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Impact of Employee Empowerment Practices on Business

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 9
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 7 / Words 1690
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: R/508/0486
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Question :

The objective of this report is to make logical arguments over specific topic by gathering information from different sources. The scenario of this project is based on employee empowerment practices that can affect business performance.

  • Evaluate the process of critical reasoning and analyze how it support to student’s personal development.
  • Determine the use of cognitive skills to apply a given range of techniques and concepts.
  • Discuss how to orally communicate ideas effectively and provide a judgement upon the issue in management.
  • Analyze and express ideas by using appropriate structure of verbal and written format.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Mc Donalds


Critical reasoning is the tool which helps the scholar in making logical argument on one any given topic. In this essay, the focus will be on discussing about employee empowerment and its impact of on the performance of business. Workers are the an asset to the organisation and therefore it is the core responsibility of management to ensure employee satisfaction and power. The essay will outline practices which can assist enterprises in authorizing labours with relevant examples.


Employee empowerment is related to providing responsibility and autonomy to workers in decision makingdecision-making process. Enabling power to employees is the tool that assisttool that assists firms in developing confident confidence among workers for participating in new and productive activities of the management. However, participation of employees is indecision makingdecision-making process helps the entity in boosting performance because workers are the stakeholders who have an appropriate knowledge regarding all factors of business environment. Apart from this, empowering employees is the practices that assists management in establishing supervision at workplace (Fernandez and Moldogaziev, 2012). However, these are long termlong-termed practices of organisation and are related to intensive approach for resource management.

Further, establishing employee empowerment at workplace helps the firm in demonstrating value of people which is the basic thing that aids in boosting morale and productivity. Apart from this, it can be said that enabling power to labourers helps the entrepreneur in managing shared leading vision in relation to goals and direction.

In accordance to power and motivation, it can be argued that allowing workers to participate in decision makingdecision-making aid in gaining trust of people. For example, Ooredoo Oman, a telecommunication company is a successful market leader and which holds a competitive position because of the ethical values and practices of organisation arethey focus on and making an adequate distribution of authority among workers (Gill, Fitzgerald and Sharma, 2010). It is the practice which helps the business in protecting interest of labourers working at different level of organisation. Moreover, the management of firm believes that appropriate distribution of power and responsibility is the only strategy which helps in boosting business performance. According to telecommunication entity, employees are the key asset who holds crucial role in changing decision, policies and practices.

Apparently, empowerment of employee is related to different types of information for decision makingdecision-making which can be either beneficial or limitation or to the entity. Like, thereThere are differentare different departments in an organisation for which monitoring becomes difficult. Therefore, to manageto manage uncertain situation, the companies company enables authority to employee where the person performs job according to their interest and level of work. This management of power and responsibility is related to empowerment of workers that aid in effective decision makingdecision-making. For example, Ooredoo Oman has implemented flat communication structure where every employeesemployee is interconnected to each other and to management (Pelit, Öztürk and Arslantürk, 2011). Further, as per this structure of organisation, workers holds power to share their opinion which can assist in decision makingdecision-making. However, seeking employee opinion is the practice in telecommunication which helps firm in managing successful business performance in competitive world of communication industry.

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In contrary, every change in organisation has itits own pros and cons like empowering employeesemployees’ helps in boosting working productivity but on the other hand, providing authority to workers makes role of manager less clear which impacts the relationship of between employer and employee. Shared power and responsibilities leads or to workplace conflicts and motivational problems between staff member'smembers (Fernandez and Moldogaziev, 2013). Further, misuse of power and decision makingdecision-making leads to misuseutilization of power in wrong way, which impact performance of business. For example, in Ooredoo Oman, there is a conflict between employee and employer than then it is possible that both the parties make decision individually, for the sake of own interest. This selfish decision makingdecision-making process of supervisor and leads workers dissatisfaction becomes turbulence forof stability of internal business environment.

Apart from this, providing authorities to employees helps the organisation in increasing their commitment which is an effective technique for both that is enterprise as well as workers. It is the practice which aid in promoting security of work among staff members. The adequate distribution of power is an strategyeffective technique of boosting business performance because it helps in reducing absenteeism (Men and Stacks, 2013). Punctual working of employee is the anotheranother factor that is effective for thefirm because it helps in easy management of workload without feeling the pressure ofworkload pressure. In accordance to this, it can be said that it is important for the enterprises to distribute power among employees according to their ability and distribution technique can be helpful in safe management of power and work.

Nevertheless, the benefits of empowering employees can be argued because distribution of power to workers increases labour management cost. In addition, it is the concept which is effective for boosting business performance but on the other hand, it leads to inferiority complex among staff member which increasesmembers which increase the chance of workplace conflicts. For example, the Ooredoo company believes in empowering employees in order to establish stable and positive work environment but there are circumstances when the supervisor are asked to make employee work over time to manage workload for the individuals ends up making strict decision for staff members. Apparently, this situation leads to conflict among leaders and workers because according to them the person is misusing power. Thus, this situation ofempowering employees sometimes leads to mismanagement and instability in workplace environment.

Similarly, empowerment of employees and effective practice for setting standards and enabling security among workers but on the other hand it is important for the an organisation to ensure workers satisfaction and motivation. Dissatisfaction of any employee in company can hamper business performance and productivity (Baird and Wang, 2010). In contrast, the distribution of authority to staff members increases expenses for management because with increasing responsibility it is important for the firm to enable extra facilities to empowered employee like, personal space at workplace, flexibility of working hours, etc. As per the discussion, it has been analysed that it is important for the an enterprise to set certain solutions to manage safe empowerment plans where the power distribution in organisation needs to be according to individual capability regardless of any differences.

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Enabling power to employees is a critical part for management because in this the manager first needs to analyse the individuals who are capable of managing authority and responsibility as per organisational functions. However, before empower employee type company organise performance measurement with the helps of which the individuals are able to analyse the employee who are mature enough to handle power. For example, Ooredoo Oman Tele communication implements the use of 360 degree feedback method where the firm is able to seek opinion of different people on employees. This feedback circle helps in analysing individuals performance and ability to resist changes. However, with the feedback review the management is able to analyse employee point view over their supervisors and peer colleagues which helps the firm in modifying power of responsibility among workers. Further the distribution of authority among staff members is done by analysing individuals capability of managing team and work hand in hand.

In contrast, it can be argued that empowering employees is an effective plan but on the other hand holds the risk of workplace conflict. For managing workplace conflict and quality the firm can organise collaborative meeting of employee who can help the management in selecting common participants who are viable to manage authority (Fernandez and Moldogaziev, 2012). Protecting interest of workers by seeking their opinion over change is the strategy which helps in protecting interest of staff members and serving employees satisfaction. Apart from this, it is important for the organisation to ensure that every staff member is connected to management. Communication of staff and manager helps in resolving various problem at initial level of disputes. Solving employees problem by establishing one to one discussion is the solution to prevent conflicts due to empowerment of workers. Further, it helps in regulating check over workers which assist in reducing chance of mismanagement, biased and unfair practices.

Hence, from the discussion, it has been outlined that empowering employees is an effective plan for boosting business performance because it is related to encouraging employees participation in decision making process (Gill, Fitzgerald and Sharma, 2010). Involvement of workers in decision making plans is the technique which helps the firm in understanding the needs of change as per consumer requirement. Further, increasing work productivity also helps the company in managing successful performance and stability in internal organisational functions.

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The essay was based on critical reasoning where the discussion was based on empowerment of employee. From the discussion it has been outlined that providing power to employees is the strategy which assists firms in developing confidence of working among workers. It is the practice which aid in boosting confidence of employee that is directly related to enhanced business problems. Further the report outlined several example to demonstrate effectiveness of study and concept of empowerment. Hence, the report concluded with analysing solution to deal with problems of workers which arise due to empowerment plans of organisations.

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