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100+ Higher English Discursive Essay Topics for 2024

24 Aug 2023 3298 17 minutes
Higher English Discursive Topics

When it comes to writing a higher English discursive essay, one of the most problematic tasks for students is choosing a good topic. It is because every scholar wants their paper to score the highest marks in class. But, for this, the document should reflect extensive research, thorough subject knowledge, and excellent language skills. All this is possible if you have selected a unique, informative, yet easy prompt to write. The question lies in where one can find such topics. Well, continue reading this blog and find a list of the best higher English discursive essay topics of 2024!

What Is Higher English?

Before we jump to the long list of trending discursive essay ideas, let us first understand the concept behind higher English. Many students, especially non-UK residents, are confused when they hear this word and often confuse higher English as an advanced level of learning. Well, it is a course that is widely popular in England and Scotland. It will teach you advanced versions and in-depth knowledge of the language.

Higher English focuses on learning the language extensively, reviewing its literature, developing writing skills, and knowing complex vocabulary. Many students who aspire to be language professors, professional authors, or academic writers pursue this course. They gain a thorough knowledge of global literature and classics.

But to complete the degree, every pupil must write a portfolio. It comprises two texts, and one of them is a discursive essay. So, in the next section of the blog, we will explain to you how to choose a topic so you can write a remarkable document. Thus, keep reading and memorize the method given below.

How to Select Higher English Discursive Essay Topic?


Follow the selection and evaluation process step-by-step if you want to select a good discursive essay idea for the draft. You can use this method for any write-up such as the higher English persuasive essay topics.

Create the Thesis:

Now, the fifth step in deciding a good discursive essay topic for higher English is to understand the themes. Then, determine what objective they fulfill. The thesis can be anything from answering a critical question to justifying a statement or proving an argument. So, define the central idea for the collected themes.

Perform the Research:

Now that you have a list of rules, you need to start working on the ground research. Search for discursive essay topics higher English. But make a note of all those ideas that fit right into your requirements. Sort them into various categories and modules for better reference.

Understand the Motive:

You must know the teacher’s motive for selecting a good higher English discursive essay topic. Sometimes, the teacher wants to examine the subject knowledge of the student. On the other hand, the document can be a source to evaluate the language skills.

Read the Requirements:

After learning the instructor’s motive, the next thing you need to do is read the requirements. By reading the rules, you will get the perfect discursive essay ideas for your project. Also, discuss the prompt with the teacher for better clarity and make a list of all the mandatory instructions.

Decide a Few Themes:

Now that you have a rough list of ideas, read higher English discursive essay examples. You will get an idea of what writing style to follow and how to structure the document. After this, make a rough list of themes that can help you write a good draft.

Finalize the Topic:

Lastly, go through the final list and pick a discursive essay topic for higher English that appeals to you. As discussed earlier, it should be unique, interesting, and yet easy to write on. Also, if possible, get the teacher’s approval before you start writing the paper.

So, now you know how to select higher English discursive essay topics. Let us move ahead and jump to the list curated by our experts. Pick an idea from the given list, get an overview, and then make the final choice.

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100+ Higher English Discursive Essay Topics for Your Next Essay!

The list given below has some of the most amazing and latest higher English discursive essay topics. So, without any further time delay let us move ahead! 

Higher English Discursive Essay Topics for the Beginners Level

  1. Should text message acronyms be a part of the dictionary?
  2. Can a student be successful in his field without a college degree?
  3. Is it better to be business partners with a family member?
  4. Should parents keep complete transparency and be honest with their kids?
  5. Do you think cold drinks and soda should be banned for kids?
  6. Is cheerleading a valid sport or just a medium to objectify women?
  7. Should animal sports like horse racing and bullfighting be banned?
  8. Is it okay for university departments to have a small budget for sports?
  9. Should the law abolish the wage gap between genders?
  10. Can athletes be an ideal role model for children?
  11. Should English football be replaced by soccer or not? Discuss
  12. Does violence in song lyrics influence the members of society?
  13. How can musicians motivate their audience toward an ideal path?
  14. Can music help cure adverse conditions like cancer?
  15. The best music was founded during the social oppression. Justify.
  16. Social media is making the youth more narcissistic. How?
  17. Should transgender people compete in sports as their original or transferred gender?
  18. Football has a direct influence on English culture. Explain.
  19. Every school should teach 2 foreign languages to their students. Why?
  20. How do school uniforms contribute towards discipline and equality?
  21. Why should cigarettes and alcohol be completely banned?
  22. Does academic pressure lead to eating disorders in students?
  23. Does body shaming and bullying by the teachers impact a student’s mindset?
  24. Why does society ignore harassment and domestic violence against men?
  25. Should athletes take a mandatory drug test before every competition?

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Higher English Discursive Essay Topics for the Intermediate Level

  1. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Literature on students and society.
  2. Why love is the most popular genre of authors? Discuss in detail
  3. Explain the reasons that led to the popularity of Harry Potter among people.
  4. How is male chauvinism influenced by English literature?
  5. Differentiate between fictional, non-fictional, and historical literature with examples.
  6. How are female characters described in Asian novels and books?
  7. Differentiate between modern and Western cultures with examples.
  8. Write a review of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.
  9. Discuss how violence was described in books written after the Second World War.
  10. What are the challenges faced by authors and publishers in the book industry?
  11. How are domestic violence and sexual abuse portrayed in books and short stories?
  12. Does literature influence the political and justice system? How?
  13. How have digital innovations changed and influenced the global literature?
  14. What is the best literary masterpiece of all time and why?
  15. Which book or literature piece has influenced you to read?
  16. Compare and contrast: the writing style of Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare.
  17. Write about Irish poetry and review some of the best works.
  18. Study and describe the personality of Don Quixote.
  19. Conduct a critical analysis of the medieval times in Europe.
  20. How can colleges and universities promote travel writing?
  21. What role does ethnicity play in literature? Explain with examples
  22. Conduct a comprehensive analysis of British Literature.
  23. Describe African literary journalism in detail.
  24. What are the drawbacks brought in by ignorance in a novel?
  25. Conduct a comprehensive analysis of American Literature.

Higher English Discursive Essay Topics for the Advanced Level 

  1. Is studying Shakespeare an obsolete thing in today's world? Why?
  2. Should advanced English classes include slang?
  3. British English is the most elegant manifestation of this language. Discuss.
  4. Speaking and learning are the important aspects of a foreign language, How?
  5. English is one of the hardest or easiest languages to learn. Argue both views.
  6. Explain the significance of literacy in society. Discuss the positive and negative effects.
  7. Is it okay for religions to create an us vs. them mentality?
  8. What is the influence of Shakespeare on modern English literature?
  9. Describe the representation of race in American literature.
  10. How does nature enhance romance in stories and novels? Explain.
  11. Explain the adverse impacts of social media on literature.
  12. Did the 19th-century literature reflect misogyny and patriarchy/
  13. How should modern literary work represent gender?
  14. Does fantasy help in boosting the creativity of students?
  15. Write a review of a contemporary literature novel.
  16. How does technology impact the writing process of authors?
  17. Should AI tools be completely banned for professional writers?
  18. Explain the impacts of the First and Second World Wars on the then literature.
  19. How does the description of beauty and appearance influence readers?
  20. Study and describe the symbolism in William Shakespeare's writings.
  21. Compare and contrast: Women of ancient and modern literature.
  22. Why is folklore an essential component of world literature?
  23. How was the economy of nations described by 19th-century authors?
  24. How is the use of metaphors changing the writing style of modern literature?
  25. Explain the use of allegory in fantasy literature by authors.

Higher English Discursive Essay Topics for the Proficient Level

  1. How did the Industrial Revolution impact the 19th century literature?
  2. How do religious books like the bible influence literature?
  3. Discuss the influence of the French Revolution on European literature.
  4. Write a character sketch of Lady Macbeth.
  5. Describe the influence of the Greeks and Romans on Western literature.
  6. State your opinions on the myth of an Anglo-Saxon oral poet.
  7. How did the British colonization impact the global literature?
  8. Write a review on Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.
  9. Why "Middlemarch" is one of the greatest British novels of all time.
  10. How are anti-heroes and villains portrayed by Shakespeare in King Lear
  11. Write a review on Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.
  12. Describe the theme of collectivism and individualism in the book Oliver Twist.
  13. How is history and culture described by American authors? Explain.
  14. Why is Uncle Tom's Cabin (1852) considered as one of the best American novels?
  15. Compare and contrast between American literature and British literature.
  16. Study the William Shakespeare's writing style and highlight key facts.
  17. What are some of the popular American literature books and why?
  18. Discuss the social perception of British literature.
  19. How has digital media impacted traditional writing forms?
  20. Describe the violence and women in Raymond Carver's stories.
  21. What is the perception of men in Shakespeare's novels?
  22. Why are some books regarded as classics in literature?
  23. Romance in novels is ideal or unrealistic? Explain
  24. Describe destiny and free will using William Shakespeare's words.
  25. How do authors misuse the freedom of speech and expression?

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