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2 Year Old Provision Offer

University: University College Birmingham

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Question :

It is important to have the provision officer for taking care of the children in the health care setting. The key points of this project includes the following-

  • Identification of the topic and contemporary nature of it.
  • Identification of key themes which can explore topic.
  • Identification of key authors and journals
  • evaluation of the impact in the particular field of work
Answer :
Organization Selected : Virgin


Provision plays an important role in boosting learning and development of children, as it promotes sustainable society. Maintaining quality of early childhood education and social inclusion is prominent part of development of modern era. There has been a specific increase in participation of 2 year old children in primary school from which it has been identified that out of home group based childhood services are beneficial for social development of learners.


Early childhood development is a contemporary social issue

Child development is a critical function in which it is the responsibility of family and care giver to ensure healthy and safe surrounding. It is necessary for the people to ensure that needs and wants of child are not neglected in early development as it can impact social and mental growth of learner.

According to (Richter and, 2017, pp.103-118), it has been analysed that there are various social issues which are restricting early childhood development. Poor background, unstable living conditions, negligence from family, social inclusion are the key elements of childcare and developmental. Further, to promote social development of child in early years' government has taken various initiatives to extend the boundaries of child care for deprived families. In contrary, 2 year old provision. (2018), has discussed about 2 year old provision where the social service organisation offers packages as per the basic needs of children. The provision is about social inclusion of child where the learners stays with other children of same children which is done to promote sense of understanding among 2 year old children. As per the provision, the plan of service providers in on health and safety of child in care home. The services are designed with playing and learning tools which are safe and convenient to play.

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As per the provision, child development is a journey where it is necessary for the educators and families to ensure inclusion of learners with children of same age. This helps the in growing by developing understanding. The offer is based on partnership of parents, care given and educators. The provision denotes that daily environment of 2 year old children lay lasting effect of child growth and brain development and therefore it is important for the parents to ensure effective participation of child in learning and social activities (Urban, 2015, pp.293-306). On the hand, it has been argued that parents spends more than 25 percent of their income on day care services but still remains insecure because of basic amenities at care home (Underprivileged two-year-olds being declined by 'middle-class' nurseries, (2018).

Pros of 2 year old provision on the basis of Individualism and free play

  • According to Kwon, ( 2002, p.n2.) it has been analysed that 2 year old provision is effective for early development of child because the government initiatives are child centred where the focus of service provider is on child interest and needs.
  • The focus of plan is based on parents inclusion which demonstrate effectiveness of provision and plans.
  • These plans are supported by individuals parents which helps in gaining their trust over care services.
  • Free play is the integral part of provision which is the base of curriculum development in day care and education institution.
  • Free play is formulated keeping in mind child growth and thinking ability. In this focus of service provider is on boost child ability of make judgement in different situation.
  • The activities and 2 year old provision are choice of concern for parents because as per numerous individuals parental care is the best service which can assist in effective development of child.
  • Involving in provision can be risky because of social conflicts' ad hazardous activities like, harassment, bullying, negligence, etc.

Cons of 2 year old provision on the basis of free play

2 year old provision offer is contemporary which is demonstrated in Cognitive development

Cognitive development of child aim at providing self direction, consciousness and self regulating in children which helps in promoting sense of understanding in children from early age. Inclusion with learners of same age group helps in promoting sense of belongingness among learners which is the effective way of promoting child growth and development. The motive of 2 year old child provision is to develop critical thinking in children.

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However, it has been argued by 2 year old provision aim at cognitive development of child. Further, as per provision, 2 years old is the stage of language development, where the individuals are learning about different sentences' ad their learning. Th provision care services are focused on engaging learners in some question and answer situation with the help of which the child is able to determine the need of language. On the other hand families can not trust care providers in absence of educators and service providers. Moreover, as per families and immediate guardians is a costly provision and is not effective because child development at initial stages needs to be simple and should be in homely surrounding.

According to Steinberg, (2005, pp.69-74), little government intervention in preschool provision and curriculum development improved quality of teaching and care services in education institution. Early learning goals specify learning plan as er offer which is planned to make parents understand the need of social and cognitive development of learners at early ages of 2 to 3 year old. Apparently, direct teaching is important but as per child specialist. It has been argued that government initiatives and provision have raised the standards of formal teaching which has drifted the focus of education from basic learning to specific learning goals. In addition, Quality early childhood education for under-two-year-olds: What should it look like? A literature review, 2018, has argued that learning goals for 2 year old child builds up pressure on mind which can restrict the growth and development of child at initial stage. Moreover, setting goals can cost child sanity and individuals can vulnerable to surrounding. Thus, as per argument, it can be said that according to millions of parents primary school education plays a vital role growth of learners but on the other hand it is important for the policy makers to ensure stable plan which do not aim at creating pressure at mind of child.


The discussion summarize about the effective of 2 year old provision which is related to early education and social development of children. From the discussion, it has been outlined that government initiatives are supportive for child for social and cognitive development but on the hand, the services are costly and builds pressure on learner.

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