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Police Force Development and Achievements

University: University of Bedfodshire

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Question :

This Assessment covers following questions:

  • Provide in-depth understanding of the emergence and development of a professional and occupational group and its main changes and achievements in terms of policy, professional status, power, education and influence.
  • Evaluate the relationship between a professional and occupational group and a service user group with a protected characteristic.
  • Elaborate the extent to which (non)existing policy, regulation and guidelines for the occupational group is meeting the requirements of that group.
Answer :


Human services is a vast field. It can be define as interdisciplinary sector which deals in providing services in order to meet the human needs. The human services is consist of civic engagement, health promotions, education and social change. This essay will discuss about the beginning and development of Police force and its development (Crank, 2014). Additionally, this file will also discuss various changes and achievements in terms of policy, power, professional status education and influence in the respective field.

1.Demonstrate a critical understanding of the emergence and development of a profession/occupational group and its main changes and achievements.

A police force is a constituted body of individuals authorised by different states to enforce the law in order to protect the citizens of the country and stop crime. The law enforcement in UK is controlled separately in every legal system such as North Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. The police forces are granted some powers and authorities in order to help them execute their job responsibilities (Neukrug, 2016). However, there are various elements that can be considered to have a better understanding about the respective profession. These are as follows:

The emergence of police force took place in 1797 in London, United Kingdom. The whole concept started when Patrick Colquhoun convinced the West Indies merchants who worked at the Pool of London on river Thames. This was done to establish police force at the docks in order to control theft from cargo. Hence, with the help of £ 4,200 investment, the new trial was force began by the name Thames River Police (Woodside and McClam, 2014). The initial number of policemen were 50 who were policing 33,000 workers in the river trade. The idea was so successful, that the government decided to make it a public police agency. Hence, on 28 July 1800, the Marine Police passed a bill making a public police force instead of private company.


Development of police force started after Sir Robert Peel became the home Secretary during 1822. A Metropolitan Police Act 1829 was passed by the Home Secretary which was a central organised and full time police force (Ife, 2012). The new Metropolitan police were responsible for fifteen miles of the radius from centre of the city. The dress code that was selected was blue uniform. During this time period the respective police force reported directly to the home secretary. However, in todays time the police authority reports to the mayor of London.

With time, many changes took place in police force division. The respective workforce became a necessity all over U.K. The total number of policemen in England, Wales and Scotland during the time of 1900 was 46,800 policemen and 243 constabularies (Mutsaers, Simpson and Karpiak, 2015). Furthermore, due to police act in 1946, forces of small towns and county forces were combined together. Several Acts of Parliament were improvised which led to merging and modification of police forces in United Kingdom. Additionally, the minimum height requirement for the police force in 90’s and 20th century was 178cm. However, it was reduced to 173cm in 1960. But after changes in September 1990, there is no minimum height requirement in British forces.

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The police force has earned many achievement in various aspects such as policies, professional status, power, education and influence. For example, there are many policies that needs to be followed by the British police in arrest, detention, crime recording, and investigation. Such as recording of incidents and crimes, policy of investigation, child abuse investigations policy and many more. Each have certain format that needs to be followed by the policeman in order to conduct the investigation. The police officers are also considered highly professional. Their duty involves frequent interaction with the local citizens and public along with maintain a public profile. This helps them maintain a professional status. Along with this, the policemen also need to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and experience being working in the professional boundaries.  

A new professional training framework has been introduced for the police officers and other staff members by the name of PEQF which stands for policing education qualifications framework. The respective framework is designed as per the education levels of England and Wales which is also a new modern program (Integrity or influence? Inside the world of modern Freemasons, 2018). It covers various professional training for the police force as per their ranks. PEQF is also supported by National Police Chief Council (NPCC) and Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC).

Hence, due to these trainings, the police force has become more professional and experienced. This has created a positive impact on the society as the crime rate of UK has decreased from past few years.

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From the above discussion it can be concluded that human service is a vast sector. Also, there are many divisions that comes under the service sector such as education, health promotion, civic engagement and many more. Additionally, the above discussion also helps in understanding the whole journey of police sector which includes its history and various development of the profession. Along with this, the report also helps in understanding various changes that has occurred from all these past years and further reflects the achievements that have been achieved by the police forces in terms of the polices, professional status, power, education and influence .


The law enforcement of UK is strong. However, it can still improvise its performance by improvising the technology that is been used by the police force. The police enforcement of UK should try adapting techniques of other country police forces which are more advanced such as US, Japan, etc. Additionally, the law enforcement of UK should be strong which can help in minimising the crime rate and corruption in the respective country.

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