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International Marketing - Ensoft Ltd.

University: ICON College of Technology and Management

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  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Table of Content

Question :

This report is having a scenario of a new expansion plan in the international market and all the strategies propounded by the marketing consultation of Ensoft Ltd.

  • Demonstration of the contribution of marketing within business strategies of Ensoft Ltd.
  • Evaluation of selecting a method to get entry within a new international market by comprising success factors.
  • Investigation of elements of marketing for Ensoft Ltd.
  • Evaluation of international marketing efforts for Ensoft Ltd.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Ensoft Ltd


Marketing is an essential tool for every business firm for increasing brand image and achieve competitive advantages in an effective manner. In this consist a study for analysing environmental situations, customers behaviours and current trends for the purpose of building good relations. Many of organisations consider the marketing mix tools as 4Ps or 7Ps while making strategies and decisions regarding producing of goods or services, customers choices, preferences, pricing strategy, identify buying behaviours, select distribution channels and adopting promotional tools for attaining set business goals (Wilson, 2012). Globalisation play an important role in developing firm and increasing market share among competitors. Company have to understand international marketing and various factors that can influence its functions or activities. This report is based on Ensoft Ltd which deals in providing networking software and internet solutions in the UK market. Now they are making strategy to expand business at France country to develop the business size and growth as well. This assignment define about scope and key concept of international marketing and explain rationale for international marketing with several routes. It will define criteria and selection process by using different marketing strategies in which included debate for global or local marketing.


P1 Analyse scope and key concepts of international marketing

Overview of Ensoft Ltd:

It is a small scale organisation that established in the year of 1997 at UK. It is a software company which provide network services as well as internet solution to the people. They are giving better services and fast speed networks for satisfying customers desired expectation. There are around 70 engineers that specialised in developing such networks and software applications to the targeted audiences. Esoft Ltd firm's latest BCI score is 820.7 and they generally cutting-edge software in the market place (Yang and Fam, 20122). Their main purpose is to run the business in the core of internet solution so that entire world can keep connected. This firm is trying to appoints best engineers who have ability to invent and discover new technologies as well as innovation in networks servers so that particular goals or objectives can be achieved in an effective manner. The owner of this firm is Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Turnbull who believes in interacting and maintaining relationship among employees through continuous communication so that company can shape the evolution by gathering feedbacks.

Ensoft Ltd is concentrating on expanding business in other areas such as in France country for maximising size and wealth in more effective manner. It will support in increasing growth and market share by providing better networking software as well as good speed internet solution to the customers at international level so that brand image also can increased.

Concept of international marketing

In the present scenario, it is most important aspect for increasing level of the firm and size at the global market. There are number of companies that dealing in the international market and providing their goods or services across the country (Zhou, 2012). In this requires an appropriate study for the purpose of satisfying customers needs or wants, strong competitors, and environmental factors that have major impacts on business operations and its function. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct such kinds of research or activities while expanding business at different countries. Ensoft is going to expand its business in France for the purpose of increasing size and wealth of the organisation. So, there is required to understand the application of international marketing so that company can create awareness among targeted audiences in the France people which will support in increasing popularity or brand reputation. This can be understood by taking following concepts such as:

  • To study of consumer behaviours regarding software application and network solution.
  • To create effectiveness and innovation in the existing services for attracting France people.
  • To make better pricing strategies that customers can afford for getting such services.
  • Decide the distribution network for supplying better servers or networks to the consumers (Barnes, 2012).
  • To create better awareness among target markets through effective promotional strategies.

Scope of international marketing

In this defined various methods or techniques for entering into new market place that organisation consider including exports, joint venture, franchisee, contractual agreements, licensing and strategic alliance etc. These are some methods which can be adopted by the Ensoft Ltd for business expansions in the France. Some principles are also given such as:

  • Joint Venture: It consider as the collaboration and cooperation between two firms for a limited time period. Many of organisations formed a new venture bys using this application for accomplishing set targets or goals in an effective way.
  • Strategic alliance: It is another method for taking competitive advantages as it provide appropriate support to other business firms in increasing its profits or productivity and achieve particular goals that is difficult to accomplish alone (Griffin, 2012). It is an essential to bring innovative ideas and flexibility to achieve targets.
  • Contractual agreements: It is defined as the contract that made between two parties which support to the other in improving infrastructures and making entire operations in an effective way.

These are some modes and ways for entering into new market or business by expanding in other countries. Ensoft Ltd also have opportunity to for business expansions in the France by considering such methods in an efficient manner. This will helps in increasing brand image and growth size at the international market so that number of customers can be attracted towards organisation.

P2 Various route to enter into international market and about rationality of expansion

There are several modes or routes defined that can be beneficial for Ensoft Ltd company so that they can run their business in France market. In this required proper study and knowledge about new market as well as identify customers needs, choices, demands and preferences towards particular goods or services. Ensoft is providing better solution regarding internet, software application, servers facilities such as VPS and Dedicated servers in the UK's market place. Therefore, it is necessary to find France market and identify various factors that can affects on the business operations (Pustay, 2012). France culture and customers are somewhat similar with UK's people. One of the best tool is social media which can be beneficial in creating awareness among society people in very fast. There are defined different components that wills help in expanding business at France such as:

  • Similar culture: There are less differences in the culture of France and UK than it is easy to expand business as Ensoft can create better workforce by appointing best suitable or skilled engineers who have ability to bring more innovative ideas and creativity while producing or making better software applications. Employees can work with effective collaboration and cooperation with each other by mutual understanding so that disputes or conflicts can be avoided.
  • High level of literacy: In this describe that it would be easy to expand business and reach at targeted audiences with the help of providing better quality of services to them. It can be analysed that France people are educated and they can compare the quality or prices of the particular products with another company (Malhotra, 2011). Therefore, Ensoft Ltd has opportunity to improve the services quality and provide better facilities regarding networks to the people.

Various routes to enter into international market

International market can be described as that place where different kinds of brand are surviving from different countries from whole world. There are various kinds of methods to enter in global market which helps to expand business for improving productivity as well profitability of an organisation. Ensoft can utilise several modes to enhance company at international levels which are as follows:

Joint venturing: - This can be described as an efficient mode to enter in international market having several objectives such as entry, reward sharing, technology, joint product development and conforming to the government regulations. It is all about to establish a new firm with fresh concept through efforts to two different existing organisation. In this, capital profits and any other means to be shared between partners who had started a joint venture. Ensoft can utilise this method to enter in global market which provide support to enhance profitability of company through establishing a joint venture with already existing firm with better mark,et share.

Franchising: - The term franchising which means a semi- dependent business owners pay fees or royalties to parent company (Meissner, 2012). It includes that a person gets few of rights and responsibilities to run a small branch of main organisation on other country through modifying some of its aspects. Ensoft may prefer this method to enter in global market for increasing their market share and profitability as well.

Exporting: - This can be described as to just provide products or services to customers of other countries on their orders. It does not include to establish manufacturing plant or workshop there but only render desired goods to foreign people as per their demands or preferences. It is more easy then other methods as it requires less custom formalities and legislations of other nation. Ensoft can utilise this mode to make an effective entry in global market to grab more market share.

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