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Principles of Health and Social Care Practice

University: ICTM College London

  • Unit No: 13
  • Level: Diploma
  • Pages: 8 / Words 2020
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: D/508/0491
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Table of Content

  2. TASK 1
  3. TASK 2
Question :

Understanding is drawn for underpinning knowledge and values within health and social care.

  1. Explanation regarding the implementation of health and social care practices.
  2. Explanation associated with the influence of policy, legislation and standards within social care practices.
  3. Understanding of theories that underpin social and health care practices.
  4. Assessment of the contribution of development within social care practices.
Answer :


Social care is one of the important aspects which include the activities provided by hospitals and care home regarding protection of the health of individuals of society. It is a broad concept which includes other different services also like personal, societal and protection services from the threats. The main aim behind the providence of such services is to ensure maximum protection of the health of patients and individuals suffering from any disease. It is the duty of the management of all the care home is to appoint qualified medical practioner and provide adequate training programmes for improvement of skills. This will results in reduction in the amount of mistake and future risks. There are many regulations are provided by government in this regard which are need to adhere by care homes (Munn and Winter, 2013).

This present has three different parts which defines different aspects. First, includes different approaches and strategies which are needed to implement for the protection of patients and employees. Secondly, different legislations, codes and practices provided by government and its contribution to make social care services better. In last, different theories related to health care practice and description of own responsibilities which are need to perform at workplace.


1.1 Procedure for protecting clients, patients and colleagues from harm

It is the duty upon the management of the care home is to take all necessary steps which helps to provide secure and safe working environment to the clients, patients and staff members. In this regard, many initiatives are taken by UK government also and made legislation related to safety which is needed to adhere while providing their functions. Instead of such legislation, management is need to follow particular procedure which helps in assessment of the risk at regular basis present at workplace and provide continuous solutions to accomplish the target of optimum safety.

The different steps which are need to adopt by the cited care come for the safety of clients, patients and employees is defined below:

  • First, includes the process of measurement of harm which should be borne by care home due to presence of different types of risks at workplace. The harm should be in any form physical, mental, emotional, financial etc.
  • Second step, includes assessment of the causes behind such risks and harm to care home. It encourages the management that need to take adequate steps in future to bring efficiency in their operations (Aveyard, 2014).
  • Third step, one of the important stages which include selection of effective solution which helps to overcome from above determined risks and to keep the working environment more secure.
  • Fourth step includes the determination of the actual impact of solutions which are adopted above in the process of minimisation of risk.
  • Last step, effective completion of all the above stated stages helps to build safe workplace where employees, patients and clients are safe.

1.2 Implementation of relevant policies, legislation, regulations and codes of practice

The facilities which are provided by care homes are critical in nature and one mistake become dangerous for the life of patients. So, it is very important for them is to follow all the necessary legislations, regulations and code of practices which contributes in providence of best services which ensures maximum safety of the health of patients. Such legislations and code of practices are provided by government due to sensitivity of their responsibilities towards the individuals of society. This brings an obligation upon the staff members of cited care home is to follow provisions of these legislations bring effectiveness in their services and satisfaction of the different needs of patients as per their needs. According to the audit report of care quality commission, observed that many mistakes are done on regular basis which has adverse impact upon the health of patients and creation of many issues such as health hazards, family issues etc. Therefore, it is essentially required for every organisation to implement all policies, standards and regulation within an organisation in order to operate all business activities in an effective and efficient manner which indirectly help in building goodwill and reputation of an organisation in market.

1.3 Development of local policies and procedures accordance with national requirements

For enhancing the quality of their particular services and performances of various departments need to develop new internal procedures and policies according to their needs in context with national requirements (Aveyard and Sharp, 2013). These national requirements are provided for guidance of the care home is to develop their own strategies in the purview of such requirements. For attaining adequate output, need to assess their needs thoroughly because national requirements are broad in concept which covers all general guidelines. It helps to make their plan with more care which satisfies the different preferences of customers. This will have huge importance for cited care home which helps in saving of their time and cost while formulating plans s they work as base. It provides the opportunity regarding minimisation of their risks. All these policies which are formulated need to be clear and unambiguous which is easily understood by staff members and patients. It helps the staff members to effectively determine their roles and contributes in the reduction in amount of mistakes. Also guides patients regarding things they have to perform or not for maintaining safety of their own health. Therefore, it is essentially required to develop existing policies and procedures in order to meet national requirements. Overall, it helps to provide better and timely services to patients.

1.4 Influence of policy, legislation and code of practice on organisational policy

It is ascertained that there is huge impact of the governmental policies, legislations and code of practice upon the current policies of cited care home. Now the government is strict and non fulfilment these requirements generates legal penalties upon care home. It will contribute their support in generation of sense of responsibility among the management that bring changes in their current policies according to government instructions (James, 2013). This will not only helps to prevent themselves from penalties but also improves quality of their services which build good image of care home in between society. Designing of policies is difficult task because many things are need to consider. Governmental code of conducts and legislations makes this task easier for the management of care home to formulate effective strategies in the guidance of such rules and regulations. It helps in creation of ethical atmosphere at care home which is required to maintain. The other important benefits which are gathered by care home include reduction in amount of conflicts, mistakes, disputes, maximum safety of the health of patients, development of the skills of staff members, building of professional career etc. It saves the time of management in formulation process of policies and enhances the goodwill of care home (Mitchell and et. al., 2012).


2.1 Principles of support for ensuring that individuals are cared for in health and social care

ICON Residential care home has the main aim to provide health care facilities especially which are suffered from dementia. They also provide the activities regarding promotion of the human rights of the people with dementia (Laird, 2010). It is observed that in this regard PANEL Approach is used which provides Participation, Accountability, Non-Discrimination and Equality, Empowerment and legality. There are much legislation which is works as supporting principles regarding assessment of the risks and their harms upon the patients. These guidelines are used for making appropriate solutions for safety of the health at care home. All these legislations and code of conduct provided by governmental bodies to provide quality services and reduction in problems facing by community. Here, more emphasis is provided that in case of emergencies proper treatment should be delivered within adequate period of time (Drummond and et. al., 2015).

Principles are refers as norms and beliefs which are provided by governing authorities like care quality commission for making the health care services better and preventing the poor individuals and families to get infected from dangerous health issues. This will provides the opportunity to the management of ICON Residential care home is to adopt person cantered approaches which helps to treat the patient effectively through removal of all barriers which are present in old treatment practices.

2.2 Theories that underpin health and social care practice

There are many theories which help the care come to understand the behaviour of patients by understanding their feelings, needs and wants. The different theory which is used in this regard by the management of ICON residential care home is defined below:

Humanistic theory: It is considered as one of the best theory which is used by the care homes in UK while giving their health related facilities. Here, total focus is provided upon the determination of need of client which helps in designing of care services and protection of client, rights, liberty and pride. On the basis of the present case study, staff members of cited care home needs to provide physical exercise and other cognitive stimulation activities to their clients for their effective treatment and helping to overcome from physical and mental issues (Cameron and et. al., 2014).

Social learning theory: This theory helps to learn new things through observing different natures and characteristics of patients. It helps the management of cited organisation is to build effective precautionary policies according to their particular behaviour and diverse background.

Anti-oppressive theory: This will provide the information regarding social justice and its importance upon maintaining individual rights (DiClemente and et. al., 2013).

Anti-discriminatory theories: This will provide that give social work activities as much as can possible. This will provides opportunity about access of health care services to each and every person of society.

2.3 How social process on users of health and social care services

Social learning as well as other social care services makes huge impacts on users in different ways as now the clients is target focused while formulation policies in the United Kingdom thus it aids improve patient centric health care model which includes both point of view services user and care. Moreover it has also been found from the research that involvement of clients brings improvement in services which are offered under the roof of health and social care as they carefully examine the services related with all disciplines whether it is cancer or anything else. Making partnership with the employees working in providing social and care services help in maintaining health environment which brings strength to individual’s policy and care (Cameron, and et. al., 2014).

Participation of users and social processes are also required to be considered in order to guide health and social care policy that will shifted from reactive-orientation model to current model.

2.4 Evaluation of effectiveness of inter-professional working

At present times, the health and social care is one of the emerging trends towards inter-professional working model. It mainly promotes alliance with experts in order to identifying the actual needs of clients with a motive of providing them comfy treatment. Apart from this, it brings advantages to the volunteers as well as it help them in observing and analysing new things and learning so as to include them in their academic education programmes which becomes the major approach ton holistic and core centric to patient. Getting knowledge about the person will help management to make an effective care plan.

Apart from this, there are several situations which bring difficulties and challenges for inter-professional environment such as lack of support, training and modification of policies etc. Therefore, it is important for firm to share responsibilities and information with their skilled employees that will brings interest to get involve in providing heal

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