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Role of Hospitality in Hilton Hotel

University: University of Birmingham

  • Unit No: 8
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 13 / Words 3174
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: BHM101
  • Downloads: 368
Organization Selected : Hotel Hilton


In the present time, there is a huge scope of the hospitality industry as customer have huge demand in this sector. In this sector, there are various business included such as hotel, restaurant, tour operator agency etc. The current scale, scope and diversity of hospitality industry and role of hospitality related organisation and professional bodies has been also included in this report. The roles, responsibilities and qualification requirement for hospitality staff has been also included in this report with respect of Hilton Hotel.

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1.1 Asses the current scale, scope and diversity of the hospitality industry

There is a huge scope of the hospitality industry in the present time which consists of range of various businesses such as accommodations, food, beverages, entertainment, resorts etc. There is a 20000 jobs in the event management and employees over 1.8 to 2.4 millions. With help of hospitality industry, there is a huge opportunity of employment in the UK. On the basis of survey it has been found that hospitality sector have 3.1 to 3.2% of overall portion of business. In every year,£12 billion spent by visitors of a total value of £76 billion. It has been found that 400000 jobs in the hotel with related services.

The extent of hospitality industry is extremely huge on the grounds that it has vast number of administrations identified with amusement, facilities, unwinding, bars, clubs and so on. So one might say that this industry alludes a scope of organizations that offers different offices and administrations (Li, He and Keung Lai, 2011). Being engaged with giving different administrations to engage and unwinding the request of this industry is ceaselessly developing on the planet. What's more, the rate of business is likewise high since it gives different administrations. So as to give benefits and work different professional bars, club, eatery, convenience, industry requires a gifted and skilled worker

M1 Discussion about the particular operator's turnover, types of products and service it provides

Hilton hotel and resort stands as the stylish, forward thinking global leader of the industry. It has more than 550 hotels and resorts in more than 80 countries across six continents. Hilton hotel's global sales team is consistently recognised as a top selling and customer service. Hilton hotel conduct business in 42 language serving 25000 customers in 101 countries.

D3 The scale and scope of hospitality business affects the diversity of product and service offered.

The hospitality industry manage immense quantities of administrations, for example, nourishment, drinks, convenience, eateries, meetings, meal, supper offices, recreation administrations and so forth. So one might say that in the friendliness division there have an assortment of decent incredible the substantial number of various administrations (Othuon and et. al., 2010). Distinctive nation have their own particular strategies and practices which influence the imaginatively and development of such business administrations and individual execution. In a basic term one might say that assorted variety alludes to the distinctive type of client taste, inclinations, enterprise administrations and so forth.

1.2 & M2 Organisational structure of various hospitality organisations

In the hospitality organisation, a systematic structure of management is very important by which company carries out its various activities and functions. It is a way through which organisation can operate its business functions for achieve business objective (JACOBS, 2015). In the structure of management, there is a systematic policy, rules, regulation, strategies and rules that determine the manner in which corporation controls and delegate responsibilities to achieve business objective. In addition to this, corporation has carried out its business activities and functions as per the organisational structure.

  • Marriott Hotel- In the Marriott hotel, organisation structure assists to manager in delegating responsibilities and roles to various functional department employees. As per the research it has been found that there is a flat organisation structure under which management has divided into the few departments (Pechlaner and Volgger, 2012). By help of this structure, management is close with employees and directly solve their queries and issues. There is an impressive communication between employees and management through which issue can easily resolve. In this structure, there is a fewer management layers through which effective bounding and interaction between employer and employees.
  • TUI group-In the TUI group, there is a functional organisational structure under which each functional department have one head who is responsible to manage their department and sections activities and functions. In this aspect, personnels are grouped as per their knowledge and skills which help in addressing the objective of organisation (Radojevic, Stanisic and Stanic, 2015). Each functional department have their fixed roles and responsibilities for achieve objective within business enterprise.

1.3 Roles of hospitality related corporation and professional bodies

In order to improve personality and professional of employees within the organisation, professional body plays a very crucial role. Professional bodies are that institutes and organisation that aids individual and businesses in improving their employees skills, ability, personality and professionalism. These institutes and bodies provides training and development schemes to personnels so as they can learn essential career skills and abilities. Professional bodies is the set of programs that assist to take parts in a continuous professional development schemes and invite them in exclusive events. There are various professional bodies which supports and directs the hospitality organisation. These professional bodies are discussed below-

  • Organisation of catering excellence-This is an organisation that helps in create innovation in the organisation through which caterers can delivers effective and high quality of services and products to its customers (Simons, Vermeulen and Knoben, 2016). Its participation incorporates a cross area of director, gourmet experts, specialists, providers and so on. It makes a system for eye to eye, trade thoughts, mingle and for the most part stay in contact.
  • Academy of food and wine service-The Academy of sustenance and wine benefit is the expert body for front of house nourishment and drink benefit in UK hospitality industry. It is benchmark is famous for best practice measures. The primary goals is to giving instruction on the business effect of the front of house involvement and offering the correct help, counsel , motivation, and preparing to individuals.
  • British institutes of inn keeping-The British foundation of motel keeping is the expert body for the authorized exchange and has 13000 individuals, including staff, supervisors, licensees and inhabitants (Solnet, Kralj and Baum, 2015). The fundamental destinations of this body is to help those individuals who working in the bars and bars, offering help to those beginning in the business, and also supervisors and entrepreneurs. Its preparation projects and capabilities can encourage bar and bar experts enhance their vocation prospects.


2.1 Analysing the staffing requirements for hospitality businesses

There are various aspects of hospitality businesses and the staffing requirement for each is different. Discussing the staffing requirements of these are discussed as following :

Food and servicing-

Food and staff servicing is considered as one of the essential departments of the hospitality industry. It is because this is very important to provide a quality and standard range of food to the customers ensuring the fact that it may not throw any negative impact on their health. Also, maintaining the menu in a way so that it can be able to attract the attention of the customers is important. So, different sectors can also take feedback from the customers that what they like (Spencer and Crick, 2011). Therefore, on the basis of that, they can make further modifications and improvements. Manageris the most imperative and fundamental staff of the association who is in charge of different sorts of real business exercises and capacities. Administrator is associated with the development of approaches and business rehearses so the immense duty of the hospitality industry are in the hand of director. Moreover, chief additionally obligated to control, screen, direct, assess the business and also subordinate execution. What's more, arranging staff are for the most part workers of the association who gives their best commitment and endeavors with a specific end goal to level the arranging of business exercises and capacities. They include in day by day arranging of business and they handle the assignments at different administration level. For instance, in the kitchen staff of eatery are the general population who design the long haul and here and now strategies for the business.

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2.2 Discussion about the roles, responsibilities and qualification requirement for hospitality staff

Following are some roles and responsibilities of hospitality staff-

  • Chief Finance officer-Chief finance officer have role and responsibility is to conduct the regular audit of the financial transaction or record. He/she is liable for construct the financial report of all record include profit and loss of corporation. In addition to this, they are also responsible to a develop systematic planning of fund in the existing business as well as for future (Tanova and Nadiri, 2010). Furthermore, he/she is also responsible to evaluate and assess the financial position of business organisation. Chief finance officer must have at least two year experience of the hospitality industry and they must have analytical, calculation skill, tax affluent and intuitive.
  • Human resource manager-Human resource manager have responsibility to develop HR planning, organise recruitment and selection program, organise training and development, regular monitoring of personnels performance and the achievement of the objective. Candidate must have master degree in human resource management stream or MBA in HR. In addition to this, candidate must have effective communication, interaction, leadership and motivational skill.

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3.1 Managerial, Operational and legislative issues resulting affecting the hospitality industry

Operational Issues:

Lack of personnel resources has resulted incapability in various department of hospitality which can be considered as labour scarcity. Contracting labour force is quite consistent and is facing different challenges with the International Society of Hospitality Consultants. Different types of rules and regulations are discovered by Hilton and are compulsorily followed by it so that guest anticipations can be easily accumulated (Li and, 2015). There is more necessity for improving customer care service and lodging rooms for customers and proper charges should be applied to them. Similarly, to attract more customers rivalries diminish fare charges and provide worth service to their customers.

Managerial Issues:

Traveller demand is influenced by managerial issues of Hilton. Its demand are effected by all short lived events and occasions but long surviving events have no issue with the hotels. This can be justified by gossips on volcanic eruption, terrorism, germs, revolutionary assaults which are not supported. Globalisation has brought some benefits and disadvantages with it. It has totally changed the prices and rates of all products and has raised increased business all over the world.

Legislative Issues:

Legislative issues defend employers at large scale. This further affects hospitality sector. It mainly involves food allergens issues and regulation legislative. Cleanliness and Hygiene are some major aspects which has to be considered in this industry. During 90's maintaining public health was supreme feature in different countries. Then, enlargement of food and processed material was exported so that customers' safety was not exploited(Torres and, 2015). Gradually, national regulatory administration and international rules came into existence in developing nations regarding allergies. The Food and Agricultural Organization and The World health Organization suggested for quality food and proposed for their hallmark in every organisation so that allergic diseases could be avoided. Hilton follow strict law and provide authentic products to their customers. It keeps its environment safe and secure so that customer repetition could be maintained which in turn increases business.

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3.2 Current image of Hospitality

Present image of hospitality can be described by concentrating on various features like culture, customer focus and media exposure. Its image is highly affected customer's presence. Hilton attracts customer in many ways and tries to fulfil all its expectations. It properly looks all its managerial functions and operations and keeps environment hazardous free(Xu and Gursoy, 2015). Hotel's departments operate systematically which means that all needs and demands of customers are satisfied on time. They want that their presence should be recognized and should be treated with complete dignity and respect. Hotels have to focus on innovative wellness and growing trends which includes in room exercise equipment, energizes, pools and spas. Guests in current scenario demand for seamless technology across platforms. Many hotels are providing digital services and mobile check in services. They are converting into eco -friendly system and offering environmental base services. New form of service is preferred i.e. robotic service done at reception area. Customers feel excited and like to visit more in these types of hotels. Diversity evolved in cultural environment is also an important part of hospitality sector. After globalisation it is an important feature used in strategic planning for international hospitality firms(Yen and Croy, 2016). Media support it and expose its qualities to customers by creating its image in the minds of customers. Further, competitiveness is also increasing so every organisation is thriving and working hard to survive in the market. Online media is playing vital role towards improvement and enhancement of business. Social sites like 'Instagram' and 'Facebook' showcases their websites in a very attractive manner. They keep updating their sites and remain connected with their existing customers. Like this, they make new customers also and keep updating new rates, discount prices of hotel and fresh food and services to customers. Currently, UK has observed rise in gross profit per room by 8.3% per month and 3.5 % rise in employment rate.

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4.1 Description on potential trends and its development measure in Hospitality

Improvements and patterns can be examined through considering parts of lodging area of hospitality industry and administration of nourishment and drinks. The Highest need of inn segment in accommodation industry is client benefit. At the point when suppositions for this turns out badly then inn division faces intense circumstances (Robinson, et al., 2016). In the present time with regard to mechanical perspective imaginative situations are happening, for example, doing check in through portable, pre-booking of rooms through versatile, paying bills through cards and so on. In this way, in future innovation will assume a crucial part in its improvement. Another critical component identifying with this area is conveying material and ongoing promoting which is a sort of consistent process. These things are exceptionally important in friendliness industry. As rivalry is expanding so promoting of lodgings and giving best class client benefit is extremely noteworthy. Clients are having numerous online choices to pick lodgings of their ow decision. So they will select just that inn which will welcome well and bolster them. Showcasing on regular schedule happens with ongoing and materials are locked in to create more visitors with the help of online networking. It has been anticipated that future patterns in nourishment and refreshments will be clear names rather than clean marks (Schwab, 2017). There would be ceaseless consideration on home cooking which will be ease for clients. Youthful age is associated with online media on everyday schedule and is refreshed with a wide range of current information. Imaginative rarities, new and new things are ending up more prevalent and producing taste in people to come.

4.2 Evaluation on the impact of development and trends

Effect examination for improvement and patterns can be efficient, monetary, request, advantage cost and budgetary. Monetary examination portrays predicting of budgetary framework which draws a connection of use with tourism development to distinguish assess livelihoods, changes in impose, profit, occupations in light of the execution of tourism. Connected strategies here are examination of data got from government measurements, reviews performed, financial base structures and multipliers. Financial examination demonstrates the affixed charges secured by the administration benefit from tourism doings through charging straightforwardly, from charges, and different assets (Solnet, Kralj and Baum, 2015). It changes sought after for administrations and organization activities benefits and put charges on government that provisions these administrations. While, turnover is inspected under money related investigation. How much measure of pay is produced to recoup these charges and will the reasonable income will be assembled are a few inquiries secured under money related examination. It is generally a short range think about which is identified with basic capital charges and availability. Notwithstanding this useful costs, salaries and obligation benefit are secured are considered as longer scope of study. Request investigation mirrors the sorts and measure of clients of a specific area that change because of support, resistance, change in cost, sum in conveniences and other relative requests. Through this, specific procedures are decided for monetary ability lastly costs and benefits are assessed. Solid and capable procedures are esteemed from the angle of society prosperity.

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Therefore, it is concluded that Hilton follows rule and regulations to survive in competitive market and has perfect organisation structure so that there is no lack of communication and misbehaviour among customers. It keeps updating its site on internet with new accommodation, food and beverages, quality proven services. It knows that responsibilities of staff should be followed timely so that customers keep in touch with the heads of department. It takes complete advantage of digital technology as customers.


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