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MOD003507 Principles and Practice of Marketing Level 5


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Table of Content

  1. Introduction


Marketing is a having a broad meaning for a business entity. In the general case marketing word is taking for the product sale but in the actual marketing is related and started with product development. The present business report is based on Primark stores Ltd. which is deals with clothing and it is a big retailer of clothes in the whole UK. This business report is aimed on to enlarge the significant role and the use of the marketing strategy in Primark stores Ltd. The company is having a large channel for the distribution of their products so they are using their potential to develop their marketing strategy (Jobber and Ellis-Chadwick, 2012S). Marketing strategy plays a key role in the modern and dynamic business environment and it is a basic need to adopt a marketing strategy in the current scenario where many companies are competing to each other to make the better sales of the same products. Primark Stores Ltd. is using transactional marketing. This is marketing strategy which focus on the retail sales of the company. This strategy helps in to maintain a level of sales of the products of the Primark Stores Ltd. The Primark is not a manufacturing company it is having suppliers of clothes and it is a retailer company so they have to maintain their input and output of the products to manage the level in the both. So they are using transactional marketing. It is not a easy task to manage consistency in the sale of products in volume to consumers.

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The company has to stay with the demands of the investors, so Primark has to use various ways to attract peoples which maybe their customers. To make the sale of the clothes they are using the discount, coupons and sales events. Primark having tie-ups with several companies that provide their discount vouchers on the sale of the products and Primark also provide their discount vouchers on the sale of their products (Smith, 2014). The company is making its presence in the trade fair and exhibitions so that their might be consumers buy their products. Company is also providing the coupons which will be profitable in the sale of the products, these coupons are the sales coupons which is given by the various types of the contest and lottery system which is organizing by the Primark. Some promotional activities like this are arranged by the organization. The company is using the same promotional activities to make more and more sales in their outlets. These promotional are making a big impact on the sales of the company and these are very useful in the market of the UK. These promotional activities make attraction for their might be consumers. These programs are inviting the customers to buy a product and to make enlarge the number of the customers in the company. This is the innovation of the mangers to provide the these type of activities to invite their customers and to make a demand in the public for the product which they are dealing in(Dinnie, 2015).

Question 1

Primark Store Ltd is a retailer company so they are using a defined marketing strategy to sell their product. Marketing strategy used in the marketing orientation, this is related to the sales of the products of the company. So they are using the full skills to innovate some new ideas to make more and more sales of their clothes and products of the company. Primark Store Ltd. is using the transactional marketing strategy which is focusing on promotional activities to make new customers and to make more sales by the new customers in the market. Transactional marketing is mainly believed to manage the sale because the sale is the factor that is the base of a retailer company so they have to maintain it anyhow. This is the task which is performed by the skilled manager of the Primark. They're a team which are making the promotional activities on the basis of the different markets of the UK and on the basis of the customers which are available in the market (Black, 2013). So the promotional events are making new customers and the objectives are attained by the sales managers of the company. There is a tendency in the sales managers that new customers are the strength of the sales and they have to find out new customers and they have to increase the numbers of the customers. Primark Stores Ltd. is making a good name among the customers, they are providing quality in the clothes. The research team of the Primark is analyzing the demands of the customers. This is a clothing sector where changes in the demands are possible so the company has to use its experts in analyzing the demands. This is a big organization and there is a lot of hope for the customers in their product range.

Primark is using the transactional marketing strategy which is a good strategy for the present types of business dynamics where a lot of companies are delivering the same products and services. This marketing strategy helps to make more and more consumers in the market and the company is using it in a brilliant way. They are making new customers every day and this is a very good sign for the company. New customers are the strength of the customers and it shows that the promotional activities which they are using are working effectively and they are interesting also for the customers. The Primark is a leader for the companies in the uses of the marketing skills.

But this is a time when the company has to adopt a new marketing strategy for its routine and old customers to maintain a relationship with them (Sheth and Sisodia, 2015). The relationship marketing strategy is focused on to manage the relationship with their consumers. This marketing strategy helps to manage the trust and long term relationship with larger numbers of customers. Primark is on the level to maintain a relationship with a particular customer. This marketing strategy helps to tie the customers with the company. The relationship marketing aimed on each and every customer of the company. Primark has to maintain a database of their

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