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Marketing Function- Roles & Responsibilities | Cadbury

University: Lancaster University

  • Unit No: 2
  • Level: Diploma
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: MKT30016
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Organization Selected : Cadbury


Marketing refers to the set of activities that are performed by a company for promoting its product or services in front of customers for influencing them to purchase for the same. Marketing plays an essential role in attracting the customers toward the product or enhancing the brand image (Baker and Saren, 2016). This report is about Cadbury which is headquartered in west London and is second largest confectionery brand. It belongs to food and beverages sector that offer product in category of milk additives, chocolates, candies, biscuits cookies etc. This report elaborates about the roles and responsibilities of marketing function and their interrelationship with other functional unit. It also provides detailed information about marketing mix and marketing plan.

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P1. Key roles and responsibilities of marketing function

Marketing is defined as the process through which the good or services are moved from the area of its production to final consumer. It includes a set of activities that are performed for promoting the product or services offered by company to its target market with an aim to satisfy the need of customers and achieving higher revenue. Cadbury is best known for its marketing strategies and promotional activities that it performs for attracting customers toward its offers. Cadbury mainly focuses on customers’ changing demand by determining the current as well as future trends that are prevailing in market (William and Zikmund, 2012). For instance Cadbury offer its chocolates in different packaging style as per the current trends over special occasions such as friendship day, Christmas etc. Another example that can be used for future trend is that new products that it bring new market after assessing the future demand of customers to remain sustainable in market which includes Cadbury Oreo, new flavour of Bournvita with additional benefit.

Apart from this marketing requires a step by step execution of its activities in order to achieve effective result. The process consists of four stages which are followed by Cadbury for maintaining its marketing position but these can be better understood using following points:

  • Situation Analysis: - Under this situation a company evaluate the external environment in order to determine the information regarding the opportunities available, changing demand of customer and competition present in market. In this stage Cadbury try to determine the demand of customers to make changes to its current product. s
  • Marketing strategy: - After determining the current market situation next step taken by Cadbury is to formulate strategic objectives that are required to be achieved for maintaining its position in market.
  • Marketing mix decision: - Once the strategic plan has been formulated next step taken by Cadbury is to make strategic decisions for controlling the marketing mix. This includes product development, pricing, promotion and distribution (Baack, Harris and Baack, 2013).
  • Implementation and control:- This step involve the execution of plan that has been made by company in order to achieve desired objective. It requires Cadbury to work over the direction that is planned and the outputs are monitored and adjusted as per the market changes.

 There are certain roles that the marketing department has to consider while performing its operations in market place. These roles are explained below:

  • Pricing:- It is one of the major role that a marketing department has to perform under which the prices of product are set that includes factors like cost of production, price of competitors product, governmental policies, rate of profit etc. Marketing department of Cadbury fixed the prices of product in a way that company can earn its profit and each customer will be agree to pay that price over competitor’s product.
  • Promotion:- Under this role marketing department organise certain activities for interacting with its targeted customers and making them inform about company’s offers (Silberschatz, Galvin and Gagne, 2014). The marketing department of Cadbury organise several promotional activities like campaign, TV advertisement, Billboards etc. For promoting its product and attracting customers toward it.
  • Marketing information management:- In this role the marketing department conduct research over its target customers for determining their need and want for aligning product as per the requirement of customers. In Cadbury marketing department keep on collecting and evaluating the information about changing demand of customers and then use it to add new flavours to its current product for satisfying changing demand.

These all are the roles that a marketing department has to perform but in addition to these there are certain responsibilities that a marketing department has to perform some of them are explained below:

  • Strategy:- The marketing manager or other senior manager of marketing department are responsible for formulating strategies regarding the activities to be performed for enhancing the image of company in front of its customers (Joshi, 2012). Marketing department of Cadbury has an excellence over developing marketing strategy that supports them in maintaining its market position. Some of them are targeting all age people, connecting commercials with emotions and rituals of people etc.
  • Product development:- It is a responsibility of marketing department to collect the relevant information about the changing demand of customers and then making product department informed about such market trends. so that the product or services can be produces as per the current demand (Responsibilities of Marketing Department, 2018). Under this marketing department of Cadbury collect information regarding the customer demand and competitors’ strategy that are used by them for informing production unit. This support company in bringing new or more satisfactory product that help Cadbury to maintain its position in marketplace by keeping its customer happy.

P2. Role and responsibilities of marketing related to the other functional unit

Marketing plays an essential role toward the growth and devlopment of a company by promoting its name in market place by making customers aware about the product or services offered by company. But the marketing function doesnt perform its operation in isolation it requires the support of other departments in order to perform their operation effectively and i n informed manner. The interrelationship between the marketing and other function unit of cadbury can be better understood ussing following points:

  • Marketing and Human resource department:- The HR unit of a company is responsible for recruitment and managemnet of personnel working within the organisation (Brady, 2014). Therfore, it is very essential for a marketing department of Cadbury to communicate with the manager of human resource unit regarding the requirement of personnel for performing their operations. This will support marketing unit to develop an highly skilled and talent workforce that support toward performing the marketing operations effectively.
  • Marketing and finance department:- The financial unit of company is responsible for the management and flow of fund between the department as per their required for accomplishment of particualr task. So, the marketing manager of Cadbury must communicate with financial manager in order to make them inform about the fund required for performing marketing and other promotional activities (Rossi, Allenby and McCulloch, 2012). By mainataining a proper communication marketing department will also be able to arrange the funbd before execution of its operations. This support them in ensuring the timely completion of activities without getting any issue related to the fund.
  • Marketing and Research & Development department:- The main function of Research & Development unit is to analyse the information about customer and market to determine the opportunities present. The marketing department of Cadbury must communicate with R&D unit in order to gate the information regarding the demand of its target customer. This support marketing manager in formulating the strategies regarding the different approaches and promotional activities that can used for influencing customers to purchase Cadbury products over other substitute present in market.
  • Marketing and production department:- Production unit of a company is responsible for the manufacturing of product or services for fulfilling the demand of target market. Marketing manager must communicate with production unit before formulating promotional strategies (Clow and James, 2013). As by communicating with production department marketing manager will be able to learn about the ingredients that are involved in particular product of Cadbury. By using this marketing manager will be able to formulate an effective promotional commercial that depict about the benefits that a product provide by highlighting the ingredients involved.

These all are the point that describe about the interrelationship between the functional units of Cadbury. An effective interrelation among several units of organisation supports in enhancing the performance of company and also contributes toward the accomplishment of organisational goal as a whole. Therefore, by maintaining an effective relation among functional unit each department of Cadbury will be able to perform its operations in an effective manner.


P3. Application of marketing mix

It refers to the set of actions that are undertaken by a company in order to promote its brand as well as product or services to its target market with the aim to achieving higher market share. Marketing mix consists of seven elements that together form an effectively plan which support a company to achieve higher success in marketplace. Following table describe about the ways in which marketing elements are used by Cadbury:





Cadbury offers a wide variety of product to it customer which includes chocolates, biscuits, candies etc. In beverages it offers bourn vita which is one of the leading well known brand of Cadbury.

Nestle offer product or services in various categories related to the food and beverages. It includes Nescafe, Nestle slim, nestle milk maid in beverages. In addition to this it provide food items like Maggie, pasta, kitkat chocolates etc.


The prices are fixed as per the quality of product like Oreo biscuit re comes under the high range. But on the other side chocolates perk, éclairs and five star provide the taste of Cadbury at lower price (Silver and et al, 2012). Hence, Cadbury deal in variety of product which is comes under different prices. 

The prices of products are generally depends upon the market position and competition prevailing in market. Like Nescafe and Maggie are traded over skimming pricing strategy because the competition is very low as these product are rich in taste. But on the other hand price of products like Kitkat, Munch are relatively lower because of the competition present in market.


Cadbury offer its product throughout the world through it’s widely spread distribution channels which deliver companies product worldwide. Cadbury is spread in more than 200 countries.

Nestle networks is larger in European countries as compare to others where approx 90 percent of sale come from that region (Lovelock, 2011).


Cadbury is well known for its promotional strategies as it uses a variety of medium for promoting its products. It includes TV commercials, newspapers, online, radio, posters etc. It also uses taglines to connect the story of its TV commercial with feeling or rituals of customer. This support company in developing a relation with target market. 

Nescafe uses several marketing strategies for promoting its brand. It includes advertisement, posters, TV commercials, marketing campaign, sponsoring and many more. But in all of these the Nescafe tune was on the biggest advertising campaign which position Nescafe strongly in market.


Cadbury follows a process which includes several intermediaries through which the products are moved before reaching to its final destination (Babin and Zikmund, 2015). In this the product are manufactured over factories and then transmitted to warehouses then through suppliers these product knots are delivered to wholesalers here the bulks are divided into small sets and then provide to retail through which the consumers purchase the products.

The Nescafe work over the culture of providing the high quality and less time consuming services to its customers. For this Nescafe restaurants are more organised and maintained where when customer enter into cafe, waiter are remains ready to take order. After giving the ordered they precede it to counter staff where they make present the order given by customer and then it will be presented to customers in less possible time.


Cadbury is more focused toward aligning its product as per the requirement of its customers. Therefore, it targets peoples from each category with difference in their taste and age. It target people from all age i.e. from child to old age people. In addition to this Cadbury also heir people who have good knowledge of chocolate flavour and other ingredients used for production in order to maintain Cadbury position in market.

As Nestle operates its business in two ways either through retailers for selling of its products like chocolates and other or by marinating restaurant chain which provide food and beverages together (Armstrong and et al, 2015). So in order to perform its operation effectively in this competitive environment, Nestle arrange regular training program for their employees to develop the skills and capabilities among them. This will support in providing better and satisfactory services to its customers.

Physical evidence

Cadbury is more focused about presenting physical evidence for customer who visits stores in order to grab their attention also remain recognised in market. For this Cadbury pay extra money to its retailers for adopting store front product display strategy in which store managers arrange the Cadbury product in store front for grabbing the attention of customers toward company’s product. 

In its cafes Nestle uses several physical materials or instruments to evident the brand and its quality product for attracting customers toward it. This includes logo of Cadbury which is generally printed over a paper that are hanged on the roof of the cafe’s hall. Apart from this the uniform of staff also shows the discipline and positive a peaceful environment of cafe attract customer to spend their time at such place. 


P4 Marketing plan

Marketing plan refers to a written document that outlines the objectives that a company want to achieve along with the marketing effort that it requires to make (Ahmed and Rafiq, 2013). This document depicts about the way in which company implement its marketing strategy and utilise available resources for accomplishing its goals and achieving marketing success. Marketing plan support company in determining the path through which they can achieve set objectives. The marketing plan of Cadbury can be understood as follows:

Overview of the company:

Cadbury is a multinational confectionery company which is headquartered in west London and is consider as the second largest confectionery brand. It offers products under food and beverages category which includes chocolates, milk additives, candies etc. Cadbury perform its operations in more than 200 countries throughout the world.

Mission: The mission of Cadbury is to continuously improvise the quality of product for delivering the products that are rich in quality and taste.

Vision: The vision of CADBURY is to maintain the brand name for making it first priority of customers.

Marketing objectives

The main objective of Cadbury is to achieve the maximum sale from the products that are currently offered to market. But in order to accomplish this goal it is very essential for Cadbury to decide the SMART objective that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reliable and time bound. Following are the objective that Cadbury want to achieve.

  • To launch a new range of flavoured milk
  • The main aim of Cadbury to increase its sale by 20% in 3 months i.e. by march 2019.


It can be defined as the combination of three basic approaches that support a company in formulating an effective marketing plan which includes Segmentation, targeting and marketing (opolšek and ÄŒurin, 2012). This focuses on identifying the area of potential customers that can be targeted for position of product into that particular area of interest. The STP approach of Cadbury is given as under:

Segmentation: It refers to the process of identifying the number of potential customers for offering the product or services which are then divided into small segment of customers as per the homogeneity in term of their need or taste. Cadbury offer its product to a large number of people and it segments its customer on demographical factors.

Targeting: After dividing the market into segments, next approach focuses on targeting customer with promotional activities for attracting them toward the product or services. The target market of Cadbury is broader as it target people of infinite age as it offer chocolates from child to old aged people.

Positioning: Under this step the company position the locus of its product in the mind of customer as a solution of their demand (Huang and Sarigöllü, 2014). Cadbury position itself as a part of celebration for a person which is the main reason behind its success and position in market.

Swot analysis of CADBURY


  • Cadbury offer its products in various flavour and in different sizes that are affordable to everyone.
  • It has a great network for distribution throughout world which helps in circulating its product internationally.


  •  The negative publicity due to defective chocolate bar affected the image as well as sale of company.
  • The high price of product sometime influences the customer to switch the brand.


  • Cadbury must try to manufacture its personal store for candy and chocolates despite of selling its product through retail shops.
  • It must try to strengthen its market share in rural area for maximizing the market share.


  •  The changing habit of customers toward healthy food and avoidance of sugary or fatty food item leads to decrease in sale of chocolate.
  • Increasing in competition from Nestle is one of the major threats which affect the sale of company.

Marketing budget:


1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year

Initial money















Marketing outlay










Sales publicity





Direct selling










From the above budget it can be depict that the cost incurred in first year is relatively higher which is around 20000£ and the cost incurred during marketing activities are also very higher that includes promotional, sales publicity and direct selling expenses around 25000£.

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From the above given report it can be concluded that marketing plays an essential role in communicating the benefit of product or services to its customers. Marketing function within an organisations perform several roles by interacting with other functional unit for promoting the brand as well as product of the company. But in order to achieve the positive result from marketing efforts it is very essential for a company to prepare a marketing plan that provide the guidelines to achieve desired objectives in marketplace.

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