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Independent living is the first priority of people. Technological advancement assists individuals with disabilities in performing their daily activities without any help (Giust and Valle-Riestra, 2017). Present study is based on the case of Sally who is a 42-year-old lady. She has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She is facing double vision issue. Due to her illness she is unable to perform her daily work independently. It will analyse barriers of using these technologies. It will discuss health and safety consideration in use of technologies in health and social care sector. In addition, study will describe impact of emerging technological development on care services, organization and care workers. Assignment helper will identify specific needs for support to live independently in case of Maggie.

Task 1

1.1 Technological support for Sally in living independently

An individual always prefer to perform their work by own. Disable persons are unable to do the same so they be depended on others. The concept of independent living in health and social care can be explained as framework that allows disabled persons to live their life by the use of advance technologies (McDonagh, 2016). These technologies are beneficial for disable people. As per the given case scenario, Sally is a 42-year woman who faces issues of impairment in eyes. Her disability creates problem for her in performing daily activities. General practitioner has suggested her several technologies that can support in minimizing efforts towards chores. There are more than 900 devices that can be used by Sally for living her life independently. These are discussed as below:

Pocket Coach: Changes in memory function create problems for her in performing daily tasks easily (Smith and Galey, 2017). Packet Coach is considered as a digital technology that can be beneficial in improving memory skill of Sally. It is suitable equipment for disable persons those who need assistance in carrying tasks.

Spinner Knob: It is another technology that can be used by Sally for living independent life. This is the device that is used by people while driving car. With the help of this machine, a disabled person can move steering efficiently and chances of occurrence of accidents can get minimized to a great extent. By using this technique, Sally can drive car smoothly and can drop her children easily (Wang and Singer, 2016).

Special keyboard: It is another kind of technology that is used by people who are suffering from vision issues. This keyboard has large keys and black letters with yellow background. That can support Sally in typing in office and performing her daily work by her own without any support of others (Kaluža and, 2014).

Mounting device and Sensory products: It is the type of technology in which disabled person can perform work by using sensory products. As Sally is suffering from vision impairment and due to this issue she is unable to see things clearly. By using sensory and mounting products, she can clearly seen things and can perform tasks easily (Greeson and, 2015).

All these technologies are effective for Sally in living her life independently by using these advance equipments.

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