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Sustainable Tourism Development

University: Ukcbc College London

  • Unit No: 8
  • Level: Diploma
  • Pages: 5 / Words 1217
  • Paper Type: Dissertation
  • Course Code: SUSR45
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Question :

Explanation is drawn in order to understand awareness of planning and managing within tourism industry.

  • Understanding principle of planning in tourism industry.
  • Understanding various approaches within tourism industry.
  • Understanding need of planning for sustainable tourism.
  • Examination of existing issues within tourism.

Answer :
Organization Selected : Qatar


Sustainability is an appropriate procedure of reforming things in which misuse of resources, assistance of investments, introduction of technology enhancement and organization alteration are coming closer for accomplishing current as well as future needs. However, its all about fulfilling the present requisite of customers without sacrificing the requirements of future generations (Amir and Ahmad, 2015) . Qatar is a nation by having impressive tourist destination due to which number of companies are emerging at marketplace for gaining maximum benefits by satisfying the needs of clients. In fact, overall assignment is based on effective case study of Qatar in order to understand the need of sustainable tourism development. Therefore, assignment is classifying into four sections for understanding the need of stakeholders and its benefits while planning process in order enhance the tourist sector. Advantages and disadvantages of private sector and their partnership are highlighted in this report. However, main objectives of project is to outlined necessary stages which is followed by Qatar while developing sustainability by resolving various conflicting situations that is incurred at marketplace. Apart from this, ethical issues and various implications for balancing supply and demand are also framing in this assignment.


1.1 Features of tourism development planning at various levels

Tourism growth is fully worried about the making suitable plans for success of companies in order to gain competitive advantage and targets in specific place. It means, Qatar is focussing on sustainable objectives for acquiring competitive advantages. Therefore, designing of proper planning is necessary for overall industry success because it aids in controlling probabilities of mistakes and errors (Angelevska-Najdeska and Rakicevik, 2012). Thus, planning is concentrating on several levels of Qatar such as; national, foreign, regional and sub-regional henceforth. Therefore, several features of tourism of distinct levels are discussed as follows:-

National level:- As per this element Qatar needs to focus on their country infrastructure as well as policies by enhancing the current plans in better way.

Foreign level:- Requisite to concentrate on proper transportation facilities of a nation as well as conduct tourist programmes for creating positive relations with international members.

Regional level:- Focussing on internal transport connection, numerous of impressive destinations and so on.

1.2 Significance of interactive planning systems and process in tourism development

Interactive planning system is playing very eminent role in enhancing the overall industry because it helps in creating a mutual understanding between distinct members. Their main objective is to build an effective interaction process for conversation by understanding each or every aspect in best manner (Boukas and Ziakas, 2014) . However, number of materials are identified which shows that interactive planning is indispensable for overall tourist industry. Some are discussed as follows:-

  • Clear all the hidden points , doubts and so on.
  • Provide best opportunities of development and growth.
  • Understand opinions of every individuals which is helpful in designing process.
  • Qatar is getting succeeded in preserving tie natural and environmental resources.

1.3 Different methods available to measure tourism impact on Qatar

For establishing effective tourism spot, it is must be essential to consider different components that can influences to the specific nation. It specifically impacts on the tourism divisions and tour association, they need to consider all these and make viable systems in order to compete with successful contenders. It likewise influences on the general population or sightseers who wants the motivation behind going to a specific place (Briassoulis and Van Der Straaten, 2013) .

There are different strategies that help in estimating the sightseers impacts on various segments of Qatar. In this incorporates the assessment procedure, for example,

Environmental impacts studies: There are different associations who conducts research or review for investigating the effects of tourism on Qatar condition. These sorts of studies assume imperative part in accumulating necessary facts or figures with the goal that they can quantify the effects of guests on national condition. Along with this, it can also aids in identifying the accessible assets for making progress in movement and tourism industry. It will help in characterizing the different approaches for natural advantages and furthermore some significant effects on climate of Qatar (Buckley, 2012) .

Cambridge economic influence model: This model is characterized as the business regard instrument which is extremely useful for estimating a few effects on travellers in Qatar. It for the most part in light of monetary effects from tourism area which helps in building up the nation. It otherwise called spreadsheet show which create estimations from existing national and also nearby informations about tourism in Qatar. As per these facts or figures, it discover the volume of visits and convert into financial terms that aides in assessing aggregate sum which has been spent by travellers on their journey. Furthermore, this approach aids in expanding the national economies through tourism division and in addition it additionally helps in driving changes of business turnovers and its activity and so forth.

Social impacts studies: It is likewise another critical technique for estimating the effects as in this, they survey the social effects investigations of tourism and visitor of Qatar nation. Sightseers influences on the general public individuals as they have straightforwardly and also in a roundabout way impacts on the way of life of neighbourhood group. There are different strategies for estimation of societal effects, for example, essential and optional sources that aides in dissecting tourism impacts which effect on the way of life, religion, traditions and standards in both routes as positive and negative. A few strategies are polls, meetings, overview and writing surveys with respect to this (Dabphet, Scott and Ruhanen, 2012).


2.1 Methods of resolving conflict of interests for ensuring the future well-being of developing tourism destination

Tourism industry of a nation covers number of elements like governing bodies as it aids in controlling maximum possibilities of disputes which incurred at marketplace. However, number of local agencies are emerging, tour operator and sometime travellers are themselves involving in resolving issues which is occurring between several members. One of the main reason behind emerging of contentions are; absence of understanding, differences in culture and interaction skills amongst members. Beside this, religion which is followed by nation is hardcore Islam and general communities that is not welcomed by other religions. Thus, it has been understood that norms and culture are totally distinction between various nations due to which conflicting situations are rising at marketplace (Ekinci, 2014) .

Hence, concerned authorities or agencies are involving in taking necessary measures in order to maintain the sustainable tourism within the nation. Some of the major initiatives which must be consider that is; need to create an effective communication prices for clearing misunderstanding in best way. Apart from this, governing bodies are conducting numerous of awareness programmes or sessions for overcoming distinct issues in a minimum time period. Along with this, number of companies are coming with innovative ideas for reducing success barriers in order to protect tourist from exploitative activities.

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