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Effective Performance Management In Whirlpool

University: East London

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Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  1. What are the effective skills, behaviour and knowledge of HR professional in Whirlpool.
  2. Give the factors which effect the learning and development with their business performance.
  3. What is collaborative working and provide all the effective performance management and communication in Whirlpo.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Whirlpool


In the present world, there is an intense competition in the business environment as more and more businesses are entering into the market. Achieving success and competitive advantage within the marketplace needs highly skills and dedicated employees in an organization. There are various teams in a company which are developed with human resources of the organization to perform different functions and business activities. The present report is in context to Whirlpool, a leading company that deals in electronic and related services to its customers. This study will focus on skills, knowledge and abilities an HR professional must possess to manage the human resources in an organization effectively. In addition to this, the report will determine the extent to which organizational training and development differs from individual learning. Furthermore, It will also identify the level to which sustainable business performance can be attained with the help of continues professional development. Various approaches of performance management will be also determined in the present report.

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P1 Appropriate knowledge, skills and behaviours that are required by HR Professionals. 

Human resource department is the heart of a company which is established for managing all the employees. All conflicts that arise between employers and employee or between two or more than two employees are sorted out by human resource department of the company. From hiring a person for vacant position in the company to provide trainings to them is the work of HR of the company (Woodcock, 2017). To become HR in the company there are many skills, behaviors and knowledge required. Some of them are described below.

Skills required by HR professionals:

Effective communication skills: To perform duties as an HR of the company one needs to have good communication skills. As HR has to be very good in speaking and listing due to the work they need to do. Listening effectively and speaking with patience is the major they need to perform while working. HR of Whirlpool has effective communication skills which help them in managing work effectively.

Listening skills: To be the HR of the company they must possess the skills of effective listening. It helps in solving conflicts of people who are working with the organization. Listening with patience while a conflict between the employer and employees is the major work of HR of the company (Stanton and et.al., 2017). It helps in performing work in a better way.

Managing people: It is the basic and most important work of an HR that they need to perform while working in the company. Managing all the employees by listening to them and giving solutions accordingly is the main skill that an HR should have. Human resource department of the Whirlpool is good at managing employees as they are also being trained for the same. From preparing reports to managing every person working is the key work that an HR must have.


English language: HR must have the knowledge of English language that run in the company. This is really necessary to work in a big organization as this is the only language which is acceptable by every person working together in the company. It helps in determining the work more easily and it makes communication more comfortably.

Software knowledge: To work as an HR in the company one needs to have the knowledge of software that is required while working. It helps in working fast and clearly. As all this duties are performed by HR through the use of software only.

Being an executive HR manager, SWOT analysis is carried to determine the strengths and weaknesses. And a complete analysis on this strengths and weaknesses will be carried so that weaknesses can be converted in to strengths by conducting an performance skill audit.

Strengths: After evaluating it has been determined that HR of whirlpool is highly qualified in communication. They have good and effective communication skills which helps them in performing their duties well on time. They have also the skills of decision making but still some initiatives are required to be taken for making it more proper. In addition to this, HR has great skills of managing people.

Weaknesses: Whirlpool is a multinational organization where HR of the company has weaknesses on which they need to work and take different activities in to consideration to improve the same. Quick judgements are not been given by HR of the company but it is their duty to perform this decision making act (Ahmed, Siantonas and Siantonas, 2017). They are not good at making presentations and performing the same at meetings and seminars. It is the major weakness of HR of the company. Along with this, team building is also a major weakness that is faced by the HR of the company while performing their activities.

Opportunities: While performing the duties as an HR of the Whirlpool it has been observed that there are various opportunities that are being faced by HR. Like to get promotion and perform duties as senior HR of the company. In addition to this, skills and knowledge can be enhanced while working and performing duties for the job position. It will help in forming a distinct image and great personality.

Threats: In today’s world everyone wants to have a good position at the place they are working. In order to get the same everyone works hard and make endless efforts. So there is a high competition which is a big threat that is being faced by the company. In addition to this, big companies like Whirlpool believes in promoting the new joine and young people rather than old working employees.

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P. 2 Developing professional plan on the basis of personal skill audit

After conducting the audit using internal analysis tool i.e. SWOT analysis it has been determined that there are some trends that needs improvement. Hence, in order to make improvements following chart will be considered.

Person skill audit


I am confident, I can do this

I can still Improve

I need to work on it well

Time and Self-management

Organizing timer to conduct all meetings


Getting support to complete all assigned task


Leading to all group people


Taking quick and correct decision


Team Building activities


Problem Solving and critical thinking

Finding solution to specified problems


Taking out best alternative for solving problems


Oral Communication

Contributing within the conversation and suggestions as well


Very much confident for giving presentation to others


Written Communication Skills

Confident that written work will be having less number of errors and grammatical mistake as well.


Able to produce meaningful written notes form presentations and lectures


Information literacy

Gathering all required information and data from variety of new and old sources.



Overcoming challenges and difficulties



Brining up new innovation and creativity within allotted projects.


Skills need to be developed

Actions to be taken

Time period


Leadership skills

In order to improve the leadership skills one needs to go through proper seminars and training programs. It will help in developing leadership skills. In addition to this, leadership skills can also be developed by Surfing internet on the skills and traits required for becoming a leader. Furthermore, Stories of ideal leader can also be read to get inspired by the same.

3-4 months

Subordinates and top level management 

Decision making skills

Different case studies are required to be attended in order to develop decision making skills. These sessions will help in making understand about the different situations with one can go through. Decision making can only be developed when different situations come in front and one has to deal with it (Boer and et.al., 2017). At different offices and companies, conflicts are very normal when people work in a team conflicts and contradiction arises. It is also a situation where HR has to give decision regarding the solutions and decision making can be developed by the same.

3 weeks

Colleagues and employees of the company

Presentation skills

To improve this skills HR of the company has to attend meetings where different presentations are being presented. In addition to this, HR has to give presentation to others which will help in improvement of this skill (Swanwick and McKimm, 2017). This will also help in enhancing the skill more and more. It is that way through which presentation skills can be developed by way of abilities and proficiency level.

5 weeks

Colleagues and higher authorities to whom presentation will be shown

Team Building

Being the HR manager of Whirlpool, managing teams and their development is the biggest task that is required to be performed. To develop this skill HR has to go through different groups and has to start managing them. Different teams and their formulation can only develop the skill of team building (Moxen and Strachan, 2017). Thus, this can be developed by the same. Thus, this will result in organising the sessions more and achieving the targets.

 1 month

Team members and leader

Communication skills

In order to improve the communication skills one has to develop it by going to different seminars and conferences. It can also be developed by reading different author books as it will help in building the confidence.

5 weeks

Every person who is working in the organisation

From the above table it has been determined that HR of Whirlpool has various skills and traits that they used to carry out the daily activities and managing work as required. But they lack in their communication skills which can be improved by performing various activities of going to different seminars and conferences. In addition to this, Presentation skills is also an area where they lack and the same can be improved by attending meetings where different presentations are being presented.

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P 3 Difference between organisational learning and individual learning, training and development.

Training: It is that part of an organisation process where employees get trained for the work they need to perform in the company. Training to the employees is part of every company in which HR of the company focus on enhancing the skills of employees. Training process is also carried by companies so that new joinee can understand about the work they need to perform in the organisation. In Whirlpool training programme is of 6 months which is for development of employee. New joinee get trained by the HR of whirlpool in order to make understand them about the work culture of the organisation.

Development It refers to a continuous process that helps in achieving growth within an individual, according to the scenario given Whirlpool is going to improve it communication, performance management a collaboration working in the company. It is very important for the employees in the organization to train and develop new skills through effective learning. Individual learning, training and development refer to achievement of personal growth by improving skills and abilities which can help to achieve self goals and targets. On the other hand organizational learning refers to improvement of knowledge, skills and abilities to achieve business objectives (Sprinkle and Urick, 2018). There are many differences between individual and organizational training, learning and development. Organizational learning helps an organization in increasing its existing performance and progress so that overall functional department can achieve its determined objective or goals. Organizational learning focus on major objective and target of the business. Each and every functional department gets involved in the organizational learning process. In this procedure the training and development programs are developed with respect to the requirement and needs of a company. An organization design and conduct trainings for their employees to improve their skills to perform specific roles for achieving business goals. On the other hand Individual learning, training and development are conducted for growth and improvement of skills for obtaining personal targets or objectives. This type of learning process helps an individual top improve his or her personal and professional skills which helps to grow and get success in personal as well as professional life. Through individual learning a person can develop new skills, ability, knowledge, idea and capability etc, that assist to improve their professionalism and personality. It can be summarized that individual learning is linked with personal development and organizational learning that helps to meet the changes in the organization. It can be said that organizational learning is for a specific period with the emerging needs of the business and market conditions whereas individual learning process is lifelong through which a person achieve growth and desired objectives. The organizational training and development is more useful for business or companies in which employees gets training enhancing their performance and productivity through which a business can enhance its profitability. Apart from this individual learning, training and development is overall improvement of a person that begins at a initial stage of life and helps to achieve growth and development both in personal and professional living (Nguyen, 2018). In addition to this, in the individual learning only one individual can engage with learning and improvement process. In order to be successful in career and personal life it is very essential for a person to focus on individual as well as organisational learning, training and development as it is necessary to attain success at personal level and while working in an organisation.

P4 Analysis of the continuous learning and professional development to drive sustainable business performance

 There are various stages of learning cycle which includes concrete experience is the first one in which experience is the major important thing that helps in continous learning. In addition to this, Kolb's says that learning is that process which is very supportive and it is maximum beenficial to make learning on a continous basis. There are four stages of learning cyle which are defined below

Experience: Every person and organisation can learn form their past experiences. In every establishment. In context to Whirlpool, different experinces helps in overall growth of employees.

Reflection: It is that phase where people learn by reviewing their experiences aand recording them. Employees of Whirlpool do the same process and learn on continous basis.

Conceptualise: When people pass from thinking about experiences to interpreting them enter into the realm of what Kolb termed 'conceptualization' (Learning cycle, 2017 ). To conceptualize is to generate a hypothesis about the meaning of one's experiences.

Plan or test: This is the stage where people test and learn by planning things in proper format.

In order to attain and accomplishing the organization development and high market esteem, supervisor required to center around that systems and strategies according to their working experience. With regards to the Whilpool, continuous learning and professional improvement will help in enhancing the general execution of business along with its performance. Nonstop learning and expert advancement in the association can help with achieving the reasonable business execution in the UK in light of the fact that in the market there is gigantic rivalry. Each specialty unit requires a phenomenal development and benefit in the focused business condition.. With the end goal to get brilliant productivity and development, partnership draw in with powerful techniques and strategies. In this perspective, persistent learning is extraordinary compared to other system by which organization can increase abnormal state of result and productivity in the focused business condition. Whilpool Company needs to center around the persistent learning under which it should center around such strategies and practices by which its work forces can without much of a stretch enhance their identity and polished methodology. With regards to proficient advancement incorporates by and large improvement, for example, expertise, capacity, thought, learning and so forth. With help of the expert improvement among the workforce, organization can without much of a stretch upgrade its nature of business execution through which maintainable development can conceivable. While, organization gives a chance to its faculties to enhance their expert advancement and make draw in them with constant adapting then representatives can ready to do quality work by their expertise and capacity With help of viable ability and ability, they can upgrade speed of the business activity and efficiency. The business productivity and adequacy can upgrade with help of workers so it tends to be said that with help of expert advancement and consistent learning staffs can give their earnest attempts to achieve the objective of specialty unit. They can increase high upper hand and feasible development in the aggressive market. Along these lines, it very well may be said that with help of persistent learning and expert advancement, Whilpool Company can increase manageable development and improvement in the market.

Importance of implementing continuous professional development

Continuous development will be very much important as will be ensuring continuous and competent professional skill development. This is an ongoing process which will ensure that all development are done and oriented with identification of goal and ideas. This will be delivering benefits to individual and professional knowledge and behaviour as well. This will also ensure that capabilities are tracked and keeping up with pace of current standards of others as well. CPD will maintain and enhance all sort of knowledge and skills which they need to deliver a professional service to customers, community and clients. This will also help in continues to make contribution to their learning and becoming more effective within workplace assisting into advancement into career of individual.

P 5 High performance working contributes in employee engagement and competitive advantage in the company

Employees play an important role in each and every business or organisation, they are contributing in the growth, development and survival of a company. Different activities and functions are performed by employees in a business that helps to achieve its goals and objectives. No organization can attain its goals without human resources which is most essential for sustaining a business. There are various functional departments in an organisation such as Finance, Marketing, Operation, Human resource management etc which needs highly skilled employees. Business organisation such as Whirlpool needs continues growth, profitability and development to sustain its position in the market. High performance working leads to better results and outcomes that is helpful in increasing the profitability of the organisation. Achieving increased profit helps in motivating employees, if a company earns high profits it is capable of offering more benefits to the individuals working in the company. Organisation can introduce attractive incentives and reward system for their employees that can encourage employees to perform better. In this way employee engagement in the business functions increases effectively. They take more interest in improving their performance and productivity. Highly engaged workforce helps an organisation to achieve competitive advantages such as productive staff and increased profitability of the business.

In context to Whirlpool, the organisation faces challenges related to communication and management which is negatively affecting the performance of the company. According to this situation, Whirlpool can improve its productivity and performance through high performance working of the employees. High performance working can result in increases employee engagement, each and every individual enhance their performance which is very useful and effective in increasing organisation’s profit. Collaboration and hard work of employees can assist the company to attain a impressive as well as competitive position within the marketplace. A good market position is again essential for every business or organisation to achieve success in long run. The high performance working enables employees to boost up their performance and work to achieve the set goals or objectives by the management of the organisation. Giving critical responsibilities to the employees helps them to get engaged in the business functions more effectively and focus. This increased engagement plays an important role in improving the level of profit in a business. Each and every employee gets highly engaged in the high performance working which leads to effective and efficient achievement of goals. Therefore, it can be summarised that high performance working can help in engaging the workforce at the place of work. While all employees work together at the workplace then they can easily perform at the high working level. Thus, Employees need to be given special consideration in every business as they are responsible for the failure or success of the company or organisation.

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Benefits of applying High performance working

  • Efficient working: It can be said that with help of high performance working, employees of Whirlpool can easily resolve the issue within the organisation because all employees work together for accomplishing a common or specific task.
  • More effective performance:High performance working can be effective in increasing employee engagement and achieving competitive advantage within Whirlpool. Thus, it will help in growing more and attain a different position in the market.
  • Improves customer satisfaction:By implementing HPW within the organisation, Whirlpool will be able to improve level of satisfying their customers, as it will improve the level of performances of the employees in an organisation. As all employees will be focusing on the same goal instead of focusing on individual goal which results in teamwork and collaboration by they will be able to satisfy their customers at higher level.
  • Training by commitment:HPW emphasis on training by commitment, with the help of this system Whirlpool can provide training by solving problems, increasing the quality of work, taking initiatives and suggestions for change etc which improve the working methods of the employees in an organisation.
  • Decision Makings: By implementing HPW within the organisation Whirlpool can improve their decision making processes as it will help in identifying goals and objectives and HPW system will delegate the decision making throughout the organisation and will empower the employees to deliver their services to achieve these set goals and objectives.

P.6 Evaluation of the various approaches of Performance management 

Performance management is one of the important and essential approaches in an organisation through which higher authority can manage and monitor performance of the employees easily. It includes various activities that help in ensuring that objectives are being met effectively and efficiently. In the procedure of performance management, the company get involved in developing a healthy work environment and setting in which employees are enabled to perform with best of their ability. In an organisation such as Whirlpool, management uses different methods to manage the performance of the employees. They gets encouraged and motivated for high productivity & performance. There are various types of method or approaches of performance as described below –

Collaborative working – This approach is one of the most significant approach for managing the performance of employees within an organization of workplace. It is process in which each and every employee work together to achieve a common or specific goal. This method assists employees to share their ideas, knowledge, skills and opinions among them easily. It increases the capability of every employee and improves their performance as well as productivity leading towards high level of profitability in the business. It also helps in minimizing any kind of conflicts or issues in the company (Landale and Douglas, 2017).

On critically analysing this approach it has been analysed that collaborative working helps in measuring and monitoring performance of the employees as each and every employee works to together that makes it easy to measure performance of employee working to achieve a same objective or goal. On the other hand, it has been found that there are certain disadvantages of the same which are that individual performance is neglected and team working is more focused.

360 degree of appraisal – This is another important technique that helps in managing and measuring performance of the employees working in an organization of company. In this method individual performance of each and every employee is measures and monitored by the mangers. The review and feedback of performance are provided to HR management and appraisal or promotion is offered to the employees on the basis of performance review & feedbacks. This method is very effective in improving productivity and performance of the employees as they are attracted towards higher position and other benefits provided by the company in terms of appraisal or promotion

On critically analysing this approach it has been determined that Appraisals and promotion is a most effective technique to boost up the performance of employees and this method also assist the inner capability of each and every employee working the organization. On the other hand, there are certain drawbacks which are that all the aspects are considered for promotions and appraisals which demotivate the employee.

Scale ranking – In this method of performance management, higher authority and managers of an organization provides grades & ranks to the employees on the basis of their performance level and efficiency in work. These ranks and grades care given on the basis of overall behaviour and capability of a employee such as their punctuality, efficiency, quality of work etc. (Dong and et.al.,2017). On the basis of rankings employees are offered appraisals or promotion in this method of performance management. Ranking employees also motivates them to bring overall improvement in themselves, it leads to development of a healthy and productive workplace environment.

As per Boer (2018), scale ranking will help in knowing the position and thus, employee can use the for self-improvement. Whereas, as per Dong (2017), scale ranking also demotivated employees as it affects their image in the organisation.

High performance culture and commitment:

HPC is a set of norms and behaviours which help the organisation in achieving high results by setting a clear goals and objectives for a business. It defines employees responsibilities, creative supportive culture and encourages employees towards growth and development in an organisation. In order to create high performance culture and commitment in Whirlpool, leaders need to display leadership behaviours, develop effective communication, setting clear goals and objectives, inspiring and motivating them. Leader need to challenge team members to remain focused and should provide supportive environment to achieve goals of an organisation.


The above report summarized that employees are very important for every business or organization. They help in achieving goals and objectives of a company so that it can sustain its position in the market. The report identified that there are various tools and methods through which HR professional can manage and monitor employees & their performance. This study also identified the importance and difference between individual and professional development. In addition to this the study determined the way in which high performance working contributes to employee engagement and competitive advantage in the company. In addition to this, the report also identified various approaches used by an organization for performance management of the employees such as Collaborative working, 360 degree appraisal etc.


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