulatory framework for the development and management of tourism activities. This report id based on Thomas Cook travel and tourism company's legislation and ethics (Ashworth, G. and Goodall, 2013). This company is founded in 1881 by Thomas Cook. The products of this company are international holidays, India holiday, foreign exchange, education ferox, visa and passport services, flights and MICS.


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2.1 Impacts of the principles of health, safety and security legislation on the travel and tourism sector

Health, safety and security: Current relevant domestic and European legislation

There are different legislations are framed for the individuals, health and security. In travel and tourism health are also protected by Health and safety at work Act 1974. this act is protect the consumer from the risk at the work place (Sigala, M., 2016). This act is regulated by health and safety commission. This act laid down various duties on the both employees and employers.

Employer Duties- Employer has the duty ton provide safeguard to the employees and provide first aid facility. He has the duty to give training to employees regarding safety and provide information related to the safety of the individuals in the workplace.
Employees Duties- Employees has the duty to use safeguard and safe equipment at the workplace. They should use protective clothes at the work where it is related to high risk.
Occupiers Liability Act 1984- In this occupier is under the obligation against the person can not the visitors. The act extend the common duty of care to trespassers as well as visitors, providing that the duty is to be required when the occupier has actual or constructive knowledge (Ashworth, and Goodall, 2013).
Data protection- This act is implemented the individuals rights of the personal data. It is the company's duty to protect the individuals information, personal information of the individual like bank details, contact numbers, house detail and any other information which is necessary for thee company.

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2.2 Analyse legislation that relates to equality

1. Equality Law

Equality is the state or quality of being equal, correspondence in quantity, degree, value , rank and ability. Equality law make for responsible adjustments to common parts of leasehold and common hold (Boniface and et. Al., 2016).

Discrimination- It means people are not treated equally. It can be made on the race, religion, sex and caste etc.

Sex Discrimination Act 1975-This act is laid the provision which is related to the sex discrimination. It has been made ion the field of education, employment and harassment. This act is the UK act of parliament. In this act, there are 87 sections which are related to sex discrimination. It give equal protection to both male and female.

2. Race

 Discrimination Act 1976- This discrimination includes discrimination between colours, ethnic and origins. This discrimination provide protect to individuals from racial discrimination.

 Employment Protection (consolidation) Act 1978- This act provide protection of the employee in their employment field. It provide employees rights in employment fields.

 Employment Act 2002- It includes various provisions related to the protection of employees and employers in the workplace. This act provide protection to employees and employers  in both private and public sectors.

 Disability Discrimination Act 1995- It provides protection to those people who are disable. This act applicable in the field of education, employment, housing and others (Blanke and Chiesa, 2013).

Human Rights Act 1998-This act has been established for including the rights of the individuals which are contained in the European convention on human rights in to the UK right act.

3. Impacts of legislation and regulations

 Purpose of key legislation and regulation- The purpose of these act to ensure that people with disabilities receive services that enable them to achieve their maximum potential and participation.

 Health and safety- Regulation and legislation create impact on health and safety on workplace.

 Equality and diversity legislation- It means treated with employees and employers equally at workplace without any discrimination in the field of race, sex , religion and caste etc (Mowforth, M. and Munt, 2015).

 Data protection- It is the duty of the company that protect the data of individuals related to bank detail, house detail,contact number and any other information.

 Employment law- This is the area of law that governs the employer and employees relationship. It consists of thousands of federal and state statues, administrative regulations and judicial decisions for employees and employers.


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4.1 Ethical dilemmas faced by the travel and tourism sector

1. Business Ethics

In Thomas Cook,it is related to the business values which is used in the business of the company. Ethics are the moral guidelines which is used for governing good behaviour. Business ethics implement through social responsibilities, policies related to environment, personal and corporate integrity rules (Leung, and et. al., 2013).

Employment ethics- It is the discipline which examiner the good or bad practise in the context of a moral duty. The employment ethics are related to the workplace and their duties which they perform.

Green issues in business- These issues are environmental and ethical issues. These issues generating in four areas of travel and tourism. These are following demographic displacement,shifting food supply chain, local community, inflection, uncertainty, workplace and community ( Boniface and et. al., 2016) .

International business/global ethics and the ethical consumer- International business is the business in which commercial transactions that occurs across country boarders. When a company sells and purchase products from another country it is international business. Ethical consumer is a consumer who hold brands accountable,get to know closet and give gifts that give twice and buy fair trade.

Overlap between law and ethics- Ethics tells about what is right and what is wrong and what is right for the business. But Law is tells about what is legal and illegal.

Ethical and unethical- Unethical is an action that falls outside of what is considered morally right or proper in a profession or industry. And the action which follow rules and laws and help in the growth of the company is ethical.

Ethical dilemmas in travel and tourism- There are various ethical issues in travel and tourism industry like leakage of income, green issue ethics, false advertisement ethical, unethical consumer issues and ethics of employment.

4.2 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy of a specified travel and tourism business

Corporate Social responsibility

CSR is a policy which is based on the question of good business for a good society. It is become popular in1960 CSR is that in which a company or industry in under the obligation or have duty towards the society. Company have some responsibilities which are as following:

  • Company have to use eco-friendly resources (Zeng and Gerritsen, 2014).
  • Company have to make contribution towards in the education, cultural and social programme.
  • Company have to set up pollution reduction process through which the environment should be clean.

Companies who are involved in CSR activity are also involved in the development of the society through these activities. They should make contribution in the development of the society and also act in a legal and behavioural manner. By giving charity, by doing fair trade practice and by providing employment opportunity to the local workers of the society a company can take part in corporate social responsibilities. And for environment, they can use eco-friendly resources, by managing the waste of the company and by protecting environment through recycling the useless product.

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Thomas Cook

It is very large and famous travel and tourism company. It participate in CSR activities like it focus on women empowerment, health, education, environment or wildlife and crafts and arts. The company decided annual corporate social responsibilities which are mentioned as following:

Health and sanitation- for the lack of sanitation facilities in the the tourist place and at the tourism spot so Thomas Cook provide the proper sanitation and eco friendly toilets which should be neat and clean (Dickinson and et. al., 2014).

Education and employability- it provide diploma and degree program in travel and tourism for those adults who are belong from economical backward family.

By providing Fund- It provide the fund for red cross society and emergency. These disaster are man made or natural, Thomas cook provide fund in both.

Rural and urban area- The company help in developing the rural and urban area by providing the health,education, ecology and women empowerment.

Marketplace/consumers and workplace/employees- It provide employees a better and smart workplace for doing work in properly. It provide training and organise session on time to time to motivate the employees.

Budget for CSR- Thomas Cook spent the amount at least 2% of the average net profit on CSR activity. If any surplus any benefit s is gained by any activity of the CSR, it will not be included in the business profit of the company.

Charity donation- Thomas cook ltd. donate money in charity which is the part of its profit (Látková and Vogt, 2012).

Local suppliers- They always use local supplier because they want that more income earned by the local area. Local supplier includes supplier, information architect, web developer and information architect etc.

Environment-  An organisation environment is a place where employees work and perform. Thomas provide a good and friendly environment to its employees so that they can do their work properly and achieve their goals (Smith, 2015).

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The travel and tourism industry is beneficial for the people and the country. In this assignment all legal legislation and regulatory framework are explain properly and surface, sea and air transport is discussed properly. Role of business is beneficial for Thomas Cook which is describe in a good way with responsibility, employment ethics and finance and investment ethics. The CSR activity of Thomas Cook is explain which help in the growth of society and good for the environment.


Books and Journals

Ashworth, G. and Goodall, 2013. Marketing in the Tourism Industry (RLE Tourism): The promotion of destination regions. Routledge.

Baker, D. M. A., 2014. The effects of terrorism on the travel and tourism industry. International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage. 2(1). p.9.

Blanke, J. and Chiesa, T., 2013, May. The travel & tourism competitiveness report 2013. In The World Economic Forum.

Boniface and et. al., 2016. Worldwide destinations: The geography of travel and tourism. Routledge.

Dickinson and et. al., 2014. Tourism and the smartphone app: Capabilities, emerging practice and scope in the travel domain. Current Issues in Tourism. 17(1). pp.84-101.

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