June 14, 2019
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Tips to Write a Perfect 5 Paragraph Essay

Tips to Write a Perfect 5 Paragraph Essay

If you are also trying to identify the greatest challenge in the life of a student, then the answer would definitely be academic writing. Your professor will assign you both simple and complex papers, but everything gets started with just a 5 paragraph essay. If you can master its structure, then you can definitely write any kind of academic paper.

Not every professor briefs student about how they are supposed to write a perfect essay. You are never asked to write an essay in just 5 paragraphs. Everyone is aware of the fact that a standard essay contains 5 paragraphs, but no one exactly knows how to write these 5 paragraphs in a proper manner and thus need essay writing service.

To help them with the same, we are here!

OK!!! So, let’s get started with each paragraph one by one...

From Outline to Paragraph: The Essay Formula

So, before moving further with the five paragraphs, let’s get a brief introduction about the structure of an essay -

  • Formula 1 - A strong introduction with a thesis statement
  • Formula 2 - Argument explaining the first thesis statement
  • Formula 3 - Argument explaining the second thesis statement
  • Formula 4 - Argument explaining the third thesis statement
  • Formula 5 - A good conclusion that brings all the statements and arguments altogether

This is the brief structure of the essay. Now, let’s move on to each paragraph one by one.

Paragraph 1: The Introduction

The introductory paragraph is the most important section that hooks the readers. By writing a strong introduction, you can easily draw the attention of the reader towards the argument of your essay. This section provides the reader a direction to the entire essay. After a brief introduction, it should always end with a thesis statement. Since it is a five paragraph essay, so the remaining three paragraphs explain the main points of the thesis statement. You can easily tackle your introduction in just three simple steps:

  • Prompt a question to describe your main idea.
  • Develop a thesis statement to answer the question.
  • List three points of arguments to support your thesis.

Paragraph 2: First Supporting Statement

Now connect your first point of the thesis to its conclusion. The first argument is usually considered as the strongest one. So you should always support your statement with the help of examples and illustrations.

Always remember, whenever you are developing the body of your essay, write a statement in such a way so that the reader can believe it easily. No doubt, you can also share your personal experience, but for that, you need to support your facts with lots of research and studies.

Paragraph 3: Second Supporting Statement

OK! So, in the above paragraph, you have summarized the topic sentence. Next, you have to write your argument or explain why you feel this topic is true. We already have a thesis statement as our guiding point, so you can easily figure out what to write in this section.

Note: Always remember to support your statement from trustworthy and relevant sources.

Paragraph 4: Third Supporting Statement

The third supportive argument is the last statement due to which students do not give much priority to it. But this should not be done instead you should choose a strong argument and give an explanation on how it is connected to your paper.

Remember, each supporting sentence must be directly connected to the main thesis statement. So that when the reader goes through the individual paragraphs, they can easily find the connection with the main thesis statement. This will prove that you have written a perfect 5 paragraph essay.

Paragraph 5: The Conclusion

The concluding part must summarize the essay. Now, you have all the points that prove the thesis statement. All you have to do is connect the loose ends so that a logical concluding paragraph can be formed. Here’s how you can write your conclusion:

  • Reflect your thesis statement. No doubt you can restate it with new words but remember the meaning of the original thesis statement should remain the same. Never introduce any new information in the conclusion.
  • Connect your thesis with the main body of the essay with some sentences that itself explain how they are supporting the main thesis.
  • The final sentence should uphold the main idea in a very clear and compelling manner. Whatever the case is, the final sentence should clarify that the discussion has come to an end.

Wrapping Up!!!

While writing an essay for university or college, always outline it and get through each paragraph as well. Always think of it as a rough draft. When your time is up, only a perfect essay can score you A+ grades.

Do you know the reason why your professor never explains you the 5 paragraph formula? The reason behind is they want you to practice well. So, always keep on practicing these formulas to draft a perfect essay.

If you want to write your essay in the same way but have shortage of time, then you can reach to Global Assignment Help to seek essay writing service from the experts.

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