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Development of Health Care System in Society

University: Imperial College London

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Health enhancement is all about development of well being by using various proper strategies to overcome distinct illness and disease in order to resolve it in minimum time period. However, most of the organization is emerging for serving their customers with outstanding facilities in order to reduce attacks of dangerous health issues (Balarajan, Selvaraj and Subramanian, 2011) . Therefore, assignment is focussing on case study of NHS foundation which was established in year ago and implementing numerous of effective facilities to their clients. Along with this, showing proper strategies and procedure that is adopted by health care organization to accomplish their job role in more effective manner. Additionally, satisfied the need of required people by introducing number of beneficial programmes. It means, methods of running health care settings are outlining in this project in order to remove major well being issues from entire communities.

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1.1 Role of various agencies in identifying level of health or diseases in communities

Governing bodies are highly worried for the development of entire society in order to develop their economy at international marketplace. Main motive of higher authorities is to reduce the presence of dangerous diseases by taking immediate steps and implementing effective programmes. In fact, they are also involving in designing awareness sessions to enhance the health of entire society. Basically, number of agencies is formed at global marketplace for improving the conditions of poor people by reducing diseases. According to given case study NHS foundation trust are playing major role in enhancing the overall society by taking immediate actions (Bambra, 2011). Along with this offering best facilities to their desired clients such as; proper be facilities, instant first aid services and so on. Thus, major role of agencies are described as follows:-

  • World health organization: - One of the most international association across the global level due to its major roles and responsibilities towards entire nation. Basically, this institution is not offering direct services to the citizens but engaged in private associations for offering best facilities to the overall society.
  • National health services:- As per the given scenario NHS is most innovative and creative foundation trust which was established for offering direct services to their desired customers and instant facilities to the required person. In fact , it consider as one of the biggest single player across the marketplace due to its free services for citizens of the community.
  • General medical council:- Another organization is engaged in determining the level of health and disease in overall society is known as general medical council. Their main objective is to run for preventing patients by enhancing the medical education and practices in European market. It means believes in setting standards for professionals in health care settings in order to encourage them towards their assigned job role.

Hence, all the above agencies are playing very eminent role in improving the health of whole country by taking immediate initiatives in proper manner. For example; conduct awareness events, make changes in current policies, facilitate doctors to motivate them towards specific job role and so on (Betancourt and et. al., 2016) .

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1.2 Epidemiology of one infectious and non-infectious disease

It is the study of various patterns, classification and incidences of several harmful diseases in the society. Main objective if epidemiology is to assess the cause and influence of diseases on entire surrounding. It has been done into two forms that are infectious and non infectious that is described as follows:-

Condition Region Estimated number of influenced citizens (2001-2011)
Primary immunodeficiency UK Around 5000
Rheumatoid arthritis UK Approximately 20,000 fresh cases are identified per year
Crohn's illness UK Nearly 60,000-80,000 (4000 case in every year)
Cirrhosis UK >almost 4000 deaths on yearly basis
Ulcerative colitis UK 120,000-160,000

From the above data it has been understood that diseases are increases day by day due to number of reasons such as; changes in environment , fluctuating market, junk foods hence forth.

  • Infectious disease: - Food borne disease is a major illness that is occurred by intake of food. Microbes that are identified in the food are entering into the individual body and harm them in several manners. Main cause of this illness is a unhygienic food.
  • Non -infectious: - Obesity is one of the most dangerous non infectious illness which creates due to improper daily routine. Mainly, in this problem a person become more fatty in their normal age (Bradley and et. al., 2011) .

1.3 Effectiveness of different approaches and strategies to control the incidence of disease

NHS and other organizations are engaged in designing number of approaches and frameworks for controlling the possibilities of illness that may occurred at societal place. Main objectives of these tools are to target the prior symptoms in order to make initiatives as per requirement. Some of the major frameworks are discussed below:-

  • Surveillances:- In these philosophy, associations is going to observed the entire surrounding by keep continually watch over it in order to identify the upcoming diseases. Their main objective is to interpret the illness for taking prior initiatives by conducting programmes for overall general population.
  • Screening:- Another strategy which is adopted for controlling the possibilities of illness that is occurring at societal place. In this approach prior medical testing is conducted without watching the symptoms of particular disease. In fact, this process aids in controlling the occurrence of problems before it happens.

Hence, both the approaches are playing a very eminent role in developing the community by identifying hidden health issues in order to control it in a minimum time period (Brett and et. al., 2014) .

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2.1 Current priorities and approaches to provision of services for people with disease

Throughout the research some of the major chronic diseases which must be controlled on initial basis are obesity, HIV AIDS, cancer, diabetes and so on. It is highly indispensable to identify the priority need of various illnesses in order to implement preventive measures by controlling it from getting spread. In fact, some of the major disease which become a reason for death are; heart disease, cancer attacks around 15.7% people diabetes are almost 1.9%, death due to HIV AIDS are 4.9, tuberculosis attacks nearly 2.4 and so on. It means, number of health issues are identifies which is highly dangerous for entire community. Thus, top most health problem which must be given first priority is HIV AIDS that is increases in a rapid way through transferral of blood between body to body in various ways such as; sexual relations, blood donation and so on. Thus, prevention of this problem is discussed as under (Jackson and Gracia, 2014) .

Initial care-First or foremost is to educate entire society about the cause or prevention of disease in order to make them aware about the problem which is occurred at high level. Secondly, need to organize a program showing the transmission of HIV amongst MSM which is known as CHAPS. Another initiative is taken by African community in England for encouraging usage of condoms while having sex.

Secondary prevention:- It's about screening process for detecting it as soon as possible.

Tertiary prevention:- At last NHS or entire social services industry needs to take care of suffered people for curing them in a minimum time period (Public Health Approaches to Infectious Disease, 2016).

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2.2 Relationship between prevalence of disease and need of service to support individuals

Prevalence of illness is all about identifying the entire proportion of individual by which specific person is getting affected through specific disease. It helps in offering relevant information about the health issues to the entire public. In fact, through this prevalence an individual can easily make their idea to plan the technique of resolving this health issue (Kohl and et. al., 2012) . Along with this, determining prevalence is all about estimating accurate rate supports which is needed by an individual in a health care organization. One of the major benefits of this process is that it assists NHS while designing an effective programme for eradicating particular health problems. Apart from this, epidemiologicaltools are provided to the organization for taking correct measures in order to control possibilities of death.

2.3 Impact of current life style choices on future needs for health and social care services

In today's modern world number of factors related with lifestyle are identified which shows that proper care is required in upcoming time period such as; eating habits of overall society , working culture, advanced facilities and so on. All these elements somehow becomes the major reason for illness of an individual. In fact, some of the problems are occurred because of unusual life cycle of public like; having high doze drugs, alcohols and other dangerous substances. Therefore, in UK one of the main health problem is identified which is increasing in a fastest way such as; obesity. This problem occurred due to number of reasons such as poor diet, absence of physical activities and so on. Apart from this, some other health problem might raise are; smoking, sexual health illness henceforth (Marmot and Bell, 2012) .

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From the above report it has been summarized that development of health is very essential for success of entire society. In fact, main objective of this report is to facilitate entire society with outstanding services in order to reduce various infectious and non-infectious diseases which is hampering the life of common people. NHS is a well known enterprise which is engaged in offering best services to their clients by coming up with unique and distinct new ideas.

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