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Marketing Communication Strategy - Apple Inc.

University: University of Chester

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Diploma
  • Pages: 5 / Words 1349
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: JNB523
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Table of Content

  2. TASK 1
Question :
With the help of this report the understanding of marketing communication can be developed. For this various questions need to be answered:
  • Analysis of internal and external factors so that impact on the decision making can be identified.
  • Developing marketing communication strategy and evaluation of elements of marketing communication process
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of marketing communications strategy of Nike
Answer :
Organization Selected : Apple Inc.


Communication is a procedure that helps to build mutual understanding between two or more people. Main objective of this process is to exchange ideas, thoughts, information, personal needs and demand to achieve desired outcomes easily. In a business organisation, marketing communication play a most important role to use different tools and techniques for creating an effective communication channel properly. This procedure is basically used to convey information to its target market or in front of customers (Bacile, Ye and Swilley, 2014). Organisation can use different marketing channels such as advertising, direct marketing, promotion activities and personal selling to build a appropriate public relation. Through this process, a firm can easily convey information regarding several products and services that they want to introduce or sell in market. This procedure basically creates brand awareness among target consumers so as to build long term benefits. This project report is based on Apple Inc. which is a multinational technology company. This organisation was established in the year of 1976 by Steve Jobs. Apple Inc. design and develop computer software, online service products, electronics and digital distributions for different services. This organisation always uses impactful marketing communication strategy to enhance their profitability and growth in target market. This report includes analysis of internal and external factors that influence in decision making procedure, marketing communication strategy before planning global campaign and at last effectiveness of NIKE marketing communication strategy as well.


Different methods of marketing communications and contemporary internal/external factors

Apple is a multinational technology company that provide its products and services in several countries. They always uses impactful marketing strategy to increase their growth and income easily. In this procedure marketing communication helps to provide create brand awareness in target market. Apple always uses several communication mode to increase customers loyalty to getting long term benefits (Baker, 2014). Marketing is a effective tool that uses to introduce new products and services in front of target audience. Through effective communication, marketing executive can easily resolve issues and problems of services users. Apple is a well known organisation that serve its quality products and services as computer software, online service products, electronics and digital distributions for different services in several countries. For this they always use impactful marketing communication mode to build a large customers chain easily. Apple is launch their quality products by introducing iPhone for target profiling as the age group of youth who belongs to 18- 25 years. In this regard different models are introduce which contains different feature as per their needs. For future growth, this organisation can use different methods of marketing communication that are mention below:

  • Direct marketing – As per the words of Berthon and et. al., (2012). this is a traditional mode of marketing that make appropriate modifications as per new technology. In this process, organisation build direct interaction with customers through messages, mobile phone services, emails, fax etc. Apple generally uses such kind of methods through internet marketing to provide appropriate information to their customers as per direct bases. Direct marketing is an effective tool that helps to build relation with customers easily. In this procedure, executives of firm help in solving issues and problems of their customers to create positive image in their minds.
  • Sales promotion – These kind of procedure are basically used to capture customer's eyes easily toward the products and services. For this, several organisations uses offers and different techniques to promote their products easily in market. Main objective of these kind of activities is to increase sales and revenue of firm in target market. Apple is a multinational organisation and they uses different and attractive ideas to promote their sales easily. They always increase and develop attractive feature in their new products that helps to maximise products sales. In order to attract new customers, apple uses advancement in their tools and products that provide them advancement as per their requirement or demand.
  • Personal selling – In this method, employees of firm create direct communication with their customers to provide information regarding current services. This procedure also helps to solve customers issues and problems on direct bases (Castronovo and Huang, 2012). Apple Inc. also uses such kind of marketing communication tool. In this, they open new stores at several locations to increase personal selling of their products and services as well. These personalised services of apple helps to increase sales of their products and services in target market. For personal selling process, firm requires to provide appropriate training to their employees that help to enhance communication skill in proper manner.
  • Public relations - For a business organisation its is require to create a effective brand image in target market to increase sales and future growth as well. Apple is a multinational brand that provide its effective services in several countries, for this they always uses effective business process to build positive public relation for sales and revenue increment. These kind of business activities helps to create customers loyalty to getting long term benefits. In this effective marketing communication always helps to increase consumers valuation for their organisation (Danaher and Rossiter, 2011). Look for similar case study sample for Tesco

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Internal analysis of Apple – These factors are in-build in an organisation and impacts on it decision making process as direct bases. For them Apple requires to create impactful strategy to reduce its negative impact easily. Apple is a multinational brand that has many strength and weaknesses. So for them it is require to make effective strategy to improve their weakness. There is SWOT analysis of Apple is given below -

SWOT analysis of Apple



  • Innovation – Apple is a world class technology organisation that always implement innovative ideas in their production and manufacturing process. These kind of services helps them to make appropriate modification in their existing services. These innovation and technological support helps to increase profitability of firm easily.
  • Design and technology – Apple implement advance technology in their business process while designing their products. Through this they easily reduce wastages and increase productivity of their organisational services. These kind of activities helps them to increase performance in target market to getting higher competitive advantages easily.
  • Consumer focus – Apple always design their products and services as per customers expectation. These activities are implemented through proper focus on market and customers to analyse their expectation and need. Through this they can easily increase their growth and profitability as well (Delgado-Ballester, Navarro and Sicilia, 2012).
  • Make strategy as per customers expectation – For apple, it is require to make effective strategy to analyse their customers expectation to achieve higher competitive advantages easily. It can be a major weakness of firm that they implement advance technology in their business process to maximise sales without analyse customers exact expectation for different services and feature.
  • Dependency – Apple is a world class organisation that provide quality services to their customers but the main weakness of them is they depend ion their traditional services and techniques they put in new products. Such dependency on existing products reducer customers expectation from their services. Sometimes they launch new product as per new products launching by their competition in market.
  • Incompatibility – Apple has its own software that are working in their own stores. So the uses of its products can not connect their devices from further equipments. The buyer of apple product can only enter in apple universe. These kind of services and activities impact on decision making process of individual.
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