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Enviro-Cars Sales and Operations


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Introduction Sales And Operations Planning

Sales And Operations Planning (S&OP) is an integrated business management procedure. It also helps executives to determine the optimum level of manufacturing output in order to sale products to consumers in the market in the enterprise. The present file focuses on promotional activities of Enviro- Cars Ltd. It also defines the role of sales team to sell its electronic cars in the market of United Kingdom. In an addition, it also stresses on importance of selection and recruitment for plastic specialists in Plastic Products Ltd. Further, it also states sales plan of Curry organisation that is launching its electrical products in India.

Explain how personal selling at Enviro-Cars Ltd supports other promotional activities

Personal selling supports promotional and other activities of Enviro- cars Ltd which leaves positive impact in the United Kingdom.

Effective Communication- Personal selling contribute effective role for the organisation to increase sales of electronic cars with help of proper interaction in the nation. For example, Sales executives of firm understand needs of consumers which contribute effectively to increase personal selling and attracting them towards the Enviro– Cars (Boone and Kurtz, 2010). This method is categorised under business to consumer model to develop effective communication. In addition, they explain good features of vehicles very effectively to customers in the firm. This business activity also supports public relations and direct marketing in the corporation to lure people for buying their product. These things supports personal selling of Enviero cars Ltd.

Objective of Promotional Activity- For the purpose of personal selling, this method also helps sales employees in the organisation to increase sales of electronic cars in United Kingdom. For example, Personal selling also gives unique direction to its staff members to enhance revenue of Enviro cars with aid of advertising and sales promotion of its product  (Gray, 2007). This strategy comes under Business to consumer in order to promote electrical cars in the corporation.

Push and Pull strategies- Personal selling approach provides efforts to build consumer requirements for electronic cars by describing proper features of electronic cars. For example, firm can offer various types of discounts to clients like free insurance as well as additional gifts to develop public relationship with help of push strategies in the nation (Magloff, 2015). Mainly pull strategy tries to make relationship with consumers through advertisement on television and social media (Face book, Twitter and you tube). Personal selling also helps the firm to increase sales of electronic cars with aid of pull strategies in the country. It also contribute effectively to  enhance revenue with help of business to consumer model (Dougherty, 2006).

Compare Customer behaviour and the decision making procedure in various situations

Consumer behaviour and decision making procedures help the individual or firm to take various decisions in different conditions. There are several differences between business to customer and business to business  for buyer behaviour in the market.

Business to consumer

Individual purchases electronic cars on the basis of personal thinking process regarding image of Enviro- cars in their mind. This thing also impacts the purchase decision of client respect of the product buying. For example, psychological condition also affects purchase decision of consumer as by monitoring positive or negative reviews of other people regarding electronic vehicles. Subordinate of individual gives negative comment in respect of electronic car. Hence, person does not buy that vehicle from the Enviro Cars Ltd. So this decision also affects the consumer behaviour which impact on the business to consumer strategies. Social situations also impact the purchase decision of customer for product as by observing latest trends and lifestyle of society in the UK (Hair and et. al., 2008). So Enviro cars can make its strategies to interpret consumer behaviour with help of business to consumer model.

Business to Business

There are many different factors like competition and market trend which affect company behaviour regarding purchasing or selling of material as comparison of business to consumer  model. Enviro cars buys raw material and semi -furnish products according to the market trend which help the firm to make reliable product in their factory. Business to business model also reveals environmental condition of firm in the market. For example, organisation uses  this model for purchasing of raw and semi furnish material from the vendors. Availability of better quality of raw material for electronic cars also affect decision of  firm in the nation. It also create impact on by increasing or decreasing price of raw material  in auto mobile industry regarding electronic cars (Haneef, 2013). Mainly business firm can be customer for another business organization. So management of Enviro cars makes their buying decision on the basis of rivalry conditions with help of business to business model in the nation. Sometimes, corporation prepares its purchasing plan on the base of its self perception which helps to enhance its sales of the electronic cars with help of Business to business model in the market of United Kingdom. (Hair and et. al., 2008).

From the comparison, it can be said that b2c model is emphasize to understand consumer behaviour and its decision making strategies in the nation. On the other side, B2b model concentrate market trend, competition and other external conditions. These process helps the Enviro-cars to make its plan in nation.

Analyse the role of the sales teams in the overall marketing strategy for the Enviro-Cars

Sales team aids the firm to enhance sales of electronic cars with help of proper marketing strategy in the United Kingdom.

Sales executives of Enviro cars adopt a procedure for making the consumers busy by showing special features of product n the showroom. Mainly sales executives follow business to customer model to sell their product in the market. For example,  employees also take order of client for selling the products in the firm. To increase the revenue of Enviro cars, they help to identify  new consumers by covering new areas. They also play major role to communicate with consumers and give answers to the question of client in the firm. Sales executives of organisation give full support and service to customer at the time of delivering the car (Jones and, 2005). They also help the consumers to provide full assurance after sales on behalf of Enviro- cars in the auto mobile market. They also contribute effective role to collect feedback of their service from consumers and are responsible in handling data base of customer in the organisation.

Sales executives helps the the firm to manage various types of varying factors such as data of competitor products and its weakness to take competitive advantage for selling their electronic cars in the auto mobile market.  Sales executives also aids to reduce the sales of its rivals in the auto mobile market of UK.For example, staff members aid the firm to change purchase decision  for  customer. This thing  aids the Enviro cars to enhance its revenue and profit in the nation.
Sales team of the firm contribute effective role for managing various types work. For example, they aid the organisation to maintain and update sales reports as well as records in the Enviro cars. This type of process helps them to complete their targets in the market (Lyus, Rogers and Simms, 2011).It aids them to make good relationship with consumers which increase the sales of Enviro cars in market.

Explain with examples, how sales strategies can be aligned with corporate objectives in

Organisations like Plastic Products

Sales strategies can be aligned with organisational objectives in the firm through following some steps which are written below in the paragraph.

Setting the Sales Objectives- In this part, organisation can define its goals objectives to sell its product in the market. Enterprise can use various strategies like growth and turnover of commodities in the market (Ingram, 2015). For example, presently, plastic products company is serving 20 customers monthly in the plastic market. As per plan, its next strategies should be handling 25 consumers in next unit of time frame. This process helps the company to set its sales objectives to increase sale of its plastic products in the UK (Parinello, 2004).

Relationship of sales, marketing and Corporate Objectives- These things are interlinked with each other to get profit in the market. For example, firm makes has made objective to sell its plastic products in the market. On the base of its goal, organisation designs its marketing program and sales plan in the enterprise (Scott, 2007). This process creates awareness regarding commodities of the firm in market. Then after, sales of product happen in the  market. This approach also helps the organisation to increase sales of plastic products which gives optimistic profit in the market (Storbacka and et. al., 2009).

Explain why the recruitment and selection procedures are important for Plastic Products Ltd

Recruitment and selection procedures of plastic specialists are important for Plastic products Ltd because these people have good knowledge regarding supply, production and properties of plastic. These skills can help them to communicate with other employees in the firm (Thome, 2012).

Importance of selection- Selection process of employee can play important role in the organisation because it can help to increase sale of its plastic products by monitoring and expertise on supply and production of plastic in the market. For example, Plastic products Ltd can manufacture better utensils in the market which can be consumed by fast food hotels very fast in nation. These employee can increase sales of these commodities in the nation. Organisation can earn better profit in the market.

Preparing Job Descriptions and Person Specifications- Effective job description and specification can also help the organisation to recruit good employee in the nation. For example, Job description amd person spefication can also aid the Plastic Product Ltd to know knowledge level of candidates reagarding plastic properties (Landale, 2004). It can also contribute effective role for firm to increase sales of its commodities by improving its quality during the manufacturing.

Sources of recruitment- Mainly, There are many sources of recruitmernt which help the organization to select effective candidates. For example, Plastic products Ltd can use references, contacting the professional agencies for hiring employees and walk in interviews at different locations of UK (Noonan, 2010). This approaches can give highly talented employees to the plastic products Ltd. These approach can increase its sales by provding their effective information during production of plastics products in the organisation (Parvinen and, 2011).

Role of motivation is very important in the Plastic Products Ltd. This process inspires employees of firm to increase sales by fulfilling  requirements of consumers in the market. It also motivates staff members internally or externally in the firm. Generally remuneration and training is also important tool in sales management. Organization can use Maslow theory to inspire its people.

Remuneration- It can be one of the good approach for employees. For example, organization can complete requirements of employees of sales by providing job security, medical insurance, effective salary and incentives to inspire them in Plastics products Ltd. Maslow theory can also realizes importance of employees in organization. As a result, these people can increase revenue of firm through giving proper concentration on requirement of consumers. (Tyagi and Kumar, 2004). They can give proper dedication for Plastics products Ltd which help to boost sales of plastic products in United Kingdom.

Training- It is also important tool to handle sales effectively of Plastics products Ltd.For example, Maslow theory can play important role enhance the interest in working by providing Proper training to staff members. This approach can also save the time of employees which can help to increase internal motivation and reliability in Plastics products Ltd. It can also help them to handle customers in good way within the organisation with help of Maslow theory (Sales Sustainability, 2005.). This way, Plastic Products Ltd can generate good revenue which increases its income in the United Kingdom.

Explain how Plastic Products Ltd. can organise Sales activities in order to control of sales

Plastic products Ltd can arrange its sales activities in order to control sales output through many process like purpose and role of the sales budget as well as performance against targets.

Purpose and Role of sales Budget- It can help the organisation to determine overheads, better cash flow management, forecast of sales and revenue (Edmunds, 2015). These things can contribute effectively in controlling sales output of Plastic Products Ltd in United Kingdom. This way, organisation can find out potential benefits in market.

Performance against Targets- It can be also important factor to control sales activities of plastic product in the organisation. For  example, Plastic Products Ltd can decides its target to sell its products which can help to perform effectively in the market. Generally, these factors can be related with each other in the organization. They can also help the firm to purchase raw material from their suppliers (Ashe-Edmunds, 2014). Then after, enterprise can converts that material into finished products in the firm. On the basis of sales, Plastic Products Ltd can calculates financial data to judge the profit.

In order to control sales activities, organisation can follow some approaches in the UK. For example, Firm can install manufacturing plant as per territory in the nation. Plastics products Ltd can define the region to manage its sales operations in the country. This process can also help the firm to reduce the work load by dividing specific area in the Britain. This way, Plastics products Ltd can define the territory to increase sales potential of its plastics products in the country (Sheldon, 2006). Organisation can control on its output with help of proper management of sale activities in this area. This process can take more budget of organisation but plastics products Ltd can get more income in the upcoming time by increasing more sales  in the nation.

Quota/targets can be used for controlling sales output in the firm. For example, These strategies can also help the Plastics products Ltd to choose particular territory to launch its new plastic product in the United Kingdom (Peterson, 2010). This process can also contribute effective role to increase the sales of new commodities on the basis of positive result in the nation. Management of organisation can structure  its all divisions to increase its sales. This way, company can more give more focus on sales department to increase the revenues.

Explain the use of database in effective sales management

Generally database management also helps the organisation to manage sales in the United Kingdom.

Importance of Database- Database management system is important tool because it is utilized to store information of consumers and helps in tracking the data in the organisation. For example, with the help of this approach. Plastic Products can save large amount of time through effective database system as required information related to clients can be retrieved by the employees in a timely manner. In an addition, it also increases performance and efficiency of the firm (Ivert and Jonsson, 2010).

Sources of Information- Generally, organisation has various types of sources to get information regarding plastic products. For example, firm achieves knowledge from its consumers regarding its commodities by taking feedback from consumers with help of customer relationship management portal (Markgraf, 2014). It also collects data from suppliers regarding quality of raw material and its price issues in the firm. It also gathers information about market demand of plastic products through market survey and research with the help of various research agencies in United Kingdom. Organisation saves all data and information into data base servers to perform its further operation (Scott, 2007). This process also helps the corporation to increase sales in United Kingdom. Thus relevant information related to market demand, sales figures and number of sales personnel can be stored in company's database management system and sales team can make use of this information at the time of requirement. Therefore it is beneficial for Curry in effective sales management  through sound database system.

Investigate opportunities for selling internationally into your chosen emerging market

From the given case scenario, it is clear that Curry is a British brand and it has 295 superstores and 73 high street stores in UK. Sales manager of firm wants to expand its business in emerging markets like India. By opening its stores in India and effectively using both traditional and modern media marketing channel, manager can attract customers towards its brands and can increase its sales and profit margin (Jayawardena, McMillan and Pantin, 2013). On the basis of current Indian electric market, it can be said that there is a huge business opportunity for Curry’s to enter into the emerging market. Indian government strategies and “Make in India” plan developed by Indian government favourable for international enterprises to invest here and provides employment to people (Make in India, 2015). Besides that, energy efficiency to meet  electricity demand, increase in demand of  quality of electric and electronics products at affordable prices and government initiatives are the major factors which can be helpful for Sales manager of British retailer to promote its products and services in Indian market (A3mdesign,2014). However, along with several opportunities some threats such as purchase price, demands of quality products at cheaper rate, import dependency and sustainability etc. are also associated with it.

Investigate opportunities for using exhibitions or trade fairs

By organizing exhibition and trade fairs, sales manager of Curry’s would be able to capture wide amount population in a significant manner. With the help of this technique, management of company can target industry and people who are involved or interested in these kinds of products and services. Trade will also provide opportunity to British retailer to create brand awareness (Benefits and risks of trade shows and exhibitions, 2011). On the other side, by organizing exhibitions, sale manager of the firm will be able to promote its electric products to a broader group who have little knowledge about organization and its services. In addition, business-to-business trading, buyer-seller meeting and global trading types of opportunities will be raised after conducting exhibition and trade fairs. These activities will directly influence sales of the firm and will contribute in increasing its customers in a proficient manner. 

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Develop a sales plan for a product category of British firm


From the report, it is found that personal selling of Enviro cars creates good impact on its promotional activities. Market strategies of sales team are giving effective benefits to the organization. In addition, sales plan of electronic cars is providing advantages to the firm. Sales strategies of Plastic Products are increasing sales of plastic products in the market. Effective recruitment and selection procedures were able to recruit plastic specialists who are helping the firm to earn good income in the market. Database system of firm provides assistance in storing the data of consumers. It can be concluded that sales plan of curry organization is giving optimistic start ups

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