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Personal and Professional Development in Health and Social Care

University: ICTM College London

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Diploma
  • Pages: 7 / Words 1831
  • Paper Type: Minor Case Study
  • Course Code: H/601/1098
  • Downloads: 672
Question :

An explanation is drawn for understanding the learning concepts of health and social care.

  • Assessment of the impact of personal value and ethics in health care services.
  • Production of plan associated with social care practitioner.
  • Explanation regarding the application of professional engagement principles within social care services.
  • Demonstration of reflection over their own skills.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Aldgate Health Clinic for Men


Personal development is a major and only target of an individual. Professional development used to take place in better and supportive manner with assistance of leaders and managers of a company. This project is based on personal and professional development of an individual in health and social care context so that they could derive better and supportive outcome by consulting various case studies and fact sheet as well. This project will used to describe about the personal values and principles will used to influence personal contribution for better working in health and social care setting (Antheunis, Tates and Nieboer, 2013). Although, for analysing personal skills and attributes, there is a need of to assess the things better through personal and professional development plans for deriving better outcome and evaluate own progress in nature. It will also going to define about principles of professional engagement while dealing at health and social care. All such aspects will used to describe and define properly for gaining better and supportive outcome.

TASK 1 & 2

2.1 Assessment of own skills, abilities and learning style

The health and social care domain requires an individual to be possessed with distinct knowledge and skills so that prosperity in the particular domain could be achieved. There are numerous personal skills which I have nourished overtime and will help in performing my duties in the best possible manner (Beddoe, 2010). It is essential to conduct a self-assessment through SWOT analysis so that weaknesses could be identified along with opportunities which could be capitalised upon. The analytical tool undertaken help in conducting a right assessment on skills and capabilities of self which are mentioned below:


  • Communication skills
  • Ideal knowledge
  • Decision-making skills
  • Technical skills


  • Limited Experience
  • Time management
  • Lesser guidance


  • Practical Experience
  • Problem solving capabilities
  • Prioritizing


  • Team working skills
  • Motivational ability

It can be identified that communication skills and knowledge are the strong suits which are to be utilised further so that better position could be attained in terms of personal and professional grounds. Time and self management activities are to be focused so that they could be improved and there are numerous opportunities in terms of experience and problem solving skills which are to be focused (Christopher and Maris, 2010).

The learning measure which has been emphasised by me is Kolb's learning style in which the experience which has been gained by me is further reflected upon. The reflection will be helpful in identifying learning from the concrete experience so that it could be further employed to finish a task in an improved manner.

2.2 Producing a holistic development plan with short and long term goals





Criteria for success

Communication skills

(Short-term goal)

Watching Movie, taking private and practising interaction with colleagues are amongst top approaches which lead to improved communication skills.

The communication skills could be monitored by my mentor when interacting with a colleague.

2 Months

The success would be achieved when I will be able to successfully interact with others and convey messages in the best possible manner.

Team work

(Medium term goal)

Team work could be improved through facilitation of communication, building trust and confidence, setting up of goals and clarity in defining roles and responsibilities.

The measurement of team work can be carried out with the help of metrics. The criteria which have been finalised are attendance, helpfulness, initiative, efficiency and quality of output which has been produced.

3 Months

Success relating to teamwork could be fulfilled when the group task which has been allotted to us is being fulfilled in the specified tasks and that too with minimal conflicts.

Problem-solving skills

(Long term goals)

The manner through which problem solving skills could be encouraged are facilitation of detailed understanding of the problem, involvement of creativity when looking answers and focusing on the root cause of problem.

There can be numerous problem solving approaches such as questionnaire, content driven and stand along approaches.

6 Months

The success in this form can be determined easily when a problem could be resolved causing minimal or no harm to the concerned.



(Long term goals)

The actions which can be undertaken is to conduct a cost benefit analysis on the subject matter, conducting a research and looking for opinion who can assist in shaping decisions.

The questionnaire can be taken into consideration for their right evaluation of the decision making skills of an individual. Decision competencies and behaviour are additional approach for measurement.

6 Months

Success in the decision making skills can be availed when there is an appropriate selection of low-risk approaches. The additional benefits could be achieved in the form of enhanced ability to imaging and projections capabilities.

2.3 Monitoring progress against plan and revising if required

It is very important to monitor development plan so that major discrepancies could be identified and corrected. For instance: the communication skill stands crucial in the health and social care domain as it involves great deal of interaction. The extent to which an individual is able to understand what I have said defines my communication tactics. The monitoring of a plan helps in identification of major areas which could be improved and will definitely assist in moving along on the path of development of self on personal and professional grounds (Hung, and Yuen, 2010). It is essential to conduct a skill assessment so that area which are lacking could be incorporated in the development plan. The skill assessment helps in identification of the various plans which are to be improved upon. I have to focus on my ability to motivate self and other so that tasks could be achieved in the right manner. The motivational skills will make sure that I am able to get the work done out of others and simultaneously fulfilling targets established.

2.4 Evaluation effectiveness of development plan

The self assessment helped in understanding various aspects about my personality which are to be improved to complete my dream of working in health and social care segment. The evaluation of development plan is created effectively so that my growth in this domain is controlled and managed. The skills which are undertaken are communication, time management, problem-solving and team work which stands crucial for an individual working in health and social care segment. The communication skill is very important as it equips an individual with a power to influence thinking of other achieved through interaction.

The problem solving and decision-making capacity of an individual stands crucial in the health and social care segment (Kinman and Grant, 2011). This skill will helpful to me in dealing with crisis situation and persuades an individual to take up right decision amongst the available alternatives. People in the health and social care domain are vulnerable therefore there problem solving skills helps in resolving their queries and issues so that they are able to lead a healthy and comfortable life. Upon reviewal, I can say that developed plan have been constructed as effective and will be useful in enhancing my knowledge and skill on personal as well as professional grounds leading to a secure future in healthcare industry. Prior to the fulfilment of this development plan, I will be surely able to serve healthcare clients in an improved manner.


3.1 Compare personal values and principles with the principles of support for service users and the health and social care

Health and social care is place where various number of individuals used to take place and working in better and signified manner. Thus, every person have their own personal values and principles which they could follow so that better and effective working could be done (Kumari, 2011). Thus, personal values and principles used to include about culture, beliefs, ideas, thoughts, economical condition etc. These values and principles need to align with principles of support of services so that better and effective working could be promoted. The principles and values at support care are refer for the dignity, confidentiality, respect, choice etc. Thus, such values and principles need to understand and compare properly with an individual context as well as with support services providers.

Dignity: Personal value of an individual stated that they have to provide appropriate dignity top others which enable them in providing better team working. Along with this, principle of health care stated that without team working appropriate and effective quality of services would not used to take place in better and supportive manner.

Confidentiality: A personal value of a person in health and social stated that they need to maintain information private and confidential in nature as well. Although, principle of health and social care providers need to maintain all kind of data secure and private in tenure so that their users would used to gain better and effective quality standard services in nature (Lapkin, Levett-Jones and Gilligan, 2013).

Workers of Wellington hospital need to assess such aspects properly where individual need to maintain all values and principles properly in context with support of service users as well. This will enhance their overall w

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