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  1. Operation management

Operation management is a way through which the business practices are administered so that organizational objectives can be attained. However, this requires effective management and leadership in a firm. This will assist in controlling and and planning of business operations in an appropriate manner. With the help of operation management an organization will be able to sustain in long run. Moreover, management plays an essential role in the performance of a business. It leads to define the organizational structure in a way that goals and objectives of the firm can be achieved. Beside this, leadership also plays a significant role as it offers guidance to the whole team and motivate for them for the betterment of business operations. The present report is based on the case study of Holborn, London which is a management consultancy firm.

The stated organization provides consultancy services to different organizations. Additionally, this report is prepared with a purpose to depict the role of leader and manager as well. It also going to enlighten the relationship between leadership and management. It will help the user to develop good understanding of management and operations.

  2. Leadership and management

 Leadership and management are the two important concept which is being adopted in each and every organization. Both the concept are contrary to each other and have individual applicability in the organization. Management has mainly four functions such as planning, organizing, controlling and leading. On other side, leadership has eight functions such as defining the task, planning, briefing the team, controlling, evaluating, motivating, organizing and setting an example. Management functions are simply restricted or bounded up to the four functions. But leadership functions can be better known as the extended form of management functions.

The motive of management function are to manage the company operations nut leadership is focused on the improvement of people or employees. With the help of management functions a leader can know what is to be done. On contrary to this leadership functions suggests how is to be done or the implementation of the planned function is done. Additionally, management functions assist in forming a structure and authorities can be delegated effectively. On other side, leadership helps in offers appropriate guidance for the development of company goals and visions (Audi, 2012).

  3. Management by objective

Management by objective can be defined as procedure through which the organization can define its objectives which leads to remain useful for the employees and top management of the company. The main motive of this concept is setting goals in a participative manner and also to opt a course of action. There are different features of this concept such as it helps in making workforce participative and make them a part of the goal-setting process. In context to this, the lower-level employees are supported by their superiors which leads to leaver up their perfection and confidence towards the work and organization as well. The adoption of this concept can impact the organization in both a positive and negative manner.

This process can act as an effective tool for motivation and also facilitates the planning process effectively. Additionally, this can be fruitful for employees as it will uplift their morale. On contrary to this, it may be concluded as a time-consuming process which also lacks durability. This can also create a conflicting goal for the organisation.

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