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Professional Practice in Children and Young people's Social Care

University: Bucks New University

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  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Question :

It deals with the practices of the professionals while taking care of the children and the young people. It explains the practices which are to be followed by the professionals so that they can smoothly carry out their social duty to care. To understand the topic elaborately, answer the following questions.

  • What legislative policies are considered while working with children and young people in social care?
  • State professional responsibilities while working with children and young people.
  • How responsibilities of professionals are reflected upon their own practice and performances?
  • How to develop effective relationship with other professional colleague?
  • What are the implications of law of equality while working with children and young people?
  • What is meant by diversity? Explain importance of equality and practices of anti-discrimination.
Answer :


In every country, there are some laws and regulations imposed to provide health care facilities to young people. These laws vary according to countries. It is very important to provide effective and better health care services to children and young people (Dominelli, 2017). This is because; they are the future of nation. In children, there is high risk of getting affected from infectious disease. Therefore, it is the responsibility of professionals to follow their roles in a proper way in social care. This report will describe the legislation and policy of child care. Also, it will show different practices that are followed by the professionals. Moreover, what are the impact of legislation in providing care services to people.


1.1 The way current and relevant legislation and policy affects work with children and young people

Following are the policies and acts existing in UK that affect the work with children and young people:

Health and social act 2008 – This act states that every individual in the UK must be provided with equal and proper health facilities. In this act, the CQC is responsible for ensuring that services are provided equally to all people. It regulates the overall health and social care activities.

The children act 1989- This act assigns duties, roles and responsibilities to several agencies that work for the benefit of children (Oliviere and Hargreaves, 2017). This is done to ensure that children’s welfare is promoted. Also, this act provides provisions to agencies in case they cooperate with children.

The child act 2004- It is another act that is the subset of Children Act 1989. But this act was created to set certain goals for various agencies. The primary aim of this act was to regulate them and set boundaries.

Children and young person act 1933- This act sets some basic guidelines for criminal offence of children who are above the age of 18 years. It also includes some other guidelines that are related to children.

1.2 Impact of social care standards and codes of practice on work with children and young people

Setting of care standards and practices ensure that children are given with proper health services. Both these are interrelated to each other. The examples are given as follows:-

Multi agency working – It refers to agencies that are related to child development. It can be either public or private. Both these set standards and guidelines create a strong impact on the working of professionals.

Information sharing – In this, information of health services is shared so that children will be given with appropriate care services (Hepworth and 2016). Due to frequent sharing of information, it has created a positive impact. Children are given with effective care services.

Child protection- It refers to protection of the child from harmful or illegal activities. It is the responsibility of both parents and local authorities to consider this.

1.3 Importance of the UNCRC

UNCRC is a treaty that is signed by all countries. This treaty is developed and passed by United Nations in 1989. In this, there are 41 articles that include various factors such as social, political, civil, etc. along with the rights of children. It states the rights that every child must be provided with along with equal health facilities regardless of caste, area, creed, etc. This treaty is based on four principles that are non-discrimination, interest of child, survival and development and respect. Its importance is that it ensures every country to give certain rights to children that help them to protect from abuse, exploitation, etc. Also, it gives them chance to participate in culture, family and social life. These rights provide freedom to children below the age of 18 years to enjoy, play and rest.


2.1 Responsibilities of given roles

Corporate parent – The role of corporate parent is defined by government and agencies that are involved in child care (Moser, and Kalton, 2017). They work together to promote the health and social services. Besides this, parents provide proper care to children so that positive outcomes can be obtained. A good parenting will help in the growth of child and in giving a better life. Besides this, a corporate parent must ensure the well-being of his or her child by providing all basic health facilities in small age.

Professional career- They include people such as doctors, social workers, etc. that are involved in providing the health services to people. They are employed by the local authorities and roles as well as responsibilities that are assigned to them. They support parents in providing the health services. These people play a crucial role in fostering the life of children.

2.2 Duty of care

It is a legal obligation that is imposed on every individual. It adheres them to follow standard while providing care to children so that it may not harm others. It is also followed by organisation to take effective measures to prevent activities that can result in harming the others. A duty of care is of different types (Schö 2017). It varies according to person and things. This act also provides some responsibility to individuals towards society. This can be owned by the accountant of company, nurse in hospital, manufacture against land owners, etc.

2.3 Impact of professional relationship on children and young people

There is a great impact on the relationship between professional people and children. It is because; children behave differently with different people. Therefore, it can be said that impact of relationship can be either positive or negative. If positive then child future will be bright. It will enable them to behave properly, support others, etc. But if negative it can lead to major consequences. For example: child will indulge in fraudulent activities. Besides this, records must be kept about the practices. It will help in identifying the impact. Moreover, it is important to take effective and proper actions against poor professional practices. This will lead to positive impact of the young people.

2.4 Example of poor practice that may impact outcome for children

There are many examples of poor practice that can lead to negative impact on child. Due to this it may affect the results. The example are as follows :

Misrepresentation of fraud- In this any wrong information related to child protection can lead to misrepresentation (Pecora and 2017) Also, failure in disclosing matter related to criminal activities may affect the outcome.

Professional incompetence – It refers to not having proper professional knowledge and skills. This can lead to not giving effective child care which may affect the growth.

Neglect of professional duty- in this the parent may not perform their duty effective. They do not give proper health services to child in early stage. This impact the outcome in the future.

Acting outside boundaries- in this parent can act outside the rules that has been imposed by government.

2.5 Actions that can be taken to improve poor practice

In order to improve poor practice there are several actions that can be taken. These are as follows :-

Report of poor practice – in this if any poor practice is performed it may be reported to local authorities. Then, action can be taken order to improve them. Also, standards must be set so that practice can be measured (van Bijleveld and 2015). This will help in providing suggestions on how to improve practice.

Using correct procedures- In this correct procedures must be followed in practice.

Accurate record keeping – the records of poor as well as good practice must be maintained so that results can be measured and future goals can be set.


3.1Explain the professional responsibility to maintain current practice

In health care rules and regulations changes frequently. This is done to provide effective health services to children. So It is essential to maintain current practice so that effective care facilities can be provided.

3.2 Professional supervision in order to improve practice

In health care the role of professionals are very crucial. It is because they provide effective health care to children. There are various ways through which supervision of practice can be done. This will help in maintaining quality of service. Also, it will lead to Also, they support and guide parents in development of child. Besides this, practice can be supervised by developing plan. It will give an insight on how health care must be provided and what actions must be taken in various situation (Pecora and 2017). The plan will also consist of guidelines regarding policies. Along with this, professional can participate in various training and development programs. With this they will be able to evaluate overall activities.

3.3 Feedback from own practice

By involving in health care of children and young people, I took the feedback from others. It helped me in identifying weak areas. Also, it helped me in changing my way of providing service to children. Moreover, with this I was able to evaluate my own performance. With this I was able to analyse whether needs of young people are being meet or not. Also, by taking feedback from others I developed some guidelines. It helped me in

3.4 Explain importance of understanding limits in seeking advice

It is very important to understand the limits of competence. This is because it supports in giving care services. The importance is it set boundaries so that practice is not performed beyond that. Also, when limits are set it helps in understanding roles of others so that similar mistakes are not repeated (Garbarino, 2017). Furthermore, support can also be given to other professionals. Alongside this, each agency works under their limits. This helps in measuring their performance and taking proper action. By this the quality of service is maintained. Setting limits also helps in recognising needs that has not been met and providing sufficient support. Giving advice to other is beneficial in development and growth of child.


4.1 Respect and value professional competence

While working in health sector, building relationship with others plays a vital role in providing proper care. As a professional I developed effective relations with others. It helped me in working with them and providing support. Also, it is important to respect others. Relations can be developed by involving others in decision making. Besides this, confidentiality of information can be maintained. Apart from this, developing relationship is beneficial as there is sharing of roles and responsibilities (Burford, 2017). Colleagues also helps in contributing in work and achieving goals and objectives.

4.2 Explain own rights and expectation as a professional

As a professional there are many rights that has to be followed while working in social care. These are as follows:

  • Right to treat fairly- In this professional must be treated fairly at work place. This means that they must be respected equally by every one. Staff should also be treated fairly and equally by professionals. There should not be any discrimination followed.
  • Maternity rights – this right state that female professional has the right to take maternity leaves. Also, laws and policies grant them to right to take this leave. Basically, this right is only granted to female.
  • Paid time off work- It is a policy that allow employees to take sick leaves, vacation days, etc. these rights are imposed by Labour union.

Expectation of professional is as follows :-

  • Training and development- It is expected from professional that he or she are involved in different training programs (Dominelli, 2017)
  • Providing information- Professional should share information with each other. It will help in providing care services.


5.1How current equalities' legislation affects work

There are various legislation that affects work practice. These are as follows:-

The education reform act1988- this act is implied in UK in education sector. It controls the overall education system in various bodies. In this primary and secondary schools' comes under this.

The equality act 2010- This act contain many other acts that are related to providing equal rights to people of UK. In this acts like equal pay 1970, race relations act 1976, etc. are there. In this there are three statutory elements are there that protects discrimination on basis of religion, sex and age.

The codes and policies imposed by legislation influence in providing service. It is because they enforce care centres to treat person equally (Oliviere and Hargreaves, 2017). Also, professional must educate parents and provide support to them in growth of child. Thus, in this way good practices are also promoted

5.2 Examples of good practice in promoting equality

Good practices can be followed in different ways. It not only maintain service quality but also provide effective care. It can be done by creating awareness among employees. This will increase their skills and knowledge. Also, it will enable in finding out inequalities in practices. Therefore, by discussing on it with colleagues method and ways can be find out to minimise it. This will help in promoting equality at every level. Besides this, staff suggestion can be considered. Also, while recruiting equality must be followed. Moreover, growth opportunities can be provided equally to each staff. In this way equality can be promoted.


6.1 What is diversity

It refers to variety or types of things or people that are being included in a group. In health and social care people of different caste, creed, race, etc. works together. So it is necessary that diversified people are included in this (Hepworth and 2016). It will help in treating people with equally and with respect.

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6.2 what is meant by anti discriminatory practice

It refers to the practice that is followed against the discriminatory act. This means that while providing social care people are discriminated on the basis of caste, creed and colour. Discrimination can occur on the grounds of sexual, gender, ethnicity, etc. In providing health care to children and young people, they are often discriminated on basis of geographical, status and socio- economic factors.

6.3 Effects of discrimination and its results on children

The effects of discrimination can lead to serious consequences. It can demotivate the other families and children. Also, due to this child may be more angry. It will directly impact on his or her mental health (Moser, and Kalton, 2017). The children who are not given proper care can face violence and harm themselves.


This report concludes that there are many laws and regulations that helps in providing proper health services to children. These laws vary from international to national level. The role of professional people and parents is also crucial as they help in growth of child. These people play a crucial role in fostering life of children. There are various ways through which supervision of practice can be done. It is very important to understand the limits of competence. This is because it supports in giving care services.

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