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Developing Global Management Competencies

University: University of Leeds

  • Unit No: 8
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 14 / Words 3548
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: NX0472
  • Downloads: 559
Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Provide significance for learning and developments in the teams.
  • Analyse how the behaviour will react to the findings of selected self-analysis tool. How toolkit made you think, what you think and the learning gained that were unknown to you before
  • Showcase the benefits of this learning in becoming the effective leader, manager or team worker.
Answer :


Self-assessment can be described as process of assessing own capabilities and working on it to do better. Current assignment describes significance of self-awareness and continuous self-development process to become a great leader and manager. Furthermore, report will reflect own strength and weakness using various toolkits. Belbin and big five locator toolkits will be used to show own capabilities as manager.


Importance of continuous self-development and self-awareness in becoming successful leader and manager

Importance of self-awareness

As per the view of Silvestro and, (2017) Self-awareness is the skill that helps in knowing more about own self and identify own capabilities. Self-awareness is the approach that aids person in recognising individual emotions, believes, strengths and weakness. This method gives benefit to a person ibn understanding own self as separate entity. In the recent era there is need to have proper knowledge about capabilities of person and lacking areas as well so that person can take right action on right time to meet the future career goal. This technique makes an individual able to understand own personality and also supports in knowing more about other’s perceptions. This not only help in understanding own self but also assists in changing thoughts and making right efforts to control over unwanted emotions.

Wales, Sidebotham and Hawley, (2019) stated that This is essential for me to have a great self-awareness skill if I want to become a great manager or leader in near future. Self-awareness improves emotional intelligence capability of an individual. By using this approach person can understand any problem in great manner and can gives the right response in every situation. Managers and leaders are more responsible persons in organisation, they have to face many problems at workplace. There is need to have great emotional capabilities so that manager can handle situation well without hurting any employee. Hence If a person wants to become a great manager and leader then there is need to have self-awareness skill. This approach is also beneficial in giving correct direction to each effort.

According to Ardelt and Grunwald, (2018) As if person is aware with own strength and lacking areas then individual can utilise this thing in great manner. Knowing about own weakness helps in figure outing the situation well and utilising the strengths in best possible manner. If a manager is well aware with own weakness, then individual can control over their actions so that no negative things take place. This is beneficial in keeping away from taking disastrous decisions. I want to become a great leader in my career, if I am well aware with my positive and negative points then I can work to improve my lacking areas and can utilise my strength in great manner (5 Reasons Self-Development is Key to Your Success, 2015). This is the way through which I can evaluate a situation very well and can make the right decision in every critical situation. By this way I can perform well as manager and leader in the organisation.

As per the view of Mirvis, (2019) Self-awareness is helpful in creating new ideas and understanding personality of others as well. By this way manager can manage different people in organisation in effective manner. This method or process gives desired results because person can develop own self through self-actualisation. This is better to meet the own career objective in effective manner. Hence great self-awareness skills are great to become a successful manager and leader. This skill gives new path to a person because it aids in analysing future challenges that might occur and turning threats into opportunities. This self-awareness process always gives opportunities of self-development which can make a person great leader and manager.

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Importance of continuous self-development

As per the view of Porter, (2017) Development of person or self is the process in which individual makes efforts to improve the lacking areas and to become more potential person for the organisation. Self-development develops capability of person to realise dreams and take the right action. An individual can understands own self in better manner rather than others. If a person knows about own lacking areas then person can take immediate action to improve it. Continuous efforts for self-development enhances capabilities of manager which make them more reliable person in the firm. This process is helpful for the individual to become a great leader and manager.

According to Peesel and, (2019) self-continuous development gives clarity in vision and show the clear path to gain success in the career. It is also beneficial in sharpens the existing skills so that person can do well as manager. This is the tool which reflects past of an individual and direct the way through which person can minimise mistakes and can take the profitable decisions for an organisation. This approach can make a normal person a great manager.

According to George and, (2019) self-continuous development is the process of encouraging strength of own self which helps an individual to get the best position in organisation. If a manager is able to utilise their capabilities and control over the lacking areas, then individual can prove oneself as a great manager and leader in near future. A manager must be professional and must have knowledge about all the working activities. This is only possible when individual work on own self continuously and develops own capabilities. Continuous self-development tool works as motivational technique which gives new ideas to person and enhance their capabilities so that person can handle difficulties effectively and can take the appropriate decisions in the business unit. Every person has some good aspects and some bad aspects, there is need to understand how an individual can manage good and bad things in proper manner and can change their behaviour. Self-development process aids people in improving their management skills and individual becomes able to make balance between these aspects.

Al Asmari, (2016) stated that continuous self-development improves soft and hard skills within person. It develops listening and empathy skills of individual. By this way individual can show empathy towards others which help them to work as manager in effective manner and make effective coordination with all the staff members (Ribic, Bognar and Hegedusic, 2019). Self-development can be defined as exercise through which person can get to know about own self and can work on their lacking areas to perform as manager well in the organisation. This process is beneficial in setting career goal and selecting right path to meet the career goals. Self-continuous development method make the person aware with how to handle people and what must be business activities to run business smoothly. It makes an individual focused and make them ready to work better in changing environment. This thing improves capabilities of an individual in positive manner and aids in managing a large team in great manner.

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  • Incident from Residential weekend
  • Chosen toolkit: Profiling success and Belbin team development

Results for this toolkit: Team worker, Belbin plant and shaper

Summary of critical incident
I was given the task of data transfer, in which I had to work with team and have to transfer necessary details to all the employees in organisation. There was necessary to have great team sprit so that allotted task can be completed on time and with desired quality. All team members have selected the team leader who was responsible to monitor all the activities, leader was playing the role of monitor evaluator. Now task was divided into sub activities and each person were having separate responsibilities. When I put my views in front of team leader to perform my work then he was disagreed with my opinion and have reacted badly. This behaviour of him was really bad which has discouraged me for certain moment. As my leader was not paying attention on any ideas given by any team member which was creating difficulty for all of us. Then I took initiatives and we all have shared our opinion with each other without involving leader. My communication skill has helped me to develop interaction with all staff members. I made coordination with all the members which was very helpful for all. We first practiced out task and found errors that might occur during performing this task. We all realised that there is essential that leader pay attention on us and listen our views as well.
How does your behaviour (thinking, feelings and actions) in this critical incident reflect the findings of your chosen self-analysis toolkit? How has the toolkit enabled you to understand why you think, feel and behave in the way that you do? What have you learned about yourself that you didn’t know before?
Belbin toolkit indicates that I was very as plant and team worker. Apart from this I worked as shaper as well. When leader was not paying attention on team members then I took initiative and made coordination between them. I shaped the entire task and created situation where all the members can work together. This residential weekend incident of mine reflected that I faced many problems because leader was not so good and he was controlling on us without listening our views. Sometimes I was not even able to express my ideas and feelings. This report of Belbin show that if correct coordinating environment is being created then task can be completed easily and new ideas can be encouraged. By analysing this incident my type is that: I am team worker who is able to make coordination with others. I like to work together with all team members and I show harmony. Many times when leader was not supporting us and avoiding our views then I took initiates and motivate other members. My success report reflects that I am capable to work in the place where I can lead a team and can make coordination with all members hence I need to work for the same post where I can handle same responsibilities. I realised from this incident that I am a good leader. Earlier I was thinking that leading a team is very difficult task for me and I cannot do it. But I realised that I have capability to handle a big team in effective manner.
Identify how you will use this learning in the future to become an effective leader, manager or team-worker
The experience which I have received from this critical incident will help me in near future in order to become a great leader and manager. I realised that there is need to have great coordination and team members must have trust on leader. I can make coordination among all the members and can develop their trust. I will ensure to maintain this thing so that everyone listen my views and have faith on my decisions. I will take feedback from all the members so that they also feel valued and work together. This will help me in managing team well. This learning will support me to work as leader in the organisation in great manner.
  • Critical incident second
  • Chosen toolkit: The big five locator
  • Results for this toolkit: Low agreeableness, poor emotional intelligence, poor focus on customer
Summary of critical incident: explain how the critical incident arose and why it is significant to your learning and development
Last year I was working in hotel as customer care manager. My shift timing was 2-8PM. One day when I was about to leave office then suddenly one customer came to me and started shouting on me in a loud voice. I asked him what is the problem, then he said that he asked for additional facilities in afternoon but still he did not receive such things. I tried to control him but he was very upset and started saying negative things for me and for the hotel. He said that hotel does not care for his customers and I being a customer care manager is unable to deal with that person. When he was shouting then my peer group member came and politely handled that customer. I apologised to him for the inconvenience and resolved his problem on immediately. When my colleague talked him that customer was very satisfied and clam.
How does your behaviour (thinking, feelings and actions) in this critical incident reflect the findings of your chosen self-analysis toolkit? How has the toolkit enabled you to understand why you think, feel and behave in the way that you do? What have you learned about yourself that you didn’t know before?
Self-analyses toolkit indicates that I am impatient person and whenever any customer speaks to me in loud language then I fail to control him politely. I am unable to pay attention on needs of consumers and why particular consumer gets upset. I only focused on my working hours rather than satisfying customers. Being a customer care manager I must me focused towards customer’s problems. If I behave unprofessionally with them then it can be considered as failure for me. I was unable to behave as great manager here because manager is responsible to handle quarries of consumers in positively but I was not. I felt hesitated when someone starts shouting and I also feel angry and react the same. This should not be done by manager. The big five locator shows that I do not have patient and also I am highly emotional person. If someone says something to me, it hurts me and I immediately give reaction. I must have emotional intelligence in order to work better as manager. Low agreeableness is another weakness in me, reflected from this toolkit. I realised that when customer was showing my mistake of not paying attention on him then it was not acceptable by me. I was worried for my working hours rather than concentrating on his complain. I need to work on this lacking are in order to show myself as great manager.
Identify how you will use this learning in the future to become an effective leader, manager or team-worker
The experience which I have received from my critical incident has helped me in knowing about my strength and weakness as well. This thing has changed perspective of mine to great extent. I understood that customers are life blood of any business, hence customer care manager must take care of their needs. If consumer is upset, then individual must behave politely with them. Positive response can keep them calm otherwise it can turn into big problem. Such kind of arguments between manager and customer can affect brand image of company. I have realised that being politely and having good emotional intelligence is necessary to work better on this post. This helps in developing healthy relationship with persons and performing well in the organisation. In the future I will control over my emotions and will give priority to my consumers more. I will try to fulfil their requirements by giving them positive response. Customers have right to complain and manage is responsible to resolve their quarries. In the future I will not be defensive for myself, I will accept my mistake and will apologise for my mistake towards customers. This learning will be beneficial for me in keeping my customers happy and satisfied. I will give them respect and will show empathy towards them. This incident has helped me in knowing more about different people and their reactions. By this way I can handle different persons easily by understanding their view points.

Summary of Strength and Weakness

Belbin and The big five locator toolkits have been used to analysed own strength and weakness in different situations. I realised that there are some good points within me but also there are many lacking points in me that defiantly need to be worked on by me.


  • From the Belbin toolkit it is found that my communication skill is good, I can develop good coordination with my staff members. Manager must have good communication skill so that individual can make others aware with the situation and deal with them in effective manner.
  • From the critical incident I have realised that my problem solving skill is good, when all the team members were facing issues due to ineffective leadership of that leader, then I took initiatives and have involved all people. By this way I resolved problem that time and finished the allotted work in significant manner.
  • I have innovative ideas which always supports me to finish the allotted work within stipulated period of time. This is also strength of mine which helps me to develop interest of other team members.
  • My leading skill is my strength, I also have team working sprit. These are strength of mine which can help me to perform well as manager. A manager must be able to manage people and make them understand with the importance of team working. If a person has leading capabilities, then individual can develops confidence of others and can make them ready to work together. This leading skill aids in gaining success in the industry.


  • From the “The big five locator” toolkit I have realised that my patients level is very low, I cannot control over my anger if someone talk to me in loud language. Being a manager I must keep patience so that opponent also listens my views otherwise it may create big problems at workplace.
  • My emotional intelligence capabilities are low and I do not pay focus on customers. Both these weaknesses can affect my working performance as manager in near future. I must be able to control over emotions where I do not hurt others but also do not compromise work performance. If I develop this skill within me then I would be able to do better as manager in my career.

If I want to become a good manager, then I should be more interactive and must take time to time feedback from team members so that I can understand them better. I should attend some seminars that can help me in developing my communication skills. Furthermore, I should listen the views of some experts to improve my emotional intelligence skill.

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Above study can be summarised as self-awareness process plays significant role in personal and professional development of person. This method aids in knowing about own self and finding ways to improve own capabilities. Evaluating specific incidents supports an individual in analysing own capabilities and taking right action to improve lacking areas.


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