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Role of Managers and Leaders in the Organization

University: Stratford College London

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: D/508/0488
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Organization Selected : TSR


Operation management is a process to handle or control the entire business running in a proper manner. It is very important for the organization to manage their business operations which are essential for growth and development. Each department has performed different functions such as product design, managing and controlling the operations effectively and efficiently. Business operation is a continuous process to perform different tasks and operations to increase their profitability and productivity in the marketplace.

Sainsbury is the leading organization that has an effective quality of products and services in the marketplace. They follow some efficient strategies that are helping to enhance their business all over the world (Brueller and Markman, 2016 ). This report will discuss the role of leader and manager in the organization these are very person important to handle all the situations in very proper ways. They have capabilities and skills to easily understand all business requirements and then according to needs, provide the best quality of services.

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P1. Comparing various roles and characteristics of a manager and leader


Leader is an important part of organization to manage all the business functions in an effective way. They always motivate or influence employees towards their achievements and objectives. This is a high authority to understand the problem of staff members and providing facilities according to their capabilities and skills. It will help other people regarding the project and business.

Characteristics and role of leader:

There are various types of characteristics and roles of leader in the organization that are discussed as below:

Communication -

Communication skill is an effective quality in which with the help of leader easily communicate with each other. They provide all the information regarding the business operations as well as project. This is essential for organization to interact with other country and client so that it will easily understand the requirements. In this way, it is sharing the required information in easy way (Dorgigné and Gourbesville, 2016). This skill shows various types of feelings towards the business processes such as expression, advices, emotions and expectations, etc.

Influence or motivate-

A good leader always motivate employees towards their targets and achievements. According to Sainsbury, they have an efficient leader to manage all business operations in proper manner. They focus towards the growth and development of organization.


Manager is head of business operations to control the entire process according to the requirement of customers. They discuss about project and their specific role in the development. This is an important person to handle all the business activities effectively and efficiently.

Characteristics and role of manager:

There are various characteristics and role of manager in the organization which are described as below:

Leadership skill-

Leadership skill is important for organization to achieve their goals and objective in proper manner. Sainsbury has an efficient manager that has capabilities to handle all the critical situations in effective way. This is the best way to handle any situation with the help of leadership skill.

Making strategies-

A good manager has tried to planning an effective strategy that are helpful for organization to enhancing their business all over the world. Sainsbury is the fastest growing organization to enhance their business with the help of making efficient strategy (Enea and Osborne, 2016). Time to time, they launch a new product in the market so that it will increase their sales and productivity.

M1 Comparison between leader and manager-



Leader provides the direction to their employee and staff members.

Leader set up the direction.

Leader is an informational style.

Leader has ability to take important decision for business process.

Manager is responsible person to manage the entire business operations and functions in proper manner. They planning, managing and controlling the business activities.

Manager planning the details.

Manager is using transactions style.

Manager makes decision.

P2. The way role of a leader and function of a manager is applied in different situational contexts

Leader and manager; both are essential for business process that are running all operations in proper manner. They have an efficient ability to handle any type of business issues and problems (Tavakoli and Pouresmaei, 2016). Sainsbury is the biggest organization to hire an efficient or talented employee that has skills and knowledge to manage the entire business in proper manner. Most of the organizations use different technologies to increase scope of their business in all over the world. They try to meet all necessary goals that are essential for the business operations.

The innovative ideas should increase their sales and productivity in market because customers want new products. it is very important for organization to manage the new product marketing in proper manner. Main objective of manager is to identify the best idea that is very useful for organization. They take final decision according to the decision making that has to be done on the meetings and conferences. Leader inference or motivate to their team member towards the growth and development (Gray and Massimino, 2016). At all the steps of business, leader and manager are playing an important role in business operations and functions. There are various approaches and theories applicable in the development.

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Important issues surrounding the situations

In organization, there are many types of facts and issues incinerating in business process that affect the entire business process.

  • Social media use
  • privacy concern and technology
  • Bad leadership behaviour
  • Employee Favouritism

These are important issue and facts that impact on organization so it is required for manager to provide the best facility to identify the problem. Leader and manager are essential part of company to solve the business need and requirement.

P3 Measure various models and approach as well as theories, including, Systems, Situational and contingency leadership

There are different type of theories important in the business operations and functions because they have efficient functionality to performing different tasks as describe in given below:

Situational leadership-

Situational leadership is very important to encouraging an effective strategy to the leaders. This is adaptive style that has helping for organization to handle the business logics in efficient way. It is very flexible style to change their pattern according to the situation. It is totally based on the situation. Leader is understands the need of business and then changing their style. Leader is easily moves form one style another according to the requirement. For example- Some employees function better under the leader and manager who is more directive and autocratic. Sainsbury's organization also required skills leader to manage the business operations in proper manner.


  • inter dependencies
  • Interrelation with different organization
  • Adaptive
  • Dynamic


  • This is applicable for small companies.
  • Nature of inter dependencies not defined in properly.

System Leadership-

This leadership is creates an effective strategy regarding the design, social process and organizational based. System leadership is basically to know about the entire departments that working together in proper manner (Leone and Porretta, 2016). It is concern about the department functions as well as their operations because manage can be managing the process and it also provides the information regarding the resources that are needed for development and growth. Sainsbury is also uses this leadership style to maximize the product sales in marketplace. For example- NHS is a public organization to provide the service for people but sometimes, they face many challenges issues in business process. System needs efficient leader who willing to manage the business operations and function in proper manner. You are required assignment help at an affordable budget.

Contingency leadership-

Contingency theory is applicable in the business process because as such there is no best way to enhance the business. This leadership style apply on right Lima at right place because this is based on situations. This is based on the tasks and operation in which what challenging task performing at the time of business process executions.

Weakness of contingency-

  • Complex
  • Difficult empirical testing
  • Inadequate Literature


P4 Important key approaches in the operation's management and specific role of manager and leader in Sainsbury's

According to Sainsbury, Operation management is a method that has to be performing various tasks for growth and development. They are planning according to the need of clients and customer. This organization also handle the critical situations in effective ways. There are various type of approaches applicable in the business operation management that describe in followings:


In Sainsbury's, This is the first steps to planning strategy according to the tasks. Leader is important person to provide the information and details of particular project. Leader and manager of Sainsbury is planning the best approaches to increase their value in global marketplace. They have skills and power to lead the entire business and control the business operations in proper manner. Sainsbury's is the biggest organization to plan an effective strategy for growth and development. (Maring and Blauw, 2016). Manager always aware about the new trend and new technology that would be adopts in their business process.


A Team leader leads the entire business as well as handle the issues and problems of their staff member. Sainsbury is popular organization to that have a good manager and leader that leading the entire department in effective ways. They have knowledge about the product manufacture, resources, raw material.


In Sainsbury's, Manager is important person that are influences to their employee. It also maintaining the relationship between them. They have experiences and knowledge to easily determine the actual requirement of enterprise process. They provide right direction to moves from one stage to another for growth and development. A good manager always provide the right direction to their employee. This organization is providing the right direction to their employee(Repetto and Tizzi, 2016). It is the best approaches to easily recognize their role and responsibilities towards the business development.


Manager has role and responsibilities to finding the right person who has capabilities to handle any type of situations in business operations. Leader and manager always motivate to their employee because it is very good for organization yo handle the business operations in efficient ways. This is very essential for Sainsbury to use modern technology to enhance their business all over the world. All the departments are coordinates and sharing the information to other departments.

P5 Significance of operations management in Sainsbury

Operations management is an essential for Sainsbury's to provides the best product and services in marketplace. This will affect the small and large organization regarding the services or manufactures, private, public sector and non- profit etc. Successful organization has been done with the help of efficient operation management. This management system is deal with development tasks to increase the value and brand image in market. It also maintains the quality of product, cost of item, flexibility (ulhanga and Lima, 2016). There are various responsibilities that would be handle by manager. This management system has keep strong supplier and also provides the best quality of supply chain. Manager maintains the relationship with the all staff member that share the important information regarding the project. Customer relationship is very important for organization to manage all the task in proper manner. It also maintains the quality of services in the ma

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