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Chest Pain Evaluation- NSW Chest Pain Pathway

University: Australian National University

  • Unit No: 11
  • Level: High school
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Question :

The article leads to cover details about the chest pain that tends to cause by the conditions from the self-limited to the serious issues like anxiety or life threatening. For this, accurate identification of life threatening tends to become serious chest pain that should be accomplished without over-testing and over-treating the patients for the less serious causes. It also tends to cover the chest pain pathway of NSW which is followed by the specific state to their people.

  • What are the requirements of Chest pain patients?
  • What are the common issues for the chest pain pathway?
  • What are the standards for the chest pain evaluation?
Answer :

The NSW chest pain pathway tends to represent the minimum standard care of their patients with chest pain in terms of presenting for the emergency departments. This pathway undertakes cardiac monitoring for the routine activity that leads to carry out the hospitals through NSW. In regard of this, the individual hospitals leads to develop the suitable range for the prominent standards and protocols concerning the standards for cardiac monitoring. For this, the overall objective is to enhance the safety of patients by executing minimum standards for chest pain evaluation in the public hospitals of NSW. In regard of this, it leads to undertake the suitable requirements with the facilities that must have use as the pathway in order to meet the minimum standards for the chest pain patients like ECGs are taken and reviewed by someone, undertake risk stratification, vital signs are taken for the documented, critical times are documented like symptoms onset and so on.

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Chest pain evaluation area was introduced in health services performance development branch and also conducted suitable research which is related with the use of current pathways by repeating the finding for the root cause identification. In regard of this, it also tends to have few common issues which are discussed as:

  • General issues, it undertakes use of NSW chest pain pathways that lead for the differences in clinician practices. Effective execution of pathways that have not always followed good practices and leads to change management principles. Lastly, it undertake cultural aversion to the pathways instead of evidence based good practice.
  • Process issues, it leads to undertake the suitable delay for the lack of access regarding the stress test that leads to inhibits the use of pathways. Issues also include the inconsistencies with acquisition and accurate interpretation of ECGs and Troponins.
  • People issues, it tends to undertake the insufficient leadership and agreement among the variations in ED and cardiology buy-in. Moreover, it include insufficient training for ED clinicians for the local pathways and the key cause of the problem for the shortage of ownership of pathways at the each location in order to help for the education of staff for its usage.

Therefore, it leads to confirm that the issue which exist with the NSW chest pain pathway is not the sophisticated level for the pathway and also tends to execute the minimum standard for the chest pain evaluation into their core practices.

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In relation with this, the suitable standards for the chest pain evaluation are executed in the hospitals of NSW and their aim is to make sure the fundamentals of care which are delivered for each and every patient. For this, the suitable standards for the NSW chest pain pathwayare discussed as:

  • ECGs are taken and reviewed as in 10 minutes for the starting of the chest pain pathway in which all the patients tends to have 12 leads take ECG which is reviewed by the professionals.
  • Include risk stratification as all the chest pain pathways in NSW leads to undertake suitable process for the risk stratification the undertake effective high, intermediate and low risk. It also tends to undertake suitable guidelines for the management of the Acute Coronary Syndromes.
  • Troponin levels are reviewed in which all the patients must have the blood sample which are being collected for testing and include levels for the Troponin. For this, the staff members tends to take order for the test and also leads to seek the result to make sure that they timely reviewed things.

The generic NSW chest pain pathway is implemented in order to make sure the compliances against the minimum standards by undertaking the two versions of hospitals like:

  • PCI Hospital: The PCI hospitals are the one that tends to effectively undertake Coronary Angioplasty which is the pathway that leads to provide suitable opportunity in terms of performing primary angioplasty which is depend on the clinical situation of the patient.
  • Non-PCI Hospital: These hospitals are the one who does not have access in terms of performing Percutaneous Coronary Interventions. These sites represents the suitable pathway to the users in terms of performing thrombolysis. Along with this, the Non-PCI sites tends to choose transfer of patients directly to the PCI sites undertaking the referral network which is being established and also leads to meet for the time-frames to identify the suitable pathway.

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Therefore, it is essential for the healthcare worker to analyse the overall situation and develop ability to effectively perform the accurate pain assessment which is faced by the patients who experience chest pain as it is helpful to determine the pain which is cardiac in nature. It is also important that healthcare worker also conduct proper assessment in controlled and calm manner.

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