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Understanding Health & Safety in the Business Workplace


It is important at working place that the organisation must be comply with the all procedures and legals requirements. The consequences of non-compliances of health and safety can be take serious implications on employees and employers health. In organisation the employers must take reasonable care to protect their employees from the diseases,injury (Bond and et. al., 2010). If there is a safe working condition in organisation then welfare of employees can contribute in the success of enterprises. The organisation have to take important steps to prevent the accidents at work place. In present report Hertfort Regional college which offers a different courses such as BTEC, diplomas, access course and many more. Further the key features of legislations and regulation on health and safety has been explained. Along with this how to train the new staff is also been discussed. Apart from this the acts on health and safety is explained so the college can maintain the safe working conditions at workplace.

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Task 1

In Hertfort regional college the managers should know about the key features of health and safety regulations. The employers have to protect their employees in terms of accidents, injuries (Cekada, 2010). As it is the duty of organisation to protect their employers and employees while providing the safe conditions at work place. The main piece of legislation and regulation of health and safety is that as it the duty of all employers to ensure about the health, safety and welfare at work place of all employees.

Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, 1999: This act should be followed by Hertfort regional college which protect the employees, even it also protect the people who are not working in organisation. For example, if one person is not working in this college and accident take place then this educational institution can provide the policy regarding to their health. In this if employees are more than 5 than it requires written health and safety policy. For example if the number of employees are exceed from the limit then college have to provide the health and safety policy so that they will ensure about their jobs or health issues at the work place (Cherniack and Lahiri, 2010). The organisation chart should show that who is responsible for health and safety and should contain all the procedures which are compliance with the risk assessment. For example, the college have to set the proper procedures which can be used in emergency situation and will provide the information to employees.

Health and Safety Act 1974: The aim of this legislation in educational institution at work place such as in Hertfort regional college is that it provides a overall framework which ensures about the health and safety of students, visitors as well as staff. For example, the staff must be ensure about that which are playing by the students should not exposed to their health risk. If any one is responsible for the work place then they have to ensure about the machinery will not damaged to the users (Davenport and Beck, 2013). For example it must be supervised by the top management which will not damage the health of employees. The staff of this college should not interfere in the provisions of health and safety.

Workplace [Health, Safety and Welfare] Regulations 1992: This regulation deals with to provide the physical and safe working environment at the work place. For example, in Hertfort Regional college, it set the standards for the employers which are meeting the range of matters. At the work place, there should be proper maintenance of equipments and building be there. For example it includes the toilets facilities should be separate for the female, male and students. There should be proper drinking facilities for staff and students. If the working place is good then staff will be retain there for a long period of time. The facilities regarding the first aid provision should be there if any students or staff has suffer from the injury then first aid box can be utilized.

Reporting of Injuries, Disease and Dangerous Occurrence Regulations 1995: In this regulation the employers are required to report to Health and Safety Executive with a wide range of work related accidents, diseases, injuries (Fabius and et. al., 2013). For example if any person is expire than they have to report to the nearest local authority environmental health department. On other side, the staff have to record an accident book which includes all the details about the accident. In Hertfort Regional college the staff members are recording all the details about the person in regard to their accident takes place.

The staff of this college have to follow the proper procedure which are related with the health, safety and welfare legislation. If any one is suffering from the injury or any diseases than they have to report to the Health and Safety Executive which will provide them a proper treatment.

The work area of staff member have to organise in such a way that has to comply with all the health and safety regulations and legislation act. The staff member have to monitor all the activities which are performing by the students or any other members (Goetzel and et. al., 2014). At workplace all the staff have to provide the safe and positive working environment so that injury will not take place.

The harmful work practices are if at the workplace hazardous substance is there then it is duty of staff have to reduce the risk. Second harmful practice is an accident can be occur at any point of time. The hazardous substance should be kept away from the students or any other manner so that it will not prevent any risk for them.

Task 2

In Hertfort Regional college the educational institution have to trained the new staff for the requirements of the health and safety productive conditions. The proper training is necessary for the staff especially when risk for potential injury is associated with the job. The organisation have to provide the written instruction regarding the safe work procedure so that they can check themselves if they are unsure about to perform the task properly (Granerud and Rocha, 2011). They have to supervise their employees to ensure that they are using the proper training programme to perform their job properly and safely. In educational institution it is necessary to maintain the need of health, safety and welfare because it ensures that at work place the employers have to protect the employees from the injury which can be prevented at any point of time. If employees are protected from the diseases then will provide the quality of services to students and it will reduce the risk at the work place.

On the successful completion of a training session of employees regarding health and safety, a test of staff has been conducted in following ways.

1.What will be the impact of working environment on the health of the staff ?

In Hertfort regional college if the employees are ensures about their health that whatever will happen then this educational institution will provide us proper treatment.

2.In HRC, where the evacuation assembly areas are there?

The location of Evacuation assembly area has occupied the location is one of the governing rule. In building it should clearly indicate the place of assembly areas (Hasle, Bager and Granerud, 2010). So when emergency arises all the occupants of building should be aware about the areas of location through illustrated charts, notice or posted signs (WHAT ARE THE MAIN HEALTH AND SAFETY REGULATIONS?, 2017).

3.What are the particular issues are there in H&S in STEM area?

In health and safety stem area will arise the awareness about the health issues. It provide practise to employees regarding the risk assessment to considered the safe management.

4.Are disposal are hazard waste?

In hair and beauty area yes disposals are hazard waste as it include nail varnish and remover, gels, tanning products and so on.

5.What are the hygiene facilities?

In Hertfort Regional college the education institutional should provide the toilet facilities to male, females and students and it should be separate from each other. The rest room should also provided to staff.

6.What is noise and atmospheric pollution?

If there is a excessive noise levels with a over a period of time then it will damage the hearing of employees at work place.

7.Temperature and ventilation in college?

Yes ventilation are there in college if any trainee is suffer from the any disease then he/she will provided with a ventilation.

8.In Atrium restaurant where is the food preparation area?

In this restaurant the food preparation area is located at corner of the floor area so that it will not effect to the customers (Henderson and et. al., 2013).

9.Are Id cards are given to the staff and security barriers are provided?


10.Where the warning signs and sound signals are there in college?

In college, the warning and sound signals signals are available at every classroom.

11.Is there any maintenance frequency?

Every day the workers are coming to clean the place so that students are staff are away from the diseases.

12.Where is the Accessible emergency exits?

At every floor in corridor.

13.Is there any smoke alarms and sprinkle system are there in college?

Yes at every floor the smoke alarms are there.

14.Is protective cloths provided to trainees in Hertfort regional college?


15.The information regarding the Data protection Act 1998 are provided to trainees?

Yes because this they can record and keep the safe documents of the college at one place.

16.Computer misuse Act 1990

This act recognise about the offences which are access by the trainees. Unauthorised modification of computer offence means using the computer for the misuse (Hutter, 2011).

17.Copyright, design and patent Act, 1988

The knowledge about the copyright, design and patent is given to the trainees so that they they will be aware about the these act.

18.What is Freedom of information Act 2000?

The trainees have to right to collect all the information which are related with their work and no body can stop them to gather the information from different sources.

Task 3 

Hertfort Regional college, the job description about the teacher in science department. The lecture is responsible for to provide the health and safety environment to the staff and students. They have to set the different programmes areas in which they can conduct the proper health and safety programmes. The purpose of the job is to have a responsibilities for the co-ordination and for the development of the health and safety regulations and legislation at work place. Their responsibilities to manage all the health issues which are occur at the work and protect the other employees from the diseases (Hymel and et. al., 2011). They have to oversee the arrangements for the students so that they can maintain the proper discipline with them. The role of lecture is difficult because they should provide a appropriate information about the health issues. They also have to maintain the safe working environment conditions so that accidents will not take place. Hence, they are responsible to deliver the effective services in relation to health and safety to the staff and students also. The other duties of the teacher is to update ourself with relevant legislations and regulations of health and safety. They should know about the health and safety regulation such as management of health and safety at work regulations 1999, the workplace (health, safety and welfare) regulation 1992 and many more regulations are there.

The working condition of teacher in Hertfort regional college is that they have to maintain the proper coordination with other departments of employees. They have to protect injury, diseases or any other health issues (Lèfstedt, 2011). They also have to provide the proper staff facilities such as washing, toilets and refreshment facilities so that at the workplace, employees feel secure and does not occur any diseases.

There are many policies which may affect the role of teacher in college. The teacher should know about the all regulations and legislation which are made for the health and safety which so that it will protect the employees at work place. The policies should be clear to the teacher that they have to properly follow the policies which are made for the students. At workplace, the policies such as data protection act, discrimination act can affect on the role of teacher. If the teacher is belonging from the different culture then it will become for him/her to retain in the college for a long period of time.

Task 4

All the employees at Hertfort Regional college have their legal responsibilities under the health and safety at their work place (Liebman and Augustave, 2010). Health and safety at work regulations 2000 ensures that at the work place the employees have to perform their roles and duties in proper way. As this includes the minimizing of risk related to the stress-related such as injury, illness to employees.

The roles of duties are at the work place of health and safety are as follows.

  • They have to understand the work-related stress and have to find outs that how it will prevented and managed in organisation.
  • They have to make the commitment regarding their issues which will include to provide the important resources that undertakes the management standards so that that they can implement the identified solutions.
  • They have to support health and safety managers and human resource managers so that they can take appropriate actions to manage and prevent the stress of employees (MacEachen and et. al., 2010).

The health and safety managers are central at the educational institutional to prevent and manage the stress of employees at work place. They have have to ensure that the risk related with the work have properly managed and identified (McCaughey and et. al., 2013). The following are the some roles and responsibilities which have to properly perform by the health and safety managers at the workplace.

  • They have to keep update with the best practices which is relating with the work stress.
  • They have to conduct and review the risk assessment time to time so that appropriate actions can be taken with in time period.
  • The information should be provided to employees related to the stress illness.
  • They have to examine about stress or diseases which are facing by the employees.
  • Identify the additional initiatives and policies that can promote health and well-being at the work place (Raj-Reichert, 2013). 

The human resource director have to work with the health and safety department so that they can divide the responsibilities, tasks for tackling the stress of employees and protect the employees from the diseases. The roles and responsibilities of human resource director includes.

  • They have to develop the suitable policies which are related with the stress of employees or illness.
  • They have to monitor and take the review from other departments regarding the policies and procedures .
  • They have to make additional policies also so that they can provide the safe working environment to employees in Hertfort Regional college.

The staff of this education institutional have to maintain the health and safety needs at the work place so that the obligations and responsibilities of the managers, directors can describe properly and appropriate actions can be taken properly to provide the safe working environment at work place (Sheehan and Griffiths, 2011).

Task 5

The roles and responsibilities of teacher in organisation that allow the organisation to fulfil the requirements of health ans safety legislation. The teacher have to make coordination with the managers, directors and other departments so that they can provide better solution to injury people. The roles and responsibilities of the teacher are as follows.

  • They have to identified proper needs of employees which will protect them from the injury.
  • It is duty of employer to provide security to employees so that they will assure about their jobs at work place (Sinelnikov, Inouye and Kerper, 2015).
  • They have to update with the information which are related with the health and safety legislation.
  • There should be proper use of health and safety regulation act and no misuse of these act.

The objective of the organisation is to provide health and safety working condition at work place. The person have to take care of there own health so that they prevent from the diseases or any injury at work place. They have target the those customers which are suffering form the danger diseases and provide them a proper solution for resolving their issues (Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner, 2011). The main objective of college is to comply with all the relevant legislation and regulations which are apply in this sector and can operates properly for the achievement of their targets. If they are fail in to comply with the these regulations then they have to expensive fine and in some cases it also imprisonment can be charge. The risk which are associated with the health and safety have to be analyse properly so that the educational institutional can overcome with the damage or illness and give high priority to resolve the problems of employees who are facing the serious problems. Through the role of teacher they can take some temporary measures which includes the to operate the risk at low level and using some of the methods such as inferior production, expensive or time consuming method (Roles and responsibilities, 2016).


From the above report it can be concluded that at the work place it is necessary to apply the health and safety regulations and legislation so that employees will protect form any diseases or illness. In Hertfort regional college the proper training is given to new trainees so that they will aware about the rules and regulations of health and safety. In educational institution it is necessary to maintain the needs of health and safety.


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