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Strategic Marketing Planning for Cadbury

University: Regent College of London

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: N225
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Table of Content

Question :

The purpose of this report is to evaluate the importance of marketing that has enhanced in the past few decades because this function is directly connected to revenue earned by the organization. In the marketing mix, place strategy provides information about the platforms where the organization will sell their products or service, for example, physical store, online store etc.

  • Discuss the roles and responsibilities of marketing in the context of Cadbury as well as discuss its interrelationship with other functional divisions.
  • Evaluate the difference between different organisation by considering elements of the marketing mix.
  • Plan and design a strategic marketing plan for Cadbury.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Cadbury


Marketing essentials refers to those components which are necessary to be considered while carrying out appropriate promotional activities. There are various factors that are compulsory to observe, analyse and evaluate to conduct marketing events in order to maintain an image and value of the brand in the competitive market (Baines, Fill and Page, 2013).

It provides support to boost up productivity as well as the profitability of an organisation on regular basis. This report is based on Cadbury which is a British multinational confectionery company that provides dairy milk chocolate, crème egg and many other confectionery goods. This assignment will discuss the roles of marketing and their relation with other functional units. Use of marketing mix and an accurate market plan is also defined below.


Marketing can be described as to conduct various kinds of promotional activities to promote a product and maintain goodwill of brand in market. This report is based on Cadbury which was founded by John Cadbury in 1824 and is a global organisation. It has around 71657 staff members and has various stores. It has an effective and peaceful working culture which beneficial for company.

P1 Role of marketing with functional units

Marketing refers to those procedures or events which are mandatory to be conducted in an appropriate manner to generate better outcomes. There are different types of functions that are also carried out in an organisation to promote brand more effectively as well efficiently. Different sections are established in Cadbury for separately organise all functions to get better outputs. These departments are interrelated amongst each other including marketing. All the functional units are mandatory to be fulfil their roles properly along with establishing co-operation with other departments in company (Khan and Adil, 2013) .

A brief description about these functional sections is given below.

Distribution (Channel management):- This can be described about the distribution of product in at various stores situated at different locations so that people can easily purchase their goods as per requirements. Cadbury is needed to make sure that products should be available every time on stores or branches from where people can easily buy them. Marketing activities are helpful to know about that market place where product's demand is very high and amount of goods to be distributed at different distribution Channels.

Product (Service management):- This can be defined as final good which is ready to sell to clients for completing their need and demands as well. Production department of company should be manufacturing any product according taste or preferences of customers to attain their satisfaction (Brassington and Pettitt, 2013). Marketing department of Cadbury helps them by providing information about desires of people which facilitate to produce n appropriate service that can b render to consumers.

Pricing: - It is all about to make an accurate decision about to fix price of any product through considering essential factors which are important. It is necessary to observe and analyse cost of manufacturing, profit and budget of customer to decide an appropriate price of service. Marketing section informs about client's preference at specific budget then pricing of goods in Cadbury should be done in correct way.

Promotion: - This is a basic activity which is considered into marketing department of an organisation. It is beneficial process which helps to promote any specific brand or product. This will facilitate to increase productivity as well as profitability. Cadbury have to conduct innovative events to attract more customers along with retaining the current ones to achieve better outcomes. Several creative trends are introduced in the market which are necessary to be identified and then implement few changes into promotional activities to gain desired outputs.

Selling: - The term Selling is all about to conduct selling process in more effective as well as efficient way to convince people so that they will buy particular product. Cadbury must establish a strong marketing team to complete target of sales in time

Financing: - This can be described as an important section of an organisation which deals with funds and capital (Cleverley, 2017). They have a target to maintain the inventory of several activities Marketing events of Cadbury are required to be conducted but they have to consult with finance department for budget of marketing.

Marketing Information System: - This refers to an essential system in which marketing data that is formally gathered, stored, analysed and distributed to managers to fulfil regular needs to conduct desired procedures. Cadbury should establishan effective marketing information system to render appropriate knowledge to carrying out required events for attaining better results.

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P2. Different types of organisational functional areas

There are different types of functional units which are established to conduct desired procedures in an organisation for effective and efficient manner. This facilitates to improve outputs on regular basis in terms of productivity and profitability of an organisation.

Cadbury have to focus on various functional areas which are relevant to marketing are as follows:

Customer services: - This can be defined as to provide an appropriate service to customers as per their desires (Clow and James, 2013). It is necessary to observe and analyse needs or demands of people and consider all these factors while manufacturing a particular product It is mandatory to earn satisfaction to make them a regular to brand and then they will automatically become loyal Cadbury have to fulfil preferences of people in terms of price and quality of service which facilitate to increase goodwill of brand in front of competitors at market trends and competition.

Distribution: - This can be described to make decision about appropriate channels to distribute bulk of product at various stores or branches of an organisation. It is necessary to identify demands of goods through marketing events in different areas and then distribute as per requirements. It will facilitate to make product available at several stores so that customers become able to complete their desires. Cadbury have analyse actual needs and preferences of clients then render accurate services to people for improving number of consumers of brand.

Finance :- The term finance simply means about to maintain funds and money of company in order to allocate it for carrying out various kinds of functions in company to achieve desired outputs on daily basis properly (Desai, 2013). Every modification or any other thing that is needed to be applied in an enterprise requires funds then it is compulsory to balance financial assets to run business successfully. Cadbury have to maintain their capital to conduct several procedures such as marketing events. It is necessary to balance funds so that in case of facing sudden problem, company become confident and comfortable to solve for avoiding possible losses properly.

Human resource :- This refers to work force of an organisation which is mandatory to be manage properly by allocating tasks as per their field of expertise. It will facilitate to earn better outcomes on regular basis and they will perform more interestingly and efficiently. Employees relevant to marketing are required to trained so that they can achieve their targets in appropriate manner. Cadbury is required to make workers more efficient by rendering learning programmes to improve their skills and abilities which help to increase regular productivity.

Marketing :- The term marketing refer to carrying out various type so promotional activities in accurate way to promote a product or brand (Dibb and Simkin, 2013). It will help to make people aware about goods and new implemented modifications and improve goodwill particular organisation. Cadbury is required to use several innovative marketing processes to attract new clients and increase brand value in market. Marketing team of this organisation should be much effective to increase profitability in correct way.

Sales :- This can be explained as to conduct sale of product or services in more effective as well efficient manner for creating desired outcomes on regular basis. Product is manufactured to sell for providing them to customers and attaining desired profits for an enterprise. It is all about to conduct an appropriate effort by marketing group to make client convinced so that they will buy product on regular basis. It is also mandatory to complete commitments regarding quality or features of goods to customers. Cadbury have to focus on this fact to sell product with loyalty and render proper characteristics in the same.

Production :- The term production can be explained as to manufacturing or any desired product or services in bulk on regular basis to fulfil needs and demands of customers properly. It is important to produce goods as per needs, wants and demands of clients to satisfy them which help to achieve better goals or objectives of company. Cadbury is required to conduct production process in more effective manner to gain desired outcomes on regular basis.

Research and development :- Marketing team has a responsibility to conduct an appropriate research to determine changing trends of market and modified demands of people ion regular basis (Durmaz, 2011). It is necessary organise an effective search section to determine several innovative techniques or concepts to be implemented which facilitate to render more accurate products to customers. Cadbury can apply several changes into strategies or policies to improve efficiencies of firm to get desired productivity as well as profitability.

Administration :- This can be described as to manage different types of activities and departments of an organisation by observing, analysing and evaluating overall organisational functions properly. Administration is all about to monitor overall aspects that are going on within an enterprise on regular basis including each and every procedures and results. Cadbury have to establish an efficient administration section which helps to determine overall threats and suggest to focus on required areas to improve profitability of an organisation.

ICT :- This can be described as to a beneficial system which helps to communicate easily and properly in company. There are various kinds of information and guidelines which are necessary to be conveyed to each and every staff members to conduct essential activities.

P3 Comparative discussion of the marketing mix

Marketing mix can be described as to those tools which are beneficial to any business to attain desired goals and objectives in accurate manner in terms of improving regular outcomes (Fazlollahtabar, Aghasi and Forte, 2012). Basically, it consists several factors that are essential to be observed, analysed and evaluated to apply necessary modifications to attain desired results. These components are product, price, place, place, promotion, people, process and physical evidence. Comparative marketing mix between Cadbury and nestle is is discussed below.

Comparison between Cadbury and Nestle





  • Products of this firm are are categorise into chocolate confectionery, milk food drinks, candy and gum category (Fırat, 2013). It provides several goods such as Cadbury dairy milk, 5 stars, perk, eclairs and celebrations, candies etc. They put efforts to render desired product by modifying features to fulfil requirements of customers.
  • This company is known for milk products and nutrition such as everyday slim, ghee, Maggie, Kit-Kat Lite and so on. They consider several elements like design quality, functionality, technology, branding, packaging, availability of services and warranty in appropriate manner to render desires benefits to customers.


  • They have pricing strategy to make decision about fixing price of product in such manner that quality or feature are considered to fix it properly. They have policy of making decision about pricing in such a manner so that each and every person become capable to purchase product of this brand and enjoy it's quality.
  • Pricing strategy is very important because it make facilitate to take buying decision of customers. They have a special criteria of pricing strategy which involves various factors like discounts, allowances, list price, payment period, credit terms and other effective techniques.


  • Distribution of product in bulk should be done at correct places where more number of customer are visiting so that they can buy that easily and it helps to improve sales on regular basis which facilitate to earn better profitability as well (Gertner, 2011).
  • They consider several elements such as trade channels, coverage, assortments, locations while conducting an appropriate distribution of product as per demand of different areas.


  • Promotional activities of this organisation are very attractive which usually influence kids towards it's yummy chocolates and other products are also delicious and people are fond of eating them.
  • This company is focussing on organising promotional events in innovative style top get better outcomes. They apply certain changes or modifications into marketing activities to attract more clients.


  • It includes customers, employees, etc., these people are essential for production of correct product. Clients are helpful as they provide specific information about desired goods to complete their requirements through feedbacks and suggestions. And staff members follow an accurate plan of action to manufacture right product to fulfil preferences of people in proper manner.
  • They have a policy provide learning events to staff members so that their service will become more effective. They have specific criteria of working on desires of people through determining their actual needs, wants, demands, taste and preferences.


  • Several procedures are carried out in company which are relevant to manufacturing, marketing and many more. These activities are necessary to be conducted in more effective manner to gain better outcomes. Cadbury has innovative techniques to organise various processes properly.
  • Processes of this company are based on creative and advanced technology to conduct production process, marketing activities and so on (Hamilton, 2011). They implement new techniques top increase efficiency of production and effectiveness to attract more number of people towards brand.

Physical evidence

  • Feature of product which attain client's satisfaction remain as physical evidence which helps to maintain and improve brand image of organization more strong in market place.
  • This firm has more efficient employees who has that ability to provide service to customers in appropriate manner. Their style or servicing remain as evidence in mind of people.
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