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Successful Business Project


The need of project management has been generated from the businesses that have understood the importance of organising work around projects and the importance of communication and coordination of work across various departments of organisation. The characteristics of project management comprises of clear objectives( Shattock 2010), the aspects of resources like cost quality time., uniqueness and many more. Project management has a definite beginning and end. For managing a business successfully the project management plan is need to be implemented. And this is made with the help of various tools like work break down structure and Gantt chart. It helps in increasing the probability of success and reduces failures. The project management is considered successful when it meets its deadlines. In the present report it has been discussed about the ways to manage the business successfully and to attain the objectives while complying with corporate social responsibilities that helps in sustaining the development of business.

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P1 Clear aims and objectives for implementing CSR in Tesco

Tesco PLC is a British multinational grocery and general merchandising retailers. They have 12 stores across many countries, and they are the market leader in groceries. Tesco's aim is to give contributions of its pre-tax profits to charities/local community organisations., for adherence to corporate social responsibility. CSR is the gradual commitment done by a business for behaving ethically and contribute to economic development, while improving living standards of workers as well as of the local community and society at large( Eckerson 2010). This report will gives an extension to multi dimensions of CSR. It gives business a competitive edge and build trust and loyalty among stakeholders. Today almost every business has adopted corporate social responsibilities for developing and maintaining sustainable practices and approaches in their business operations. Objectives of Tesco are:

  • For understanding the role of CSR evaluating importance of CSR for the achievement of sustainable development.
  • For recommending the methods for the application of CSR.
  • For assessing the activities that are conducted in regards to corporate social responsibility.

Questions for research to be conducted for implementing CSR are:

  • What importance does CSR activities have for business organisation.
  • What role does CSR activities play in helping Tesco in achieving competitive advantage over others.
  • State the ways n which CSR activities can be applied.

Steps that are needed to be taken for the implementation of CSR are:

Project Initiation: The project manger is instructed by the top level management to start the project and define objectives to him.

Planning: After the objectives are defined, project manager starts planning out activities and tasks and schedules for the achievement of objectives and al the statistics regarding resources has been calculated here.

Implementation: The task scheduled are implemented here and the management put all the resources to use.

Monitor: The tasks are required to be monitor every then and now and and the activities are to be check as per the plan(Keller Parameswaran and Jacob 2011). If the tasks are not going in order or going wrong then corrective measures are to be taken so as to correct them and make the things work according to the plan

Closing: The beginning and closing of the project should be define and a timely closing is the indication of successfully followed plan.

P2 Preparation of project management plan incorporating: costs, scope, time, quality, communication, risk and resources

Project management can be explained as the process of business by which a project achieve a successful conclusion. The important part of efficient project is communication, it is very essential to communicate otherwise I there is no coordination among the teams, tasks can never be completed(Smith, Binns and Tushman 2010.). The risk associated with the project management is to adhere to the integration of cost, time and quality.

  • The project must not exceed beyond its budget.
  • It should not extend its time limit.
  • Projects should abide by its scope.
  • The quality aspect should never be compromised.

As demands an d needs of every customer is different so these above concepts vary according to the consumer expectations( Edmonds 2011).

For ensuring a successful business it is very important to understand the context of project, it includes all the factors relating to political, environmental, social, terotechnological, legislation, and economic.

The project management schedule has to be prepared and for this entire activities of project is to be divided into small small tasks that are easy to achieve and within the scope of workers to complete it(den, van and Jong 2010).

Project management plan

Thus by making a schedule it is important to prepare a full fledged project management plan as prepared above (Trevino and Nelson 2010). It will definitely help in achieving the desired objectives within the set time frame and by adhering to cost and maintaining the quality of the products and services offered by Tesco PLC. Again allocation of resources is a big big task. What are the various resources available and what more resources are needed, types of resources required such as financial, human resources etc.
P3 Work breakdown structure and a Gantt chart to provide time frames and stages for completion.

For completion of a project and completing it in time is two different things. But the efficient and effective way to complete a project is to complete it within time. And for this the work must be break down into organised and systematic structures so that the tasks can be achieved and completed in time and adhering to the cost and quality aspects as well. In respect to Tesco the work of CSR has been allotted into a project plan that comprises of the division of work and it is divided on the basis of days allotted to each activity. Work break down structure is known to know the closing time of the project in advance(Mathur , Mathur and Kenyon 2012). This will help Tesco in implementing CSR as all the activities regarding this has allotted certain days for every tasks. And because of this monitoring has become easy as it can be checked at each step so they have time to correct it if going wrong.

Similarly Gantt chart has shown its significance level to a large extent. It provides a check to the work done till now in respect to the time allotted for that particular work.

Stages that is to be followed for the implementation of corporate social responsibilities:

Strategic definition: All the things that is related to the project is defined in this stage , the overall aims, objectives, resources needed for the project viz. financial, social , technological, human resources etc. what actually CSR is( Gharajedaghi 2011) , how it will going to help Tesco in sustaining its business etc.

Preparation and Brief: what kind of preparation is needed for the requirement of the project. Whether the project is feasible financially or not and the overall brief about the project is given.

Development design: the structure of CSR is developed and the concept of it are cleared in front of the workforce.

Handover and close: after the completion of every activity(Kowalkowski Kindström and Brehmer 2011) . The task is handed over and the project is closed. And now the policies are made and the overall structure has been designed , the strategies are the put to effect and society has been benefited.

P4 Small-scale research by applying qualitative research methods appropriate for meeting project aims and objectives

In the need of incorporating corporate social responsibility by Tesco , a method best suited for conduction of research has been applied. This is done for conducting analysis . For this data collection is required and it has to be done very carefully and diligently. The research methods can either be qualitative or quantitative. The qualitative method includes data which is primary in nature and includes surveys, questionnaires, interviews etc. secondary research is done through websites, magazines, journals etc. in this report qualitative research has been done and for this a questionnaire has been prepared(Ward 2016 ). This questionnaire has been prepared with the motive to know the opinions of the employees of the organisation about the corporate social responsibilities and the understanding behind it. By the analysis of the questionnaire we can find the results that will impact the project plan of corporate social responsibilities implementation.

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Kindly fill the questionnaire as per your opinion


1. Will CSR play a significant role in TESCO ?

  • Yes
  • No

2. CSR will provide competitive advantage to the organisation?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Can't say

3. Which among the following CSR activities will be most helpful in attaining objectives of TESCO?

  • Create awareness in environmental protection.
  • Provide quality services to clients
  • Charities, donation
  • Making improvements in the surrounding environment

4. Is there a relation between CSR and sustainable development objectives of the company ?

  • Definitely
  • Rarely
  • Definitely not

5. Does incorporating CSR policies helps in creation of goodwill in the society and increase of reputation in front of stakeholders?

  • Definitely
  • Rarely
  • Definitely not

6. What in your opinion is the major issue that TESCO is facing?

  • Employing more women
  • Employee welfare
  • CSR policies implementation

7. According to you , the implementation of CSR is the responsibility of whom?

  • CEO
  • Top level management
  • HR department

8. Which among the following strategy will be more helpful in application of CSR policies ?

  • Establishment of separate department
  • Agreement with charitable trust
  • None

Thank You so much for your time. Your opinions are valuable for us !

P5 Analyse your research and data using appropriate tools and techniques

The analysis of research done on the implementation of CSR policies of Tesco using certain tools and techniques and these include:

Research Design: There are various types of research designs that are used in investigating. The types of research are exploratory(Law, Chen and Wu 2010), descriptive and experimental. These are research methods are used in identification of problems . This report is designed for the determining the activities of CSR and its impacts on the business . The research that is done in this report is descriptive and experimental., in experimental research (De 2016), Gantt chart has been created by allotting a specific time to specific activities. And work break down structure is used to divide the work in an organised manner. And in descriptive research , questionnaire has been prepared.

Research philosophy: To showcase the relevant belief of the researcher , most liable philosophies are carried out so as to investigate the data. In this regard there are two philosophies related to it namely: interpretative and positivism . This report of researching for implementing CSR is interpretative as to enlighten the subjective nature of the topic. The other philosophy of positivism is not supporting the context of the subject matter or the current investigation.

Data collection: Data can be collected through both the sources of information viz. primary and secondary. Primary source of data collection is originals research which is first hand information, whereas secondary data is the information available from the third party. Primary data includes the collection of information received from experiments, surveys, questionnaire, interviews etc. secondary data can be received from journals, newsletters, websites.

Data analysis : The questionnaire done on the implementation of CSR is analysed using tools like mathematical, thematic, and statistical( Sparrow 2012). The analysis of data is the process of cleansing, inspecting, transforming and modelling data. The raw data available with the researcher is analysed and transformed into meaningful information.

Drawbacks of research : The collection of data through these measures is very time consuming, requires manpower, if not possible then the research quality may fall down.

This report is based on the quantitative methods. Themes are not prepared for them, the LSI creator affects the analysis in unfavourable way.

P6 Recommendations and Conclusions

In accordance with the above conducted study, it has been analysed by the researchers that the impact of CSR strategies on Tesco will be very good and it will help in increasing the value of its goodwill. And it helps in attainment of objectives. Through CSR they can achieve sustainable development. Though its impact is very good but there are certain points which needed to be taken care by Tesco , appropriate budget should be allocated for the funding of these activities, separate team should be made for handling the corporate social issues of the society., the strategies which can be implemented for the efficient incorporation of corporate social responsibilities are

  • It should be given proper attention, as if the focus from these are diverted it will not be managed effectively.
  • They can give charities from their pre tax profits , it will benefit both to the company as it will help in tax deductions and society is having direct benefit in the way of charity.
  • Employees must be encouraged for taking part in CSR activities, as they can help them in the better running of this policy. Tesco should hire a team specially for managing CSR activities.
  • The stakeholders must be updated about the implementation of CSR strategies as they are the persons who are interested in the activities of business. They have their interest share in the organisation.
  • Employees should be given waste management training so that the firm can work without wasting any kind of resources( Velu, and Stiles 2013). They should use the resource very carefully as they are scarce in nature. Proper strategies must be made. And there should be a separate department of waste management that took care of the matter in reducing wastages.
  • The organisation should be eco-friendly, it will not only be a prominent step in the CSR policies but maintains a separate space in front of customers that this organisation bis eco-friendly, it does not causes harm to the environment.
  • Employees represent the organisation in front of customers and other persons. They must know the facts of the policies to be implemented. They have to interact with customers so they know what the customer wants and what are there expectations. So he can help in formulating the strategies.

P7 Reflection on the value of undertaking the research to meet the objective

This report has helped me learn the necessity of CSR activities in any business organisation. Here in Tesco its helping them to attain sustainable development. Business gives commitment to the society to behave ethically and to contribute to the economic development . It helps in improving the lives of workers and their families. They improve their life by providing them healthy working environment and giving them wages that they deserve and in accordance with the industry norms. The policies helps in improving the local community and the surrounding of the business and ultimately resulted in benefiting the society at large.

The work break down structure and the Gantt chart has helped in the achievement of the project, without them its not possible to monitor the activities in this effective way. The findings which I got from the questionnaire is very helpful for implementing CSR. And the project management plan is useful so as to make a schedule of all the work to be done and with that work break down structure together with Gantt chart gives the blue print to the entire plan of action. Then the qualitative research is done by taking primary source of data collection . The questionnaire gives the idea of what the employees of the organisation thinks as their opinion is very essentials s they are the ones who are gonna implement them and make it a practice. So their involvement is very necessary. Through research methods we an find conclusions for any problem. Tesco has projected a plan which is incorporated keeping in mind the aspects of time, quality, costs and resources. These are the measures which needed to be taken care of and the project revolves around them. And the centre of the project management plan is customers expectations. Every customer is different and their requirements are different. So these measures change according to the expectation of customers.


As per the above report, the project management plan is very essential to manage the business successfully. As it has been observed that it includes various tasks, their time period, when they have started and when they should end and any predecessors if present. The plan includes task for various activities like, preparation time, research conduction,time to solve problem issues, allocation of resources, then its implementation and interpretation, evaluations, closure and recommendations etc. in this report stage and strategies of the project is implemented. Analysis and findings are made so as to study the impact of the policies. And recommendations as to improve the environment has been made.


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