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Responsibilities of the Marketing Function - McDonald

University: Regent college

  • Unit No: 2
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 15 / Words 3715
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: MARK 3009
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Question :

Learning Outcomes

LO1: Examine the role of marketing and how it interrelates with other functional units of an organisation.

LO2:  Distinct ways in which organisations use elements of the marketing mix (7Ps) to achieve overall business objectives.

LO3: Provide and analyse basic marketing plan.


The marketing world is becoming more consumer oriented and making the marketing experience more personal. Consumer marketing managers manages teams of marketing agents through the successful implementation of a marketing campaign which helps to create value for customers in to gain maximise profit. In todays modern world, marketers must be good at creating customer value and managing customer relationships. Outstanding marketing companies analyse the marketplace and customer needs, develop value-creating marketing strategies, and various integrated marketing programs that build strong customer relationships. Also, they capture value from customers in the form of sales, profits, and customer loyalty.

As a newly hired assistant to the Marketing Manager, you are required to conduct detailed marketing analysis of McDonalds.

Consider the above scenario and acting as a newly appointed assistant to a Marketing Manager for the McDonalds. You are required to produce a report in a word format. Also, analyse various supportive business case studies, materials such as the magazine, text books, websites, journals, newspapers, lecture materials, and other relevant resources. (Approx. 1200 words)

  1. Overview of the concept of marketing, including current and future trends.
  2. Analyse the different marketing processes.
  3. Examination of the role and responsibilities of a marketing manager in reference to an organisation.
  4. How marketing influences and interrelates with other functional departments of the organisation.
  5. The significance of the marketing role in the context of the organisation.
  6. Conclusions that evaluate the importance of having effective interrelationships between different functional departments.

By continuing your report, consider the above scenario and acting as a newly appointed assistant to a Marketing Manager for the chosen organisation (Approx. 1000 words)

  • Analyse the ways in which the chosen organisation applies the marketing mix to the marketing planning process to achieve business objectives. Also, differ it from other organisations or could do better compared to other organisations with suitable examples.

Continue your report; Using the above scenario and acting as a newly appointed assistant to a Marketing Manager for the chosen organisation, you are required to develop and evaluate a marketing plan supported with coherent evidence and continue your report in a word format. (Approx. 800 words)

  • Produce and evaluate a basic marketing plan for the chosen organisation.

Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria




LO1: Examine the role of marketing and how it interrelates with other functional units of an organisation.

D1. Critically analyse and examine the fundamental elements of marketing function and how they interrelated to other functional units for the chosen organisation.

P1 Identify the key roles and responsibilities of the marketing function for the chosen organisation

M1.  Evaluate the roles and responsibilities of marketing in context of the marketing environment for the chosen organisation.

M2. Assess the importance of interrelationships between marketing and other functional units for the chosen organisation.

P2 Evaluate how roles and responsibilities of marketing relate to the wider organisational context for the chosen organisation or scenario

LO2: Distinct ways in which organisations use elements of the marketing mix (7Ps) to achieve overall business objectives.

D2. Develop a strategic marketing plan that tactically applies the usage of 7Ps to achieve the overall objectives of the organisation.

P3 Examine the ways in which the chosen organisation applies the marketing mix to the marketing planning process to achieve business objectives and how does it differ from the other organisation with the help of appropriate example.

M3. Evaluate the different methods applied by the chosen organisation to discuss how business goal can be achieved.

LO3: Devise and analyse basic marketing plan.

P4 Provide and analyse a basic marketing plan in context to an organisation.

M4. Provide a detailed coherent evidence-based marketing plan for the chosen organisation.

Answer :
Organization Selected : McDonald


Marketing refers to an action of selling as well as promoting services or goods consisting the advertising and market research. It is an activity, process and set of institutions for developing, interacting and also delivering the offers to consumers which have value for the them or society (Askeland and Wright, 2013). This present report is based on the McDonald and it is a fast food restaurant. It provides breakfast items, desserts, soft drinks, cheese burgers, hamburgers etc. Under this mention report will be discuss about roles and responsibilities of the marketing function. Compare ways under which different firms applies the different marketing mix will be mention. There will be discussion about the roles and responsibilities of the marketing related to wider organisation context.


P1 Key roles and responsibilities of the marketing function

Concept of marketing, including current and future trends

Marketing refers to management process that is responsible for determining, anticipating and also fulfil needs and demands of consumers. It is human activity that directed at satisfying wants and requirements by process of exchange.

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Concepts of Marketing

Marketing concept refers to strategy that organisations execute to fulfil requirements of consumers, enhance sales, increase profit level and compete with the existing consumers. The marketing department of McDonald restaurant designs the effective strategies that will helps in develop the profitable relationship with customers at market place. Different concepts of marketing that McDonald's company can use mention below:

Production concept- In this concept, customers will prefer those products which are easily available as well as highly affordable (Baker, 2014). It can be lead to the marketing myopia. The main focus of management of McDonald is on improving the efficiency of production.

Product Concept - This concept holds that customers will be prefer those products which are of good quality, have innovative features and better performance. In context to this, marketing strategy of McDonald's restaurant is on making improvements in products on continuous basis. It will be helpful in target the new markets.

Selling concept - It proses consumers, person or firms that will not purchase more products of company unless and until they are do by the selling efforts. In order to make success in marketing, McDonald's should be make better its promotion and selling activities in an effective manner.

Marketing concept - This concept of marketing states that attaining aims and objectives of firm is based on knowing wants as well as requirements of the target markets. It will be helpful for McDonald's restaurant in satisfying preferences and needs of consumers as comparison to its competitors at market place. In this, consumer values and focus are two main routes for attain sales and profit level (Brooks and Simkin, 2012).

Societal concept - This marketing concept states that marketing strategy should be helpful in provide value to consumers in a manner that assess in maintain the society ans customer relationship.

Current and future trends

Current trends

  • Low Calorie food
  • Eating food away from home
  • Green fast foods
  • Convenience fast foods

Future trends

  • Improve service speed
  • Fast casual and fast food grey area
  • Focus on content marketing

Different marketing processes

Marketing process refers to process of identifying opportunities at market place, selection of target markets and developing marketing mix. The marketing process is mention below:

Define Problem - The first step in marketing research process is related with defining issues. Under this, by identifying the problem or issue, firm can find the solution of that by collecting relevant information (Desai, 2013).

Develop research Plan - Under this second step, there is a need to create a research plan by including any kind of method that asses in give solution of issue in a better manner.

Collect accurate information and data - In order to conduct the investigation, there is a need to gather the reliable information and data related to specific research area. It will be helpful in completing an investigation in a better manner.

Analyse Data - After collecting the all data or information, there is a requirement to analysing it. Through this, McDonald's company can measure the effectiveness as well as accuracy of information (Dibb and Simkin, 2013).

Take action - It is a last step in market research and under this findings are to be present and also take better option. There is a need to McDonald's restaurant to create marketing campaigns.

Role and responsibilities of a marketing manager

Marketing manager is an in charge of marketing departments and also responsible for staff members with in department. Their main role is to assign the duties and also set the target for staff. Different roles and responsibilities of marketing manager in McDonald's mention below:

Developing marketing strategy - Under this, it is a responsibility of marketing manager to develop effective marketing strategies for company. In strategies clearly mention about promotion of services and products in target market with an objective of enhancing sales as well as maintain competitive benefits.

Measuring success - In this role, necessary component of role of manager is to be neglected is procedure of gathering as well as analysing data on success. It can be in the form of sales figures, consumer satisfaction, website hits and data of market share.

Market research -  Under this, it is a responsibility of marketing manager to conduct an instigation in order to better understanding about needs of consumers. Marketing research is able to determine new opportunities in market, helping in develop organisational value for services and products (Durand and Barlow, 2012).

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P2 Roles and responsibilities of marketing relate to the wider organisational context

Marketing plays a necessary role in developing better relationship among consumers and firm that offering to market. In this, marketing function is tasted with the-branding of company, participate in the public activities, consumers interaction by collecting feedback and advertising. McDonald's restaurant provides the different types of fast food items to consumers on the basis of their needs and demands. It helps in attract large number of consumers towards services of restaurant at market place. In this firm, there are many different departments are working and they all are interrelated with the each other. Their main ficus is on attaining the business objectives with in a given period of time. There are some roles and responsibilities of marketing related to organisational context mention below as above:

Marketing and Human Resource Management - The marketing department of McDonald restaurant is work with human resource in order to improving the knowledge and core competencies of staff members at workplace (Khan and Adil, 2013). On the other hand, it is a responsibility of human resource department to recruit the capable and well qualified employees. The HR department provides training to employees so that their working performance can be enhanced and they will interact with consumers in a better manner.

Marketing with Operations - Operation is process of developing, producing and promoting of goods on the basis of needs of consumers and also sustain them for long period of time at market place. In context to marketing department, it determine the needs of consumers, existing products at marketplace, current market trends etc. With the help of this, operation department produce the new products which can be more effective as comparison to its strong competitors at market place. It is helpful in develop the positive impact on mind of consumers.

Marketing with Finance - In finance department include planning, auditing, organising, controlling and also accounting the finance of firm. It is a responsibility of finance department in McDonald restaurant is produce the financing statement in an effective manner. In order to Marketing department, it conducts many promotional activities, advertising, launching new products etc. So, for conducting all these activities, there will be need of funds. In context to this, it is a responsibility of finance department is to arrange the funds (LEHTINEN and MÄKINEN, 2012).

Marketing with Production - Production is functional area and responsible for turning the inputs in to the finished outputs with the help of process of production. This department is responsible for producing the new products. The production department prepare the goods according to consumer preferences. McDonald's provides the healthy and hygienic fast food items to consumers which can maintain their health and also satisfy their neds in a better and effective manner.

Value and importance of the marketing role

Marketing is necessary because it assess in sell services or products. Marketing provides confident to try new services and products in market as opposed to the situation where goods are enter in market without any kind of issue. On the other hand, marketing is necessary because it aids in sell products and also develop strategy to growth of business. The main aim of any business is to earn money by using different channels for reach at end goal (Mueller and et. al., 2015). The McDonald's company offers the food items and quick services which can develop the positive impact in mind of consumer. Better marketing is helpful in attract the large number of people towards the services and food items in a better manner. It is a primary responsibility of company to determine needs of consumers and work on satisfying them. In order to target the new market, firm develop the effective marketing related strategies for an instance use promotional tools. Social media sites etc.

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P3 Marketing mix to the marketing planning process to achieve business objectives

Marketing mix refers to tactics and strategies that an organisation uses in order to reach at the target consumers. It consist of different components in which marketing mix forms marketing system of firm and also help in attain goals of marketing. There is a comparison among the marketing mix of McDonald's and Subway. McDonald's is a fast food restaurant and it provides different kind of fast food items specially burgers. On the other hand, Subway is fast food franchise restaurant that sells salads and sandwiches (Nguyen and Simkin, 2012). Comparison among marketing mix of McDonald's and Subway mention below as above:





McDonald's is one of fast food leading food chain and it sells chicken products, breakfast items, soft drinks, desserts etc. It has included smoothies, fruits and fish wraps.

Main product in menu of Subway include Submarine Sandwich. Apart from this, in its menu included doughnuts, wraps, muffins, salads etc. it has vegetarian and non- vegetarian options to make its own sandwich. This firm is also expand its business in beverages with the ‘Seattle's best coffee'.


This restaurant consists different pricing strategies that provide large number of food items with meals and some of other products for consumers. To assure consumers purchase more goods and main focus of McDonald's is on psychological pricing strategies. It provide its food items on the affordable cost so that consumers can easily prefer them.

This company serves high cost products as comparison to its competitors. But it provide food for the calories conscious consumers. This restaurant claim that it provides effective quality of food as comparison to other competitors. The pricing strategy of Subway is differential pricing strategy with value pricing is on the basis to value generation in context to quality provided through outlets of Subway.


This restaurant found in more than 110 countries and also operate more than 36000 restaurants in all over the world. Various kinds of formats of restaurant of McDonald's are Mc Express, Mc Drive, Mc Cafe etc. and develop own taste restaurant (Ottman, 2017). This firm use the digital ordering and also offer table services as well as free mobile charging.

Subway firm mainly operate its business by franchise and it is one of fastest developing franchises (Pappas, 2017). It has more than 44000 franchises across 112 territories and countries. They are mainly located on malls, business centres, military bases, airports etc.


McDonald's spent more money on advertising the campaign and uses signage sponsors, newspaper ads and different sporting events for an instance Olympic games, FIFA world Cup etc. TV advertisement is a main advertisement form because it engage people in many popular activities.

Subway restaurant uses the different promotional activities in order to promote its products or brands. It advertise its food items, employ the personnel that sells, include sales promotion, public relation in its promotional strategies. Its slogan is “Eat Fresh” in order to promote high quality and fresh food that they make.


Over year, McDonald's has make improvement in its cooking process and methods that it used. It make use of sophisticated equipments for processing of foods and also new methods for distribution and food packaging. Its process of food manufacturing is visible to consumers.

The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of Subway is transparency and it provides to consumers while making the fresh sandwiches. For Subway, services are more necessary and its main focus on provide better customer service. Subway has effective storage, supply chain, food procurement, warehousing etc.


McDonald's has effective and unique method of addressing consumers and treat its staff members in a better manner. In this restaurant, there is a dress code of employees and it emphasis on its staff members to consumer friendly, affection for people and cheering. Workers are provided ratings on the basis of performance and they are also encouraged to take part in process of decision making (Proctor, 2014).

Subway is prominent brand of restaurant and its main focus on people such as staff members and consumers. It has more than 400000 employed people in all over the world for whom consumer service is a main priority. On the daily basis, it serves million consumers in all over world.

Physical evidence

The physical evidence of McDonald's restaurant is good and attractive. It develops great affect in mind of customers. In physical evidence included cleanliness, service speed, transparency in process, hygiene and quality. The website of this restaurant is user friendly and also has strong presence.

In Marketing Mix, it is last element and it refers to element of experience of customers and physical environment visitors. For Subway restaurant, its physical evidence is stores. Ambience at stores maintenance, employees and locations from physical evidence of brand. Vegetables quality, used breads, chicken, because of which food items are made.

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P4 Produce and evaluate a basic marketing plan

Marketing plan refers to business document that outline marketing strategy as well as tactics. It is develop for specific period of time and also cover different marketing related details for an instance action steps, costs, objectives etc. Different steps in marketing plan given below:


McDonald's is fast food company and founded in year 1940 as restaurant operated through Richard and Maurice McDonald in United States. It is one of the largest fast food restaurant chain through revenue in world. It is well known for cheeseburgers, chicken products, desserts, break fast items, soft drinks etc.


The vision of McDonald's is to provide the experience of quick services to consumers. Best means offering quality, value, cleanliness and service which make the smile of face of every customer (Rascati, 2013).


Mission of McDonald's company is to be favourite consumer place and way to drink and eat.


The main objective of McDonald's firm is to provide great value and friendly environment to consumers and also to be socially responsible to provide better return to shareholders.

Segmentation, Targetting & Positioning

Segmentation- It refers to process of diving market of the potential consumers in to the groups based on various characteristics. Under this market is divided on the basis of geographic, behavioural, demographic and psychographic. In context to McDonald's, it uses only demographic strategy with age as criteria.

Targeting- It implies selecting particular groups determined as segmentation result in order to sell goods. The target market of McDonald's are Kids and Teenagers (Smith, 2012).

Positioning- It refers to selection of marketing mix most effective for target consumer segment. McDonald's uses an adaptive kind of products positioning. It is engaged in periodical re-positioning of services and products in the basis of changes in segment.

Marketing Mix

Product- McDonald's has product mix that is mainly composed of beverages and food products. The products those McDonald's restaurant provides are Hamburgers and sandwiches, Desserts and shakes, Snacks and sides, Beverages etc.

Price- This element of marketing mix specify cost ranges and points of foods and beverage products of firm. Its main aim is to enhance sales volume as well as profit margin.

Place- It enumerates locations or venues where goods are provided and where the consumers can be access to them.

Promotion- It explains tactics that business uses to interact with consumers (Zimmerman and Blythe, 2013). It promote its products through sales promotion, direction making, advertisement etc.

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Marketing Budget- It is an estimated cost amount that will be needed to promote the services and products. It is a main part of market plan and also a process of marketing.

Marketing budget


1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year

5th year

Initial money

















Marketing outlay







Sales publicity






Direct selling












Monitoring & Control - Under this, marketing manager monitor the whole marketing plan as well as monitor the activities in an effective manner. If there is any issue arise then firm will control them in a better manner and make changes in a plan properly and effectively.

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It has been concluded from above mention report that marketing plays a necessary role in attracting large number of consumers and also sell products at market place. McDonald develop the better marketing strategies to enhance sales and attain the competitive benefits at market place. In this given report discussed about the interrelationship of marketing functions with the other functions of McDonald's restaurant such as Human resource, Operations, Production, Finance. There has been studied about the comparison of marketing mix among McDonald's and Subway in a detailed manner.


Books & Journals

  • Askeland, D. R. and Wright, W. J., 2013. Essentials of materials science & engineering. Cengage Learning.
  • Baker, M. J., 2014. Marketing strategy and management. Macmillan International Higher Education.
  • Brooks, N. and Simkin, L., 2012. Judging marketing mix effectiveness. Marketing Intelligence & Planning. 30(5). pp.494-514.
  • Desai, S. S., 2013. An Analysis of the Competitive Marketing Strategies of the Hospitality Industry in UAE. IUP Journal of Management Research. 12(1).
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