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Hospitality Provision in Travel & Tourism Sector (PKF Hotel experts)

University: UKCBC College London

  • Unit No: 3
  • Level: Diploma
  • Pages: 5 / Words 1350
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: PRSK4048
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Table of Content

  2. TASK 1
  3. TASK 2
Question :

As a junior consultant for PKF hotel-experts which provides their services relating to hotel, tourism and leisure, manager have instructed to prepare a article through consideration of the following aspects

  • Determine the role that has been played by hospitality industry in travel and tourism sector.
  • Understanding the implication of integration within hospitality industry.
  • Demonstrate ability to plan the development of undertaken hospitality business.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Travel & Tourism Sector (PKF Hotel experts)


In United Kingdom, the hospitality industry is growing at a very rapid rate. The tourism company with the support of hospitality industry is able to provide various facilities to tourist. An additional service provided by the Tourism sector has encouraged people to travel. Tourism industry has formed a partnership with companies operating in hospitality sector.

The aim of developing partnership between hospitality and tourism sector is to cater the all types of needs as well as demands by the tourist. With the support of Hospitality sector, tour and travel organisation has able to provide high level of satisfaction to client. By building the partnership with organisation operating in hospitality sector, tourism enterprise has able to fulfil its commitment of providing comfort as well as good experience to tourists.

The present assignment focuses on identifying the relationship between tourism and hospitality sector. It also emphasizes on analysing implication of integration to hospitality industry.


1.1 Identifying interrelationship between hospitality and tourism sector

The relationship between both is unbreakable. Both industries are interrelated to each other, where in tourism industry consists of customers and destinations and hospitality industry serves food, area of living, etc. for overall enjoyment in their chosen destination. Tourism industry services are supplied by the hospitality industry.

The main characteristics of the hospitality industry are they provide the safe recreational environment to us. The main role of this industry is that they give long hour’s duty to the chef which is very tiresome job but the appreciation given to them is very much good and gives them the opportunities or their career which is included in their passion (Alonso and O’Neill, 2010). The quality of food which is prepared depends on the conditions they are working which are governed according to the laws. The employees who are working in this industry must know how to deal with such a stressful environment. The dangers in job can be cuts, wounds, burns etc. This industry takes care of all laws which are required in this.

This industry focuses on issues relating to hotels and laws relating to this. The industry is facing a main challenge about gambling. This industry is one of the main in hospitality sector. There are certain laws that are made which are designed to secure from the fraudulent practices and taking the advantage of the others. The focus of the industry is to remove all-unfair practice which is prevailing in hotels (Chathoth and Olsen, 200). This industry has in the focus in the fulfilling the responsibility of secure environment with no harm to anyone. In every industry, it focuses on the right of the equality in the working environment and Equal Employment Act in the hotel. It offers many more opportunities in job. There are some hotels which gives two types of the work like front office and kitchen which is the main task in this.

In PKF hotel experts which is situated in UK, provides all world-class facilities. The services provided by this hotel in the business convenience are ATM nearby, availability of digital key, exchange of currency, deposit box to store all valuable items, lounge area, languages known by staff, rental car, convenience store which is on the site (Robson and McCartan,2016). For family comfort are separate menu for children, special packages for the family, cradle for small babies etc. For fitness there is the steam room, Tours for sightseeing. The objective of PKF hotel experts is to fulfil the demand of the customers at reasonable rates.In addition to this business entity also intends to generate more revenue provides various additional services to the customers like rental car facilities, transportation, airline facilities etc.

PKF hotel experts has been recognised as leading enterprise in hospitality sector. Business entity has formed partnership with much tourism as well as transportation companies in order to provide different facilities to their customers. Business entity is also recognised as the biggest accommodation service providers in United Kingdom. An enterprise has large workforce those who are working in many countries. Sufficient amount of Human Resource capital has helped an organisation in delivering products or services to wide number of customers. PKF hotel experts has conducted merger with airline companies in order to provide more services to visitors. PKF hotel experts delivers wide range as well as variety of accommodation facilities. Villas, restaurant, Hotel etc. (Espino-Rodríguez and Taylor,2006) are some accommodation services offered by PKF hotel experts which largely based on the budget of customers. Additional facilities provided by PKF hotel experts has supported business entity in attracting more number of customers and enabled firm to influence people to stay for long period at particular destination. In addition to accommodation services, PKF hotel experts also provides catering facilities to people by taking contracts (Buhalis and Crotts,2013). It offers good quality of food at reasonable price to client. The manager in PKF hotel experts has planned to form the partnership with tourism companies has assisted business entity in increasing the customer base.

By forming a partnership with tourism PKF hotel experts provides quality environment to the clients by which they feel like home and want to visit again. Organization provides economic budgetary services to the clients that suit their budget and influence them to come back. An organisation classified the services into program that classified accordant to the budget of customers like 3 star, 5 star and 7 star hotels which is suitable for the customer to choose the hotel. The fundamental policy of an enterprise is to concentrate on the satisfaction of the customers by providing quality services to them. Business entity is keen to attain the target by satisfying the demand of the customers.

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2.1 Implication of integration to the hospitality sector

Integration is the need of an hour as nowadays hotel has undertaken many activities such as airline agency, food and beverages business, ground services, etc. and it becomes important for the hotel to opt for integration in order to reduce down the cost, gain better customer satisfaction and to decrease competitors in the business. The integration is generally done to overtook the other business. The integration is mainly of two types such as Horizontal Integration and Vertical Integration (Brotherton, ed., 2012).

  • Horizontal Integration:It refers to that integration when company expand its business in the same level or within same department in the supply chain example hotel can opt for the merger or acquisition, or it can adopt the strategy of operating in different countries while expanding there business at overseas market, opening of more hotels in the supply chain, etc. (Koc, E., 2013).

Benefits of Horizontal Integration:

  • When the former overtook the latter it makes benefits to the former as there would be less competition in the market. The hotel can flourish and gain more profits and revenue to it pockets.
  • The benefits of acquisition help the hotel to reach at higher place and expand itself overseas with an increase in customers/visitors. This improves and help hotel to get stronger and make it popular across the globe.
  • This help hotel to enter into new venture and business so that they can add more service or products into it business line
  • This enables the firm to get economies in there scales of operations. Because there cost of operation is reduced and scale of operation increases which results in overall profitability

Vertical Integration: It refers to that type of integration where the company /hotel buy its own suppliers, or any other hotel serving in the supply chain. This is done to increase the base of consumer and services provided. Example, earlier the hotel who used to get soaps and towels and other basic amenities from there suppliers.

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