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The Developing Manager


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It is essential for an organization to hire a well-trained, well-skilled, knowledgeable and optimistic manager for their organization success and growth. In the assignment, the different management styles are compared. Briefly, the important aspect of the characteristic of leadership is also highlighted. Evaluation of communication process in the business and analyzing the organization culture and the changes that occur in the business is also discussed in this assignment. The manager skills and its work performance in the organization of Dorchester Luxury Hotel in London are clearly highlighted in this assignment; even the SWOT analysis is done in perspective with the manager. The most important part of the manager functions that how to achieve its objective and target is also analyzed in this assignment. The ways the manager motivates its team member and how its decision-making process helps in the growth of the company in future and the present time is also specified. Therefore, the main purpose of this assignment is to discuss and highlight the important criteria of this assignment and provide brief knowledge about this topic.

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Task 1

1.1 Comparing the different management style

It has been clearly seen that different organizations follow the management styles in their respective organization. Thomas Cook is one of the prestigious and well-known tour and travel agencies in the UK and has many branches all over the world on the other hand; MVP Tracker is one the well-known sports company in the UK. According to Hunt and Weintraub (2016, p.20), the management style is essential, for the managers of the organizations to implicates the management style in its function which, help the manager to handle its work more efficiently.

It has been seen that directive style of the management of both the organization is different, in Thomas Cook the workers do exactly, what, the manager ask them to do and obey them accurately whereas in MVP Tracker the manager has to listen to employees the demand and fulfill it. The authoritative style is the mainly visionary styles in this style manager gives clear instruction to its employees, motivate them and take consider their important feedback (Landsberg, 2015, p.90). It has been found that this management style is followed by both the companies Thomas Cook as well as MVP Tracker, but their execution method is different as one is the tour and travel agency another is sports company. It has been identified that MVP Tracker follows this style religiously whereas Thomas Cook gives some linen ship to its style. The manager to create peace and the healthy relation among its employees mainly uses the affiliative style (McCracken et al. 2016, p.56). This style is essential for the MVP Tracker, it is extremely important for bonding between the sports members should be strong, and any disputes among them is restricted. On the other hand, in Thomas Cook, this style is not that much of importance as it is in MVP Tracker.

The participating style is essential in MVP Tracker Company, it is the democratic style, in this style workers are encouraged to give their opinion and advice in the decisions making a process of the manager. This style is drastically followed in the MVP Tracker the opinion, and their advice is respected and welcomed by the manager in the eagerly, the workers participate in it early, on the hand, it has been found that in Thomas Cook the participant of the workers is considerably less than MVP Tracker.

1.2 Discussing the characteristics of leadership

The characteristic of leadership is quite important for an organization success and growth in the society. As stated by Bozarth and Handfield (2016, p.33), the characteristic of leadership has enhanced the work and performance of the workers as well as company. Leadership characteristic comprises of the decision-making process, communication skill, interpersonal skills, and confidence. The decision-making process of a manager is crucial and very important for the company success and growth. It is through the good decision-making process the company able to reaches its goal and gain economic success. Daley et al. (2016, p.370) commented that the important decision like recruiting the workers, building new strategies, taking a financial decision and all kind of management decision are taken by the manager. The success of the company mainly depends on manager decision-making process; communication skill of the manager should be fluent, strong, clear and audible towards its subordinate and co-members. Manager verbal and written communication should be flawless, and the leaders should communicate with the worker humbly and cordially with respect and dignity.

Communication of a manager with its employees on a regular basis will motivate the workers to perform well in their work; the manager will have all the information what, is happening in the company. Clarke (2013, p.22) mentioned that strong communication system would help in bringing stability to the company and any issues or conflict occurring in the company will be solved immediately by a manager. Hence, communication among the workers, manager, and co-member is essential for an organization's swift flow. A confidence factor is one the important aspect of the leadership characteristic, a manager has to be confident, energetic, wisdom, alert and active while communicating with is the fellow member. The confident personality of a manager will create the positive impact on the worker, and the employees will work enthusiasm in its workplace.

The interpersonal skill of a manager is an important factor; it is essential that a manager succeeds in gaining trust and loyalties of its workers. It has clearly seen that if the worker does not trust their manager the company will be not able to reach its success and growth and the workflow will be hampered and badly affected. It is important that the manager works hard for gaining its employees trust, loyalty and confidence towards it, without labor support and hard work the manager will not succeed attaining its goal. Companies' managers like Thomas Cook and MVP Tracker follow this kind of leadership characteristic in their workplace for achieving its goal successfully in the society.

1.3 Evaluating the processes of communication in the businesses

The business communication process is important in the workplace among the employees, management, co-members, strong communication process will help the efficient flow of work, understanding between the workers will develop, and scope of dispute in the workplace will be minimized. According to Du et al. (2013, p.155), a manager takes various steps to fulfill the gap of the communication skill in its company such as each worker are introduced with each other; the formal introduction is done in the workplace for knowing each other. The manager conducts frequent meetings so that each employee knows their co-members working in different departments; contact phone number is also shared within the team so that each employee can easily access to another employee regarding the emergency or sharing important information about the company.

Business communication is also essential in developing the healthy relation with its customer; it is essential so that the company develops the healthy relation with its customer for gaining commercial success in the business world. Collins et al. (2014, p.660) stated that it is essential to make customers aware of the products of the company and gains customer loyalty. The company communicates with its customers through an advertisement, social and electronic media, event and charities function, survey and feedback of the consumers. The online marketing process helps the company widely to communicate with its customer, online advertisement, interacting through Facebook and Twitter has enhanced the communication power of the company with its consumers. It is through the business communication process the healthy relation is developed between the company and its consumer, the company eventually succeeded in gaining customers loyalty and the demand of their customers.

The positive impact of business communication is seen towards the customers and employees, the performance of the workers has been increased, ethical issues conflict in the workplace is reduced, and the working environment of the workplace is much more stable and peaceful. It has also helped the company in knowing the consumer purchasing behavior, customer demands and need and their company drawback (Bhatti et al. 2012, p.192). Companies like Thomas Cook and MVP Tracker follow business communication process religiously for increasing their sale rate, revenue collection and maintaining its name and reputation respectively.

1.4 Analysing the organizational culture and the change in the selected businesses

The organizational culture and the change management in the business of Thomas Cook gives briefly knowledge about the function of the organization based on religion, culture, tradition, ethical value, language, food, and apparel. According to Montero et al. (2007, p.358), the organization has to follow the norms and law of the government for marinating the stability in the company and avoiding further legal issues in the organization. It has been clearly noticed that people from different religion, culture, and values background are working under the one roof of the company. It is essential for the company and its manager to maintain the peaceful workplace environment and respect individual ethical values, tradition, and cultures. It has been found to maintain the organizational cultural system the company follows the equality law of 2010 and code of practice for marinating the ethical values and norms of the state.

A company like Thomas Cook and MVP Tracker maintains its organizational cultural considerably; they respect their employee with equal respect and dignity, respect is mutual from the seniors to its subordinate. It treats its employees without any discrimination based on religion, ethical value, tradition, sex, caste, creed, and color (Foels et al. 2000, p.676). Any dispute occurs the manager to maintain stability, and cultural organization in the business carefully handles due to ethical values in the society. It is seen that due to cultural change in the company many changes occurs in the business management system such as the vision and mission of the company and its employees are same.

Employees and owner of the company work for the hand by hand and support each other in every aspect of the business development. The organizational cultural changes mainly depend on the similar or common framework, cultural change has brought more stability in the company, mutual respect from high to low has developed, and the individual is treated without any biases and discrimination. This has helped in the growth of the employees in the organization, promotion and incentive bar of the labors are increased (Goleman, 2000, p.4). The cultural change in the company also helped in suppressing its competitors through the cultural, organisational change, the organization like Thomas Cook and MVP Tracker strictly maintains the cultural balance and its change factor in their respective organization.

Task 2

2.1 Leading and motivating a team to achieve an agreed goal or objectives

Motivating, encouraging and inspiring the workers it is essential to achieve the goal of the company and build successful name and reputation in the society. According to Chou and Cheng (2007, p.90), it is mostly the manager responsibility to encourage its labor to perform well and help the company to attain its target. The learner takes various steps to motivate the workers of Convent Garden restaurant such as the learner to have to deliver a motivational speech to the worker, boost them and inspire them to perform well. Lucrative salary, incentive, good working condition and sick, maternity and holiday leave is provided by the company to its workers because employees are the backbone of the company without its hard work the company will never be able to attain its goal and objective.

The important goals of this company are to make people aware about the launch of the new restaurant Convent Garden restaurant and attract more and more customers. Make the launch of new restaurant successful and to its marketing strategy accurately such as distributing pamphlets, putting hoardings in the street, advertising through social and electronic media and newspaper (Pellegrini and Scandura 2008, p.556). Another important goal of this restaurant is to provide good service to its customer and make their customer happy and satisfied with their service.

The objective of Convent Garden restaurant is to increase their sale rate, provide healthy, fresh and hygienic food to its customer. Maintain neat and cleaned condition of the kitchen and workplace, clean the equipment after its use daily and dispose of the waste material properly. Maintaining hygienic and sanitized condition of the washroom and employees are essential, employees must be given skilled training and advice them to maintain their personal hygienic and wash hands frequently. Ethical values also are maintained in the restaurant and function according to the norms and values of the state law. Therefore, these are the important goals and objective of the new restaurant and the employees should be motivated in various ways to attain its goal and objective.

2.2 Justifying managerial decisions that are prepared to support achievement of agreed goal or objectives and recommendations for improvements

The decision-making process is essential for all manager in achieving the goal and objectives of the new restaurant Convent Garden, the success factor of achieving the goal and objective of a company mainly depends on manager decision. According to Bass and Stogdill (2000, p.90), a manager builds several kinds of strategies, rule, and regulation for attaining the goal and objectives of the new restaurant. A manager looks after the budget of the new restaurant, take important decision related to the financial structure of the company and keeps keen eyes that the budget does not overlap. The manager also develops the decision related to the marketing of the new product, gives instruction, and allots position to the workers (Sagie and Aycan, 2003, p.453). The manager also takes a vital decision in recruiting and selecting the candidate for the company hence the worker's works under the decision of their manager.

The learner has given some important recommendation for improving the goal and objectives of the company for its future long time success. The important recommendation proposed by the learner such as the employees should maintain they are personal hygienic in the workplace, wear the neat and clean uniform in the workplace, wash their hand frequently and be gentle and helpful in their workplace. The company should build various strategies to enhance their sale rate and the most important to pass the food inspection test flawlessly. The company has to serve fresh food to the consumer and mention the calorie intake contain in the food in the menu card. The company should wash its equipment after its uses properly and dispose of the single used product properly. The price of the meal should be nominal, which, help to attract more and more customer towards the new restaurant, and the company should provide offers and discounts to its customer to enhance the sale rate of the company.

Task 3

3.1 Explaining in what way own managerial and personal skills will support career development

Thomas Cook is one of the well-known tours, travels Company in the UK, and has its branches in many parts of the world. The learner clearly advocates it is essential to develop own managerial and personal skill for enhancing the career growth and development in the society. According to Brown (2008, p.90), it is essential for an individual to enhance its personality, develop good communication skill, get education training and basic computer knowledge. These aspects will be an individual to achieve its career goal in the society, developing skill training based on verbal and written communication skill, learning new foreign languages, building self-confidence, and wisdom. It is essential that individual complete its education qualification and get specific training in computers, he or she should be flawless in computers and develop positive attitude in its body language.

Developing experience of work and developing the habit of working under pressure is essential, an individual should be polite and respectful towards its co-member and respect individual values and norms are essential. Commented Lok and Crawford (2004, p.321) that an individual must develop a habit of being calm, patience and consistency in its workplace for enhancing and developing its personal managerial skill and personal skill in the society and an organization like Thomas Cook. Hence, these are the few important criteria, which, will help in the development of personal and marginal skill for career growth and development.

3.2 Reviewing the career and personal development needs, current performance and future needs to produce a development plan

The learner clearly noticed that it essential to develop a plan based on its personal development for future and prevailing time. According to Parker and Bradley (2000, p.125), the personal development of an individual will help in achieving its career goal in future; it is important to build a strong career development plan. They are many ways that one can achieve its personal development plan such as one should develop skill knowledge about the workplace, important equipment used in the company like a computer and IT system one should learn and get specific training how to operate and use it. One has to study the business market strategies and prevailing condition of the business before choosing its career options; this helps an individual to develop its career plan and help it to understand which career option will be beneficial and progressive for it.

Developing communication skill and specific knowledge about the career, which, one has to choose he or she should master in that criteria and get essential skilled training in that field. It has been noticed that in the travel and tour company like Thomas Cook development of career plan of the employees are seen even the company also development its career plan based on its previous experience, data analysis and strategies of the company. Sage and Asian (2003, p.453) stated that the previous record of the organization helps in developing the future career plan and the previous drawback of the company is rectified.


It has been noticed developing manager for the business of the organization is essential without its hard work and Traits Company will not be able to achieve its goal and objectives. In this assignment, a brief comparison is given between MVP Tracker and Thomas Cook based on different management style; it has been found that MVP Tracker management style is flawless and accurate than the Thomas Cook. The leadership characteristic of a manager like its communication skill, confidence and many more clearly proves that without the leadership characteristic the company like Thomas Cook, MVP Tracker, and Convent Garden will not be able to achieve its goal and success in the future. Therefore, it is clearly noticed in the assignment developing the manager is an important criterion for the company's growth.


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