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Consultancy Project for Hospitality Management - Hotel Hilton

University: Bucks New University London

  • Unit No: 7
  • Level: Diploma
  • Pages: 15 / Words 3752
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: L/616/1805
  • Downloads: 775
Question :

An explanation is drawn in order to understand the consultation project within hospitality.

  • Identification of impact of challenges faced within hospitality industry.
  • Critical analysis of management theory.
  • Evaluation of outcome within real life based context.
  • Development and application of professional competencies.
  • Presentation of strategic plan.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Hotel Hilton


            Hospitality section of every single country is consist with various organisations that delivers many facilities to consumers so that they can fulfil their needs and wants. Here, hotels and restaurants provide various sort of opportunities to clients and visitors that are visiting them like accommodation, food and so on (Allison and Kaye, 2011). Apart from this, tour and travel companies under this section takes guests from one country to another or from one state to other. It is being located that safety and security are two major concerns that needs to be taken care by hotels of clients that are visiting a whole new place. Under this project, Hotel which is being chosen here that is Hilton hotel and resorts which carries a good brand name in all over world whose founder was Conrad Hilton. This famous hospitality industry was being found in the year of 1919 and from then it is delivering and offering services to consumers like accommodation, food and many things related to this. Firm is doing business in around 84 countries and have approximately 570 hotels in all over world. Hotel Hilton has given opportunities to people in all over world where they can use name of this hotel which can be stated as franchisee and can be managed by owned person or operators. There are ample number of facilitates which are being given by this hotel like free Wi-Fi, digital check-in and check out and so on.

            Major decisions are being taken by main people of this Hotel which is being followed by every single branch of this hotel in all over the world. Along with this, report will show many challenges that may affect working of hospitality sector. It will also include analysation of various managing theories in order to reduce all the complex issues that are being faced by Hotel while offering various services to consumers. Away with this, assessment will also put light on a strategic management plan so that to take effective decisions right on time. All these factors are being indulge under this report because they are the one that can affect both profitability and productivity at the same time of Hotel.


1. Different types of managerial challenges and changes within the Hospitality sector

            Under hospitality sector it is being located that there are ample number of changes that can affect in both positive and negative environment (Alvesson, 2011). Away with this, it is fundamental for this section to consider all alterations in an appropriate manner so that effective decisions can be made right on time. Modifications in policies, economy and innovative strategies of technology can aid organisations gaining competitive advantages. Under this some of challenges that are being faced by companies under this sector are given below:

            High Competition: Rapid changes in technological factor has helped hospitality sector to pull business people towards so that they can invest and earn good amount of money from it. This is the reason that this section has named as profit making and blooming sub sector. Along with this, travel and tourism firms under this sub section have made some strategies so that to gain competitive advantages at marketplace of United Kingdom. Hilton Hotel have many branches in all over world that are delivering quality services to consumers which has helped them in generating high revenues. But, there are some other hotels as well like Marriott which are continuously delivering products and services to consumers through using various promotional strategies. Away from this, it is being analysed that most of visitors from different countries do visits United Kingdom in between the month of July and August. Therefore, hotels starts giving them discounts with high quality right on time which has helped them in grabbing good position at marketplace. Along with this, it is being analysed competition takes place among hotels which directly affects economical growth of country in much effective and in positive way as well.

            Improper Efforts linked with marketing: Due to rapid changes in technologies, business of hotel can enhance in a proper way (American Music Therapy Association, 2013). It creates innovation in organisation system of hotel industry which includes various tools like online applications. Through this procedure, customers can gets information about price and services of hotels as well as books room in advance as per their requirements. Therefore, a research has conducted for analysing how many organisations under hotel sectors in UK and other countries provided its services on online services for expansion of their business. Through this investigation it has evaluated that 85% of such firms are using traditional ways for operating their services. It has also observed that hotels which are not using latest technologies in their services, then this may impact their sales performance and growth of business in such conditions cannot be achieved. Along with this, due to lack of improper technologies, these hotels are failed to acquire high return on investment which affects their brand name and fails to increase goodwill also. Therefore, companies under hotel industries are needed to introduce their business through online procedure. This will improve their services as well as enhance profitability level also.

            Energy Management difficulties: It is much needed for Hotels to locate those areas that are befitting and delivering high profit to them and try to make modifications in their products and services so that to grab more competitive advantages right on time to them. It has been located that there are ample number issues that can be faced by hotel which needs to be considered in a proper manner so that to resolve issues right on time. Society can be developed and various initiatives can be taken by Hilton hotel like reduction in electricity prices and some others as well (Barney, 2014). Here, there are various methods which can be taken under by Hotels so that energy can be saved. Initiatives can be taken like, optimised use of Voltage, switching off light right on time when their clients comes out from the room and so on. Apart from this, it is being located that power utilisation can reduced through using appropriate tools. Using effective tool and wires may aid organisations in effective and appropriate manner. Hilton Hotel can reduce expenditures like their cost and other things may aid them in hitting their targets right on time so that difficulties which are being faced by them can be resolved right on time.

            Poor Consumer satisfaction level: According to this, there is often manpower need who are able to service people more value added food quality to their consumer in regard of satiate them and emphasise their ratio of productivity. It is paramount components for Hilton Hotel as if they are not enough capable to satiate their clients as they offered their services. This will take huge marketing efforts and activities and proper plan to create a better reputations. As per their opinion, this is essential to provide proper consumer satisfaction for which quality management of food products, delivering proposer accommodation facilities etc. are essential.

            Lack of productive managers and chefs: In modern era, it is being located that every single hotel requires to have talented chefs and managers as well so that to deliver quality food and along with proper accommodation as per the requirements of consumers. If a customers is getting all the things like food, room and other stuff as per his/her need then it is may be possible that he/she may visit hotel again. Therefore, it is required for managers of a Hotel to recruit talented Chef so that to grab a good position at marketplace where they can give good rivalry to competitors. Apart from this, it has been analysed that when hotel does business at a small level then it may be possible that managers may find issues while recruiting or enlisting a chef that cooks really very well. Away from this, it is being seen that hotels that are doing business at global level easily find good and talented chef whenever it is needed because they already grabbed a good position at marketplace (Baaij, 2013). Here, as Hilton Hotel comes under famous business hotels thus, they do not find any issues when they are looking forward to filling blank seats at hotel.

            High Service rates: A guest is always looks for high profile services whenever he/she visits to a hotel. Therefore, it is must for Hotel to grab a good position at marketplace and promote their services what they are offering so that consumers get to know about what substance a hotel is offering them. Delivering appropriate services to customers may aid a hotel to make long term relationship with them. Users usually expect much and pays less and this needs to be considered by Hotels and offer the rooms and other services at reasonable prices. In United Kingdom, most of hotels prices stays high therefore, it is must for Hilton Hotel to keep their prices less of what services they are offering. Profitability can only be earned by this Hotel if they keep prices low of services and along they also need to keep on giving discounts so that revenue can be generated in effective and appropriate manner and right on time as well.

            Cleanliness issues: Guests or visitor always look for high quality accommodation which includes lodging, kitchen, swimming pool, balcony and so on. When a hotel do not look into these areas and do not keep them clean then it may be possible that a guest may not stay in the hotel again. Apart from this, it is must for Hotel to keep on cleaning these areas so that to grab attention of customers in ample numbers (Bhargava and Pathy, 2011). With the help of this, Hilton Hotel can grab good position at marketplace and can share a good bond with foreign and domestic visitors for a longer period of time. Hospitality sector has raised economy of United Kingdom in short period of time. Therefore, government of UK has also introduced various favourable policies for travel and tourism, hotels and restaurants like relaxation in taxes for small hotels and so on. This has helped these small and middle level organisations to improve their profitability and productivity both at the same time. There are many hotels that delivers 24*7 services to consumers and guests. This impacted positively on economical conditions of UK. Along with this, it is required for hotels who stays open 24*7 it is required for them to hire right candidates for correct job. This may aid them in developing good relations with customers and if a consumers gets happy with the services which has been delivered by the hotel it may possible that he/she may visit it again or tell to other people to stay in the hotel. Through this relations for a longer period of time can be made. Satisfaction here can be given to clients in many ways like: delivering quality products and services, clean rooms, clear water in swimming pool and so on. This may grab the attention of consumers if they visit the same place again in near future.

            Transportation facilities are improper: There are many hotels that provide various transportation services which saves time of clients when they are not aware about the place. Here, Hilton Hotel have also owned some luxury cars and vans in order to drop and welcome consumers from various places like airport, railway stations and so on. Apart from this, they also provide facilities like taking clients to various tourist places and many more. There are ample number of companies which have offered consumers variety of hotels and along with prices of rooms that they have (Bryson, 2011). This firms usually offers a whole package to visitors like fare, hotel prices, food and so on where a client do not need to do anything and just to pay. Hotels who consist with these facilities can expect high profit margins and give high competition to rivals that they have. Along with this, discounts should be given to customers under these facilities that visits hotel in rapid manner.

            Global Uncertainty and safety and security aspects: When an individual visits a whole new place it is may be possible that he/she may feel anxiety because of uncertainty and of security concerns. Therefore, it is must for Hotel managers to deliver them all the information which is relayed to their security and safety both at the same time. Apart from this, if a country is filled with various crimes and things usually happens then it may be possible that clients may less visit that place (Goodson and Lindblad eds., 2011). Away with this, United Kingdom's have already set some rules and regulations for foreign people who are visiting to the nation's places in order to make them feel much secured and safe both at the same time. On the other hand, fraudulent activities which may also take place at any time like terrorism, fraudulent acts of debit and credit cards, issues which are linked with Cyber crime activities and many more may reduce numbers of visitors. An example can be taken under this is when a terrorist attack took place on 22 May, 2017 in Manchester has reduced interest of tourists in high numbers. Remote areas and famous places may face terrorist attacks therefore, it is required for Hotels to deliver high security to customers so that they do not feel unsafe at all.

            Lack of refreshing events and entertainment: A person can visit a new place with many purposes like for business, entertainment, adventure and so on. Therefore, it is must for hotel to keep on delivering services to consumers according to their needs and wants. This may aid Hotel in grabbing attention of most of customers from both domestic and international level. There are various strategies that can be made by hotels in order to grab attention of clients in ample number like entertainment programmes, adventures trek, various competition among guests and so on (Hodgson, Pelzer and Inzana, 2013). With the help of this, Hilton Hotel can understand needs of their guests and can prepare proper plans for them in order to better serve them with high quality services. Along with this, it is much required for this Hotel to keep on taking feedbacks for consumers so that to improve services in an appropriate manner which is being offered by them. Here, TQM, just in time, continuous improvement and other approaches can be used by Hilton Hotel in order to improve quality of services that they are offering and to enhance experience of consumers high in numbers and many more.

            Yield Management: This sort of approach is much related to human tendency which needs to be kept in mind by Hotels. Yield administration says that if a hotel have high reputation and clients are visiting it in ample number than it may be possible that room's prices will be much high as demand is high. On the other hand, if Hotel is facing reduction in client's numbers than it is must for them to decrease the rates of accommodation that they are providing or they start giving discounts as well. It is being stated that this sort of management is much related with customers service where pricing policies gets changes according to the current value that hotel have in front of its consumers (Horevitz and Manoleas, 2013). Yield management is designed in a way through which Hilton Hotel can improve its image in front of its consumers. Modifications in cost of products and services that are being offered by Hotel can help in grabbing attention of consumers in ample number along with in order to hit their targets right on time. This sort of techniques or approach is mostly being used by big firms that are doing business in all over world.

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2. Evaluating management theory, analyse and interpret a variety of complex industry-specific managerial problems and issues

            When a hotel is looking forward to improve profitability and productivity, there are ample number of management theories that can be used by them in order to create favourable conditions for them (Lakai and et. al., 2012). It has been analysed that administrative theories may aid a hotel in setting ideas, goals and targets which needs to be accomplished right on time. Management theories like contingency, chaos, X and Y, system can be used by consumers in an appropriate manner that may aid Hotel in enhancing both profit and revenue at the same time by removing problems and through reducing risks in much effective way. All these theories can help a hotel in finding issues and then through relevant data a manager can take different initiatives and remove them in various manners.

The different types of management theories are described below as:

            Contingency Theory: This theory is pretty much related and supervisors of a hotel can adopt. It includes initiatives which are being taken by superiors rather than waiting for a solution which is going to come in front automatically. This process has reduced various losses which needs to be kept in mind by managers and leaders of hotels (Lawson and et. al., 2013). Here, through locating into the scenario it is being critically analysed that there are various issues which needs to be examined in an appropriate manner and initiatives should be properly taken right on time so that Hilton Hotel do not faces issues and reduction in cost as well.

            System Theory: This theory is pretty much related to system approach where both managers and leaders of Hilton hotel needs to follow a systematic approach through which no issues may come in front of the company. It has been seen that if any supervisor try to make some sort of modification in plan then it may be possible that organisation may face high expenditures. Therefore, it is much needed for company to keep on looking into areas and change them which do not cost much to them. Along with this, it is being seeing that goals and objectives can be attained right on time in much effective and appropriate manner.

            It is necessary for Hilton Hotel to keep on adopting new systems in order to improve operational work this may directly put positive impact on hotel. An effective manager keeps all the information and stays updated which aid them in hitting their targets in much effective and appropriate manner as well. Apart from this, there are various issues as well which stays present under this concept which a manager needs to examine and take initiatives right on time so that company do not face any sort of losses (Linde and et. al., 2012).

            Chaos Theory: Technology has a rapid changing nature and when a company adopts updates tools and techniques that are related to technology, firm's employees can keep on facing alterations which can be made by leaders and managers. Here, it is must for them to understand them right on time so that sustainability can be maintained for a longer period of time. It is being located that companies under this sector are growing therefore, it is much required for firms to keep on locating into areas so that to hit their targets right on time and in much effective and appropriate manner as well. Through applying a new system it is may be possible that organisation may get positive results like increase in their growth, improvement in sales of good and services and so on. Through this, it can be stated that company can grab a good position at marketplace of United Kingdom. Unpredictability can be seen within Hilton Hotel because of rapid alterations in their products and services as well (Mesquita, Lima and Flores, 2013).

            Theory X and Y: This theory has elaborated that a person have to consider all the strong factors that he/she have and apply them right on time, make plans/strategies so that to grab good position at workplace where individuals targets can be attained in much effective and efficient manner. Here, it is being mentioned that under X theory that states that if there is ineffective working productivity then employees had to be motivated and then only he can finish all the tasks right on time which is being given by his/her supervisors (Muzio and et. al., 2011). Along with this, it is being seen that if an employee is not much motivated than possibilities are there that targets may not get attained and at this phase Hilton Hotel can face issues.

            Theory Y has given that workers with in an organisation should take his/her responsibilities and try to achieve all the aims and objectives of his own right on time so that competition in Hotel can be raised. Here, it is being critically analysed that managers and leaders should keep on delivering information to them on a regular basis as what they are responsible for at workplace. Along with this, it is required for manager to keep on locating into areas in which they are strong and then to attain all the goals and objectives in much effective manner.

Managerial problems and issues related with hospitality industry

            In the modern era the problems and issues which are faced by hospitality industry are described below as:

            More competition in hospital sector: As this sector is much profitable therefore, it has pulled many business people towards it. Here, it is being seen that firms who are already doing business under this section may face high competition. Therefore, it is required for Hilton Hotel to keep on making distinctive strategies that may aid organisation in giving good rivalry to competitors (Panda, 2013). Here, it is being critically located that Hilton hotel should keep on giving training to every single individual and workers as well so that to raise competition among its rivals. Along with this, it is must for them to keep on considering 

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