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Implementing Management Theories- Imperial Hotel

University: Loughborough University

  • Unit No: 8
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 9 / Words 2270
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: UGB262
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Organization Selected : Imperial Hotel


The Imperial hotel lacks many aspects which resulted in poor guest satisfaction from the services which are provided to them from the hotel staff members which were needed to be rectified in order to improve the current scenario. There is requirement of implementing the management theories in the hotel for the effective and efficient management which leads to upgrade the quality factor of the services provided by the staffs.

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A review of management theory

The theories and principles which are related to the concept of management provides guidelines of every manager in different formats so that they can manage every thing by concentrating on the time and cost factor for very operations and functions which are performed in these hotels. These informational theories have lead to develop an effective plan which has lead to control every activities in a coordinative manner which would definitely lead to resolve the issue and would provide satisfaction to the customers who are coming for availing the services from Imperial Hotel. There are many theories which are given by many specialist such as Scientific theory of management, Administrative theory of management, Bureaucratic theory of management and Behavioural theory of management (Bratton and Gold, 2017). All these theories has different perspective and procedures which makes the operations of an organisation to be completed in an efficient manner that leads to produce effective quality services that would definitely leads to provide them an opportunity to satisfy all the consumers who are coming to hotel for availing their hospitality.

According to the scenario the hotel shall adopt the scientific management theory that would lead to provide the most appropriate solution for the problem. First of all the manager should focus on the concept of time and motion study where every employee shall be alert with the role which are provided to them and also these services shall be delivered in the right manner and on time which determines its effectiveness according the customer as timely delivery of service is very important. With the context of the scenario no employee was performing their role actively as their were many complaints of the customers and has lead to provide many poor facilities which has made their poor reputation in the market (Marti and Scherer, 2016). As there is a ned of timely delivery of every services in the hospitality sector which is the main feature of this industry that requires to be on top requirement.

After this there were many complaints regarding the behaviour of many employees that they were very rude to every visitors of hotel and did not respond effectively which was required to be. Therefore, the customers were completely disheartened by this arrogant behavioural which was not at all expected by them. So, to eliminate this problem training sessions shall be provided for developing the type of behaviour which is required in this sector. All the employees are needed to be trained and they shall be taught all the etiquettes which are related to serving the customers that would definitely lead to develop their personality and would definitely improvise their way of delivering any services and the importance of customer satisfaction and the hospitality aspect of the hotel that would result in the effective performance of the hotel. Along with this the interest of every workers must be acknowledged in order to motivate them by providing them various benefits in order to achieve the target or the excellence delivery of the services and a good and positive feedback that has been provided by the customer. The mutual interest of the owner and the staff shall be accomplished in order to make the environment of a hotel to be more harmonised (Meyers and van Woerkom, 2014). They shall have mutual understanding which would lead to develop many strategies that can fulfil the aim and objectives of the hotel. Also, the performance of each employee shall be evaluated so that one can get acknowledged related to the fact of how he is performing, what are his strength and capabilities and where he neds to get trained in order to provide an effective delivery of services. They should get the premium for their extra ordinary performance and can be named as the star employee so that every one can recognise his efforts and gets motivated to deliver the same.

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Reasons for poor guest satisfaction

The Imperial Hotel in London is marked as number one hotel and graded as 5 star hotels but now due to its poor customer satisfaction it rates are falling and now graded the lowest in the whole star chain in terms of overall customer's satisfaction at the rate of 65 percent in the company's benchmark grading system (Ballesteros and 2018). As per the monthly Guest Satisfaction Survey conducted by the regular customers of the hotel it is concluded that there are lot of problems which are face by the customers and reasons for poor satisfaction are mention below:

  • Customers are not satisfied with the check-in and check-out system because as per written in the notice board, check out time is for 24 hours but the management system will not agree and they convert the time into 12 hours and forced customers to leave a room before the time.
  • Poor quality of staff and management system. They do not provide proper room services whenever needed by the customers due to it they face the problem related to not providing proper cleanliness facility in the rooms (Arbelo, Pérez-Gómez and Arbelo-Pérez, 2018).
  • Sometimes the staff and management team being different and rude to guest and even do not reply properly as needed by the guest, which create poor satisfaction with customers.
  • Other guest have to wait and stay in queues for longer period because the hotel does not have proper staff for filling the needs of customers and that is why they stay in a queue for long period.
  • Staff and team are not loyal towards their work and during the time of check out by housekeeping staff and if customers forget something in the room, they did not give it back to the owners which shows the staff are not honest towards their work and responsibilities (Ho, 2017).
  • Most of the customers are repeatedly being charged incorrectly in their final bills which create wrong impact on the customers and due to this the image is decline day by day.
  • If a guest is suffered from the problem and he complaint and present his issue in front of the management then no proper response is given by the team which seems that employees are not interested in attending the guest's problem (Sun, 2017).
  • As per the government rules, tax are applicable but Imperial Hotel did not follow the rules and take charge as per their rules and regulation which give a bad impact on the customers.
  • Mangers did not reply back on e- mails at the time of online booking even customers are ready to pay in advance but on the other side managers did not revert back.
  • The accommodation in the hotel is in the worst condition such as noisy air conditioners, unhygienic conditions of toilet with rooms, technologies such as T.V., internet are not in proper working conditions which create negative environment of the hotel.
  • The quality of food service is also worst. The condition of dinning table and the quality of food that they offer are not up to the level which create unhealthy environment among the guest.

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For an effective management, hotel should take some steps to manage the problem and try to make customer satisfied :

  • Increase the staff in order to analyse and solve the problems of the customers so that they feel relax and comfortable in hotel.
  • Create awareness among the staff for complete the need and expectations of customers so that it will help to create a positive environment in a hotel.
  • Train whole management team including staff members regarding to solve the customer's complaints (ways to improve customer service at hotel.2018).
  • Get feedback to the complaining customers that how the problems are being solved and what tools are to be taken in order to satisfy the customers.
  • Check in and check out system of the hotel should be 24 hours and there should be flexibility in case of customers do not come in their check out time.
  • Good quality of furnitures should be provided with proper cleanliness of toilet and corridors. Attend customers in polite manner so that they impressed at the time of entrance (Hodari and 2018).
  • Bills should be checked by the upper authority so that there should be no chance of errors and mistakes and exact room rent should be taken from the customers.
  • Proper servicing of the air conditioners, toilet equipments and technologies should be maintained with regular interval.
  • Hire supervisors so that he can look after all the activities done by the employees and if found something wrong can take action immediately.
  • Make customer satisfied if they come with their problems and try to solve every problem which make guest unhappy.
  • An effective service and providing good quality of material make a meaningful experience for guest and force them to come back again in these premises only.

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Customer satisfaction is a term which is used in mostly all the industries. It is a process to evaluate or measure how the organization is able to meet the or surpass their customer's expectation. In hospitality industry, customer satisfaction is difficult to measure due to several reasons, because counting on customer satisfaction owing to their feedback is not the case as most of the people prefer keeping quiet when satisfied.The Imperial Hotel is located in London, UK with has the facility of 500 rooms with all the required facilities, conference facilities, swimming pool, gym, restaurant and bar with 6 different departments, i.e. food and beverage, housekeeping, guest Services, reception and human Resources & training. There are 450 staffs working in total.

For the imperial hotel, their guest satisfaction rate has been declined from the past year which is approx 65%. The main issues which arise is the checking in and checking out system of the hotel, the quality of the rooms they are providing to their customers and the poor quality of staff management. All these contribute in the overall impression of the hotel to be affected. There is a consistency in complaints coming from their customers for various reasons, for example, quality of the hotel rooms, cleanliness issues, etc. To increase the customer satisfaction rate there are various factors which can be adopted by the imperial hotel into their management system like, analyze the problem from the customer’s view of perspective, making their staff aware of the customer expectations, they should trained their customers to solve the complaints of their customers. They should adoptthe scientific management theory that would lead to provide the most appropriate solution for the problem

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Getting feedback from the complaining customers that how the problems are being solved and what are the different tools are taken in order to satisfy the customers. Check in and check out system of the hotel should be open for 24 hours so that customers are comfortable in doing this process and there should be a flexibility in case if the customer do not come in their check out time. They should also work on their management system for example, providing better services to their customers on time. Training their staff members to deliver their best work which can help Imperial hotel to increase their customer's satisfaction rate. Giving an effective service and providing a good quality of material helps to make an experience full of joy and happiness for guest and encourage them to come back again.

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