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Different Managerial Roles and Styles in Aviation by British Airways

University: Imperial College London

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 6 / Words 1451
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: AVM1000
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Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Managing people in aviation is management of employee for making sure relevant business performance. Provide an understanding on how different management and leadership styles impact on team and organisational performance in the British Airways company.
  • Evaluate and demonstrate the ability to develop and motivate people to work efficiently and to resolve conflict situations in the British Airways company.
  • Elaborate how Management styles contribute to improving the motivation and performance of the workforce in an airline or airport environment, including issues related to conflict management.
Answer :
Organization Selected : British Airways


Managing people is a means procedure to train, motivate, and direct staff for optimizing the productivity of the work area as well as promote professional development. Within all industries, it is essential to manage people including the airline industry (Anand and et. al, 2019). As the respective sectors are growing day by day so this is crucial for them to manage workers in an effective and efficient way. As per the scenario, the undertaken organisation in this report is British airways which are known as the flag carrier airline of the UK. This report covers various managerial roles at airlines as well as the management style of different airlines and their influences on the culture and performance of the company.  

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Different managerial roles at airlines or airports consist in, and how they influence culture and performance at the airline or airport

Within airline industry, there are several entities which are doing many practices. So, this is vital for them to perform those activities through focusing upon managing activities. There are many managerial roles which will assist to perform practices of business appropriately and effectively. Several managerial role at airline industry has affects upon their culture and performance. The manager of airlines firm has various roles and accountabilities which will drives towards affecting business operations. So, different managerial role in British Airways are discussed below:

  • Managing operative practices: There are several operative practices that have to be conducted through entities for providing higher quality of goods or services to clients. Moreover, there are many activities which required to be performed effectually in order to run the business in smoother way (Bamforth and Abbott, 2019). This roles is performed by manager at British Airways to effectively perform those practice and attain expected goals. It influences their culture and performance as it encourage staff to do the task in profitable manner and develop optimistic environment.
  • Managing disputes:The managerial role involves the manner by which firm may manage its disputes that occurs within entities. It will outcomes in affecting organisational culture and staff performance. So, this managerial role is performed through British Airways for developing effectual relations among firm as well as staff.
  • Control workforce as well as employees: This is vital for manager in controlling as well as managing employees and workforce as it will aids in attainment of expected objectives. This role of manager is performed in British Airways so that their manager can able to perform develop positive culture and increase their performance. There are various techniques which is utilised through its manager for controlling staff performance as it will aids in developing optimistic working atmospheres.
  • Planning budget: It is considered as the vital managerial role which is performed through airline firms such as British Airways. It will aids to perform effectual plan for entities and also it have to set appropriate budget to perform various practices so that they may do their business activities in more smoother way and obtain its profitability. It will assists to influence respective organisation's performance and culture as this minimises the issues related to monetary terms.

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Management style of different airlines or airports, and how these styles influence the culture and performance at the firm

Management style is considered as a specific way that managers performs regarding attaining their goals. This encompasses the means they develop decisions, how it plan as well as arrange task and also how it exercise authority (Dhawan, 2019). It varies through firm, management level as well as even from individuals to people. So, some of the management style that is used into British Airways are discussed below:

  • Transformational management style:It is considered as the one of the vital approach which can be utilised through organisation that deals airline industry such as British Airways. This is regarded as style where entities transform and increase staff skills for managing business practices appropriately. It will aids to develop and increase their workers morale. The airline firm like British Airways may follow respective management style as it aids to perform business practices effectually. Moreover, there are several ways by which manager may  able to transform its activities as per situation. Also, helpful in developing positive work atmosphere and attainment of expected objectives.
  • Democratic management style: This is considered as management style which depends upon the mutual respect among staff members and entities (Foina and Bar-Nahum, 2019). It is also called the participative management style. For example: within British Airways, its manager will consider the perspective of staff. Moreover, it will aids in formulating effectual decision and execute activities in appropriate way. This style will assist to develop relation among industry and firm performance. So, this is accountabilities of manager to participate with staff for encouraging them to perform the task.
  • Laissez fair management style:This is considered as an essential management style which involves the way where firm may perform their practices and increase relation with staff (Pearlson and et. al., 2019).  Moreover, respective style is also known as working style where staff are accountable for formulating decision and performing business practices. Also, it is one of an efficacious manner of managing practices as it permit its team members to enhance their staff performance and attain expected goals. For example: British Airways may follow this kind of management style as it will aids them to formed optimistic as well as independent working atmosphere.
  • Authoritative management style:This is also considered as the one of the vital management style which states as a way where manager are facilitating guidance to their staff. It is also regarded as a strict management style as this involves several rules as well as policies (Lynar and et. al, 2019). Manager who comply respective style are known as an aggressive or dominant. Moreover, they are accountable for formulating crucial decision for entities. For example: British Airways staff have to comply rules as well as order provide through their managers for performing business practices effectually. The main benefits of this is that, this enhances performance as they have power to develop vital decisions through managers.

Moreover, all the above mentioned management style may influence the British Airways culture as well as performance. Among all these the democratic leadership style is appropriate for them as this aids them to formulate effectual decision and execute activities in appropriate way, develop relation among industry and firm performance and others.

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As per the above report, this have been concluded that there are many roles  that managers play as it will aids in performing business practices in appropriate way. Moreover, this is vital for organisation to find and assess different roles of managers as it is helpful in attaining expected objectives. In addition to this, there are several kinds of management style such as democratic, autocratic and others which will drives towards facilitating guidance to firm. Also, it support to perform operative practices in more effective way so that firm can attain its goals at  particular time duration. In addition to this,  Among all these the democratic leadership style is appropriate for them as this aids them to formulate effectual decision and execute activities in appropriate way, develop relation among industry and firm performance and others.

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