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Marketing Essentials - Morrisons

University: ICTM College London

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: Diploma
  • Pages: 10 / Words 2484
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: JNB523
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Question :

The following questions need to be answered:

  • What is the role of the marketing and its link with other functional units of an organization?
  • Evaluate by doing a comparative study of achieving business goals in those organisations which use elements of the marketing mix.
  • Evolve and explain a basic marketing plan.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Morrisons


Marketing is one of the effective department which help in performing actions in better way. This sector helps in performing activities to achieve business objectives. There is requirement of various policies which has to be modified as per requirement. Different factors which has to be considered by top level management of company, so they can be modified as per need (Asaduzzaman, Hossain and Rahman, 2014). In company it is important to take part in various activities so organization can compete with external parties. This department is related with various other sectors so there will not be difference in standards and actual results. This report is based on Morrisons which is fourth largest supermarket chain in UK. Morrisons has head quarter in Bradford, England and CEO is David Potts. In this report there is discussion about interrelation of various departments with marketing, role and functions of marketing manager to achieve goals and objectives, 7P’s of marketing and business plan of marketing function.


P1 Roles and responsibilities of marketing function

Marketing is one of the effective departments which helps in growth of company. There is requirement of various policies which helps in achieving targets. Target means to enhance profits and productivity which can be done by proper planning and coordination. Marketing manager has to communicate about product and services in market. Morrisons is one of the biggest brands of supermarket and this is possible with joint efforts of marketing personnel. It is tough to maintain this brand in market. To achieve there is requirement of proper monitoring and analyzing market (Black, 2013).

Marketing is not one night process. This is continuous and persuasive process which helps in knowing what can be performed to give best services. As per requirement marketing manager has to take feedback which help to take corrective actions so customer get satisfied with brand and they do publicity of Morrisons. There is requirement of marketing analysis which help in achieving targets in better and effective manner. There is requirement of resources which help in performing activities in better way. It is essential to assign task to person which is compatible to perform it (Xiao-zhong, 2012).

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Responsibilities of Marketing Department

Marketing planning- Planning is basic activity which helps to perform various other actions in better way. There is requirement of various policies which help management to plan things in most effective and efficient manner (Chamorro-Mera, Miranda and Rubio, 2014). There are possibilities of difference in perception of workers so best alternative must be accepted. Marketing planning helps to set standards and achieves them. There are different factor which can be used to judge best option.

Analysis of market- business has to be done as per need of market. Morrisons has to regular analyze market so they can make policies as per requirement. There are various factors which have to be considered so company feels competent to external forces. There is need of change which can be done with analysis of market. Marketing department has to make policies so they can compete with other forces. Analysis of market cannot be used performed with best way so positive results can be raised.

Feedback- When Morrisons come with new and effective techniques, so there is requirement of feedback (Wright, 2015). This helps to improve efficiency of company and it helps to create loyalty and trust. Company applies technology only after analyzing market, so there is requirement of review. In case of failure of services, then there is requirement of improvement so product or service is effective.

Financial management- There is requirement of funds to perform activities in best way. Finance is the blood of business. there are various sources through which money can be raised. In this case there is requirement of analysis which source is most appropriate for use. It is essential that company must use source which is cheap and readily available. In case mostly source is accepted then it affects business policies (Getnet, Kedir and Yousuf, 2014).

Promotional events- Morrisons organize various events to promote their brands. There are various events taking place in society, so Morrisons can sponsor them. It is essential to perform activities in way which is beneficial for sale of organization. So promotion activities are performed by marketing managers. These days there is huge competition in retail sectors ALDI, LIDL, Sainsbury are some examples of core competitors of Morrisons. So promotional event are the only source which helps in creating awareness about product and services. It is essential that common must use appropriate medium for promotion which effective for targeted consumers.

Research and development- This is one of the best way, to analyze what is requirement of society and modifications required in product and services (Ionitã, 2012). There are various policies which are necessarily analyzed so company can grow. There are policies which can be used by competitors, so it is essential to analyze them so accordingly management of Morrison can perform activities. This responsibility is important to perform so company is aware of activities in effective manner.

Selling- This is secondary responsibility of marketing department. Bur as per requirement marketing personnel has to sale product and services. But marketing department is indirectly related to selling. When there is new product in market, the it is marketed to marketing department and after knowing characteristic of product, customer is ready to purchase it.

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P2 Roles and responsibilities related to other departments of company

In Morrisons there are many departments, there are various policies which has to be accepted so there will no confusion. Morrisons works to achieve their basic aim i.e. Profits which can be achieved through analysis of situation. There are various policies which can be effectively applied by interference of marketing departments. Production, packaging, selling, customer service, etc. are some important units which help in analyzing situation.

There is difference in perception of workers, so there is need of proper planning which help in assigning activities in best and effective way (Jacobs, MacRae and Sladyk, 2017). Marketing has largest scope as compared to other department. There is requirement of framing policies which can be used to implement in better way. Top level management has not only frame policies but it is essential to apply them in best way. There are many activities in organization which are interrelated to one another so marketing manager has to be in contact of every department. This helps to create proper communication chain. It is essential to perform activities which help in reducing in overlapping of activities.

Marketing and selling- There are different sources which believes that marketing and selling are same and Symons. But there is difference between both. There are different factors which get affected due to change in policies. Selling is done to earn profits. While marketing is about convey about product and services. Activities of sales are closely related with marketing. So it is advisable to market product in best way. It is essential to perform activities in better way. Selling can be performed in best way so company can use its brand name in market (Khan and Adil, 2013).

Marketing and finance- There is need of money in different sectors of company. It is essential that corporation must use source which fulfill needs of advertisement (Solutions, 2011). In marketing there is need of finance, so it is essential to know what amount is sponsored for advertisement accordingly. This helps in proper planning and achieving targets in better way. Finance department promote activities through achievement of standards and this helps to create communication between marketing and finance department.

Marketing and production- Morrisons is big name in super market retail sector. This is because they satisfy need of society. When some new product is launched in market, then there is requirement of proper conveying of product, this is done by marketing department. In case of any query then it must be conveyed to production department. Marketing personnel must have full information related to product so they can satisfy customer query (Kwon and et. al., 2017).

Marketing and purchase- This is one of the best sources which help company to perform activities in better way. There are many suppliers for Morrisons, but it affects cost of company. So marketing manager must analyze to find which source is cheap and effective so this helps in reducing cost and increases profits. To serve best quality, it is essential that organization must use best quality.

Marketing and customer service- Morrisons provide best services and try to resolve queries quickly and effective. There is customer service department in Morrisons which help sin analyzing situation and tries to satisfy customer. This gives positive impact on mind of customer. There are various factors which have to be considered to create long and good relations with customer.

Marketing and research and development- Research and development department works to perform activities which are beneficial for growth of company. There is requirement of regular analysis of market which helps in achieving targets and provides satisfaction to customer. These days’ changes are taking place very frequently and marketing department has contact with customers, so in case of positive or negative feedback about services this must be delivered to marketing department (Lin, Li and Wang, 2015).

From the above points it is clear that marketing is associated with various other departments of company. It is essential to take actively part in activities of company. This can be effective implemented when management of corporation motivate workers to perform task in best and effective manner. This interrelation helps in achieving targets in better and effective manner.

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P3 Application of marketing mix

Marketing mix is best technique to analyze market and through this management of Morrison came to know what improvements can be taken to improve business of organization. There are various policies which are implemented such as marketing mix, SWOT analysis, etc. which helps to know about current happening in retail sector (Natarajan and et. al., 2013).





Morrison has various outlets which has various products for different sections of people. It is essential to deliver good and best products so it helps in growth of company. There is difference in demand of people as per change in environment so it must be satisfied.

ASDA is big brand in super market retail so it is essential to know targeted customers and then take actions which are effective for achieving targets. They analyze market and take reviews from customers which help in enhancement of business.


Price of products served by Morrisons is relatively high as compared to competitors. It is essential to frame [policies which keep products cheap and reachable for all. In society there are different income people. So cheap rate enhances brand name in market. Price is key factor for customer while shopping.

ASDA has good range of product and hence their price is also relatively flexible. In business there must be change at the time festive it is essential to come with new and attractive offers so it enhances sales and helps to maintain goodwill of company.


Morrisons has less outlets, so this affects reachability. There must be policies as per place where business operates. In UK people are service class so Morrisons must emphasize on online business, so it more reachable for public. Business must be set up at place which most reacable for consumer.

ASDA has many outlets in different parts of UK. They have policies as requirement of society. This helps in growth of business. Place is important component as it says that organization must use different approaches to coop up witch modifications.


Morrisons has less promotional events, so they must use effective measures to promote product. There are changes taking place in business so it is essential to promote services. There is requirement of price and time to promote product. There are various approaches such as canopies in fairs. It is essential to promote product after analyzing targeted market and source of promotion.

Management of ASDA focuses on promotion of brand. Scope of promotion is one of the effective measures to spread brand image in market. There are various competitors of promotion is important to achieve business objectives.

Physical evidence

Physical evidence means to give evidence on purchasing product. This is important because of some legal document of transaction. This helps in performing activities in more relevant way.

Physical evidence is means which give authentication to transaction. This must easy and less time consuming so it gives quick services to consumer and in case of changes taking place then it must be effective for company’s growth.


Morrison deals in retail sectors. There are various requirements which arise to person in day to day life. It is essential to expand product range so it gives satisfaction to consumers also. This means they need not to go at different places. One place solution gives more satisfaction to society and they gives emphasize on improvement of organization.

There are various changes taking place in ASDA. There are many changes taking place in society and to make good and long relations with consumer it is essential to expand variety of goods and services. There is requirement of change in working styles it helps in improving quality of product and services.

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