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Marketing Communication - Dacia

University: University of Chester

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  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Table of Content

Question :

Marketing communication is a business strategic procedure that can assist an organization to communicate directly with target service users. The purpose of this report is to analyzing requirement of marketing communication within an organization as well as strategic planning for its effective implementation.
•    Provide an overview of Dacia and its marketing strategies along with different theoretical framework.
•    Develop a specific strategic marketing communication plan by implementing different models and theories for Dacia.
•    Critically analyze marketing communication strategy in an organizational context as well as set up a budget to spend amount in marketing activities, product life cycle management as well as pricing plan.
•    Critically evaluate appropriateness of different strategies which are undertaken for marketing communication by taking help of international and multinational organization case study.  

Answer :
Organization Selected : Dacia


Marketing communication concept defines that each and every organisation require to spread information among public about different items and services. It is essential that management formulate appropriate marketing mix which specifies information about product, price, place, promotion, people, process and physical evidence. This help firms to grab attention of large number of customers and enhance sales and profitability (Almeida, (2012). Present report is based on Dacia, popular auto mobile firm established in Romania. It is a subsidiary of Renault which manufacture cars for them and conduct operations adequately. This assignment specifies information about various marketing communication tools that are used by management. Along this, marketing team main duty is to acknowledge internal and external factors; thereby provide assistance to administration to make appropriate decisions and judgements (Thorson and Moore, (2013). Marketing department require to make adequate strategies and conduct communication activities effectively. Besides this, management require to make plan for international marketing campaign so that company is able to enhance market position and image. This report also defines information about marketing communication tactics that are used by NIKE while Pyeong Chang 2018 Olympic Winter Games to enhance organisation's performance and execute activities effectively.


Different methods of marketing communications and contemporary internal/external factors

Corporations adopts marketing communication tools to spread awareness among public about products and transform name into brand. This helps firm to attract people and influence them as customers prefer to purchase quality items than local goods (Sozinova and Fokina, (2015).

Company Profile: Dacia is a multinational organisation and Romanian care production company founded in 1966 which consists topmost position in Romania; and it is a subsidiary of French car, Renault. Miovenu, Agres County is enlisted as one of top five largest care production facilities through producing and delivering approximate 581, 219 car unit overall in 2016. Company have manufacturing plants set up in Mioveni and Arges nations. This firm is ale to produce nearly 3,80,000 vehicles in a year and have capacity to utilise resources adequately and deliver appropriate cars in market (Belch, (2014).Company now has employed more than 13, 800 worker and own approximate 101million euro net income annually.

Dacia branches have separate divisions that is painting, chassis, bodywork, assembly and so on. This help management to design vehicles and implement latest tools and techniques in system; so that unique and creative cars are launched in market. Along this, modern technologies are embedded in vehicles which help Renault to create brand image.

This report will conduct a report over Dacia Sandero which is deservedly performing well along with astonishing cost and reasonable car. This is one of the cheapest new car with more significant margin. The car cost is £5,995 to £1,000 s which is more costly to Suzuki Clelerio. This include numerous features such as metal body, steering wheel, stereo features etc. This assignment is focusing over long discussion over the target market and undertaken marketing strategies for the following car. Marketing team of Renault uses various promotion tools to increase customer base by informing public about variants and its features. The company has set the target market of Dacia Sandero on the grounds of different demographic as company has concentrated over middle and upper-middle class of people, students and business person for selling their products. Hence, the organisation, in order to attain large market launched the open economies such as India for delivering products and creating large sales amount.

In order to generate proper communication, the organisation use different communication and marketing methods which is implemented as per the audience and target consumer along with their requirement. Marketing communication methods refer to the different techniques which are valuable m tools that company optimise for develop their business as well as emphasise their sales to create better recognition of certain brand or product. Dacia Sandero are utilising some effective methods of marketing and communication in order to promote their services. These are various marketing communication tactics used by management on basis of market are stated below:

Public Relation: This is traditional method of promotion which was used by companies to interact with public and provide them information about items, its features and benefits. This help salespeople to influence buyers by interacting them and acknowledging their thoughts and ideas. Thereby, persuade people by giving them offers and discounts. This is effective technique that helps management to build relations with clients and compete with rival firms (Castronovo, Huang, (2012). But this, component have various drawbacks as members will not able to cover large market area. Dacia has develop strategies in order to build strong healthy relationship with public, for this they are offer economic product Dacia Sandero at market place with higher brand value so that thus customer's satisfaction should be increase.

Personal selling: This marketing communication defines that organisation uses this tool which help them to communicate with buyers. Face-to-face meeting is conducted by salesperson to influence people and inform them about items and services. This is appropriate tool which helps sales team to promote products with help of their appearance, ingredients and other components. Seller directly provide things to consumers so they are able to take feedback and anticipate their ideas. Various firms uses this technique which define that management prove responsibility to sales members to conduct field visit and attract people. Targets are given to employees so that they uses skills and knowledge to complete objectives. Discounts, offers and after sales service is given by them to influence people and make them purchase items in according to their taste and preferences (Kotabe, Helsen, (2014). Dacia has organising training program to enhance employees selling skills that help to deliver better services as compare to their competitors at market place. So that employees meet clients and build healthy relationship with them thus help to achieve target ef

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