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CHCPRT001 Identify and Respond to Children and Young People at Risk

University: University of Melbourne

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 8 / Words 2068
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: CHCPRT001
  • Downloads: 586
Question :

This assessment will provide certain questions which are like:

  1. Why does the children being allowed for diction making in young people?
  2. Give the 3 symptoms and also signs for abuse and neglect.
  3. What are the legal consequences and responsibilities to manage the child abuse
  4. What is trauma informed care
  5. Elaborate about the authorities who participate in childcare.
Answer :

1. Presenting 5 open ended questions

Q1: What happen?

Q2: What would you like to do today?

Q3: What are your favorite activities?

Q4: What are you feeling?

Q5: What are you thinking for?

2. Importance to allow the children in decision making from a young age

It is important for the teachers and parents to allow their children in decision making from a young age because in a life individual need to make decision for their lives suddenly and this comes surprise for them if they are not enough trained. With the help of this skill, children can develop confidence among them and this in turn helps to make any decision at any stage which reflect that they are grow. Also, allowing them for making decision assist to cultivate a sense of value and at a younger age, children are more creative and perceptive than adults so developing decision making skills among them assist to let child understand about their small choice in an easy manner that empower children and acknowledge their worth as well. It is not necessary that all the decisions made by child gives a positive outcome but in this stage, children also develop problem solving skills that helps to generate a sense of responsibility among them.

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3. Three symptoms or signs of abuse

The three symptoms of abuse among children are as mentioned below:

  • Change in behavior such as aggression, anger and hyperactivity.
  • Lack of supervision
  • Depression, anxiety and unusual fear

4. Element of report writing

There are key elements which need to be included while writing a report which includes:

  • Personal detail of the child who abused should not be disclosed except the name which include any past record of abuse
  • The situation of a child
  • Name, age and address of the child but it will not publically disclose.
  • Name of the person who are responsible for the child's care.
  • Home environment on which the child stay.
  • If the child made a verbal disclosure then I would not react negatively but listen them.
  • I collect information from the parents in order to determine the child behavior in routine days.

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No, I am not a mandatory reporter when the child disclose then relevant I reached to authority should in order to get proper response. In order to report the suspected abuse, I will inform Child Abuse Report line. When a child disclose any experienced abuse, then it legal responsibility of that individual is as mentioned below:

  • Avoid denial: It is a common reaction of an individual to deny when a child disclosed any abuse and at that time, individual should not deny their child from this.
  • Listen and do not make assumption: Always avoid advising because putting own words in the child's mouth is not good. So, let the child set the pace and do not rush.
  • Always be supportive: It is the legal responsibility because if individual start talking negatively then child may be disclosure terrible things and at that time, individual is not able to perform any thing (Corbi and, 2019).
  • Do not mislead: It is a normal human nature that when any one disclose the things then they stop the child by misleading but it is not good because when a child start revealing then it will be beneficial for them because in this way, they start providing information and build up confidence.
  • Don't be afraid of saying wrong thing: Children will rarely disclose a secret and if they do then listen the same with calmly and patiently so that the steps can be taken immediately if something is wrong identified.

6. Ways when individual do not know how to respond 

If, an individual do not know how to respond in such situation, then they can took a help from their elder so that effective outcome can be generated. Moreover, taking help from a professional is also consider the best respond and each country have their own helpline number in order to solve such issue so that effective outcome can be generated. Normally, it has been identified that there were situation when a parents did not know how to respond in such situation because a child reveals in front of those to whom they have trust. That is why, making strong decision in this situation assist to improve such type of problem.

In a school, principle should provide guidance and information to all the students about abuse and Department of Child protection is the government authority in your state that deals with child protection reports.

7. Action taken to solve Benji's condition

Through the situation, it has been analysed that Benji's sudden change in a circumstances and behavior is a major cause of concern for me. Though his uncle take care of him from last many time but he actually neglecting duties and that is why, sending Benji to centre with hi empty lunch box. This in turn leads Benji to face trauma due to neglecting the issue. As a result, it is my ethical duty to inform his mother as she is my friend but she is too stressed but it is her duty to take care of Benji and does not forget her duties towards Benji. Apart from this, I will also inform management regarding Benji's life so that they can took further step because if I will neglect the certain aspect of my responsibility and do not take action, I can place Benji at risk of harm.

Apart from thus, children need to feel safe and supported in an education environment. I can also provide a safe refugee away from trauma in his life. That is why, it is an important for me to understand about the Benji's life and provide him a nurturing environment so that he can live easily in order to express the trauma in his own way. With regard to his hunger, I will start haring my lunch box to Benji

8. Trauma informed care

Trauma informed care is an approach used in human service field that assume that individual is likely to have history of trauma and that is why, the chances of affecting individual is high (Racine, Killam and Madigan, 2020). That is why, it can be stated that it is a framework that is based upon the knowledge and understanding of how trauma affect the lives. For example, Benji in the above case clearly reflected that he is suffered from trauma where neither his mother nor his uncle provide a proper care to him.

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9. Child focused work practices

Child focused work practices is known as recognizing children's development need and time frame for an intervention. Further, allowing children opportunity to participate within a decision also affecting them is also included under a practice. Also, the practices include that there is a need to ensure that children safety is essential and to uphold their human rights so that effective outcome can be generated (Coyne, I., Holmström and Söderbäck, 2018). In this situation, my job role is to supervise and monitor the safety of children so that effective outcome can be generated. This in turn also help to prepare and organize the activities as well as mealtime so that children get the same in order to provide effective care. My duty is to keep the good hygiene so that children can learn and increase their learning as well. These roles in childcare industry help to improve the skills among children and make them able to understand about the situation so that effective decision can be taken.

10. Steps need to take when submitting a notification

While submitting a notification of harm to correct authorities, there is a need to make report immediately in which all the requirement need to be fulfilled so that the sign and symptoms of the abuse can be identified (Schmeier, 2020). Before that, there is a need to determine to whom the notification of harm should be properly submitted. This in turn assist to determine the steps taken in order to solve the issue so that effective outcome can be suggested. Yes, there is a need to discuss the same with manager so that effective outcome can be generated.

11. Information should be included in a report

While submitting a notification of harm, the information should be included which are as mentioned below:

  • details: This include the name, age and address of the child who is suffering from the harm
  • Indicator of harm: It provide a rationale for believing that the caused injury is a type of abuse.
  • Reason for reporting: This section provides a reason why the call is made now in order to make step effectively.
  • safety assessment: It provide an assessment of immediate danger to the child like what is the need to provide an information.
  • Description: Here, write the description of injury which is being observed.
  • Child's where abouts: It describe the current whereabout of a child.
  • Other services: If you know the services linked with the child then mention the name of such.
  • family information: Include the information about a family so that they can be contacted when there is an emergency.
  • Cultural characteristics: mention any specific cultural and other detail that helps to determine the care for a child, like disability need.
  • In the case of visible injury, ensure that the student do not have any in-depth injury by determining injury's shape and size. If yes, then immediate consult with the higher authority.

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12. One requirement you must adhere to set by police

Working with children check is the requirement that need to be adhere while starting a career in a childcare industry (Schokman, 2019).

13. contact for information

For an information, call police on 000 if the child is in danger in Victoria. Also, the information can be submitted to child protection crisis line on 131278 where anyone can call 24 hours * 7 days. This is specially designed for child protection and provide immediate service to any child who found in danger within Victoria, Australia.

14. importance to people working with children and young people

It is essential to work in ethical manner within a child care industry because it makes individual committed to support children's development, respect their individual difference, assist children learn to love and work cooperatively. Working in ethical manner assist to promote the good self-image and encourage health, self-awareness (Coady, 2020). Moreover, it can be stated that the purpose of following ethic while working with children is such that it assist to make decision in value based and working on ethical high level also benefit the children to support them and reinforcement of equality in an society so that effective outcome can be generated. That is why, if people like professional and educator work in ethical manner then it will be beneficial for the children to improve learning.

15. Governing body for the childcare industry

Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority is a governing body in Australia who is responsible for guiding the implementation and management in education and care service in Australia (Early childhood sector, 2022). The website of the ACECQA can be found in (

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