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Food & Beverage Operations Management - Marriott Hotels & Resorts

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Table of Content

  2. TASK 1
  3. TASK 2
Question :

To identify and developing appropriate food & beverage production or service system, the factors that are required to be addressed is given below:

  • What is the different food & beverage production or service system?
  • What financial processes used in food & beverage operations?
  • Menu development for hosting an event?
  • What are the factors determining the success of service in the hospitality industry?
Answer :
Organization Selected : Marriott Hotels & Resorts


Food and beverages are the most significant elements in the hospitality industry in fact they can be refer as compliments of each other which offers a wide scope to make earn good profits with the excellence and quality. Marriott Hotels & Resorts is chain of five star hotels across the world which offers a quality food to their guests. In this report the food and beverages operation management will be covered including characteristics, recipe and menu for specific systems, cost and staffing implications, suitability of systems, finance, cost and pricing, selection and suitability of menu, plan for food and beverages, maintenance standards, success factors. Marriott Hotels & Resorts is a flagship of Marriott International which is an American multinational diversified hospitality company which manages and franchises a broad range of hotels and lodging facilities. It was founded by J. Willard Marriott and Alice Marriott almost 91 years ago in the year 1927. In present time the the organization owned more than 6500 properties in 127 countries including United Kingdom (Davisand et. al., 2013).


1.1 Characteristics of food production and food and beverage service systems

As being a catering catering manager of Marriott Hotels & Resort one should observe the safety production and services. There are so many food producers who experiments with their food products and delivers an outstanding new innovative item. The food and beverages comprises of various activities which are involve in the food production. The hotel and catering services are categorized according to their size and function in the industry with their diverse nature (Mahalik and Nambiar, 2010). The food production system of the Marriott Hotels and Resorts evaluated on the behalf of its best quality food services with the selection of ingredients and seasonal nutrition and quality food products. The hotel should be concentrated towards the safety and quality of of eatery items and therefore, the food production system must consists of following characteristics such as – it has a major contribution towards the economy of the country, it also promotes a diverse food culture because there are various kind of food habits in distinct regions of the country they have some kind of speciality in their food. As there are many states in a country but they all are diverse like there are some particular kind of food which is related to that area only because of reason like like the weather condition, farming soil and other kind of natural effects. This diversification is promoted on the hospitality industry as it provides these small things at one place. It provides a delight to the customers with saviour cuisine and fulfils their needs by offering them a pleasure of food that aid to satisfy their requirements. The world dis revolving because there is nothing which stays permanent but that is the reason of innovation and that is for food industry too. It never sustains on place because the customer also need a better flavour which can give guests a new taste to please their demands as food taste is dynamic and keep changing. The demands are kinetics that make one to able to put more efforts to serve a better quality and tastes with a new extinguish dish items (Massoud and et. al., 2010).

There are several kind of food and beverages services systems like traditional service, table service, assisted service system, family service, silver service, single point service system, and so on. For example, the assisted service system offers a comfort to the guest through serving a part of the food and rest leave it to the choice of clients as this make more comfortable for selection and it is also cost effective for the hotel cause there is no need to manpower.

1.2 Factors affecting recipes and menu for specific systems

Marriott Hotels and Resorts offers a huge variety of food choices in menu and the production systems. It consists of a large range of ingredients and additional products in its food production, there are various services which are opted by the hotel according to the customer preferences. Before any food item is produced and served to the guests a menu takes a place to select a their choice of food and they can order any kind of delight. When it comes to prepare menu and recipes then there are some factors that impacts on the menu planning that can include such aspects -

Financial resources – As financial resources are required to provide the eatery which are mentioned in the menu as Marriott is a big brand that can offers a lavish relishes cause it has a huge pool of finance. But the small or medium scale restaurants may don't have the enough resource to arrange the ingredients for the cuisine that are entitled in the menu.

Nature of the restaurants - There are different nature of restaurants as some of them are offering only French or Italian cuisine so they only include that particular food. There are some restaurants which offers multi cuisine food and Marriott is one of them. It is for them to establish a variety food (Slack, Chambers and Johnston, 2010).

Skilled chef – There are some dishes which need to cooked by the special and experienced chef for that there is a need of staff who excels in cooking for specific dish.

Competitive environment - There is a huge competitive market that forces a hotel to innovate and explore more. If Marriott fails to innovate then it would no longer to be a last destination for the food lovers as it would lost the reputation among the clients just like it may losses its tastes. So one should try to evolve the new experiments to sustain in the market and include the delights in the menu and analyse what can make its menu different from others.

1.3 Compare the cost and staffing implications for different systems

The food services are highly equipped with the staff and therefore, Marriott is concerned about the human resources cause they are experienced, knowledgeable and skilled who can run the entire processes of the hotel. The staff of the hotel and resort are the face of the organization that directly communicate with the customers in order to serve them the eminent services (Taj and Morosan, 2011). When the staff establishes a direct communication with the customers the guests would be influence by the behaviour and presentation skills. The staff is always required to assist the clients with the polite behaviour cause that is also wished by the guests. The perfect communication between the staff and guests develops a relationship between the organization and clients cause the well behaved loyal employees put their efforts to increase the hotel sales. The HR manager recruits the hotel staff with such niche and they also have responsibility to recruit qualitative staff, maintain a coordination among the staff members so that they also get a satisfied environment in which they are working. Staffing is the major segment which needed to be focused cause it also take an advantage in competitive environment to reach out to the maximum customers.

Cost is the amount which needed to be invest in the initial stage before starting the services and that reflects in the profit margins. An investment is needed to make a service effective and in the hospitality industry there are several things which supports to maintain the operations of the hotel including the food productions. The cost requires in food production in order to appointing the staff as chefs, purchasing raw material, equipments, etc., but all of this is can be framed with a proper budget so that there will be no wastage of finance. The budget manages and controls the activity of the food production in systematic manner so that the work flow can be control in an appropriate way. The cost is been considered in the entire process as which system or service implication would provide the benefits to the hotels and it will be return in the form of revenues.

1.4 Suitability of systems for particular food and beverage outlets

There are different types of organizations in hospitality industry and they offers versatile food service system to the customers. In present scenario maximum hotels and restaurants are offering buffet system. Marriott hotels and resort is offering buffet or counter service system. There is a party or a business conference is organizing in the hotel the guest would be comfortable for decision making. A buffet counter consists of a few limited dishes or beverages and are invited to self – service this will make them able to identify their needs and wishes. They can select anything from the buffet this will reduce the staff cost to serve on table as there is a high need for the table service (Powell and et. al., 2013).

The another suitable service system can be consider as counter where people can place there order to the counter and get their token from there. The token will help to get their order from the counter and they can serve their meal (Thorndike and et. al., 2012).

There are some advantages and disadvantages of both services like buffer has a fixed cost for the party organiser as it is a fixed menu. The less need for the service cause guests are free serve their platter. In the counter service there is not a limit a customer can select anything from the menu and make payments for the choices. The disadvantage of the counter service is that customer needs to wait till the order get ready.

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2.1 Use of financial statements in food and beverage operations

The financial statements are the financial state of any organization. This is a record of expenditure and income that is used to show the profit and loss of the company within a time period. It analyse the the accounts one in a year and that year is known as a fiscal year. Marriott Hotel and Resort is also maintains its records which uses to know the position of the firm against its investment and the profit and loss on the previous year basis. It statements are classified as balance sheet, earning statements, income statements and cash flow statements. In food and beverages the financial statements maintains the accounts books with spending on purchasing of raw material for the dishes, and functioning report. These reports covers all the expenses which are made to prepare a dish and functions that are hosted and how much the amount is collected against the investments. As these investments are also aid to fix the price of the recipes according to the expenses on a particular dish.

2.2 Demonstrate the use of cost and pricing processes

Costing and price has the most important place in the food and beverages, the costing includes various factors such as –

Fixed cost – Fixed cost is the cost which is fixed and cannot be altered whatever the amount of goods produced.

Variable cost – Variable cost varies according to the output.

Direct cost - Demonstrate the use of cost and pricing processes.

Indirect cost -Direct cost is that can be completely attributed to the production of specific goods or production.

Value added tax - Value added tax refers to the tax by which the value of the product has been increased in each state of food production (Powell and Nguyen, 2013

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