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Modern Techniques used for Evaluation of Newcastle Football Club

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Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Examine the modern analytical methods application and techniques that are used for modelling and evaluation strand in the context of Newcastle United Football Club.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Newcastle United football club


Newcastle United Football-Club has been participating over the last 10 seasons in English Premier League. Competition for top positions against big clubs throughout English Premier League has resulted in differing results for club. Performance undulation, accompanied by disappointing results, also contributed in club's relocation to poorer league levels. As the main tier of Britain's football hierarchy, the first division needs a club to show outstanding success in the first twentieth other leagues (Bhattacharyya. 2013). The chance to stay inside the walls of this competition for Newcastle Football-Club is provided by far. The potential raised takes into consideration Newcastle United Football-Club's potential to report positive performances and thus remain inside the league. Newcastle is confident of finest data with its most experienced expert Jamie Harley. Technopoly has given Jamie's creativity the most important role observe. Jamie couldn't function this in club, for instance, through the use of an iPhone in training, catapulting extensively in real-time as well as contributing to it all.

Fixed salary and flexible cost changes contributed to club's growth. This will inspire most players and after each game the results will continue to improve. Variable compensation is mainly based on bonuses payments, commissions and rewards received by players. This demonstrates why, besides the fixed salaries or compensation they earn, many players should work harder to get rewards. The payment manner reflects a club's success.

Theoretical framework linking opportunity with BI/analytics system:

Business intelligence has achieved a great deal of data as the technological advances changes everything. The incorporation of a dashboard would help with the consistency of payments and performance feature details. The Newcastle dashboard also enable to provide the consumer with reliable and usable data. For better quality and clear information, dashboard is an effective manner. Value of club player's decreases as player's expense value rises as between 2015 and 2018, the total amount of injured players risen to 10. The data indicates that the rate of injuries were at least 4. The Newcastle United controlled their match during year 2015 to 2016, while the risks of injuries was huge. Mateescu, peak, and Agiu funded team for year 2014. Partner parties are referring to as sponsors (Babu, 2012).

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Critical analysis and justification of developed dashboard:

Analysis of Business Intelligence:

The company's results evaluation is solely based on club's plan to ensuring the club's priorities and targets are achieved. The management panel utilized the parameters of SMART objectives to determine the firm's realistic targets. From the perspective of club development, team's success depends on availability of talented players who might produce more earnings for the corporation via shirt sales as well as help the club to be one of the highest level 10 clubs in order to engage in the premium league. The player's overall market price by the 2015 was around 20,000,000 GBP from the excellent sheet shown that while in year 2017 it was around 21373013.20 pounds. Wages increased from GBP 250,000 to GBP 30,000. The injury expense increased from GBP 100,000 to GBP 600,000. Players ' performance dumped to 10 in year 2016, and later increased to 88 by end of 2017 session.

Business intelligence evaluation demonstrates that the club invested a lot of funds on players' salaries, reflecting on club's existence/presence in Premier League. This is accurate that skilled players aren't available and club has to encourage players to prevent unnecessary transfers/exchanges to other clubs where they could get better pay. The incidence of accidents has increased substantially over the time observed. The expense has a huge effect on club's performance as it pays for losses arising from players ' injuries. At same time, the players get paid during injury phase, but they are not active in gaming which is the club's primary source of income. Mostly fans buy product-teams from the club if they enjoy their favourite players in match. The lack of these main players from squad represents low buying power that represents the club's weak performance in top league as well as total income (Anandarajan, Anandarajan and Srinivasan, 2012). The management, however, implemented drastic changes including the hiring of a head coach to improve the club's standard of training for football to draw more sponsors and fans who buy the club's goods and thus generate more for business.

Management of Castle United FC, Derek Llambias, has been flashback over previous few years and looking ahead for future both on and off field. While business performance has still not set goals, the organisation has decided on a number of issues. The words include knowing the company's primary objective and what everybody is supposed to accomplish to retain the club's elevated position. In locked loop method, key performance measure will track, supporting the initiative with the corporation's strategic objectives. The club established a framework that governed the efficiency and participant behaviour in community. Member's position defines payment type. Each club participant's activity governs the sum each member will earn after a match.

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Advantages and disadvantages:

Business intelligence mechanism is important in the extraction and demonstrate of immense data in simple to perceive diagrams and tables. For example, general report from data analysis demonstrates that salaries paid to all players from 2015-2017 have enhanced and injury costs have increased over the timespan. It offers total outputs in a single look, and that is why the method is very useful for big data evaluation. Second, this tool allows the corporation to assess key performance indicator(KPI) that is important for performance evaluation. The analysis includes the use of different variables, like cost of injuries, salaries and many others, to calculate the corporation's net income, performance index of every player, and to help club in deciding transfer and purchase of fresh players in club. Again, the framework is necessary to infer from the predicted results. For example, it can be inferred that during the years there's been a general tendency in the rise in salaries reimbursed to players. It helps the organization to assess and agree on the club's actual spending (Duan and Da Xu, 2012).

Decision-making process:

Every corporation's successes are based on the decisions they render and the efforts they put into achieving goals laid down. The decision-making process includes the club's players, corporate partners, executives, coaching staff, investors as well as those who create value to club, like dedicated fans. Decision-making is most effective part to facilitate the organisation's prosperity. The very first step is to classify the issue. Before taking any course of action, first recognize the problem. Gather details after the alternative has been found. At this phase, managers going to do studies and gather information about the issue, and they going to make solution on same. Company use a method of self-assessment to gather some inner information whilst using questionnaire techniques for external data (IşıK, Jones and Sidorova, 2013).

Fans and Supporters:

Other advantageous elements of cub are fans and supporters. It is also crucial and helpful for fan to be motivated by any club during game. The fan club can facilitate team to get a strong connection with its fans. To give fans an opportunity to pick up a picture with players reinforces the link between two making memories in order to recall. Keep in mind that team followers not only brag about having won their club each match, but also how unique it is. Club alterations are always in contact with fans. In terms of assigning the obligations to players mainly the fans become consultants to club (Popovič, Hackney, Coelho and Jaklič, 2012).

Employee and the HR in The Club:

All co-ordination, governance and human resources management within club is handled by the club's human resources department. The main task involves refining and generating ideas regarding human resources strategies and organizational personnel practices. The manager should monitor, track and respond to all changes in human resources department, thereby leading to in decision in goals and targets in human resources divisions. The club shall create and amend the job description, perform annual audits, review, update and evaluate the budget of the enterprise if these tasks are prefaced precisely. Team's sponsors perform a significant part in financially bragging the club. over the past three years, the Newcastle current employees have shown that great commitment to keeping club top. Club have done about 62 percent, but you must pull up their tactics to keep on top of the leading index table (Sabherwal and Becerra-Fernandez, 2013).

Revenue through advertising:

In order for team to be famous, the best marketing approach needs to be put into practice outside world. The performance of team is very important in this area. The managing director, Lee Chanley and the Club Panel have shown that no advertising for st-James Park is charged to the sports director. In logos stadium, there is indeed a free economy for competitions by Mike Ashley for just a short period. During club transfers, the followers did not like the intervention.


From above analysis it has been observed that Newcastle requires to make modifications in training's ground facilities to prevent potential cost outcome. However, analysis indicates that Newcastle has been enhanced in uniting effectively entire Benton training field built during recent years. With all of this, club has nothing to do with what it previously proposed. Rafa Benitez wants to make the move, but Mike Ashley's owner does not want. For Benitez, now these 2 years challenging to enhance the training field approach. Benitez said that club's spending plan was not sufficient to improve the situation. It's clear that without massive funds they can't make major changes (Minelli, Chambers and Dhiraj, 2013).

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From the above discussion it has been concluded that, recorded data in the dashboard should be authentic or accurate because it further helps in avoiding wastage of time which taken by the management at the time of formulating strategy or making decisions in context of club. At the time of making any decisions regarding club, they need to take opinion from the members and further proceed accordingly. Managing board members of the club should collect a survey report before any modification in the club. With the help of this, management able to reduce the confusion and try to formulate new strategies, rules & regulations. Managers should provide the specific guidelines to the employees that how to use dashboard which further helps them to collect information accurately. It helps improving employees efficiency as well as effectiveness which further beneficial for the club to generate more revenue. Management should hire professionals who provide necessary training to the employees in order to enhance their skills & competencies.


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