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Overview of Obesity in Children

University: University of West London

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Question :

Health is at the utmost priority for the state as well as an individual and obesity is one of the major issues in children. A poster is being designed in order to promote health awareness which can address any health issue.

  • Concept and evaluation of health and wellness
  • Impact of policies in public health and the role of the nurse in promoting health.
  • Assessment of health needs of the people by taking into consideration the research evidence.
  • Plan, evaluate and implement the health promotion strategies with the people.
  • Concept of vulnerability and legal policies to protect and safeguard vulnerable people.
Answer :
Organization Selected : JPM


Obesity is termed as a condition when an excess amount of fat gets deposited in some parts of the body. Also, it is a leading cause of various complications such as diabetes, shortness of sleep, breath and even death as well. In this, there are higher probabilities that the extra amount of fat deposited in different parts of the body starts influencing negatively on the overall functioning (McDonagh and, 2014). There are various basic causes that can be considered responsible for this and these involve excessive intake amount of fast-food items, the involvement of less physical exercises and many more. The report involves a brief overview of obesity in children along with a proper specification for choosing the topic. It also includes the epidemiological status, target audience, public health policy along some health promotion theories that can help children dealing with obesity and its various symptoms.

Specification (Rationale)

Specification for choosing the issue, Obesity

Obesity is a situation when an excess amount of fat gets deposited in some areas of body affecting other bodily functions.. In the UK, it has been observed that a wide variety of people are getting affected by obesity and major part of them are the children. So, there are different types of risks that are linked with obesity such as diabetes, asthma and various heart diseases. So, it is very important to analyse various ways and methods that can act helpful for preventing risk of obesity in children because it is increasing rapidly (Goisis, Sacker and Kelly, 2015). After analysing the factors responsible for causing obesity, proper preventive measures can be taken so that it can be controlled and it is very important. Obesity can negatively influence the functioning of bodily functions such as blood pressure, cancers, sleeping and breathing problems. So, this can actually throw a negative impact on the population of UK. Therefore, it is extremely important to involve various ways of treatment and preventions so that it can be controlled and the children, as well as other population of UK, can stay fit, healthy and happier. Due to obesity there are different risk factors which can be arises that are Hypertension, heart diseases and psychological distress.

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statistics of obesity in children in the UK

Epidemiological aspects associated with obesity includes risk factors, global awareness and other trends. It considers the analysis of these factors on an overall impact of obesity on children along with basic population of UK.

This can be considered as the epidemiological status of the overall rate of obesity present in children in UK. The overall rate of obese and over weight are less than that of the child with excess weight (Anderson and, 2017). The excess weight of children in UK are present in a huge amount and this is the reason that it is causing further complications like diabetes, breathing issues, etc. Environmental factors are termed as the most responsible for causing issue associated with obesity(The Sunday Times (2016) . It is because; according to this, the intake of food should be managed in a balanced way so that an efficient amount of energy can be expanded. It is due to the fact that when a specific amount of food will enter the body, proper amount of energy should be extracted from it so that it can be able to maintain a balance between different bodily functions. Although, there are various other factors that are also responsible for causing obesity but social networks and factors related are the most responsible one for causing obesity. So, on the basis of data collected, as it is clear that a wide variety of children in UK are of excess weight, so proper preventive measures can be involved to stay prevented from further complications.

The national child measurement programme reflects the high and weight of more than one million children who are between the aged of 4-5 and 10-11 years studying in England Primary school.

Determinants of Health

It is identified that there are many determinants of health among all of them one is known as inequality due to which people not able to receive effective health related services. Parents started eating unhealthy foods and this trend is followed by their children due to which various health issues arises. it is important for both parents and children's that they maintain healthy life style so that their health issues can be avoided and they live quality life.

Relevant health policy

There have been various policies implemented by government of UK in order to prevent the risk of obesity. One of the policies i.e. Change4Life, have been developed by the government to provide help to people by making and improving their choices and thus, making them healthier. The program involves change for different aspects of life. Whether it is intake of food, drinks and content of sugars, calorie information and many more. So, by means of these policies and programs, people are guided and taught about the factors that they can involve for a healthier living. It involves all measures that are necessary to be excluded out from the daily schedule in order to have a happy and balanced life.

There are some policies which are adopted in order to tackle childhood obesity that are childhood obesity a plan for action was established in 2016. The first plan was to monitor that soft drinks do not contain much sugar. it is analysed that there is increase in consumption of soft drinks due to which chances of obesity arise. therefore, goal is to encourage the inventors of the products to reformulate and reduce sugar content. Second one is that campaign can be carried out such as Change4Life etc. it is effective enough in targeting children who are between the age for 5 to 11 and parents.

Target audience

From the report of BBC is identified that among three one children is overweight or obese levels. for the research targeted kids are between the age of 5-qq who will be inspire for changes in their behaviour and for promoting health awareness (Public Health England

2017). Children's are always depended on their parents and its role of parents to help children in maintaining healthy diet. Therefore, targeted audience is children with obesity and parents. Parents lead to play significant role in respect to control their children and create awareness among them about significance of eating healthy food.

Health promotional Model

For the present research beattie's model is not used by parents as because of its complexity. In contrast to this, for the study Tannahill's descriptive model is adopted which have three over lapping spheres that are health education, health protection and prevention. it is appropriate because it lead to focus on providing education related to the improvement and well being of individuals for reducing the risk factors of ill health through providing healthier choice examples. It can include poster section which shows the way of preventing from obesity. it is critically analysed that Tanahill's model do not pay attention to community-based efforts for making improvement in individual health's and it do not proposed a new way to consider community.

In respect to promote wellness within children proper knowledge related to childhood obesity must be possess by children's. The NMC (2010) reflects that the standards for competence apply at different field of nursing which assist in influencing understanding of their lifestyle and environment. through providing training will become easy to create awareness among children related to the positive change which can prevent disease through spreading.

Social cognitive theory can be adopted in respect to influence individual experience related to health belief. This theory lead to provide chances for social support through imparting expectations, self efficacy and use of observational learning and other reinforcement to accomplish behaviour change. social cognitive theory key components are as follows:

Self efficacy:

Behavioural capability



self control”

It is a skill building exercise for enhancing independence and develop healthy behaviours among all the participations.

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Health message

Due to high parental influence on children's behaviour, the poster will have focused on children with the parents so that they can keep control on healthy diet of children. Along with this, message should be written in easy language which can be understand by children's. Further, images can be used to shows the negative impact of obesity. Bright colour can be used in order to grab attention of children's so that they can focused on their health issues through reading the poster. Colour such as orange and yellow can be used for represent ambition with a white background (Public Health England (2017). Along with this, red sign can be shown for the dangerous of obesity. Green is avoided from the leaflet and font size will be enough big so that it can be clearly read out. Uses of bullet point is also effective idea because it can help in highlighting the main points. After preparing the poster it will be placed within school, hospitals and newspaper so that it can easily notice by children's as well as parents.

On the other side, there are some limitations of poster because it has some information related to contact if they had any questions or queries (NHS, Health Education England (2018). Along with this, it can also have more information on preventative measures instead if being displayed in bullet points. However, poster also have some strength such as placing cartoon images which can be eye catching for children's. Further it will be simple and attractive that can grab attention of customers.


Overview about obesity in children

Although, there are enormous number of people that are affected by obesity in UK but the largest range that has been covered by it involves children and teens. Possible causes may be termed as their habit of eating fast food and a less amount of involvement in physical exercises. Therefore, an improvement in the quality of food can actually help these children to fight with obesity. For this, parents and guardians can also ensure to provide a better, tasty, healthy and an efficient range of food items to the children so that they may not have to eat outside. This can help in maintaining their body weight. Involvement of exercises can also help to maintain the body weight. A clear and appropriate health message for coping with different factors associated with obesity can help such as “Stop now to live a healthy life”. Focusing on this, there are enormous number of factors that can be considered from it. A major message is being provided by it that if the children in UK will analyse and understand now only the factors that are causing the issue of obesity, they can control the risk of happening same (Katzmarzyk and, 2015).

Therefore, if they manage, it can stop the risk of obesity as well and then the people can enjoy a happier and healthier life. So, it is better to analyse before only so that proper preventive measures can be taken in order to control the risk or issue. For this, parents and guardians play an important role. It is because; they can ensure to provide the children an efficient quality of food so that everyone can stay healthy and also, they eat less outside.

Also, they can make their involvement in some sessions or trainings such as yoga, gym and many more so that their body can stay fit. There are various risks associated with obesity. During early childhood, diagnosis of obesity can actually cause various complications in the future. IT is because different risk factors are associated with it such as shortness of breathing, sleep and many more. Therefore, proper measures can be involved in order to minimize the risk of obesity and factors associated with it.

For this, various ways that can be included involves exercises, less consumption of sugar and there are some medications as well that block the content of fats from absorbing in the body. Therefore, some factors like taking a balanced diet, involvement of physical activities, etc. can actually help the children from getting prevented from obesity (Mead and, 2016). Behaviour modifications also play a major and important role. It means that the parents and guardians of children can set some short term goals for making effective changes in children's lifestyle. Also, by these means, they can achieve all goals and thus, reducing the risk of obesity in children's lifestyle. Thus, they can enjoy a healthier as well as happier lifestyle. It is because; prevention of obesity in children means prevention of complications that are associated with obesity.


From the above report it is concluded that in UK obesity is increasing within the children who belong the age of 5-11 and it can seriously cause high risk to them. The main goal of poster is to capture the attention of children's so that the can understand negative impact of obesity on their health and try to overcome them. Involvement of parents is high as because children are mostly dependent on them. further it is concluded that government has made various policies related to health promotion in UK that can help in promoting healthier life.

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  • In order overcome Obesity health problem in children government can focus on creating awareness among parents and make them aware of its health risk.
  • Further in school children's should be more aware about health related risk which can occur due to obesity and the way it can be avoided, so that they become more health conscious.


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