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Causes & Effects of diseases in Social Community

University: UCL Medical School

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Public health is very important for society to develop the healthy environment and provide safety at workplace. Government proposed a new law regarding the safety and cleaning. It can be controlling the diseases and preventing dangerous infections like HIV and Breast Cancer that would be harmful for immune system as well as individual’s health. Most health care industries would design an efficient medicine to reduce the level of natural diseases. Epidemiology is a very important part of medical science that identifies distribution, cause and prevention of disability (Seymour and Cassel 2017). This report will determine roles and responsibilities of various agencies for finding the level of diseases and health in social community. An agency needs to use different strategies and approaches to control the diseases within environment. This report will discuss about non-infectious and infectious diseases in United Kingdom. It also provides knowledge and information about effects and causes.

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1.1 Roles of different agencies in identifying levels of health and disease in communities

Many companies provide the facility for safety, health and social communities in United Kingdom to the world. The basic aim of this organization to provide the best services of people. They have specific goals and objectives of an organization. There are various types of agencies and have different roles and responsibilities in communities that are described below:

  • World Health care -World Health Care Company doesn't provide services to people in which they are working as private organization. They provide health services on the basis of nation. This organization is more active to give better facilities on time related natural diseases etc. and tries to find out particular diseases and their prevention. They are generating different strategies and planning to solve the problem effectively and efficiently. They are various research centers and laboratories from country to identify precautions for particular diseases.
  • National Health Care-this is the best organization to provide the facilities and services free of cost for people. They have efficient team to helps those people who has insufficient money. It is another best process to deals with various type of people and fulfill their needs. This organization is provided the best services and list of services.
  • General Medical Council-this organization is helps to identifying the level of diseases and health in Social community. This organization is working for provide the protection of patients and it improving their educations in United Kingdom. It can be provide the best services in the country. They have participated as finding the level of diseases on the basis of survey.

1.2 Statistical data, the epidemiology of one infectious and one non-infectious disease that is widespread in their own country

Epidemiology is the best process to study a different disease, distribution in the community. It deals with the all factors that would be affect and cause in the social environment. They are mainly studied on infectious and non-infectious diseases. Infectious diseases are those diseases that can be affected the body and it is infection agent (Seymour and Cassel 2017). Non-infectious diseases are affected the immune system that would be inheriting from the past generations. There are different type of Infectious disease such as Food Borne diseases. This disease is cause by intake of substance. The microbes are present in food that would be directly enter through the substance and damage the body. These microbes are affected the body part and person feel weak, illness and diseases. If you are more interested in marketing function sample paper, then click on Responsibilities of Marketing Function in ALDI

According to survey, It concluded that Food Borne diseases is spread in all around the world in United kingdom. It is common diseases and most of the peoples are suffered from these diseases in UK. In most of the cases, they suffer many challenging issues and problem to need take a precaution for long term (Ford and Doherty 2018). There are various products that affect the body such as meat, Fish and many dairy product because in this food item has present a microbe. Non-infectious diseases is obesity that affect the body fat and large amount of fats collected on the body. It is the major cause for every people in current days.

1.3 Effectiveness of different approaches and strategies to control the incidence of disease in communities

There are various type of approaches and strategies helpful for controlling the diseases in community and provide a healthy environment. This approaches are helpful for identifying the target of diseases to solve the problems.

  • Screening- This is the important strategy to useful for control the diseases in the social environment. Screening is useful to testing the diseases and identify the actual requirement to solve the problems. This is the short term to screening the whole process of precautions and care. It is very important part of every organization to provide many services and medicine before harms the environment.
  • Social Welfare-Most of the organization is uses new techniques to prevent the diseases and providing the information to public so that they already aware about the virus. Social welfare is very important of person to educate and providing the best services related medicine and tablets.
  • Environmental Control-This is important for each and every people to be develop an effective and healthy environment. They main responsibility of people to aware about the diseases and precaution. This is essential part of organization as well as government to improve their services and give an effective services and facilities to their customer. Environment control is major part of organization to provide the best services in the environment.
  • Surveillance- It is basically useful for environment to watch all around the world and can be identified the latest diseases and how they can affect our body part. It is tool to analyses and identify the requirement of health sessions for the people. This is the best way to control the environment (Brownson and Gillespie 2017). It will analyse the whole requirement of medicine for particular diseases by this tool.


2.1. Determine current priorities and approaches to provision of service for people with disease or illness such as Breast Cancer and HIV

In the illness or disease like HIV and Breast Cancer, health care providers plays a vital role. These are those diseases or illness which needs high level of care and guidance. There are various disease which needs high care and guidance such as cancer, obesity, diabetes, HIV, water born disease etc. In all these diseases, it is very important to identify the priority in the diseases so that preventive measures can be taken in order to stop spreading of disease. If these disease remains untreated than a person in nor more live his/her life more than 10 years. Completing accouting assignments could be very hectic for students who already have tons of assignments to submit, that's why many studetns opt for our Online Accounting Assignment Help.

HIV is the diseases which have terrible effect on the population of United Kingdom as well as on the world population. It is type of virus that hit the entire immune system of body. It destroys the white blood cell in the immune system which is known as T-helper and it takes birth in huge number (Yip and Cheung 2017). The entire immune system of an individual is break down. Breast cancer is also a very dangerous disease as in these diseases entire parts of body is swelled up. Severe pains in breast and nipple. So both these disease needs to be cure and predicted. There are some steps in order to prevent these diseases which are describes as follows-

  • Primary Prevention- This is a type of prevention which is defined as foremost preventive measure that has been used to forbid the people from the disease by educating them about illness and there cause. The government of UK is doing efforts in order to make people aware of these diseases. They are organising various campaigns and programmes to educated people about HIV and Breast cancer and many more diseases. CHAPS and NAHIP are the examples of prevention campaigns.
  • Secondary prevention- This is a type of prevention which tires to intervene and hopefully put an end to the disease before it fully develops. It is a screening and detection of the infectious agent who are acting as the carrier for the specific illness or disease (Hemenway, 2017). There are various programmes that are educating people such pregnant women's blood is tested before feeding so that her child is not affected from that disease.
  • Tertiary prevention- This is the final and last step of preventing of life as this stage aims at taking care of person. Palliative care is provided to them. Emotional and medical care both known as palliative care.

2.2. Determine the relationship between the prevalence of HIV and Breast Cancer and requirements of service to support person in the health and social care setting

Prevalence of HIV and Breast cancer are the proportion of total population that is effected by specific disease. To provide information about the illness facing by people is known as prevalence of disease. This report provides an idea to plan about the services that requires to be given in respect to the troubles and issues.

In order to identify the health needs it is very important for people to support person in social and health care. This helps in organizing programmes that can be implemented for prevention of disease. In Health care associations, person have all knowledge and skills about the root cause of the illness as well has they have records of area of disease where it is more spread. By there records they target the specific areas first. These records not only assist in planning and organizing programmes but also assist in examining there requirements in furnishing education.

For health care people, prior information and knowledge about the cause and cure of disease is very much beneficial for an individual (Cutcliffe and Santos 2017). These informations and knowledge provided health and social care individual an idea to plan the resources and task. With the help of these informations and knowledge heath and social care can target the people with higher risk by evaluating the data in respect to effect and cause of the disease. Health and Social care individuals are working and contributing large in prevention of HIV and Breast cancer diseases.

2.3. Analysis the impact of current life-style choice on future needs and social care services

Eating habits, intake of substances, culture of work and exercising are the main elements that have great impact on health of a person. These all elements plays a vital role in illness of a person. Due to wrong habits such as consuming drugs, smoking, drinking and other harmful things that become the biggest reason of having health problems.

There are some factors in United Kingdom that has become the fashion and lifestyle of the people of UK like smoking, drinking, etc. But these are problems which cause serious effect on the health of the people.

  • Eating habits- This is the main reason of causing many health problems. Wrong habit of eating leads to increase in fat which results in obesity (Mian and Collin-Vézina 2017). Increase weight decreases the life of people. From the analysis of data from heath and social care stated that about 10% of life of people is reduce by their heavyweight.
  • Poor Diet- Poor habit of diet also cause many heath issues. The people living in UK has habit of eating junk food and consuming lots of sugar substance. These habits of eating decreases all the proteins and vitamins in body as well increases obesity.
  • Lack of exercise and physical activity- UK technology is going to be advance in today's time. People are getting more advance and highly depended on technologies. There are not concern about doing exercise and work outs. These also increases the weight of people and also cause obesity.

There are some other habits of people of UK which are causing health care-

  • Smoking- Smoking is another very bad habit of people living in UK. Smoking is now become fashion and life-style of people. About 90000 people die in a year only because of smoking. Health and social care organizations are conducting various campaigns in order to stop smoking. Smoking is not dangerous for health of a person but it also causing serious hazard to the environment.
  • Sexual Health- Sexual health plays a vital role in the life span of an individual. It is very important for people to know about the importance of sexual health and understand the cause and effects to Sexually transmitted disease (Mian and Collin-Vézina 2017). The government of UK is trying to educate and encourage people about the safe and protective sex. They are also given preventive measures to cure from this disease.
  • Culture of work- The people of UK are becoming very work oriented which also a bad habit as they are forgetting other things which are essential parts of life. They are giving more priority to work rather than on there health. Night shifts, regular work on laptops and computers are a bad habit for people.


3.1 Asses the health and well being priorities

In this context, wellbeing is the condition in which individual feel comfortable with surroundings. This sate of wellbing can be achieved only when the person is healthy, happy and satisfy with environment. Some modification is made with improve current market network as per the need of overall development of health sector. In addition, well being can be classified social, physical, environmental and economical factor (Morris and Treat 2017). Wellbeing of an individual is very much related with the health. Different people suffer from different types of diseases. The type of the disease and its effects decides the choice of well being. Priorities should be made in accordance with the effects of the disease. They are to be more likely the value to the health and social care sector and do positive decision making. Overall health can be improve, with the help of different factor or priorities are as follows :

  • Not smoking
  • Eating and healthy diet
  • Moderating alcohol intake
  • Practicing safer sex
  • Managing stress
  • To be safe on rode

3.2 Effectiveness of strategies, systems and policies for ensuring health and wellbeing

Health and wellbing strategies influencing the public health and social care outcome comes. This is help to improve level of healthy of each persons and improve overall development in market sector. Commonwealth health fund is help to improve condition of healthy people in UK. This is to be explain in much better way to, with the help of assorted example of different disease. Some new strategies must be use as well as future conditions of overall development in health care services in market share (Garrett and Bailey 2018). To be used instance of HIV, some programs is help enforced to promote and better grouping to have safe sex and usage of protections while having sex. These programs were proven very advantageous for the decrease in STD transfer. On the other hand, some different kind of services is to be provide by government to improve internal and external working environment. To be focus on safety factor, which is most important in such kind of disease.

Social care services

Social care employment are those work that are supply by the social wellness care systems. These go away assist the diligent as well as their carers respect the well-being issues. Social care wellness involves furnish outfit, health care at away, and commercial enterprise support to persevering etc. In this context, to be focus on some spacial care services is to be provide different factors, which is beneficial for long term aspects as per the need of overall development in health care (Mian and Collin-Vézina 2017). There are information is important factor, that should be consider by social health care is to be provider and give more information about how to overcome such disease. In this way, information is improved and more changes in mental as well as physical activity.

Policies of care UK home

It is one of the most important effective health care and safety provider. They are to be believe in working as per the rule and regulation is set according to law. They are to be care each and every patient in three working days and increase overall development in market share. One of the best logical argument of this care location is the ailment policy that is also the accurate of the persevering and the work receiver. Reported to this policy, the grouping or the customized who are undated with the work can make a formal disorder to the administrative district and the social control of the heath care installation will take action within 3 on the job 24-hour interval.

There are some different is to be made only for patient in UK. With the help of such right to be improve overall development in health care sector.

Equality act, 2010

This act is to be provided the health care provider should be treat all patients is equal. On the other hand, no discrimination of caste, language, colour etc. It is most important part for improve level of patient trust on health care home services.

Complaints procedure

It is found that the localized government of health care in UK are doing selfsame well in encourage the healthful measures of antithetical diseases among people. This government get together with each other for big projection so that they can concealment wider areas in less time. Some federal agency that are on the job for child wellness care also saved to be employed jointly for an individual goal these solar day (Seymour and Cassel 2017). The artefact of business organization in governance is advantageous as it allows early consolidation of child wellness care employment.

3.3 Discuss the changes

The health care sector is doing great job in health and social care. Some changes are made for improve current market carrying into action in overall health care market. On the other hand, changes is one of the most important factor and help to improve customer demand in market price. In addition, customer demand is assistance to improve level of new customer in market place. With the help of strategies to improve health care services and increase future conditions is market share.

The plan of action that have been made for the children wellbeing care intention should be such that improve progenitor about the easiness that can affect their youngster. Parents should be supply with the message regarding the cause and consequence of the easiness. They condition to know about the preventative measures and remedy so that it will be casual for them to treat their kid at the time of ill health (Ford and Doherty 2018). Some changes are made with the help of improve overall development in market share.

There are some changes is made in UK care home are as follows :

They are some changes in internal as well as external factor of care home to be provided in market share. UK care home is set the policies as per the need of internal environment. As the service render are furnished a resident like care and standard atmosphere in their care location, engagement of family associate can be more advantageous to treat the diligent in such case. The household member can tell the carer about the habits and the type of nutrient that necessarily be supply to the persevering.

3.4 Evaluate activity

Behaviour modification in good habit is incorporating in his lifestyle. On other hand, physical exercise is one of the good habit that can be predict to solve any problem in work place. In this context, to be focus on some activities which is help to improve overall development in market share. This is guide and learn about new things of particular disease and solution is also provided.

Breast cancer screening programme

Breast screening aim to find out the breast cancer only. It uses an X-ray test named a mammogram that can point cancers when they're too little to see or feel. In addition, getting breast cancer increased at the age of 50 to 70. Breast cancer symptoms such as a lump or sphere of thickened tissue in a breast, or notice that breasts look or feel assorted from what's normal for you, don't wait to be offered screening (Brownson and Gillespie 2017). It is offered, because of unnecessary regular test and check up. The outcome of the X-ray will be sent to you and your GP no later than 2 after name.

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It can be concluded that epidemiology is a very important part of medical science that identify the distribution, cause and prevention of disability. This report will determine role and responsibilities of various agencies for finding the level of diseases and health in social community. As per the above report is focus on Food Borne diseases is spread in all around the world in United kingdom. It is common diseases and most of the peoples are suffered from these diseases in UK. Form the above report is focus on sexual health plays a vital role in the life span of an individual. It is very important for people to know about the importance of sexual health and understand the cause and effects to Sexually transmitted disease.


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