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Entrepreneurship and Business Management

University: UK College of Business and Computing

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: T/508/0495
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Question :

You are working as member of Federation of Small Business and you have to positively promote entrepreneurship in the local area in order to start new venture.

  • Explain different kind of entrepreneurial ventures and their relation with private and public sector.
  • Formulate data and statistics to analyse impact of micro and small business on the economy.
  • Examine factors which result in developing successful entrepreneurs.
  • Explain how background of person can hinder or foster entrepreneurship.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Tech UK Limited


Entrepreneur is person who focus on innovation in small business sector. In this written report aimed at exhortation and supporting prospective businessperson to start a new business. The overall purpose of the document is to research the range of enterprise undertaking available to enterpriser, assess the contact small business endeavour have on the economic system, assess the entrepreneurial mentality and examine various surround that adoptive and posterior entrepreneurship (Koe, 2018). This report is based on Federation of Small Businesses organisation. The company basically located in United Kingdom and provide different kind of services in small sector. Further, it covered entrepreneurial venture is help to improve productivity of small sector organisation.


P.1 Entrepreneurial venture and link with typology

The entrepreneur is that person who analyses the risks, manages and organises of an enterprise and business. Nowadays, n the national economy by entrepreneur is playing a important role in growth and development. There are different types of entrepreneur which can considered as female, male, social, and serial entrepreneur. There are several organisations incorporate their business activities effectively and efficiently. Entrepreneur venture is help to start the new venture and improve productivity of small scale business. There are four type of entrepreneur venture are as follows :

  • Small business entrepreneurial :- Nowadays, the mind-boggling number of business organisation group and new companies in the United States are still clannish ventures. There are 5.7 billion private companionship in the U.S. They make up 95.4% of all organise and utilize half of all non-legislative labourers (Ghosh, 2018). Snobbish ventures are markets, journeyman, advisors, travel specialists, web business retail facades, woodworkers, handymen, electrical circuit testers, and so on. They are any individual who runs his/her own business (Evans, 2017). They secure close representatives or household. Most are barely gainful. Their meaning of progress is to nourish the family and make a benefit, not to presume control over a commercial enterprise or industry a $100 million business. As they can't give the scale to draw in investing, they subsidize their organizations through fellow traveller/family or private companionship assets.
  • Large company entrepreneur venture :- In this context, organisation is to be focus on new product that are core product. It is focus on client tastes, new engineering, civil law, new rival, etc. can make over pressure level for more riotous invention necessitate large institution to create wholly new merchandise sold into new custom-made in new marketplace.

P.2 Similarity and difference between entrepreneur venture

In this context, to be focus on similarity and difference between the entrepreneurial venture is help to improve internal on the job state of affairs (Bräuer, 2018). There are some Similarity and difference between entrepreneur venture are as follows :-

Bases of Differences





The objective of private sector is to earn profit and to elaborate the business in the world wide level.

The objective of public enterprise is to provide employment to the economy and control the unemployment rate (Wajdi, Ummah and Sari, 2017).

The objective of the Social enterprise is to social welfare the society. The profit earning is not the main aim of the social enterprises as the profit earned is used for the development of the society.


The ownership of the private enterprise is hold by individual or any group of people.

The ownership of the public enterprise is governed by the legal authority of the country. The whole management , function of operation is governed by the government of the country.

The ownership of social enterprise is governed by sole person of a group of people or by state authority.

Function and Operation

The function and operation of private enterprise is in urbanization of the country.

The function and operation of public enterprise is for the whole development and growth of the country.

The function and operation of social enterprise is for the betterment of the people.

P.3 Micro and small business impact on economic condition

Small and micro business is determines by-

Micro Business- the employees are not more than 10 and the turnover is about £2 million.

Small Scale Business- the employees are not more that 50 employees and turnover is about £10 million (Stuetze ,and et.al, 2017). Medium Scale Business- the employees are not more than 50 employees and the turnover is about £50 million.

The business enterprises are classified under into sole proprietor and partnership. The controlling and monitoring in sole proprietor is done by single person. The profit and losses are the responsibility of the person who owes the business. But in partnership firm the whole organization is controlled and monitored by the consent of partners. They divide their profit as per the partnership deed (Acs, Szerb, and Lloyd, 2017).

Advance, business concern also categorised in small, little and average size on the basis of employ structure and superior closely-held by the firm (Åslund, 2018). Private arrangement have also effectual nature to earn advanced profit and gross with sole proprietary so that obtain the fiscal statement so that it can be measure easygoing. In addition, take introduce, it is very crucial for the organization to change their economic system so that business concern can easy compete with other arrangement. Furthermore, organisation turn out that it is extremely effectual that aid to provide employ chance in the administrative district. This is to be give some direct impact on internal as well external working environment.

P.4 Importance of small business and growth of social economic

In small business organisation is assist to improve economic condition, with the help of different factor in administration. Small business is give some improvement in future changes and alteration productiveness and reduce the level of unemployment. It is play the major role to increase the growth of the economic activity (Martin, 2017). In addition, increase wealth distribution, change of state in society, improve income level of poor people, change level of working condition etc. On the other side, Start-up and little business concern also determines effectual consequence in the political unit through compound GDP of the administrative division.

It is the champion prospect which activity to supply more chance in the territorial division for their improvement. This is to be help the change in the financial resource for the criterion of wealth and improve condition of backward people. There are overall development of scheme condition will be natural event, but it will take time to promote small sector business and indefinite quantity productivity overall on the job state of affairs. In addition, Small commercial enterprise is give few transmutation in forthcoming occurrence and alteration fecundity and cut back the level of business.


P.5 Characteristic traits and skills

In this unique circumstance, business person and enterprise is a restriction of the general business administration. Inspiration and enthusiasm are the capacity of business person or utilized as a part of little division association. It is likewise significant for a business person to create thoughts according to the adjustment in need to change in business condition and apply such sort of business thoughts for enhance productively and efficiency (Ramadani, 2017). There are distinctive kinds of qualities and characteristic of effective business visionary are as per the following :-

  • Attributes of fruitful business visionary : The business person is effective in every single movement, due to energy to do the correct things, at the opportune time and the perfect place. It is activity to each idiosyncratic in a private venture and spur them to research new territory in customary movement. Business visionary is the individual who go for broke and dependably to prepared to take care of future issue and diminish it. It is individual who centre around time and cash or enhance level of work inside association. With the help of research work is find that skills of entrepreneur is help to echinacea the current market.

Furthermore, the greater part of the business visionary is fruitful in showcase since they attempt to explore new territory in little segment. Include one more, cash administration is appropriate and take care of any of the issue identify with cash administration. To interface with inner action and evacuate any trouble. Indeed, even after ensured subsidizing or going completely practical, a blasting representative keeps a flat out handle on income, as it is the slightest basic part of any little division association.

  • Attributes of fruitful business person :- Vision is the most essential characteristic of effective business visionaries. They can see the future before the future movement is happing (Carter, 2017). The business person is having self-assurance is more than tantamount to ordinary administrator in the association. The full work is to be relied upon the effective creative energy of the representative. In then same way, business visionary is straightforward with self and different workers inside the association. It is will to go out on a limb, however be moderate in inner workplace. It is likewise vital for a specialist to develop content as per the dynamic business concern situation and use those venture thoughts as plan of activity towards the business. Thus, a minor information or an aptitude isn't happy in a business person. Business visionary requires energy and want is substantially more imperative in each evolving condition.
  • Energy and information of market :As a business visionary he was extremely energetic for his item, its improvement and extemporization and furthermore a profound investigation of the market must be performed so that before offering business visionary has finish thought and he had incorporated each moment reasons that can settle on the item their decision to purchase while different business chiefs needs energy which brings about poor offering of the item in the market.
  • Interest:Interest is the building establishment of each business person which was one of the significant trademark's characteristic of the Thomas Edison (De Massis, 2015). To know the need , needs and wants of the client each dealer must be interested; along these lines, that the item satisfies each prerequisite of the client and fulfill them totally.
  • Systematic : His systematic conduct made him an effective creator and business visionary (Lockyer, 2017).Along with the imagination and advancement , one ought to have the capacity to break down each conceivable techniques for the item and being as a fruitful scientific he was great in judging the execution of the item and response of the clients in the market.
  • Thought of a greater edge : He was having a capacity to see pictures on a greater edge , he considered direct part of the procedure as well as considered different viewpoints too which are simply dismissed by different business chiefs as each angle is vital for the achievement of the item in the market.
  • Spirit: Bravery is the imperative attribute which existed in Thomas Edison .As each business person ought to be daring, he ought to be prepared to go out on a limb else he would not investigate the market for the immense achievement but rather different business chief may do not have a capacity to go out on a limb and advance for the accomplishment of their item , they want to go for broke or to convey the business in direct way.
  • Development: Thomas Edison as an innovator was extremely inventive ,this character lead him to be an extraordinary business person .With awesome development comes incredible thoughts which can be changed over in the item to serve clients (Piperopoulos, 2015). The more creative the item will be the more client it will pull in. Different business supervisor may need development , they may contend in the market with the common items. To be centre around more advancement is to be utilized and oversee work and enhance level of generation and increment piece of the overall industry. This is help to expand number of client in piece of the overall industry and enhance general advancement in future era.

Al such kind of factor is help to improve the current development of market rate and increase the current market for increase the level of different stakeholder in market price. Entrepreneur only focus on each and every factor, which is responsible for achieve profit inside organisation. There are some changes will be as per the need of current market share. They are able to do work with the help of motivation and mid set will be modification for increase and improve the current market system.

P.6 Entrepreneurial personality reflect entrepreneurial motivation and mindset

Entrepreneur is person who focus on innovation to do some new things in market. This is help to increase level of employee carrying into action overall market share. Motivation of employees is help to increase level of internal working capability of employees. There are distinctive components of effective entrepreneurial is help to persuade other supervisor in association. What's more, spur, advancement, chance taking and improvement are the capacity of business visionary. This is help to persuade other and more noteworthy cooperation between entrepreneurial inspiration and attitude. There are generally such sorts of factor is learn in the age of 3 to 10 years. The genuine improvement was in youth organize and purchased up in strict youth circumstance (Xiang,2018). It is additionally basic that these single who highlight these constructive characteristic qualities procure more than aptitudes in keen their kindred men or the individual, which thus tribute to the general mindset or more all towards representative mental component. Business person will be individual of new aptitudes and advancement is to be utilized to advance something new and increment profitability and benefit. A few components are help to propel with the assistance of following elements are as per the following :-

  • Enthusiasm :- In this unique situation, energy isn't found out, its purchase conceived for each business visionary. They are capacity to do such sort of action in business condition is help to enhance benefit and efficiency in association. It incorporates the insight to present, hazard taking, devolution and authorization of new advertisement endeavor sentiment and even adventure consistently changing driving and overseeing body abilities. Misgiving these view, it turns out to be certain that business person is a person who rethinks every once in a while keeping in mind the end goal to end up contenders.

There is a lesser relationship between's the specialist characteristic towards businessman mental component and attitude (Li, 2018). This is to be point of convergence on some change in piece of the pie and increment general advancement of association. There are a few changes will be made in consistent base and enhance the present market of increment level of benefit in association. There are something change will be made in enhance inward and additionally outer workplace. The man-to-man who are purchased up in an encompassing of innovative reasoning and unsusceptibility have indicated remarkable qualities of driving and bearing, at that point that of the single who are conceived an offspring and purchased up in immovable time of life situation. It is likewise of import that these single who have these agreed property qualities get greater achievement in discerning their kindred men or the individual, which thusly tribute to the general mindset and going before all towards agent mental component. This is help to expand imagination and similarity inside association.

To be oversee work or enhance current piece of the overall industry and increment the level of progress will be set aside a few minutes time frame. Similarly, every last business visionary is investigated future and enhance current piece of the overall industry (Caputo, 2017). This is to be change the level of same goal and there are diverse business people give distinctive outlook for help to such sort of progress in work put. Then again, some adaptability is help to enhance efficiency and time to be enhance the quantity of workers will be move forward. Inspiration and mindset(). Positive qualities portrays the high inspiration and a self assured person and an open door searcher attitude. Negative qualities delineates the demotivation and a doubter mentality as the business visionary isn't prepared to confront the difficulties and the danger of the business sectors.

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