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Knowledge Management and Information System - Knight Templar Fashions Group (KTFG)

University: BPP University

  • Unit No: 8
  • Level: Diploma
  • Pages: 9 / Words 2125
  • Paper Type: Dissertation
  • Course Code: JNB517
  • Downloads: 928

Table of Content

Question :

As per the scenario of this report, an individual working for Knight Templar fashions group has asked to produce an information report that contains all the possible solutions related to information systems and technologies so that firm can implement the same for resolving its business issues.

  • Discuss dataset related to buying orders of KTFG’s.
  • Determine the overall value chain model of the Knight Templar fashions group as well as analyze the weaknesses of the firm related to the framework.
  • Based on the above analysis, evaluate one major issue that requires resolve earlier as well as its potential impact over the firm.
  • Discuss the relationship between stakeholders and actors of KTFG’s by creating a rich picture.
  • Draw a proposal that determines how KTFG can implement information technologies in order to address their business problem.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Knight Templar Fashions Group (KTFG)


Knowledge management is considered as a human centred approach that helps in analysing the role and functions of the information systems. Also, it can help in understanding the relationship between the people and the ways they are dealing with each other (Wang, Noe and Wang, 2014). An information system is capable enough to change the ways in which the data is being maintained and then demonstrated. Out of all the models and frameworks, any one model that seems suitable and relevant enough can be used to analyse the factors and operations of KTFG. The report is about analysing the value chain of KTFG (Knight Templar fashions group). Also, the issues that the company is facing have been involved as well.

1. Analysing the dataset of KTFG's purchase

On analysing the data sets, it can be analysed that there were various companies involved. Out of which, some remained at a higher profit rate while some at a lower rate. As the data set was acquiring various successful collections but at the same time, there were those companies as well who were having the lowest revenue rates and failed as well in the market place. It has been observed that the companies who failed and did not succeed to have a higher rate in the market place includes Corleone & Co, Arken & Co etc., while the ones who had a great profit rate involves Baha & Co (SCWT) etc. The clients that are most valuable to KTFG must be Arken & Co, Baha & Co etc. because their rate of the order value id greater than those of the other. So, it is obvious that as their order rates are greater than those of the others, then there might be the possibility that it would bring effective and appropriate changes to the company (Van Der Aalst, La Rosa and Santoro, 2016). Some factors that can be recommended to KTFG on the basis of this includes the fact that rather than getting attracted on the basis of the profit order, KTFG should ensure the previous history of the brand because even though these companies were having most order rates, but still some parts of them earned a least amount of profit as compared to the others.

So, KTFG should ensure that before dealing with any other company, it is very important to check their history so that further complications and issues can be avoided at the same time. For enhancing their competitiveness in the market place, KTFG can make involvement of various factors such that making effective interactions with people because it helps in a better decision making and sharing of ideas as this can actually help in discussing the features and operations of a company. Thus, it can help KTFG to understand all the background features along with the achievements of the company they are dealing with. Also, this will help them to make various modifications in their system so that they can be able enough to achieve a higher rate of popularity as well as productivity.

2. Analysing value chain analysis of KTFG

Although there are various factors that can help in analysing the factors and operations of KTFG, but the use of Porter's value chain analysis can help in analysing the factors in much efficient and appropriate way. Discussing different aspects as below :

There are many systems and models that focuses on the types of costs or of departments, Porter's value chain analysis can help in analysing and understanding the systems that how the factors undergo changes and operations before producing the results. The model consists of two types of activities, one is the support activities and the other are the primary activities. Both these activities are associated with different factors such as the primary activities deals with some very basic factors such as the overall sale of KTFG, their products and services etc. Discussing various aspects of primary activities as below :

Inbound logistics

Inbound logistics is considered as the process which involves the storing of the products, its delivery and the whole transportation of the product from one place to another. So, KTFG can ensure that B2B model is not resulting successful, so they can change their framework to some other model such as B2C etc. Also, the company should ensure to make effective relationships with the suppliers because they play a very important role in the transportation phase. As KTFG supplies the products to three corporate clients, so they should ensure to have better supplier relations so that they may not have to face any further complication with the clients.


These are considered as the processes that helps in releasing the outputs from the input. As the basic challenges KTFG gone through involves modifications in trends, transportation al factors and technologies, so, the company can ensure making modifications in their own systems so that they can cope with the current market trends. This will help KTFG to again achieve a higher rate of popularity as well as productivity.

Outbound logistics

Outbound logistics means delivering the service or products to the customers. It may be internal as well as external. So, KTFG can make sure to involve effective ways so that they can be able to provide a better delivery to their customers. It can help them to stay focused enough in the company (Power, Sharda and Burstein, 2015). KTFG can involve more suppliers so that they cannot have to face the issues. Also, it is not about only involving suppliers but also about completing all the responsibilities towards them. It is important because it is the responsibility of the management of KTFG to have a happier and healthier environment so that all employees etc. can stay happy while working in KTFG because it will help in maintaining their focus in the operations and processing of the company.

Marketing and Sales

As KTFG does not use any online platform for promoting their products and ways, it can effect their marketing. It is because the company can involve various such ways to get their products promoted, thus they can gain an efficient rate of sales as well. Also, interaction plays an important role here. So, the Spivak sisters should ensure that the staff members and delivery members are interacting with the customers in an efficient way.


It includes various factors that can be included by KTFG so that they can be able enough to value the products after they are being purchased by the customer. It means if the customers face any issue with the product after purchasing it, KTFG should ensure to provide support to them and if the issue is higher, then they should replace the sale with a new one as soon as possible. It helps in maintaining the trust of the customers in KTFG.

3. Basic issue of KTFG and its impact on business

Although KTFG is going through enormous number of issues because of which they have faced a huge decrease in the sales. Some common challenges they faced includes failed deliveries to the customers, issues with the supplier relations, cumbersome ordering procedures etc. The most important factor for a company is to make sure that all the employees and customers can stay satisfied enough. But in case of KTFG, they were failed for several times to deliver the products to their customers. This can be considered as one of major issues because this obviously disappoints the customers to a huge extent. Although there have been various designers appointed by the Spivak sisters and they had a very huge amount of collection as well, but there have been enormous number of modifications as well in the market and the KTFG have to make up their standards for again attracting the customers. It is obvious that at some times, certain situations occur when the company is not able to complete the delivery due to some reasons.

In case of KTFG, they were having some issues with the suppliers. So, this became the reason for late and delayed deliveries. The suppliers were not getting the information properly from KTFG, due to which they were not able to deliver the products on time. There were some issues with the processing of the company because of which the company was facing issues with the suppliers as due to the mis convenience of the suppliers, the customers have to suffer. On analysing, these issues were observed as that some suppliers were facing salary issues with KTFG etc. These can be considered as the reasons why they were not able to complete the deliveries on time. Although it was because of the issues between the company and the suppliers, but it was having a negative influence on the customers. As employees are considered as an important part of the company, customers are termed as equally important as because of them, a company sells and deals with the products and services. The customers got dissatisfied with the operations of KTFG when they received the deliveries late. It throws a very negative impact on the popularity and image of the company. Also, it affects bad on the overall rate of popularity and productivity of KTFG. It is obvious that this is throwing a very negative impact on the business and operations of KTFG because when the customers of a company will not be satisfied, who would purchase the products from them. If there were a very smaller rate of the customers to purchase matter from KTFG, it is obvious that it will affect the sales of the company and that too at a huge extent.

Also, KTFG was facing issues with the suppliers because according to the suppliers, the company is not able to provide them the salary etc. on time. That is the reason the suppliers are involving discrepancies as they were not taking the proper information and details of the items and address that is to be supplied (Laudon and Laudon, 2016). So, it further resulted in providing late deliveries to the customers and it further resulted in a decreased rate of popularity and productivity of the company. In such cases, KTFG should ensure that they must provide the salary and other functional requirements to the people on time, whether it is about the employees or the suppliers, KTFG should complete their responsibilities because these small irresponsibilities affect the further operations and services of the company and it can even turn complex in the future. So, it is very important that KTFG should ensure to complete their responsibilities so that all the individuals associated with them can stay happy enough with the organisation. It helps in maintaining a smooth processing of the operations of the company.

4. Rich picture demonstrating the relationship

As the problem chosen was the dissatisfaction of customers because of late deliveries by the suppliers. After making a deep analysis, it has been evaluated that the suppliers were not performing efficient because of their personal issues with the company. They were facing the issue of not receiving the salary etc. on time from KTFG. Therefore, because of that, they were not performing effective enough. Also, they were not used to collect the appropriate details about the order and the delivery address. This became one of the major reasons for delaying deliveries to the customers and thus, a higher rate of dissatisfaction in the customers regarding the brand. In actual, the whole process is indirectly or directly connected with each other. Although KTFG should take care that they must complete all their responsibilities because these small factors can cause huge complications and thus put affects on the whole image of the company as well. These factors are to be maintained in order to compete with all the competitors in the market place. Customers have their own issues as well. So, if at such times, there will be an ineffective interaction rate between the suppliers and the company, how come the issue of customers get solved. Stakeholders also play a very important role because along with all the other process, as the other members are being involved in every single operation of the company, so all the stakeholders are being involved as well. So, for avoiding these complications and issues, it is very important that KTFG can ensure focusing on all their roles and responsibilities so that the customers can get satisfied to a huge extent. Also, it will help them in an increased rate of popularity and productivity.

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