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Sales Development

Introduction to Sales development

Sales development can be stated as the effectual tool of promotion which helps firm to promote the products and services in market. Further, it also helps business to attract consumers and thus enhance the sales of firm. It is the best method of encouraging clients to influence towards the goods of company and attains satisfaction. Moreover, business undertakes varied promotional activities to enhance the sales of products and services and achieve desired profits (Irwin, Sutton and McCarthy, 2008). In the current study, sales development and merchandising has been carried out in regard to understand the external sales development techniques within Marriott hotel. Also, the tools and techniques of internal sales and merchandising can be evaluated in the business and service context. Further, different elements of product need to be assessed in regard to business and service context.

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A. Components of product mix and how it contributes to sales and profit

It can be evaluated that there are varied key components of products and services within Marriott that involves the luxurious room facilities and the restaurant that serves quality food and drinks to guests. However, it is essential for service industry to provide quality services to customers in order to retain them within firm for long term. It also increases the sales of firm. The hotel industry involves different product mix and services for its clients so that they can be retained also possess varied benefits for the same (Luther, 2001). Following are the different product mix rendered to consumers that are as follows-

Core products- It involves the core products of firm that provides direct satisfaction to consumers and thus satisfy the needs and wants of individuals. For instance, luxurious rooms are the core products for any hotel business and thus provide relaxation to consumers (Ohai, 2008).

Facilitating services- Such types of services involves facilities that provides satisfaction to clients. It includes housekeeping services that provides extra services whenever needed so that guest satisfaction can be attained within Marriott (Randall, 2009).

Supporting services- These are the supportive or additional services which are provided by hotel such as pick and drop facilities. However, hotel has contact with different travel agents and thus provide convenient travel facilities for sight seeing so that satisfaction can be attained (Weinberg, 2012).

Augmented products- It states that Marriott involves varied augmented services such as special deals and packages so that customer satisfaction can be enhanced. Also, it provides varied facilities such as bar, casino and pubs that improves the sales (Maier, 2012).

Product mix involves varied number of product lines that helps firm to provide best offers to its clients and attain satisfaction. However, Marriott provides different services and products to its clients that enhance the sales of firm. It involves product assortment which refers to the total number of product lines which is offered by company to its customers. Further, it involves four dimensions to a company's product mix such as width, depth, length and consistency. All these helps firm to improve the sales and profitability in market (Sparks, 2001).

B. Assessment on how market segmentation contributes to maximize sales

Market segmentation can be stated as that it involves segregating the market into different subgroups so that it contributes to maximize the sales of firm. However, after segmenting the target market it is essential for Marriott to identify their needs and thus provide them required services so that satisfaction can be attained (Wong, 2004). Hence, undertaking such technique it assists in categorizing the clients and thus fulfilling their needs. For instance, the marketing team of Marriott segment its target market into different categories so that they can develop effectual strategies in order to satisfy their needs. It is the best way through which company can retain clients for long term and thus provide them varied augmented services as per their requirement.

For instance, business is required to categorize its clients into three categories high class people, business class and regular visitors. Thus, considering such segmentation Marriott is required to categorize its services and products and hence provide satisfaction to them. It is the best way through which consumers can be retained within firm for long term. Also, Marriott focuses on collaborations with different travel agents so that they suggest to tourists who looking for luxury hotels. Furthermore, it is significant for firm to assess its competitor's policies and also make appropriate tactics so that it assists in increasing the sales of firm in market (Usui, 2011). Hence, it can be attained through segmenting the clients and providing them required services so that satisfaction can be achieved.


A. Factors affecting buyer behavior

It can be stated that are numerous factors that affects the behavior of consumers. Buyer behaviors can be evaluated as the perception of client towards purchasing the products and services produced by firm. However, it all the depends upon the promotions and brand image of firm in market (Avail, 2013). Therefore, it is essential for the marketing team of Marriott to determine the needs of its clients and then provide them the best products and services as per their requirements so that needs can be satisfied. Also, it helps consumers to make effectual decisions so that it influences the behavior of consumers. It is as follows-

Cultural factors- There are varied cultural factors that affects the requirements of clients and thus it is essential for business to provide them required merchandise to improve the sales. For instance, tourists from different origin requires their cultural food sometimes therefore, it is essential for hotel to arrange for the same so that it doesn't affect their needs (Designs, 2012).

Social factors- However, the behavior of consumers sometimes affects due to their family or relatives. For instance, if any of the friend has used the services of Marriott and he/she is highly satisfied then it encourages others also to use the services once. Thus, it maximizes the sales of firm in market (Kasper, 2005).

Personal factors- It involves the different personal factors such as age, income and occupation of individual. For instance, if the client is high class business people who requires suit room therefore, it is essential for Marriott to provide similar services to them so that sales can be enhanced (Irwin, Sutton and McCarthy, 2008).

Reference group factors- It involves different individual and their perception of comparing their own feelings and thus influence the buying behavior of consumers. For example, Marriott is required to provide unique services to its clients so that it influences other people to consume the services (Ohai, 2008).

B. The advertising media that could be used for sales development situations

It can be assessed that advertising media is the best way to promote the products and services to enhance the sales and profits of firm. For instance, it is essential for Marriott to undertake effectual advertising methods such as online promotion, hoardings etc. so that sales can be developed effectively (Randall, 2009). The advertising strategy is the best method to attract the target clients and improve the sales and profitability of Marriott. It involves different advertising media that helps firm to achieve the sales targets which are as follows-

Newspaper and magazine- Marriott is required to provide advertisement in the daily newspapers and travel magazines so that business clients can be attracted to use the services of hotel as they are regularly traveling. Thus, it helps firm to attract potential consumers so that they can utilize the services of hotel and thus enhance sales (Weinberg, 2012).

Social media marketing- Business also regularly market the services and products through social media as it is best tool to promote the products and services. Here, firm collaborates with different tour agents such as Make My Trip and Trip Ad visor etc. so that they can promote the services of products in market.

Sponsoring events- Marriott also launches different sponsoring events in order to promote the products and services so that target market can be attracted. It is the best advertising media that helps in increasing the sales and profitability of firm as compared to rivals (Usui, 2011).

Brochures- It is another method that provides detailed information regarding the merchandise available within Marriott so that clients can choose their required products and services to attract potential clients.

C. Use of external merchandising to maximize customer volumes

Business is required to convenient people so that they can utilize the services of hotel and thus satisfy their needs. Further, external merchandising helps in displaying the products and services in order to retain the consumers within firm for long term. However, ti assists firm to improve the number of clients and thus ultimately profits can be enhanced. It also involves importing services and products from outside countries. Thus, business can provide quality services and products to customers as per their requirements (Wong, 2004). For instance, Marriott introduces varied schemes and offers for its regular clients so that they can get benefits and increases the sales of firm. External merchandising also proves to be useful for Marriott so that quality services and products can be delivered to clients. Thus, segmenting merchandising states that Marriott can segment its clients into different groups and then fulfill their needs.


A. Influencing of design and layout of consumer spending

Cited hospitality interior is more attractive and this is the only reason why people tend to spend more in order to see the beauty of the hospitality venture. Further, the outer and inner view both attracts the tourists because the mentioned venture is located in the heart of the city and Marriott has spent so much just because to win the hearts of their clients (Ingram, and, 2012). As stated, design and layout of the organization made individual to spend more and this is the only reason for organization revenue and profits. Further, will all major accommodation, cited firm is considered as one of the leading hospitality venture in UK.

Moreover, Marriott is more suitable for the high class people as they tend to spend more in order to get lot more comfort and pleasure. Further, being the reputed name around the world, tourists comes from whole over to world in order so stay and enjoy the comfort which is provided by the hospitality firm. Further, as talked about the luxurious life, hospitality firm gives facilities to clients of swimming pool, gym, entertainment zone and also conference hall. Moreover, mentioned firm is famous for corporate meetings and also for the leisure travelers. However, some individuals stay in hotel and use the services for keeping their status symbol in society. Therefore, Marriott has to provide excellent layout and facilities in order to retain them for longer period (Katz and Green, 2007).

B. Evaluation of effectiveness of internal merchandising material

Internal merchandising has its own importance in the Marriott as it states that use of in-house promotional materials like posters, tables and other elements used by organization in order to increase more of the sale and productivity. It includes major departments like finance and accounting, production, cutting, quality, sourcing, and many others. This in-house promotional method help the cited organization in order to increase more of the revenue and productivity with more arrival of customers (Feng, D'Amours and Beauregard, 2010). Further, different internal merchandising plan involves:

Cost effectiveness: Marriott need to be cost effective and need not waste its resources as it can act as a drawback for the firm. Organization can do this by counting the number of sales at present and presumptuous that slightly high sale will occur this time and they can plan for the future.

Coordinated: The internal merchandising materials help Marriott in deciding the overall marketing plan as it will help in achieving the goal and objective for the firm. Further, hospitality can make decisions to give best services to their guests. Further, Marriott requires updating of its electronic billboard or table tent cardsin order to intimate guests about the facilities provided (Grimson and Pyke, 2007).

Condition: Hotel has to make sure about all the internal merchandising materials to be kept in excellent conditions. Like for instance, they can put all the external wall materials into showcases and lock them up. Through this way, they will remain safe for longer period and customers will get attracted.

C. Evaluation of different promotional activities

There are various promotional activities which are used by Marriott in order to attract customers and satisfy them by supplying quality services. The promotional activities is done by hospitality to attract customers and thus enhance the sales and profitability of the firm. Organization can focus on the following:

Sales promotion: This method includes different techniques to retain clients and bind them to use their hospitality services (Miao, Evans and Shaoming, 2007). Organization can implement in the form of giving them price discount coupons which will attract a large mass of individual towards it.

Advertisement: It is treated as a non-personal form of communicating information to attract different clients. Advertisement in newspapers, television or internet is the most common method. Through this way large pool of customers can get attracted and hotel can generate revenue, profits and develop healthy brand image.

Direct marketing: Direct marketing helps Marriott to attract different clients and provide them effective services so that they become loyal customer base for the venture. For instance, marketing people of Marriott can directly contact to business class people and offer them discounts vouchers for conducting their annual meeting or any type of event in their hospitality (Guillén and, 2006).


A. Evaluation of personal selling technique

Personal selling is considered as a type of prmotioanl activity which is done by sales person by using his skills and techniques in attracting and building  personal relationships with another party. Further, this technique helps Marriott to effectively communicate with customers directly and offer them top quality services. Further, organization having staff who works in shifting and render 24 hours service to their clients in order to see their convenience (Márcio Tavares Thomé and, 2012). Further, it has been evaluated that Marriott uses face to face interaction method in order to interact with customers. Further, cited company also focuses on:

Telephone selling: It is rarely used by company but being a largehospitality venture, it does not focus on these types of selling methods. Further, in these  employees can sell their hotel services by understanding needs of customers and satisfy them effectively.

Sales calls: These calls are generally done by marketing people of hotel in order to grasp attention of different groups of customers and increase the sales.  Further, the marketing individuals of Marriott tries to contact different tour operators and local airline agencies in order to get more business and achieve their core targets.

Inner selling: It focuses on selling different internal services to customers after traveler enters into hotel (Miao, Evans and Shaoming, 2007). In order to meet this, workforce has to be smart enough to provide all the services which are demanded by the consumer namely from food to liquor.

B. Influence of the operational design on sales revenue

The operational design is treated as an effective method which generally helps business venture in satisfying the needs of clients and fulfilling the needs of individuals. This process starts with general manager of Marriott and he directs the HR manager of hotel in order to accomplish the potential tasks and deliver high quality of values to customers. Furthermore, HR manager initiate the different departments head like human resource department, finance, sales and marketing department to deliver high quality of services and values to travelers in order to provide them maximum level of satisfaction (Luther, 2001). On the contrary side, separate department heads guides employees of the organization to follow instructions. Moreover, these people are guided by the experienced staff and they focus on delivering best services to satisfy the needs and demands of clients.

Moreover, the operational design increases the sales and revenue for the corporate as organization having excellent internal and external structure. The operational design of cited company is made in such a way that brings lot more changes in the hotel and increase the overall profitability and revenue of business. Further, Marriott hotel can generally avoid wastage of resources and become cost effective in order to achieve their organizational objectives. However, if customers of Marriott feels happy regarding the services, then they will surely recommend other customers to use the services of mentioned hotel just for once (Usui, 2011).

C. Principles included in sales training program

Employees working in the sales department of Marriott need to be give effective sales training in order to increase their skills so that they achieve their individual as well as organizational goals and objectives (Designs, 2012). Some points on which organization can emphasis and these are:

Developing customers convincing ability - This plays a major role in order to develop employees by attending sales training program in order to satisfy the customers and provide them quality services.

Developing staff communication- Through providing training sessions to employees, hotel can develop their communication skills. So, they can effectively communicate with customers and help them in providing all necessary information (Ingram, and, 2012).

Continuous improvement- Employees should get feedback from others as this will help the employees in order to develop effective performance appraisal at the end of the year.


It can be concluded from the study that sales development helps in attracting consumers to make the sales within firm. Business is required to adopt varied advertising media such as brochures, social media etc. to attract consumers in order to enhance the sales and profitability within firm. The effectual design and layout of Marriott needs to be enhanced so that consumers are influenced to make purchase decision within firm. Also, firm is required to provide quality services to its guests so that they can retain clients for long time. At the end ,it is essential for Marriott to provide effectual training and development programs to its staff in order to enhance their skills and capabilities and thus attract target market to satisfy their needs.


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