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Leadership and Management Style by HR Professionals in NHS

University: Buckinghamshire New University

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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Determine an analysis of the knowledge, skills, and behaviours in order to be an effective people manager.
  • Examine and analyze the key HR processes that underlay the performance management of  people at work.
  • Describe an understanding of the contemporary issues that is faced by the line managers in relation to people management.


Answer :
Organization Selected : NHS


People management, also known as human resource management, encompasses the tasks of recruitment, management, and providing ongoing support and direction for the employees of an organization. These tasks can include the following: compensation, hiring, performance management, organization development, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, communication, administration, and training. This report covers issues such as leadership and management styles, talent management, training and development, functions of HR, and internal and external influences of NHS.


Leadership and Management of NHS

Systems theory of Management-

NHS uses this theory of management as this theory does not concern managing the business and best for the business whose main aim is to work for the benefit of people that is the reason why NHS uses this theory of management. This theory was founded to reduce the factor of management so that they can revive (Seperich and McCalley, 2016) the unity in the company. System theory interacts with elements which affects the environment and working of the company. The interaction helps the company to evolve and regulate on their own which states that they can correct their actions on own. This theory works on a perspective rather than making assumptions or a form of practice. System theory helps NHS to remind that they are same as any other company and they have to follow every law and regulation implemented by the government and things which affect other businesses can also affect the company.

Situational theory of leadership-

NHS uses this theory in their style as they have to deal with many people which requires changes in the process of work according to the situation which is the reason why the company prefers this style of leadership. It helps the company to implement different styles of leadership in their process. For instance a situation arises where giving an authority ti someone is flexible in nature then they will use this theory or if the employees of the company are skilled, experienced and knowledgeable so that they can share the decisions by using appropriate styles so that the results of the company can be more effective.

Management theory of leadership-

These type of theories are also known as transactional theories and NHS has the scope to use this type of theory as the situational theory sometimes creates conflict and issues between the employees which also affect the work of the company. The main focus of this theory is to make the areas such as company, supervision and overall performance in mind so that the company can serve more people. This theory have a rule that if the employees of the company work above the potential then they will be awarded or rewarded and if they don't then they will be punished which improves the working of the company. These type of theories are base for the styles of leadership.

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Training and Development-

  • Analysis- This is the first aspect of this model in this stage trainers of the company analyse all the problems so that they can find solution to those problems. On this basis they create the objectives set for training.
  • Design- In this stage objectives and outcomes of the company are determined. The area is explored so that training programs can be improved. There are many types of training solutions such as classroom, discussions, online sessions.
  • Development- This stage helps the company to write and create their program of training. Even the trainers are trained so that they can provide support to their team. This aspect is concerned with producing the necessary materials for the training programs such as online or classroom based etc.
  • Implementation- Program of training is delivered with the help of different methods such as classroom or online. Employees of the company enhances their skills and then their current results are measured with the previous results.
  • Evaluation- This aspect is the last stage of this model. This stage begins when the entire program of training is ended by the company. Feedback helps the company to know where the changes are required in their design and reviewing it with the client is necessary. Then the model begins again for the new employees.

Talent Management

  •  Planning- This aspect helps the company to identify the gaps between the requirement of human capital and describing about the necessary roles which helps the NHS in guiding the process of selection and developing a plan for the employees of the company so that they can take necessary initiatives for the aspect of recruitment.
  • Attracting- This aspect is concerned with finding the people either from internal or external sources. This helps the company to attract many people to apply for a job. Tools such as social media, referral methods and posting on job portals are used.
  • Selecting- This aspect is concerned with finding the individual who is suitable for the job. NHS has the scope to implement the method of selection by taking group interview, tests etc. and they can check it as all the information is available online such as CV of the individual.
  • Developing- This aspect helps the employees of the company to enhance their skills so that they can improve their performance. It also helps the company to gain the measure of loyalty and improve the aspect of employee engagement.
  • Retaining- In order to make NHS successful the (Baruch and Gregoriou, 2017) company needs to retain their team with the help of increments or rewards so that they stay for the opportunity to grow. They need to start programs which involves aspects such as recognition of employees and provide them with necessary rewards.
  • Transitioning- This aspect focuses on transforming and evolving the company with the growth of employees. Company provides them with benefits such as retirement and medical benefits. This will generate a sense of accomplishment in the minds of employees and they will feel safe.

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Functions of HR

  • Professional and clinical supervision- This process helps the company to improve the performance of professional practitioners as they identify the aspect of training and development. It is conducted by a superior in the company. This concept is related with the development of practitioners according to the laws and regulations of the clinic not for the purpose of appraisal.
  • Training in own discipline- This aspect is concerned with training people from the discipline principle which connect the work and concern with it. For instance people who manages the training department of accounts helps to fulfill the needs of requirement which is related to making and handling budgets or a dietitian provides training to other doctors and explain them the importance of it in different clinics.
  • Provision of basic advice of HR- This aspect states that department of HR of NHS work according to the policies and practices of the company. For instance they follow all the procedures at the time of recruitment.
  • Responsibility for placement and subsequent supervision or allocation- This aspect includes aspects such as liaison who provides training, allocate the trainees for the purpose of training and ensures that overall there assessment are completed.
  • Responsible for the management of the company- Role of HR is to take the responsibility of providing them with advice which regards to highly special matter on the issues (Liao and Ai Lin Teo, 2018) which affects the whole company. Employees are responsible for implying the advice and anticipating the nature and the consequences of the issue. For instance relations of strategic employment, benefits or compensation, or management of change for the highest level of company must be treated equally so that they can work according to that for the goals of whole company.
  • Day-to-day management- This aspect is concerned with the responsibility of aspects and issues such as handling grievances, factors relating to (Brewster and Cerdin, 2018) discipline, appraisal as a member, making it sure that proper training is provided to new joiners, regularly review the progress they make and any improvement in their performance, allocating the work and checking it.

Internal and external influences

External Factors

  • Technological Factors- This aspect has helped to improve the facility for healthcare. Equipment are now more affordable than before. Many tools (Michie and et.al., 2016) and pumps are getting developed because of these factors. On the other hand these tools require talent and skills to use it in a better way as it needs to be used carefully. This is the reason why company focuses on the aspect of talent management.
  • Economic Factors- These aspect are related with the issues such as rate of interest, rate of inflation, flow of money etc. UK is still facing the effects of recession and that is affecting the working of the company and they are not able to grow (Mayo, 2016) financially. It is also getting difficult for them to invest in the department of training and development so that they can enhance the skills of more people and they will be able to serve more people and give them better treatment.

Internal Factors-

  • Cost- This aspect is the internal opponent of the company. The administration costs of the company has increased from 5 per cent to 14 per cent of the overall expenditure. There is no relation between the management (Leroy and et.al., 2018) and administration in the sector of healthcare. It is not even clear that which of the functions of the company is attributable for the market. The cost of NHS was expected low by people as they expected that cost of treatment would be less by the company. Cost for managers of the company and employees also started to increase between 1988 and 1992. This affects the leadership and management style of the company as there is no scope and area to expand their operations.
  • Political impact- Political parties do not consider the internal market as an asset. They believe that NHS can stop working for the (Hoffman and Tadelis, 2018) interest of the patients as they are increase their costs. Some of the ministers admitted that it was a mistake to trust NHS. Bringing the NHS into market would require to collect data and compete with many contractors.

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Company has the scope to change their style of leadership from situational to management theory of leadership as they deal with different situations on a daily basis which creates conflicts when they are using the theory of situational leader that is why it is advised that they can change their style of leadership from situational to management theory. Apart from that they need to invest in the aspect of training and development and in the area of talent management as they (Noe and et.al., 2017) require new employees and practitioners to cope up with the current needs. The area of talent management will help the company to find and select those people who are suitable and eligible for the company so that they can improve their performance and expand their operations.

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From the above studies, it has been concluded that NHS needs to reduce their cost in order to get their trust back from people. In order to serve more people and treat more people with better facilities they need to invest in the aspect of training and development so that they can enhance the skills of people though the company is facing some difficulties in financial issues which makes them stop to invest the money in these issues. In this report leadership and management style of company has been described and with that focus on training and development and talent management. 


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