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How to Write a Discursive Essay?

23 Nov 2021 1577 13 minutes
How to Write a Perfect Discursive Essay?

Writing a discursive essay in a proper structure can be difficult as it requires knowledge and following the various rules and guidelines. Some students say that discursive and augmentative essays are the same. But if you go through the discursive essay example, you can know the major differences.

Students who struggle with the differences and find it problematic to write a complete discursive essay reach the Global Assignment Help to hire experts for their writing. Our experts have vast knowledge and years of experience in writing academic tasks. They create various types of essays for the students so that they can provide beneficial essay writing services to everyone. Discursive essay writing can be difficult for students; that's why they reach our experts.

But still, if you want to try writing a discursive essay, you must know what is a discursive essay. So, let's know about it briefly.

What Is a Discursive Essay?

Students! No need to wonder what is a discursive essay as here is a short definition for you to guide you about it. The type of essay that requires bringing out all possible perspectives on a particular topic is called a discursive essay. It requires writing arguments both in favor and against the subject of research to justify the various sides of the topic. Discursive essay example shared by the essay writing help writers that can be helpful for several students to understand the structure and format of their writing are shown below.

It can be said that discursive essay writing is similar to argumentative essays. There are three types of discursive essays, opinionated, for & against, and problem-solving that you must attain for your academic task. Let's know about these types in brief.

Types of Discursive Essay!

There are three main types of discursive essays that you must know about to write a better document for your finals. Let's know about them all.

  • Opinionated Essay: You have to share your views on what you think about the given discursive essay topic you are researching. Review other author's opinions, and then share your own. Keep a contraction between your viewpoints and the main subject.
  • For & Against Essay: You must know that the second type of discursive essay is the "˜for & against' essay in which students have to share their viewpoints and what points can be helpful to say against the research. In short, you have to share arguments and counterarguments that can specify the better about your topic.
  • Problem-Solving Essay: You have to share the problems highlighted in the topic or around it and share solutions for every situation. In this type of essay, you share what someone should do if they get stuck in a difficult situation. Writing a problem-solving discursive essay can be a difficult task as it requires analyzing the case briefly and offering a lot of solutions, and in the end, supporting the one that you find is the best.

Above are the various types of discursive essays that can be helpful for many students to understand how to write a complete document using the right kind. Now, you know the different types. So, choose the one that you will write about. Wondering how to write a discursive essay? You can continue with the following steps shared by the experts to complete it.

How to Write a Discursive Essay?

Wondering how to write a Discursive essay? You must know the discursive essay structure first to create one. Here is a complete step-by-step process that will help you with your entire writing.

  1. Write an Engaging Introduction: Everyone starts their writing with an introduction section, but it will be more appropriate to write this section at the end. Writing the introduction at the end will help you create a more informative segment with decent background details. So, leave it for the last.
  2. Develop a Thesis Statement: You may write the introduction section at the end, but you should develop a thesis statement first. It will help you create a better mindset beneficial to analyze what you will add to your entire essay. Make it only 3-4 lines reflecting the main agenda of your research.
  3. Elaborate the Body Sections: Make sure you conducted in-depth research and collected supreme information, but it should be relevant and credible. Develop an outline with your gathered data and give your writing a better shape. The body section should maintain a proper 3 paragraph structure. You can extend it as per the data you have for writing. When you start writing, just write and write without looking for changes or editing.
  4. Write a Compelling Conclusion: As soon as you complete the body section, it is time for a conclusion. Sum up the entire writing from start to end in this section and provide information in brief about your research. End up your essay providing the limitations.
  5. Edit & Proofread the Entire Writing: As of now, you have completed discursive essay writing so, it's time for editing and proofreading your work. Remove the information that you think doesn't need to be included in your paper & add the details that can be helpful for your readers to understand your research better.

Above are the various steps that can be helpful for students to create a better quality discursive essay. To start your writing on time, you have to choose the best topic for your research. Many students struggle in this part the most. That's why the best discursive essay topics are here for students' ease.

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35+ Discursive Essay Topics!

Choosing the best idea for your research & writing is mandatory and the most basic requirement of academic tasks. 35+ Discursive essay topics that can be helpful for students to pick the best one for their work are as follows:

  1. Discuss the suitable age for kids to start schooling.
  2. Allow students to evaluate their teachers.
  3. Should metal music be banned due to its violent lyrics?
  4. Share the pros and cons of making friends virtually.
  5. List of music genres helpful for students in studying.
  6. How right is it to converse energy as a society?
  7. Playing violent video games makes a person violent in real life too. What is your opinion?
  8. Is reality TV close to real-life incidences?
  9. Facts justifying girls face more societal pressure than guys.
  10. The biggest challenge in the life of today's students.
  11. Is rewarding with cash for getting a good score on standardized tests a good idea?
  12. Should the rich be paying more tax than the poor in the country?
  13. What do you like more, cartoons or movies?
  14. How do the cotton gin effects the economy?
  15. How are mothers naturally made better parents?
  16. Why shouldn't children be given personal mobile phones?
  17. Why is politics said to be never clean and fair?
  18. Is hard work enough for being successful?
  19. How can our society work better on gender equality?
  20. What are the subjects required to be removed from the high school program?
  21. Is it true that teenagers feel more comfortable talking on social media rather than face to face?
  22. Are negative high school experiences crucial when it comes to personality development?
  23. How do smartphones help in the better learning process?
  24. Do getting a college degree worth the cost?
  25. Do youngsters on social networks realize the significance of privacy on these online sites?
  26. Is life incomplete without faith?
  27. Do students face greater social pressures nowadays compared to the past?
  28. Does the past define you?
  29. Should girls not choose STEM programs?
  30. Should parenting be gender-neutral without defined roles?
  31. How does the #Metoo movement affect relationships?
  32. Is a well-read person necessarily a smart person?
  33. Energy drinks pose health risks to children.
  34. GMOs should be permitted in food.
  35. Need of eight hours sleep each night for adults.
  36. Technology: A Real Addiction!
  37. The military uses drones as an invasion of privacy.
  38. Dating website: A good or bad place to meet potential romantic partners?

Above are the various discursive essay topics that can be helpful for students to pick the best one for them. Students can also go with the free online essay typer tool using one of the above titles as it is always better to look at the discursive essay example to get a better guide for writing.

3 Examples of Discursive Essays!



Above are the various discursive essay examples that will be helpful for students to create and submit better quality documents at the finals. Still, if you wonder how to get the best discursive essay & higher grades in the final, reach the Global Assignment Help and our qualified experts.

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