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Marketing is an essential function carried out by business organisation in order to promote their product and services in the market place. Customers are consider important resource of any company as they are one which result them to earn high outcomes by satisfying their demands and needs in effective manner. This report highlight the case of Alperton Intercontinental hotel which is a five star property and has been recently established. Thus, they have to introduce new concepts of marketing in the newly introduced outlets at various places. It include high class restaurant, bar lounge, coffee shop. The assignment focuses on different concepts of marketing in a hospitality industry and relationship of marketing strategy with other functional areas. Apart from it, hotel have to introduce loyalty programme for the proposed hospitality business and evaluate its efficient in current market condition. It also include there are some specific role of the guest programs produced by hotel.


Loyalty Programme proposed by Alperton Intercontinental Hotel, a five star property 

Loyalty plays a vital role and has become essential focus in the hospitality sector, as there are number of uncertainties and high competition among same industry results into various hotels to develop their own loyalty programs so that they can deliver high personalization and smoothness in the business (DiPietro, Cao and Partlow, 2013). Different hotels have diverse perspective and opinion related to loyalty, as some concentrates on providing discounts, rewards as an incentive process whereas other focuses on that “guest loyalty” must be the key area in order to deliver high quality services and recognition. The loyalty programme that can be created by Alperton intercontinental hotel is described below:

Selection of accurate partner: As Alperton is coming up various number of constructions that include high class restaurants, bar lounge, coffee shop and a conference hall. Thus, it is necessary to take decisions regarding while creating the effective loyalty programme. This hotel can join the third party reward program and enjoy benefits arising from it which include attracting large number of clients at the same time.

Collaborating with CRM provider: In order to come up with unique offerings by the hotel, it is necessary to introduce their self program by aligning with CRM provider. There are number of advantages associated with it which include CRM software aids in conducting loyalty programme properly as well as have enable the hotel to deliver services starting from management of guest profile to automated execution of post and pre stay informations (Shi, Prentice and He, 2014).

Introduction of personalized rewards: In response to some research that has been conducted in relation to reward program, it has been observed that around 75% of the travelling clients demand for high input n building their self reward program system. It is very much important for the hotel to perform the market research in order to gather the data information related to rewards. Hence, management of hotel have to Change their offers according to the need that is directly linked in the increase of the clients joining the proposed program (Bharwani, and Jauhari, 2013).

Discounts and bonus Programmes: Hotel can proposed number of particular plan of actions for example they can offer complimentary drink on purchase of set limit, spa treatment, second stay free in restaurant. All these will provide opportunities for the hotel to build customers for longer period of time and continuously increase their value at sustainable point.

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