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Banqueting & Conference Management - Service On a Plate

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Question :

The scenario of this report is based on “Service On a Plate” which is a Catering company that provide quality services in different events, to local organisation and so on. Now the manager of the firm wants to analyze several opportunities within conference and banqueting industry by evaluating:

  • Determine the size and scope of conference and banqueting industry as well as influence of different factors over its development.
  • Evaluate strategic and operational issues related to the industry as well as several techniques for quality and performance review in “Service On a Plate”.
  • Examine the effectiveness of different factors that exist in conference and banqueting industry as menu planning, food production and off-sire conference planning etc.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Service on a Plate


Conferences and Banquet sector is consider one of the primary as well as fastest developing industries in UK. Accommodation, food and beverages at the venue of event is taken into account as primary target. “THE SERVICE ON A PLATE” is the one that is responsible for delivering catering services for event, conferences and banqueting. This project is all about discussing various crucial information about size and scope of conferences sectors as well as all those factors those are making impacts in their development. Analysis of key plan and operational problems that are involve in effective management of banquet. Apart from this performance and quality analysis techniques is being also mentioned under this report. Evaluation of suitability of range of food production system and style are describe in respect to this sectors. Some key menu planning consideration for banqueting events are mentioned in proper manner (You and There, 2011).


1.1: Size and scope of conference and banqueting sectors

Nowadays, this particular sector has been categories into various parts: Banqueting and conferences. It has been determine the most of the companies those are associated with this particular sectors are held responsible for delivering appropriate services to hospitality sectors. They most target those are spaces which are more formal and were official activities get organised. On the other hand the banquet services is paradigm on special family functions and occasion such as marriage and birthday celebration. By looking into the current situation, this particular industry is having huge scope in their operations and arrangements. It has been determine that for any particular industry size and scope is utmost important aspects which will assist them to attract the investors to make valuable contribution in the such kind of sectors. It is basically relies on some crucial factors such as the ownership style of the conference and banqueting sectors as well as their overall orientation (Goldstein, Burks and Romney, 2012).

The service level of such kind of industries are needed to be of superior quality so that maximum number of customer as well as hotels can get attracted towards their business in more quick time. As conference sectors used to delivery sufficient amount of space for meeting or conference as well as seminar facilities to various companies, whether operating at small or large sector. While in case of banquet they are liable to organise space as well as food and catering facilities for the guest those are come to attend the seminar. The services on plate company is one of the great company which is sufficient enough to provide valuable amount of services to so many people. It has been seen that UK is one of the huge economically strong nations those are running their business in more faster way. They always have the option to call for meeting or conference at point of time. They do have valuable amount space to organise conferences for the employees. By observing all this, banqueting and conference industries is effective growing sector in UK (Rajkumar and Ramya, 2012).

The scope of conference and banquet is mostly relies on specific amount of support from other industries such as Restaurant, bar and other associated facilities. In order to do research in this sector in UK based conference and banqueting sectors they can get to know that almost 46000 hotel and guest rooms are present in UK. This industry is capturing nearly 135000 properties and their about to 1.8 million people are associated with this particular areas. There are great opportunities for UK in this particular areas because they are specialised on this particular sector.

The size of conferences and banquet sector is mainly starts defined as large, medium and small. It is classified as per the demand of guest those are attending at the time, square size of sectors as well as number of meeting those are occurred at a given period of time. In case of small size conferences is attending at lest of 500-1000number of people and it get end for at least 2-3 days. In case of large organisation such conference sometimes regulate for 3000-4000 people and it get continued for 4-5 days.

1.2: Factors that influence the development of banqueting sector

The analysis of the factors of development assists in reducing risks related to conference sectors. Considering these factors will improve the effectiveness of the conferences. For decreasing the inefficiency of communication advanced systems of communication should be adopted. Developing this sectors will assist in generating new opportunities and different options in UK. These factors include political, economical, technological, social, ecological, licensing laws, crowd control, lightening and sound system. There are various crucial aspects those are having positive influences on the development of conferences and banquet. This factors would be under the consideration in case of formulating this sectors. The development will be related with the environmental friendly (Rogers, 2013). In case of infrastructural areas that are concern with the development influences on an environment. These will be discussed in brief as under:

Political: Political aspect of the country is most critical thing to consider because it affects the business a lot. If the political situations of the area become unstable , the companies cannot organize conferences. People will be scared to attend and the prices of goods related to conference will also rise increasing the cost of conference. Political factors will also affect the government policies which in turn affect the industry.

Economical: The economic factors like GDP rate and other economical condition also affect the functioning of different businesses. Tax rates, interest rates are considered in this factor of the business. The spendings of government and currency exchange rates also effect the profitability and revenues of business.

Technological: It has been examine that with the innovated digital techniques some attractive objectives can be implemented during the banquet in case of parties, marriage and other activities (Jain, 2014).

Social: The major impacts is being seen that banquet halls and other aspects are needed to be taken into account in more effective manner. This is major strategies which is used to resolve financial problems that are arises in an organisation.

Ecological:The organisation need to make control of all bad issues those are affecting the nature and environment of the company. These are related with green energy, pollution and climate changes.

Crowd control: It is important for an organising owner to make appropriate early plan to control their crowd during the time of meeting in conference and any concern parties that are organise during the time.

Lightening and sound: It is necessary to make appropriate lightening and sound so that atmosphere of hall and arena can get attractive in coming period of time. Other issues such as poor lighting, internet connection and speed can make huge impacts on the banquet of an organisation.

M1: Effective and show that clear evidences tools used in this research

It is one of the systematic aspect that is developed in effective process which is being broken up into clear steps those are lead to certain kind of conclusion. It is organise because of their planned structure of any activities that are organise for any specific activities or event. There are certain evidences that suggest a positive connection in between such programs and improve certain job performances in effective manner. Availability of adequate staffs to do all catering and management of people in reliable ways.

D1: Report clearly regarding size, worth and diversity of venues and types of events

Event management is one of the reliable application of project management to creating and developing of festival and events in effective manner. The total size is decided as per the areas of organisation and their number of employees. The overall cost of organising any event is relies upon the scale of business operation.

Diversity of venue: It consists of event location which will be made in order to organise business in more reliable manner. It is related with party hall, seminar area, newsroom, cafeteria and other vital places which are needed to organise the party in effective manner.

Types of event: There are various types of banquet such as Buffet services which is more common event in large number of attendance, reception to serve food and snacks to guest. Cafeteria style. These all are needed for marriage, birthday event, meetings and other batch lour parties. There are various external factors which will be needed to analyse all implications those are effective affecting the profitability position of the company.


2.1: Critical assessment of key planning and operational issues

There are various crucial strategies and operation aspects that are related with operation management of conference and banqueting sector of administration. They used to target on some vital problems that are incurred on regular basis it required time to time up gradation. The key issues associated with effective management for a conferences or banqueting are mentioned underneath:

Documentation of booking diary: These are related with conference data, time space and number of participants and total day for the time (Mehra, 2012). This will be those items which will be contained on booking diary and need to maintain in effective manner.

Pricing and packaging: This factor is for any conference event which will be managed by standard through standard of an organisation and packaging system work as per the promotional factors.

Health and safety Act 1974: This particular problems of employees as well as participant would be used to ensure by certain law and this issues be under surveillances of 24 hours in a day.

Communication factors:This are arises in between employee to employer as well as organization to other companies guest that should be managed by administration team of key strategies.

Resources allocation:
These are known as one of the effective organization which is properly managed by team in respect to attain maximum profit as per the requirement of large organization.

Accommodation strategies: It is primary motive of services in plate company to manage all large conference and banqueting which are mentioned in more reliable manner.

2.2: Discussion of performance and quality review tools

All the effective success of conference and banquet sectors is relies on overall performance of them towards the organising appropriate level of conferences in effective manner. In this particular industry which is crucial for performance evaluation that will determine overall growth and success of any hospitality sectors (Maynard, 2014). The performance of employees would be analyse on periodically manner as well as quality of performance that would be under consideration and it would regulated in regular basis. This PERT techniques is used to measure the position as per the condition of quality conference. This particular techniques is also responsible for monitoring overall client performances in so effective manner. In case any issues found in respect to quality of service delivery are taken into account in reliable and accurate manner.

M3: Identify performance and review of techniques use in conference or banquet

There are certain crucial ways to analyse the performances of conferences and banquets which is related with booking detail information, the pricing and packaging contract must be accurately mentioned in effective manner. Setting planning is needed to be taken into account. The setting plans and role of master of ceremonies are needed to be planned in effective method that are techniques, customers and guest valuation details can be maintained in reliable manner.


3.1: Evaluate suitability of range of food production system and style

There are various types of systems that are needed to be followed in any kind of conference and banqueting industries. Some of them are mentioned underneath:

Food production system as well as style: It consist of certain number of food production system and techniques such as:

  • Cook-chill production techniques
  • Cook-freeze method
  • Formal techniques
  • Dry-heat cooking tools and techniques
  • Moist-guest cooking method

According to the above styles and method the banquet sector will chosen either of their food production method as per the menu they are selected for a given conferences.

Food and beverage services: There are certain style of foods and services can be offered to various people those are coming during the point of time (Sommerville, 2015). Some of them are discussed underneath:

  • French services style.
  • English food style
  • Russian food and services quality
  • Buffet services styles

As per the all above discussed various services style of conference and banquet sector will be chosen as an appropriate service style for the given period of activities. It is mainly depends on conferences types, size and total number of guest, profit of customers etc is mentioned in reliable manner. English service style is being taken into account and serve guest per plate food to various customers. This seems to more economical and easy to enhance profitability position of the company.

3.2, 3.3 and 4.1: Covered in PPT

M2: Presentation of utilised range of references sources of information

According to the above mentioned information, it has been determine that interpersonal skill used to employee team actual which will be managed all work that is being done within conservation of various conference and banqueting. Management ability is actually managed by all work that is being done by the employee. They used to performance in correct manner to attain more reliable outcomes in coming period of time.


This particular project assignment conclude various crucial aspect that is related with conference and banqueting industry. All key factors those are affecting the business operations of the company are discussed effectively. The analysis is providing sufficient amount of implication those are being faced by services on plate company are mentioned clearly.

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