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Embodiment of Essay Phrases and Words in Academic Writing to Make It Powerful

21 Dec 2022 1179 20 minutes
Experts of Global Assignment Help Explain Usage of Essay Phrases

“The scariest moment is always just before you start writing”

Are you about to begin your essay writing? Confused about - What to apply and which one to not in the document? Are these all things bumfuzzling you? Can you overcome this situation? Of course, why not? If you plan to write a perfect paper, you should consider some of these that can help you better. So have you ever heard of essay phrases and words that can assist in enhancing your writing? Might you have and may not but don't worry; there is a profound team to help you out. Let's begin with the very start. What is an essay? How to write it? How you can make it more engaging and powerful? If you want to know about every tiny step of the essay, then you are at the right blog! It entails everything that students should know. So, let’s find out!

An Overview of the World of Essay?[What and Types]

The definition of the essay is vague, overlapping with a short story or an article. It is the writing that designs the idea, expresses emotions, proposes an argument, or initiates debate. It is a way of conveying the writer's idea in a non-fictional way. A student may come across multiple essays throughout the writing journey. The essay size is dependent on its type and can be as short as 500 words and as long as 5000 words. The subject of the essay can be anything and does not possess any boundaries. It should be written crisply, and the essay words decided according to the theme and type of the document. So let's see what different types of essay writing are available.

Types of Essay Writing

Now that we know a brief about the essays and what they mean, we can dig much deeper into them. Let's now learn about the types.

  • Five Paragraph Essays- This is the most commonly used formal essay. It is the type of paper that scholars usually consider. It has an easy outline starting with the introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion to sum up.
  • Argumentative Essays- To explore a controversial issue, these essays are usually assigned. The chief goal of this type of document is to know the perspective of both sides. It also shows the side the writer agrees with while refusing the other side of an argument.
  • Compare and Contrast Essays- This type focuses on the two items, which can be either two stories, poems, or any to identify the similarities and differences. Along with discussing the strengths and weaknesses of each. The focal point of this paper is to reveal all the new connections that may not have been contemplated before.
  • Definition Essays- his essay mainly focuses on defining the terms in detail as much as possible. Sounds easy to write? But not quite. The most important part is picking the words to use in an essay. Make sure to choose something roomy to define it under multiple angles.
  • Descriptive Essays- This one is the most engaging type of essay writing. The subject is described using all five of the senses. The writer aims to describe the topic entirely. It relies heavily on details, and paragraphs can be organized with the help of this.
  • Illustrative Essays- The purpose of this type is to provide vocal or clear examples that describe a concept, an idea, or an occasion. Every statement put in the paper needs to be supported by examples. It also helps the writer break down barriers by providing real-life illustrations.
  • Informative Essays- It is one of the radical essays. It is as easy as it sounds from a technical standpoint. The main motive of it is to describe an idea, concept, or any other abstract subject. It happens with the help of a generous amount of research and storytelling.
  • Narrative Essays- This type of essay writing focuses on a certain experience or event. It can be any type of event historic or daily life of a person. It is a free approach to writing. You can find good words to use in an essay to support this. It is also considered a subjective form of writing as it unfolds through a personal lens.
  • Persuasive Essays- This essay writing is to provide the audience with an entire view on the concept idea or topic. It is to induce the reader to adopt a particular viewpoint. The viewpoint can range widely. The defining characteristic of this essay is brawny, persuasive language.

So these are some of the most common types of essays that come into action by you as daily tasks. Now the matter is how to make it more attractive to present it. Essay phrases and words are some of the things that can help improve academic work. But, are scholars aware of this term, and what does it mean? To know how it works, read further.

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What Are Essay Phrases and Words?

When you work on essay writing, you make a bond with people across the world who are having a look over them. So while representing the thoughts, the sentences are formed in a way to express them well. These lines are made up of words and phrases to make a meaningful document to read, understand, and interpret by the users. Since you know now, what phrases are? Let us have an eye on the types of it.

  • Noun Phrase-
    The phrases that work as a subject, object, or complement and are centered around nouns are known as noun phrases.
    Example: My phone is on the desk.
  • Adjective Phrase-
    This is the phrase that uses an adjective in the sentence and works as a single adjective. It is called the "adjective phrase."
    Example: Meera has an interesting life.
  • Adverbial Phrase-
    They work as an adverb and any verb or adjective in the sentences are known as an adverbial phrase.
    Example: She works very fast.
  • Prepositional Phrase-
    The phrases that connect nouns and always start with a preposition are known as prepositional phrases.
    Example: Despite putting in lots of effort, Rahul failed the period tests.
  • Conjunctional Phrase-
    Phrases are used in sentences as a conjunction, so are known as conjunctional phrases.
    Example: As soon as you complete the phrases for academic writing, do not proofread them.
  • Interjunctional Phrase-
    An injunction that has more than one word in a sentence is called an interjunctional phrase.
    Example: Oh no! I failed in my practicals.

The above-mentioned are types, considered at the time of the usage as essay phrases. You can also get your hands on the many examples that you can include in your essay writing to enhance it.

Examples of Essay Words and Phrases


An essay needs to use the correct language. You can include great points, but the words can lose their impact if it isn't intelligently articulated. To build outstanding essays, developing language skills is crucial. So moving on, we're going to equip you with the words and phrases you need to frame a top-notch essay writing with the help of the examples.

It is by no means time time-consuming and exhausting list, and there will also be room for other phrases and words every time. But there should be more than enough listed below to assist you in creating your academic writing better way. Let's have a look at the below-mentioned list of phrases and words to use in an essay.

General Explaining

  • In Order to-
    It is used to introduce an explanation for an argument.
    Example: To go out, we need to complete this first.
  • In Other Words-
    To make things simpler to understand or if you want to explain one thing in the other way then this phrase is used.
    Example: Cows are herbivorous. In other words, they eat only green plants.
  • To Put It Another Way-
    It is another way of saying "in other words" but is often used in particularly complex points when you think that the reader will understand this in this way.
    Example: Plants depend on photosynthesis. To put it another way, they will not live without the sun.
  • That Is to Say-
    When you have to put an extra explanation to some details or you have to be more precise, that is to say, can be used.
    Example: Sea lions are mammals. That is to say, they breathe air.
  • To That End-
    It can be used similarly as the to or so. It is a way of dealing with something or doing it.
    Example: He aimed to get into the school football team, and to that end, he practiced every evening.

To Support a Point

  • Moreover-
    When you put extra information to hold up the previous point, you have to put moreover, at the start of the sentence.
    Example: Moreover, it will be great to put things together in this format to understand it better.
  • Furthermore-
    To add extra information; this is also generally used at the start of the sentence.
    Example: Furthermore, many words and phrases can be used in essays.
  • What's More-
    It is used in the same way as the moreover and we have used before in the sentences.
    Example: What's more, this is not the only evidence supporting this murder.
  • Likewise-
    It is used where you want to make the statement agree with things you have mentioned.
    Example: We found some new and exciting words to use in an essay in the competition likewise the other team did.
  • Similarly-
    It can be used in the same way as the likewise used in the sentences. when we have to say that something is resembling to another then this is used.
    For example, Christmas is an essential part of life in many countries, similar to the new year in others.
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Acknowledging Reservations

  • Despite This-
    It is used when you want to outline the point that stands regardless of the shortfall in the evidence.
    Example: The sample size is small; despite this, the results were significant.
  • With This in Mind-
    It would help if you used this when you want your readers to consider a point in knowledge of something else.
    Example: Many factors prove the existence of the x active volcano in that area. With this in mind, scientist started their research on this thing at a particular place.
  • Provided That-
    It means on the condition of that, you can also use providing instead of this term.
    Example: We may use this document as evidence to support our case, provided that we bear in mind the method of obtaining it.
  • Given/ In Light of-
    These phrases can be implemented when you shed light on something with the help of the things already mentioned.
    Example: In light of evidence from the study of 2020, we better understand words and phrases.
  • Nonetheless-
    It is similar to the word despite this. This means when added to the statement it does not diminish or make less what comes next.
    Example: The study had its limitations, but it was nonetheless groundbreaking for its day.
  • Not With Standing-
    It is another way of saying "nonetheless." When something occurs or is true, even though there is a possibility that it won't, the phrase is used.
    Example: Notwithstanding the methods used, you can instead use phrases and clauses in English to describe it.

Giving Examples

  • For Instance-
    It is used similar way as the for example. it is used for describing a person or thing to justify the statement.
    Example: The most famous book, for instance, is among that writer who describes and relates things with the reader.
  • To Give an Illustration-
    It is a way of giving an example. This is used in terms of the diagrams and pictures to show it in particular.
    Example: To give an illustration of what I read, let's move to the conference room.
  • Suppose That-
    It is used at places where seems that something is likely to be true.
    Example: Suppose that the good words to use in an essay are not that easy task then you have to do a lot of research work for that.
  • To Give an Idea-
    To nudge someone into considering doing something they probably shouldn't.
    Example: The training program will stick for months to provide an idea of the company's inside sales.


  • In Conclusion-
    Usually, it is used for concluding the whole paragraph or the document.
    Example: In conclusion, we are putting all the described points part given above.
  • Above All-
    The main takeaway from the paper is considered here as the above all.
    Example: Above all, it seems reasonable enough to remember this way.
  • Persuasive-
    When you find the argument most convincing, this academic phrase can be used to summarise.
    Example: Sam points out that he was motivated by Elon Musk. It is a most persuasive argument for her actions.
  • Compelling-
    It is used in the same way as persuasion is considered.
    Example: The most compelling statement presented here. 
  • All Things Considered-
    When you are taking everything into account, then it is used at that place.
    Example: All things considered, it is good to assume that.

So mentioned above are some of the most commonly used essay phrases though there are still many remaining in the list. You can find all of them helpful in completing your task. Then also if you are still stuck in all these things and wondering how to end them. Continue reading to get all your answers.

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