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Creating a dissertation can be a tricky job especially when the student fails to have a brief research topic. Hence the initial step of writing a winning dissertation is to recognize the area the student wants to research on after proper exploring. Then, pick up an idea to commence the research by putting it in the form of a question.

Media dissertation ideas need to be crisp, at the same time, interesting to the reader. The teaching faculty at college asks for a dissertation which holds an innovative concept for the audience. Another important point to be kept in mind whilst choosing Media Dissertation Topics is that one should have strong evidences or references in support of their arguments and explanations.

Following is the list of recommendations on Dissertation Topics in media as suggested by our London experts. This list will assist you in picking up any of these topics for writing your dissertation, thereby, giving new insight into the research paper. The topics are related to various themes included in the media degree course like journalism, mass communication and music, freedom of expression, censorship, government monitoring and social networks.

Underlining is the list of Free Media Dissertation Topics Online offered by the team of Dissertation Writers UK at “Global Assignment Help” on which you can base your dissertation:

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Journalism and Privacy - Media Dissertation Topics

What to report and to what extent is always a debatable topic in journalism and privacy sub-field of media. Journalism is all about the art of reporting and maintaining distance while dealing with privacy comes as a challenge. Our dissertation experts can help you in picking topics that are worth exploring:

  • Celebrities and Privacy: Is media handling celebrities or celebrities using media?
  • Case of Diana accident: Why should not paparazzi be banned?
  • Is UK journalism following the law of privacy while dealing with celebrities?
  • Celebrities should have reduced right to privacy. Is this acceptable?
  • Understanding the privacy rights of individuals and are these being compromised in the name of gaining readership?
  • Readership and private lives of individuals: What is the connection?

Journalism and Freedom of Expression - Media Dissertation Ideas

Journalism cannot survive without freedom of expression, our expert writers suggest. Find the best dissertation help that explore the relevance of freedom of expression in the profession of journalism. Some of the interesting media dissertation topics in media and journalism are:

  • Watchdog: How you can evaluate this policy keeping freedom of expression at the background?
  • Exploring the connection between journalism and responsible reporting
  • Social media posts: Are these the kind of journalism?
  • Why freedom of expression is restricted when it comes to reporting political upheavals
  • Exploring Canadian and German Journalism policies - Should UK learn from them?
  • How to identify the border line when sticking to freedom of expression tends to enter the data privacy region
  • Is data protection policy not applicable for tabloids?

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Media, the Artist and Censorship Dissertation Title

Media is the way to express. The censorship is a must to understand the relevance of information and the artist is a carrier of expression. Media dissertation topics that cover the artist’s viewpoint in dealing with censorship are:

  • Dissertation on State control and its role in media availability on the basis of gender - Learning Iran’s perspective
  • Is restricted internet use an example of ugly censorship?
  • How to decide the work of an artist to be compliant with the censor’s guidelines
  • Are we curbing the right to expression of an artist by applying censorship rules?
  • How should the work of an artist be monitored within the limit of freedom of expression?

Dissertation Topics in Media across Cultures

Media dissertation holds lot of relevance when students explore its importance in cross-cultural exchange. How cultures affect the success of a medium can be best understood with the help of dissertation on media and its influence on cultural practices:

  • Big Brother: How it has made use of amalgamation of cultures for the development of program
  • Is media facing injustice in the hands of cultural police in UK?
  • How learning about various cultures helps in making media interesting?
  • Subversive censorship: Is it a tool to influence the rating of a specific channel?
  • How covering important sports events like Olympics helps in enriching cross-cultural exchange

Music, culture, the artist and intellectual property

Dissertation on media topics helps in exploring the importance of media in promotion of music, culture etc. It is also required to understand intellectual property rights of an artist. Some interesting topics for music, culture etc are:

  • Music piracy: Is it the result of violation of intellectual property rights?
  • How intellectual property rights ensure the originality of the work of music and writing experts
  • How culture influences the promotion of music across geographical boundaries
  • Role of musicians in promoting culture and cross-cultural exchange
  • How promotion of music concerts and music festivals helps in spreading the art across boundaries
  • Is felicitating the music maestros a prerogative of their nationality

Communication in the Digital age - Dissertation in Media for Scholars

Media is the carrier of communication. Dissertation writing on media topics can be understood with the help of cases and theses that are focussed on the communication aspect of media. Some interesting media dissertation topics on communications are:

  • How social media communications are blurring the gap between personal and mass communications?
  • Use of media and communications in bringing awareness among people across boundaries
  • How to evaluate the economics of a communication channel when it chooses to air something of global importance
  • Media buying guide: How to use communication budget effectively to ensure better media reach
  • Digital Vs Offline modes of communications - which is more effective?

Reach Global Assignment Help for Topics in Media Dissertation

We, at Global Assignment Help, have the best help available for writing the dissertation on media topics. Our team comprises of the most qualified and dedicated writers who know how to write media dissertation that can fetch you the best grades. Reach us anytime, anywhere as we are available online all the 24 hours and can provide you the best tips on writing media dissertation with confidence.

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