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Assessment of Asthma Control

University: Regent College of London

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 4 / Words 1043
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: R/508/0456
  • Downloads: 707

Table of Content

Question :

The scenario this report is based on literature review analysis by considering information through books, articles and journals. The topic that needs to consider while conducting this project is Asthma control.

  • Determine how to develop an awareness among people for Asthma control.
  • Evaluate different factors which are leading to lack of control over Asthma.
  • Describe Co Moribities in the context of specified topic.
  • Determine associated risk with Asthma control.
  • Identify the assessment of asthma control.
  • Analyze different steps of Asthma control.
Answer :
Organization Selected : NHS


Developing adherence among people

Asthma is a heterogeneous disease which is developed with Chronic airway inflammation, It has been identified that the foremost factors to control asthma to create support for people suffering from disease. It is a respiratory disorder in which the patients experiences tightening of chest, cough, breathlessness etc. The impact of diseases are increasing across the globe. The Global initiative of Asthma has set out guidelines to prevent and control the impact of Asthma. As per the guidelines and study of programme it has been analysed that Asthma is curable and can be controlled but it depends on its severity. Adherence is the foremost problem in prevention and control of asthma because it helps in acknowledging and creating awareness among services users on effectiveness of taking medication. Further, it can be stated that optimal management of a chronic disease requires involvement of patients in medication. Addressing and making asthma achievable for will be beneficial for health care organisation and service users in improving quality of life, care, safety and eliminating asthma. There are numerous people who are not even aware about the causes and prevention of asthma because according to a million of people it can not cure (TURkTAS and, 2010). Improved asthma control facility, appropriate medication and prescriptive care can assist the health care organisation in enabling support to people. Asthma is not only health related instead it is related to human behaviour towards diseases which can be intentional and non intentional. Further, the non international patients are the those individual who forget or are unable to take medication whereas intentional, patients are those to understands the importance of taking medication and inhaler but still avoids due to their vulnerable reason (Dixon and, 2011). The person suffering from mild asthma can prevent themselves by taking appropriate prescribed care whereas severe asthma can also achieve by reducing exposure to triggering factors.

In addition, American Thoracic Society and European Respiratory society asthma is achievable if provided urgent treatment to person in order to prevent the risks of hospitalisation and death. The association of control has been stated that it is important for the society t consider importance of clinical factors like, its symptoms that is wheeling, cough and dyspnoea. Apart from this the person suffering from Asthma is unable to perform physical activities which further restricts exposure to person to environmental triggers. However, in accordance to clinical measure it can be stated that it is essential for the person to take proper medication in order to control its side effects. Further, as per respiratory society, it has been mandate that the person suffering from asthma needs to carry and use inhaler anytime (Chinellato and, 2011). Prevention of the diseases are only factors which make diseases achievable. However, for creating adherence for disease health professional are bets individuals who assist the patient in controlling asthma. The individual are responsible for prescribing medication as well as the practices which needs to followed and avoided in order to gave control over the impact of diseases. In addition, there are patients who not avoid taking medication instead the individual do not have idea of making proper tool of tools like inhaler. The negligence of people over diseases is the factor which is impacting the achievable goals of Asthma. Organising therapy and treatment programmes on regular basis of society is another step which can assist the health professional controlling diseases and spreading awareness among people about specific use of inhales and proper medication (Bateman and, 2010). From the study, it has been derived that the patients to avoids taking medication do not follow the proscribed practices set by professional leads to development of chronic and incurable syndrome. Following suggestive measure by doctors is the best adhered practice which can assist in making asthma achievable.

Factors leading to lacking control over Asthma

The clinical and medication services of professional is based on every day life and symptom of asthma faced by patients. In contrast to above discussion, it can be said the adherence to asthma can not limit to patients, it is important for the society to ensure safe environment practices in order to prevent air contamination which is the major cause of asthma these days across the globe. Increasing situation of red alarm and global warming has established risk for the existence of living beings. On the other hand, it is important for the parents to control on their food intake habits in order to control the impact of asthma that is less consumption of fat and carbohydrates (de Groot and, 2012). However, in order to make Asthma achievable it is important for the professionals to implement the use of control based management system which were the physicians will be focused on evaluating every day exposure to asthma symptoms and deriving relevant therapy to it. Less intake of medication in comparison to therapy is the measure which can assist the patients and professionals in minimizing impact of asthma. Several random control trials on disease according to severity can be beneficial in making asthma achievable. Apparently, it is important for the physicians and patients to involve and participate collaboratively in order to minimize, control and prevent the effects of Asthma. There are numerous factors impacting on asthma control like, exposure to environmental determinants. In this the scholar discussed about changing climatic conditions, food intolerance, allergens or triggers are the major factors which are decreasing control over asthma.

In accordance to climatic and seasonal changes, irritants in air, smoke, chemical fumes, and strong odors are factors which impact the patients safety and needs to be controlled. Further, fluctuation in climatic condition are also danger to diseases. Therefore, for establishing control over diseases it is important for the society to prevent the symptoms and causes of problem. As per Schatz and, 2016, it has been identified that Asthma has become most common chronic disease which generally occurs due to exposure in uncertain condition.

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