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Conference and Banqueting Management

Introduction to Conference and Banqueting Management

Conference and Banqueting is considered as a part of the hospitality sector where certain events are done in form of wedding gigs, parties, dinner, conferences, etc. UK is now becoming as a major hub for different types of corporate companies and it shows different opportunities which persist for the entrepreneurs. This booming demand of UK corporate sector has enhanced the demand for different types of hospitality services and with this conference and banqueting has got the major importance. Conference can be defined as an academic, business, professional, trade meeting which exist between different parties who working same or different organisation. On the other hand, banquet is a charitable gathering a celebration which involves a large mass of individual. This present document has been prepared in order to understand the size and scope of conference and banqueting industries within UK. Further, this report will also showcase on strategic and operational issues which exist at time of managing particular event.

Task A

a) Size and scope of conference and banqueting in UK

From last one decade or so, the conference and banqueting sector within UK has got an enormous hike and with this, their exist growth and development in this sector immensely. Moreover, mentioned country is giving stiff competition to different other countries in conference and banqueting sector. Further, each and every global hospitality venture possess this facility because apart from satisfying their leisure guest, conference and banqueting increases ventures revenue, growth and productivity. It provides diversification in the hospitality sector and with this firm gets competitive advantage over their rival competitors who works in same industry.

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Moreover, from the research it has been found that people who attend meeting, exhibitions, conferences in UK are much higher as compared to the one's who comes for spending vacations. Further, nowadays UK is becoming a business hub and top executive's comes from different countries to have their corporate meetings. Moreover, UK has turned out a crucial player in hospitality sector worldwide because organisation provides services at best of the price to their different clients. Moreover, the market of hospitality in UK has been estimated approximate £20 billion to UK economy which will include spent for different occasions which is done by the representative or the organiser.

Further, it is found that the size of conference can be measured on different basis and they can be in form of small, middle and large ranged depending on the day conference would be held and also the number of individuals who will participate for the particular conference. A small ranged conference is generally done for a single day and participants who took part under this are around 500-600. Further, medium range conference generally held for around 2-3 days and the number of individuals who attend such conference ranges from 800-1000. At last, their exist a large range conference and the duration for the same is around a week. Further, the number of participants who take part in the same ranges from 2500-3000.

Further, there exists around 6800 conference and banquets venues in UK and mostly of them are under the name of big hospitality brands like Hilton, Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, etc. There also exist abundant number of meeting rooms which is also provided even by a small hospitality venture. Moreover, one essential element which is required in conference and banqueting is availability of important assets with upgraded facilities. This can be in form of projector, a large screen, adequate sitting arrangement and giving necessary elements to attenders at the time of conference. There scope is vast and the same can be seen with the contribution they are making into travel and tourism sector. These hospitality firms generally emphasise on giving best of the services to the customers so that they can increase their revenue as well as productivity. Apart from it, managers also knows that they are only the major source of their income. Further, the size and growth of hospitality firm is increasing on constant basis and it is necessary for the business venture to take different initiatives to attract customers towards it. Meeting are one of the major platform which is improving the brand image and profitability level of business venture. Different conferences are taking place and mostly it is done by MNC's because head of different arena gathers at a particular place.

Furthermore, there are different types of venues available which hospitality venture provides to the clients and customers. These are majorly indoor and outdoor venues. Further, in UK only, there are thousand of independent venues. Football venues, castles, halls are also made venues when there exist any program or occasion. Conferences on the other hand are also of different types and manager of hospitality venture has to arrange the same accordingly. There are public conferences, conferences with exhibitions, virtual conferences, etc. Banqueting is one of the important branch of catering which consist of informl. Semi formal and formal banqueting styles. Further, the banquet functions are of different types and some of them are...

  • Formal lunch or dinner
  • Reception
  • Buffets
  • Traditional event
  • Outdoor Catering

These banquets are generally done at the time of wedding, anniversary, birthday party, festivals, get together, etc. Moreover, hospitality sector is getting success in relation to their conference and banqueting services because they are linked with different event managers and organisers. These individuals have a short term relationship with these hospitality firms and both emphasise on increasing their income. Thus, they can also known as main player for increasing the sale and turnover of hospitality sector.

b) Analysing different influences which have shaped the given industry

There exist various factors which are generally responsible for the conference support and development. Some major factors which have influenced the hospitality sector in UK are economic development, political factors as well as the climatic change. Moreover, there also exist number of factors which helps in shaping the industry in UK. To find the major factors, elements of external environment has been taken into consideration and the brief explanation of the same has been discussed down under...


Conference and banqueting industry within the UK is providing immense support to economic condition of the nation. This sector is also considered as a major contributor in GDP of the nation and give their best in the growth and development of the nation. Further, UK government is also playing major role in boosting the performance of hospitality industry and framing favourable policies so that hospitality firms can operate in effective manner.

Government has done major changes in their Visa procedures because any individual who arrives for attending meetings or conference, has to fulfil some legal formalities which are linked with Visa procedure. Now, local body has simplified this procedure with an aim to increase more of the conference and meeting within the country.


The major factors which impact the economic development of the sector are increasing interest rates, exchange rates, inflation and disposable income of the customers.
With increase in international trade, the transfer of goods and services within UK has been increased in significant way. Moreover, as UK comes in European Union, there exists free trade policy within countries of EU which helps nation to generate more of the employment and production.
This activity has generally enhanced the movement of business people within the destination and hospitality ventures are called for introducing meetings and conferences at a large scale.


Change in needs and demands of customers play an effective role in the service industry. Hospitality sector is customer oriented industry and thus it is necessary for them to consider all the minute aspects of customers needs. For instance, increasing trend of destination wedding has influenced the working of this sector and firm have to make many changes in their existing facilities.
Further, the hospitality sector is considered as one of the largest employment sector in UK where almost 21% of the population of Britain is engaged in hotel and catering business.
Hospitality sector also has to satisfy certain needs of their valuable clients because they are their real assets. Therefore, ventures have to come up with certain new menus which satisfies maximises the customers wants in effective manner. This will certainly help firm in increasing their revenue, productivity as well as goodwill.


Technology is upgrading on constant basis and high tech technology is eventually shaping up the performance of conference and banqueting sector. Hospitality industry majorly relies on their technology and it is necessary for the firm to have complete software solutions.

Video conferencing is a type of technology which has enhanced the way of conducting meeting where top executives of different locations can interact with one another at the same time. If these types of services are not available in the hospitality venture then it can influence their revenue and productivity upto great extent.


Hospitality ventures is abided by the environment law and they have to use best of the technology and process in order to conduct their operations. Global firms like Hilton and Marriott use different types of eco-friendly techniques in order to reduce the pollution and enhance more of the contribution in growth and development of society and nation.


Some of the legal factors which hospitality sector has to consider is in form of health and safety instructions, customer civil rights and rules, labelling of products, safety of products, etc. Further, their exist many changes in the UK laws and regulations which has influenced ventures operations.

c) Evaluation of performance and quality review techniques

The performance of the hospitality industry is mostly depended on success of the conference or business meeting. The better conduction of the conference will require active human participation and increase the support of management which will certainly help in better management so that it will increase the success of the hospitality venture. Further, the performance of hospitality industry will be the base of their success and firms will try to enhance the same with the conduction of every meeting and conference.

Majorly, the quality of the products is seen in their kitchen department and venture has to provide best of the food services to their clients in order to get future attractions from them. Moreover, kitchen department of any hospitality firm need to be bide with professional kitchen equipments which can provide cooking with high class of standards. Further, all the progress have to be done by considering the compliances and food safety laws which is formulated by UK government. Further, their exist some key strategies for performance and quality which hospitality organisation have to consider and some of them has been discussed down under...

  • Using professional kitchen equipments
  • Employment of skilled staff and professional managers
  • Implementing food and safety control
  • Introducing different quality and variety of food services
  • Well managed marketing source for promoting services

Moreover, in order to improve the quality of food, their should be training session of employees which need to be conducted by production or HR manager within the venture. Further, it is necessary for enterprise to increase the production for both of their restaurants and banquets. Following are the different performance evaluation and review techniques that can be used by the organisation...

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The company may conduct different surveys and analyse the impact of external environment on the business. It involves certain techniques which company may adopt are...

  • Surveys
  • Circulating questionnaires


Another important aspect of this type of industry is quality of the service. The company may used different tools and techniques in order to improve the quality of its services are...

  • Total quality management
  • Six sigma

d) Factors to be considered when organizing off-site conference and banquet

As the term off-site itself states things which has to be done away from the principle place of the business. Different organisers and event managers are responsible for the same and they have to consider different factors when they plan to conduct any type of conference and banquet. Some major points have been discussed down under...

Implementation of staff

Event management firm should work with multi-talented and skilled staff which can provide best of the services to their potential clients. Proper work to be divided in team so that their does not exist any sort of complications or quarrels between the employees. This will generally lead into efficient and smooth working between each department. Further, staff so implemented must also have autonomy in the working as they must have certain freedom from the manager so that they can work with best of their efficiency and capability. The hospitality may require different number of staff and employees according to the nature of different type of events. For Example: For wedding event the company require large number of employees to cater the needs of customers. For birthday parties and family get-together the business require small number of personnel.

Equipments to be used

When a certain event is organised outside the home country then it requires high amount of cost and event manager has to take each and every necessary equipment with them. Further, the equipment which has to be used should not harm anyone and must be of better quality.

Space utilization

Event manager should properly visualise the place that where the event must be held. The place which is decided for event should be properly equipped with all the necessary equipments so that clients gets best of the satisfaction.


The main focus of hospitality industry is to deliver best quality of products or services to its customers. In meeting different needs of its customers it is essential for the business to maintain hygiene in each and every business process. It helps to clear the image of organisation in the eyes of several customers. It is the duty of customers adopt different hygienic methods while organising any event outside the hotel premises.


Another important aspect that affect the business functioning of the hotel organisation. All outside events planned by the company should include transportation facilities to attract the customers more towards the organization.

e) Key menu for conference and banquet events

Event or banquet manager has to prepare a healthy menu for conference. Manager must consider the choice of the clients and need to come up with the best of the menu at time of lunch or dinner. Further, menu should meet all the factors of hygiene and the taste of the food should be of top quality. Further, their exist many factors which event or banquet manager has to consider and some of them has been discussed down under...

Guidelines composition

Menu which is so prepared must be served with proper sequence. It can start with appetizers, starters, salads, main dishes and at last deserts. Manager should make food as per the number of individuals who are called for and should purchase the raw material accordingly. The hospitality industry is known for its delicious food and its presentation. In today's diet conscious environment it is mandatory for every hotel organisation to maintain the nutritious value of the food by using good quality food. The hotel can reflect the particular nutrition value of each food in the menu itself. Another important aspect is the presentation and plating of the food to be served to different customers. The decoration of food should not involve any chemicals and artificial things. It only includes edible materials.

Legal obligation

It is utmost responsibility for manager to provide food of best quality so that all the laws and security relating to food is maintained. Further, no adulteration should be done and food must be prepared by the quality experts who are professional in their work.

Budget prediction

Event manager has to prepare a rough budget as per the client's requirement. He should come up with best of the price quotation by considering the size and composition of the conference.

Task B

a) Strategic and operations issues involved in effective management

Hilton hotel and resorts has their effective operations throughout the globe. Venture employs a large number of workforce who gives their productive services throughout the globe. Their exist various strategic and operations issues which influence conduction of event, conference and banquet service. Some times the business meetings conducted by big venture involve many clients and thus by considering that, sitting arrangement has to be done for the same. Thus, sometimes this can be seen as a major concern for hospitality for the conduction of meeting. Conference meetings are taken as a scenario in order to fulfil the task in effective manner. Further, the conferences are of many times and nowadays it not only take place in the hospitality venture but also at different places as per the needs and demands of the clientele organisation. Some of the conferences are Congress, Exhibition/ trade fair, Road show, Seminar, workshop, etc.

Further, manager of Hilton should consider the basic requirement of clients and should come up with the best price quotation which will give event manager or clientele organisation a base for conducting meeting. However, event managers usually compare the price quotation with the other hospitality ventures and if they get other firm who is giving best facilities and quality, then it can arise as a problem for Hilton. Moreover, some firms has fixed pricing policy and does not believe in discount because they give flat reduce price for customers satisfaction. Though, clients emotional factor's comes into play and generally used to switch the place of conducting the meeting.

Apart from it, manager of cited hospitality firm has to consider different administrative procedure which is essential in order to give quality of services to clients. Moreover, HR also need to follow various acts and regulations like Health and Safety Act, 1974, Equality act, etc. Considering the same will motivate employees who are working in this sector as well and they are able to work with best of the efficiency and dedication to achieve their individual and organisation goals and objectives. Booking a diary will consist of all the major details regarding the conference as what arrangements need to be done and who will be responsible for different activities. Work has to be assigned accordingly as per the skills and talent of individual working in venture. Further, safety has to be done because if safety does not exist at workplace then employees will hesitate in completing their duty.

Further, hospitality venture like Hilton has to work by following certain acts or procedures so that they can improve their efficiency and capabilities. Mentioned firm should strictly abide Health and Safety at Work Act, 1974; environment protection act, etc. If not so followed then organisation performance can hamper effectively.

b) Evaluation of suitability range of production system and style of food and beverage style for event

Hilton hotel in UK has been appraised many times by their conference and banquets services. In this present scenario, a further, conference meeting is going to held next week where around 500 members will take part. Thus, event manager has to provide best of the services so that conference can be concluded in the best effective manner. A proper schedule has to be prepared regarding the conference and the same agenda should be communicated to the manager of the meeting. It will state the time duration for each and every activity that when it will be concluded.

Further, for the menu, event manager has to use best of the crockery which will shine their effectiveness in cooking. Further, food need to be allocated with proper agenda and should comprise high quality of standards. Further, the theme for serving food should be decided by the event manager that it should be traditional party theme or the modern. Further, menu of cited hotel is unique and their chef are multi-talented and skilled. There will be almost 10 cooks who will be working in the preparation of meal at the back. They also have a strength of 50 waiters who will give effective services to clients in satisfying their needs and wants in utmost manner. Food will be served as per the budget and the theme assigned by the clientele firm. Hospitality consist of all the arrangements and it is made available as per the needs and demands of clients. At present, the food will be served in form of banqueting services and the guests will take food of their own from the counter. Food production system will comprise of sequence of services which will be given to clients and these are in form of...

  • Welcome drinks
  • Snacks and Appetizers
  • Soups
  • Main course with self service
  • Sweet/ deserts
  • Tea/ Coffee

For the beverage service for clients, there will be an open bar where clients can have drinks as per their choice and brand which they usually prefer. For the dinner, manager has to see that the que does not go for so long because if the line gets long, then clients will get irritated. For this, there need to be two counters for same dishes, so that line gets divided into that.

Moreover, the beverage section for the conference should be separated because there would be many individuals who will not prefer alcohol and they will select only soft drinks. Apart from it, Hilton also prepares menu like Italian, Japanese and Australian cuisine dishes. Further, the menu of organisation will differ as per the suitability of event or conference.

c) Ergonomic consideration for event

Ergonomic consideration for the particular event means each and everything should be placed at perfect position so that clients gets maximum satisfaction with the services so rendered by business venture. Event manager should use different space utilization techniques so that the clients et maximum level of satisfaction. Manager has to consider seating plan, different room layout designs so that they can accommodate guests in precise manner.

Moreover, manager can also focus on developing Computer-aided design packages (CAD) as this process replaced the normal process of documenting any event. Moreover, manager also has to consider the ventilation within the conference room, air conditioners, lighting, etc. Following are the different Ergonomic consideration for Conference event are...

  • Ensuring health and safety of the guests
  • Designing new and unique solutions to the problems
  • Proper arrangement of rooms
  • Designing room layout in order to facilitate the guests
  • Choosing appropriate location
  • Wide range of facilities given to guests

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From the above discussion it is clearly inferred that conference and banqueting sector is very much broad in UK and this sector is considered as well established industry within UK. This report shadows on effective bond with the event management firms and with that they making a huge impact on client's satisfaction. This document also concludes PESTLE analysis which shows effectiveness of the mentioned sector. Further, report also demonstrate different measures which hospitality firm has to undertake in order to make meeting or conference more meaningful and perfect.


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